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Capital Cities of the World - PEEHS [Closing: 30th April]

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    So, we did the flags, how well do you know your world capital cities?

    PEEHS is like a game of Pointless. We're looking for the least popular answer here. The winner will be the player with the fewest points at the end. Your score each round will be the number of people who match your answer.

    Incorrect answers will score 1.5 times the most popular answer.

    Google or other research is not allowed.

    Please PM me your answers. Do not post your answers on the thread. No need to number your answers, or say which country you're answering for. Just a list of 15 different answers, one per round, will suffice.

    It is the official or de jure capital required. A few of the more disputed capital cities have been excluded to avoid controversy.

    Spellings do not need to be 100%. If I can figure out what name you're trying to go for, you'll get the point.

    We have 15 rounds. Reveal date tba, depending on number of entrires received.

    Here we go: