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2021 - 1000 mile challenge - year 12

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    I think this now makes the thread a moody teenager as we start with year 12 of the 1000 mile challenge, the 2020 thread can be found here, but you'd have to be nuts to want to go back to 2020.

    The new 2021 version of the Google Docs spreadsheet can be found here:


    Same as previous years we are using Google Docs again, just click on the link above and enter your boardsie name in column A and then how far your total miles are for the year in column C, or if you count in kilometres enter that in column D. If you want you can also enter you age/ gender category in column B and don't forget to update that if you've passed a significant date as I just copied and pasted from the previous years spreadsheet. Your ranking amongst the boardsies is shown on the Positions sheet.

    Do not edit any other columns, except for the completion date when you have done your 1000miles. I have manually added the people who had edit access to the locked tab again for this year, and if there is anyone else who wants access to that then you'll need to PM me your Google email address so that I can enable access.

    As always, there will be somewhere that I have messed up with the calculations with the number of days in the year or having the wrong year in one of the lines. I tried to find them all, but let me know if you spot an error and I'll get it fixed.



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