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TIDAL (Equiv to Spotify) for 1.11/month SEE OP POST

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    Tidal is an excellent equivalent to Spotify.
    To get it for approx 1.11 a month, you sign up through Turkey. Actual price is 9.99 Turkish Lira.
    There is a family plan for 1.80 a month whereby you can have 6 members.
    App is similar to spotify. Only downside is that you can't use it on an alexa speaker (unless you have a US account) except through Bluetooth from your phone app.

    a) Open a VPN and go to turkey. There are many free VPNs that offer sufficient data for a signup.
    b) Open a browser and open tidal.com. The turkish website should open.
    c) Register and pick your account. 9.99 Turkish Lira for individual account, 14.99 for family account.
    d) after sign up, turn off VPN and enjoy TIDAL.

    There are numerous free services that will transfer your playlists between services. I used tunemymusic free service for the once off transfer.



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