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Ryder Cup 2020 [Official Thread!]



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    I think Paddy will talk up all his players now, regardless of auto or pick, the team is the team and he will publicly be 100% behind each player and them playing excellent golf.

    I do feel a bit for Rose and also well done to Weisberger, with various others being in the Majors and WGCs, points were there for the grabbing, he had it hard on the ET and fair dues for building the points to qualify (even though he's dropped almost 20 places in the World Rankings this year).

    I think if Shane had qualified Paddy would have had a real tough choice between Rose and Weisberger

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    Rose had his chance all year to earn ranking points, playing in all the big tournaments and he couldn't even qualify for the Fed Ex play-offs. While he had a good week this week he hasn't done it over the season compared to the other wild cards.

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    Would it have been Wiesberger that dropped out if Lowry had got in automatically?

    I thought it would have been Westwood?

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    Yes it's true alright. 1 point in 2014, didn't make the team in 2016 and 2 points in 2018

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    Didn't play in 2016 so 2 cups (2014/2018) played 7 won 2 tied 2 lost 3.

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    Yup - 1 point in 2014, didn't play 2016 and 2 points in 2018.

    His record in that time is played 7, won 2, lost 3, halved 2.

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    I wonder did Lowry getting picked ahead of Rose have anything to do with there being five English in the team already? Yes, Sky are UK-centric and have a big influence on all RC matters but Harrington may have thought that half the team coming from England wouldn't help build the team spirit.

    Of course there's a dozen other factors but I suspect it didn't help Rose's case.

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    No. Rose’s form all year has been poor - One good week this week can’t have been enough to jump him on for a pick

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    Agreed but Harrington would be well aware that Sky had a strong interest in Rose. They have been hyping him for weeks if not months.

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    I've been reading various US websites and the general consensus seems to be that Garcia and Lowry were the obvious choices, but opinion divided as to whether Rose or Poulter should have got the final spot.

    I was looking for the final points tables for the European team today, but couldn't find it online anywhere. For what it's worth, I've updated the top 20 in the World Points table to include yesterdays results.

    You will note from the above table that the top 11 are all included in the team, with Poulter in 15th being chosen ahead of Perez in 12th, MacIntyre in 13th and Rose in 14th.

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    Have they? Have to say, I haven’t seen much, if any hype for Rose and generally I’d watch Euro and PGA most weekends. They probably gave him an amount respective to his form.

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    Wait, so you're saying the postman, isn't in fact, the postman ? 😀

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    Might not be as much between the two teams as expected.

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    He features more heavily in replays of previous Ryder Cups than almost anyone.

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    Anyone want to guess what Harrington pairings will be for first day?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,892 ✭✭✭The Big Easy

    McIlroy and Lowry; Hovland and Garcia; Fitzpatrick and Casey; Rahm and Fleetwood for the morning.

    McIlroy and Lowry; Westwood and Hatton; Poulter and Wiesberger; Rahm and Hovland for the evening.

    Just off the top of my head, quite a difficult pick all the same with not so many established pairings and maybe the need to break some that have been. Always think you should get everyone out on the course the first day.

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    Interesting you’ve gone Lowry both ways.

    I think Casey be twice over Lowry. Rory, Rahm, Hovland and Casey will play twice under normal circumstances

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    Wouldn't be 100% convinced he'll put McIlroy & Lowry together. Of course he could easily do, even for one of the formats. Might see Rory with Sergio or Hovland at some point.

    Agree with getting everyone out on day 1 if possible.

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    I’m surprised to see that Jon Rahm is taking part in this week’s PGA Tour event in California. As far as I can tell, he’s the only player from either team who’s not taking the week off.

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    I know it might be controversial but I like Hovland and wiesberger as a pairing. Just feel like its something that would work very well. Or wies with fleetwood. I definitely wouldn't put wiesberger with poulter. Remember what happened when they put Stephen Gallagher with Poulter. It was disastrous for poor steve and he actually played the better of the two but he got the blame because the postman is the postman.

    Garcia/Rahm will definitely be a day1 pairing. Spanish pairings traditionally do well for Europe.

    McIlroy and lowry in fourball.

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    Just went off the top of my head, was thinking Garcia and Rahm for obvious reasons but Rahm is top dog now and is ideal to put out with the rookies I think.

    He's passionate, currently the best player in the world, on rankings and imo, and would be a galvanising force for any rookie wobbles.

    He's a talisman

    Edit: Westwood being so out of form complicates things as he'd be a trusted guiding hand for a rookie, but you couldn't trust him atm imo

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    Ye thought he would have played wentworth then gave himself a week off. But it might be sponsors commitment

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    He could be combining it with a holiday with the family, the tournament is in the Napa Valley and he's spoken of how much his family love California (although referring to Torrey Pines and SD).

    It's not ideal I would've thought, so must be some sponsor related contractual reason or a really hefty appearance fee 😅

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    Really tricky for Harrington (or any captain) to get the pairings right. Like, say you put McIlroy & Hovland together in the morning foursomes, with the intention of playing Rory with Lowry in the afternoon, but the morning pair have a huge win - hard to break them up in a way.

    Who's likely to play all 4 pairs sessions ? Probably Rory & Rahm and maybe Casey are the only certs initially, plus someone who'll do a "Leona" and become undroppable. Can't really see Westwood or Poulter playing anything other than the fourballs and maybe only one match each. Fitzpatrick is probably a go to for the foursomes.

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    Yeah, rahms agency runs the tournament so very possible that's a lot to do with why he's playing. Harrington might not be ecstatic but I'm sure it would have been well flagged in advance.

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    Just see there that it's the first time an Austrian and Norwegian player has made the team, so that's cool to see. Hopefully both get off the nark quickly