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Xbox Series S & X - All Supply/Order Chat Here **SEE UPDATED MOD NOTE IN FIRST POST**

  • 28-10-2020 7:53pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 3,181 ✭✭✭ CinemaGuy45

    As we all know new stock of the new consoles will likely be after Christmas and some of us have pre orders I suggest those of us who are thinking of canceling instead offerer them here.

    I managed to pre order a Xbox Series S from Microsoft themselves and while I think the idea of the same thing in HD instead of 4k to save on processing is a great idea the 500GB of internal storage will not be enough for me €250 to add that additional One Terabyte Card brings things up to a grand total of €550.

    I don't want to wait until after Christmas to enter the next generation so ideally I would prefer the Xbox Series X with the one Terabyte.

    The Series S is sold out everywhere along with the Series X and the PS5.

    I am looking for a Series X so instead of cancelling that preorder why not offer it up here I and others may be willing to throw in a few extra euro for the trouble.

    I will offer up my Series S pre order and if nobody in interested come November 10th I will just open it and start playing.

    I know this is an xbox section of the forum but any unwanted PS5 pre orders would be welcome here also I am not interested in the PS5 but I am sure many others here are.

    This is not for profiteering or ripping people off I think a few euro extra to anybody giving up a pre order this side of Christmas would be fair considering this means Christmas without a next generation console.

    We are all gamers here so all that I am saying is let us offer up unwanted preorders here before cancelling.

    Mods please take a look at this if any adjustment to this post is needed I am open to ideas.

    MOD NOTE: This thread is going to be our go to thread for all supply and orders chat from now on. As per the forum charter, there is to be no selling on thread, even if selling at cost price.

    MOD NOTE 2: No scalping, or even mention of buying/selling for a profit. This will result in a ban.