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Formula 1 2021 - General Discussion Thread (Read 1st post rules)



  • Yes it's a great track and the racing there is normally great too. It has the hills too and corners on them so the drivers can not see the apex untill they are at the corner.

    There has been some great races there. Who can forget Vettel getting spinning around and then driving the car backwards somehow not crashing and still getting into the points or Kimi winning his last race there with Ferrari in 2018.

  • There's a cost cap coming in and they have for a decade or more been the team that's most consistently delivered the most performance per dollar spent. Not just in 2019 with the pink Mercedes but going back years with many of their own designs, they frequently punched above their weight relative to the likes of McLaren and Renault. With Stroll's injection of resources and a blank slate you'd think it's not beyond the realm of possibility, and they've a new factory coming online for the seasons beyond too.

  • The world and his wife knows that Benneton had traction control, launch control (option 13) and the illegal fuel valve in 94. It was confirmed by the FIA who said that the system existed but couldn't prove Benneton had used it. Herbert himself commented how hard it was to spin the wheels on the benneton after the first test in it vs the lotus.

    Verstappen and Herbert are hardly benchmarks of the pace of car. Verstappen in his first year and no one rates Herbert more than Johnny Herbert, who never beat a single team mate he had, when they had a full season in the car.

  • Is it a coincidence that Mercedes teams have been going through engines like crazy since Red Bull made an enquiry to the FIA about some suspected trick they were using?

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  • I did not know about that bit am delighted they did. Only right. Mercedes complained about Ferrari in 2017 and 18 when they were competitive and then about Red Bull this year so only right they Mercedes that is receive some back if they were cheating.

  • Does anyone think that Haas are more of a liability this season than the chirpy underdog.

    Mazepin seems to cause nothing but havoc on the track, and Mick Schumacher nearly cost Max the race by not getting out of the way (although he did give max DRS for the last lap)

  • Haas are worse than the 2019 Williams

  • Haas are a joke at this stage, I look at them on the track, scratch my head and wonder why? Why even bother...

    Anyroads, really enjoyed the race last night, its going down to the wire, super exciting and great racing.

  • must be tough for haas himself, he entered into f1 with major fanfare, only to find out, its really a big boys game, with deep deep pockets

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  • It should have been a big weekend for Haas, the "American" team in an American race. But aside from one off helmets (which nearly all the grid were doing) they barely featured even a mention. I would have thought they might have adjusted the livery to make it a bit less Russian, maybe throw some stars into the blue, but no.

    Was Gene even in attendance?

  • Did Schumacher get a black flag warning for that? Raikkonen did for not getting out of Verstappen's way promptly enough.

  • I think to publicly punt a season for the sake of new regs coming in next year they must be somewhat confident of being back into the midfield but we will see, hard to imagine they will be as bad again next year. Mazepin is so far off the pace on top of that.

  • F1 is as stable as not seen for a long time now. No teams in danger of leaving or collapsing. 8 of the teams are looking into becoming a winning team, exception Sauber and Haas who seem to focus on midfield. Calendar is growing and stable. New regulations seem to be expected from the existing teams and attract interest from outside parties.

    Liberty is doing a great job at promoting the series globally.

  • True. They're trying new things out like the sprint race format and Drive to Survive. The Fan Survey suggests they're growing the fanbase and it's moving away from being old, white and wealthy, the average fan is 4 years younger and more likely to be a woman than ever before. Things are changing and diversifying which can only be good. More change in fanbase will lead to more change in the race format, but that's not a problem.

    It's definitely interesting that the high fan numbers coincide with a good championship battle for the first time since 2016. Another year or 2 of Hamilton domination might have seen a different story in the Fan Survey.

  • No to mention, despite what others might attest, the gap between the pole sitter and last on the grid is actually the least it's been for many years

  • It's a shame this increased viability of running a team hasn't translated into new entrants. 20 cars is just too low to give enough opportunities to young talent.

  • The FIA or FOM oer whoever makes the rules around this stuff, has set the number at 10. Setting the $200m entry fee is designed to discourage anyone else from entering (unless they're laden down with money, in which case they're welcome to join. But if they had that much money they would just buy an existing team)

  • I don’t think new teams are necessarily needed. A field of 20 cars should give enough competition and interest. Focus should be on increasing the quality and diversity of those teams — more manufacturers, fewer satellite/sister teams.

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  • It would be if you didn't have the likes of mazepin or latifi taking up seats cause of their cash. You've some competent drivers sitting on the side lines and it looks like piastri is won't get a seat again because of money.

  • The biggest gap would be the lack of a Alpine jnr team.

    I wouldnt mind if the existing teams were allowed set up a "junior' team for say 50m. Maybe include a clause that the drivers must have no more than 2 years experience on the F1 grid. Toro Rosso has been a great help for Red Bull and has developed F1 drivers for the entire grid so seeing that model replicated wouldn't be bad.

  • This is a very good point.

    I'm reading "Mr. Le Mans" at the moment and moving through the chapters which deal with Tom Kristensen's early career. Lots going on (political decisions etc.) but the amount of times he was overlooked for F1 because he couldn't bring in huge sponsors or was unwilling to pay for his seat is amazing. No guarantee he would have won a title had he made it but he was faster than most of his team mates (one being Jacques Villeneuve).

    He eventually went on to win Le Mans 9 times (record) and pretty much everything else in endurance racing for anyone who doesn't know him.

    IMO, Mazepin shouldn't be even close to sitting in that Haas car and he's keeping some genuine talent out of the sport as a result. He'd probably spin the car if he was put in charge of cleaning it.

    But this has always been the way in motorsport...

  • I've thought since they set the 200m entry fee that in a way it works for and against F1 all at once. It pretty much closes shop to new teams entering which historically was a big thing i.e privateer /old drivers set up teams etc ,but it also helps as it gives the teams involved some viability as they seem to have value that can be recouped now . liberty are doing an ok job and it does seem more stable now .

  • Also worth mentioning that the $200m entry fee is in part to promote stability. An 11th team means prize money will be divided 11 ways instead of 10. It isn't just a fee the FIA collects, it's distributed amongst the teams to compensate them for lost prize money in the future.

    Bernie took the approach of penalising the last place team as a way help them go bust to trim the fat from the grid. But that also means there's little stability and reduced ability to financially plan. So there is stability now which kinda relies on it being a closed shop.

  • Happened to have the F1 esport recommended on YouTube. Belgian GP, 15 laps. Taken for what it is it's fairly entertaining. Slow start but great end. Worth a half hour if you have it to kill, should be uploaded on YouTube once the stream is over.

  • F1 Esports, if you can take for what it is, is great entertainment.

    Understand it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy it. The fact all the F1 teams are actively involved shows they take it seriously. Pretty sure I heard Bonno (Hamilton's race engineer) is also the RE for the Merc Esport reps too.

  • You'd never get that under Bernie's regime.

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  • No you wouldn't. Esports isn't for me but if other people enjoy it then I'm happy for them. As long as they can translate esports fans into F1 fans then it's great. Presuming the exports to F1 converts will be younger, they'll bring change to F1. I'd say the sprint format is designed with that kind of audience in mind.