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March Running Challenge



  • March Table Final Update :)

    A few late moves. Hopefully I haven't missed any updates.

    Kander and ReeReeG made the biggest jumps.
    axe2grind was the only person to hit a perfect challenge, well done!
    I think jamule had probably the most attempts :D
    My personal and most other favourite update was dubh geannain :D

    Not as popular as the previous challenges but thank you to all who participated again, particularly those giving each challenge a go. Its just a bit of craic to add spice to training with no events on the horizon. Next month will be something a bit more familiar ;):D
    Great work and thanks once again for organising yet another month of these shotgunmcos! I didn't manage to do this one though I loved the idea of it, but pregnancy is fairly ruining my running plans these days and 10k was just too much unfortunately. Won't manage the 5k TT either but I'll definitely look forward to seeing how everyone else gets on. These challenges are good entertainment even if you're not participating, so thanks!