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Dental implant



  • hi

  • The dental implant is purposed as a replacement for the root of a lost tooth. In change, this synthetic tooth root serves to operate a replacement tooth or bridge. Holding a dental implant attached to the jawbone is the nearest thing to following a natural tooth because it reaches on its own without affecting the nearby teeth and has great persistence.

    A dental implant is a medical connection that is fixed into the jawbone and fitted to join with the bone over a few months.

    Technology and medicine have advanced to greatly improve the results of dental implant placement. Today, the achievement rate for dental implants is near 98%.

    There are two types of dental implant -

    1.Endosteal-Endosteal used to an implant that is "in the bone" and

    2.Subperiosteal-Subperiosteal relates to an implant that leans on top of the jawbone below the gum mass.

    Subperiosteal implants are no longer in practice today because of their lower long-term results in contrast to endosteal dental implants.

    The cost of these kinds of dental implants depends on the region and the on the dentist also. The traditional cost estimate for this kind of single dental implant is around $3026 to $4237 including the surgery for the placement of the implant, all the elements, and the implant head. You can visit Dentzz dental care website ( as they are the best dentist for dental implants India. I have got my dental implants from them and I would highly recommend them.

  • I am looking at the possibility of dental implants if I am a suitable candidate. I have caused ruination of my back teeth due to fizzy drinks. I no longer drink them and now need to as much as I can replace the teeth I have rotted. Only ever had two extractions in my life and am mid 40s. The cost of implants is scaring me. But equally I believe dentures can be uncomfortable to wear and I would prefer actual teeth. The dentist I went to today said that it might be possible to extract and have the implant in on the same day. Does that seem plausible?

  • Yes that would be a good idea.

    "Shrinking jaw, bone resorption or jaw bone atrophy is the reduction of jaw bone mass over time, and a common result of long term missing teeth or denture wear."

  • I need to get 2 implants done and am unable to pay the cost upfront. Does anyone know of any clinics that do payment plans for implant work?

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  • Has your dentist asked you to pay up front? You should be able to spread the cost over the term of your treatment.

    3dental do payment plans and also do implants but I have no experience of them in this area.

  • Sometime cheaper to do bridge. A separate implant needs to be surgically attached to your jawbone for each missing tooth, leading to expensive and often impractical surgery.

  • You wouldn’t be concerned about the long term implications of drilling two teeth in the process? Something that is entirely avoidable if an implant is placed.

    As a matter of interest, in your opinion, what makes implant surgery impractical?

  • Thanks for your reply. Will check out 3dental. Had only enquired with one place and it was payment upfront so assumed it was the norm everywhere else.

  • Wasnt with my dentist. I dont pay anything upfront anymore if the service is carried out over a period of time.

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  • Dentist I saw today reckons I would ideally need a complete upper and lower set at an approx cost of 15k each. I'm rattled to hear this. I have an appointment with a specialist for Monday week to see if I'm a candidate. What the dentist envisaged would require pulling out teeth a number at a time. Until I see the specialist it is all just hypothetical.

    I'm rattled by what I was told today. Yes I do know that doctors differ and patients die etc. I'm having a hard time psychologically with the prospect of losing my teeth. I could get a temporary denture to tie me over. I don't think I could function missing a number of teeth in a row in any part of my mouth.

  • The important word there is “ideally”, if you have got to the point where there is little option but to remove your teeth, a much cheaper option is to replace them with dentures.

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  • From what I'm reading the crown, which is the actual tooth can last up to 15 years while the actual implant which supports the crown can last up to 25 years all things going well. Whilst I may not be suitable for implants I found that interesting.

  • Went to a specialist today. He took an x ray to see what was going on with my teeth in general. I am most likely suitable for implants. He wants my diseased teeth removed before making a further assessment. He quoted me a price of 3'250 per implant.