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Athletics 2021



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    Siofra left us down again. She is simply not a championship runner.

    If Sarah Healy was running the third leg Irish would have won a medal and I'd say it would have be Gold!!

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    Yes. Was happy to see Grovdal claim the gold. She has been a stalwart of European athletics for years. The less said about Bahta, the better.

    I'm not sure what's wrong with Klosterhalfen. She seems to be regressing after a stellar 2017 and 2019. I know that she was battling injury last year, but at her best, would surely have run away from that field for an emphatic victory.

    It was interesting to see Alina Reh claim the bronze medal ahead of Klosterhalfen. I used to live in Germany, when both were emerging as junior athletes. Reh was actually perceived as the more talented and identified as the one who would make the greatest impact on the global stage. However, the tables turned in late 2015 when Klosterhalfen produced an unexpected victory in the U20 event. Unfortunately, both of them seem to be quite injury-prone. I hope they both can now put together some quality, injury-free seasons and realize their undoubted potential.

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    I'd definitely agree with you here re SCB, however I'd still have put money on Coscoran to beat the 2 guys he was battling with. I know he didn't have a good national champs and maybe he's struggling after a long season. You or should I say, I would have thought that he would have had a break after the Olympics and got back into training mid to late September.

    I suppose it easy to be a hurler on the ditch

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    I think in his defence he went out with the intention of catching the Brit and the other 2 tucked in and let him do the running.

    If he had raced for a medal I think he would have taken silver or bronze but his earlier exertions meant he had nothing left at the end.

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    Think this is exactly what happened. Think he'd easily have medalled if he didn't try to catch the leader.

    I know it's easy to criticise from an armchair but jeez, but that a really poor leg from Cléirigh-Buttner, particularly when you consider the lead she'd been given by the previous two.

    Didn't see it mentioned but I thought the women's u20 race was great also, fantastic duel between Megan Keith and Emma Heckel. All in all a great few hours of TV yesterday.

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    Yeah I wouldn't disagree with you, however while he made the running he didn't go out any harder that the British guy or the 2 guys he was with.

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    That was my first time attending a major athletics event and I can definitely say I've got the bug now! Was a great day out! Will keep track on this thread to see if there's any events nearby that I'll be able to attend

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    National race walking championship 35km results

    It's not often you see Race walk I think only two races around my way have them.

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    2 new world records to finish off the year with a bang.

    Both Ejegayehu Taye and Berihu Aregawi broke the world 5km records at the Cursa dels Nassos in Barcalona today., running 12.49 and 14.19 respectively. ..

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    Don't know sorry , I only seen it on world athletics FB page

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    Road race world records?

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    Taye is also the 6th fastest of all time on the track, running 14:14 this year at the Ethiopian Olympic trials. Tsegay and Teferi ran 14:13 and 14:15 respectively in the same race, which makes it all the more confusing to me as to why the three of them let the 5k in Tokyo come down to the bell lap. They could easily have ran away from Obiri, or possibly even denied Hassan the gold, so I'm still pretty confused by their tactics heading into that final.

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    Thanks for supporting this thread everyone, was great to have one designated thread for athletics news throughout the year. I've started a thread for the new year, here's to hoping a great season lies ahead.