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And the winner of dreamer of the year is...



  • scwazrh wrote: »
    They said Rolex prices are going up by the week
    That rapid an increase is more of a concern on the "bubble" front IMHO. It sniffs of panic buying in the market.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • Wibbs wrote: »
    That rapid an increase is more of a concern on the "bubble" front IMHO. It sniffs of panic buying in the market.

    Fuelled by YouTube. The “buy today as it will cost you more tomorrow”.

    It can’t continue’s going on a long time now....

    A level off is and slight correction and then stagnation I think is more likely than a massive drop.

  • scwazrh wrote: »
    At the start of May I spoke to pride & pinion about a new submariner , advertised price then was €12k

    Their prices seem VERY optimistic. Some of you have bought there. I presume there is a good bit of scope for negotiation if you have no trade-ins?

  • scwazrh wrote: »
    Nah I reckon it’s the COVID effect .Watches have exploded and anyone with even a slight interest in watches pre COVID now has the time to be looking at pretty pics of watches online . Add to it that anyone still earning can’t go anywhere to spend money and all of sudden anything under €10 k is very affordable.
    Might be a different story next year when the weekly shopping trips and couple of holidays are on again. Spare cash will be spent somewhere else

    I think this has a lot to do with it.
    TBH that allow illustrates the potential for inflation across all markets from essentials to houses come a fuller unlocking.

    There is money waiting to be spent that will follow a herd rather than a rational market.
    In the broader sweep of things, I think inflationary pressures are starting to ramp up and the tools to deal with them at this point?
    Are exhausted.

    On the price of a speedie?
    I think the market will decide the price, but my rule of thumb for Chrono24 prices is always to knock 20% to get the private sale range.
    I also tend to take a look thru r/watchexchange and watchrecon for the asking/sale prices.

    I think Omega are making a concerted and deliberate effort to mirror Rolex pricing while leveraging both availability and history to corner a bigger market.

    Fair enough, but when you are approaching Rolex pricing and also exceeding other mainstream luxury brands with similar quality?
    It's IMO a dangerous tactic, Tudor and by extension Rolex will be rubbing their hands IMO.

  • banie01 wrote: »
    my rule of thumb for Chrono24 prices is always to knock 20% to get the private sale range.

    With the exception of the likes of Rolex, that's as good a valuation as any in my book. For selling watches I compare to the cheapest comparable one (in the EU), knock 10% off and that's my asking price. Which obviously still has a good bit of room for negotiation.

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  • Is it a mishmash? Or am I totally mistaken?

    It's the wrong dial, it's an 116520 that the seller is claiming it as vintage? It's a 10year old watch...

    Am I missing something, or just a noob?


    Maybe I am a noob 😉 but I think that our local might be a bit on the overpriced 😮 side. If my Chrono24 rule of thumb holds true, it's an €18k watch but sure it's a Rolex so let's say even at their asking, it's €22k.

    Can't see Irish Rolex fanboys paying double for an aftermarket dial either.

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  • It’s a bastardised custom job from some company that does that.

    Same seller had this last year.

  • I remember that one alright. Even on that one, it was so odd. Went from being a 1/5 limitedwatch to a 1 of a kind designed by him over the course of the sale thread.

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  • really does, he is also taking the utter p!ss with that asking price, the same crowd his one is from have one on C24 for 22k, and even at that its too much for a butchered 116520.

  • He has a very eclectic mix of watches alright and some very odd ones. The Daytona, I mean I'm nowhere near the level of some on here but if I was buying, I'd like the original dial, box and papers too. Surely the customisation work invalidates the Rolex warranty and for want of a better word the "chain of custody" of it being a Rolex? Similarly with the Black Venom piece and even dare I say it the artisans de geneve custom pieces?

    I totally understand that when you have a certain level of wealth that only owning the unobtainium isn't enough but, that having it customised and made unique can be an even greater differentiator.

    But its mad isn't it? Surely rather than ruin(?) a consumer and commercial classic buying Haute Horology would make more sense? Sit with a watchmaker and tell him what you want?

    Now that said, some of the Black Venom customisations are very nice and their website is slick AF, but its a level of consumerism i suppose I'll never be rich enough to understand. I'm not jealous or envious tho....

    Swear ;)