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Stargirl WB DC [** Spoilers **]



  • Good first season and interesting plot lines laid for season 2! For what is ultimately aimed at a younger audience some serious hard hitting scenes aka Henry etc

  • Not sure what to make of that overall. I feel like it was a very solid first season for this show. In many ways I’m wondering if they’ve resolved too many things too soon. Individual characters have resolved most of their conflicts and the bad guys are now facing what seems like a cohesive team of superhero’s.

  • Great first season overall.
    Can't wait until next season when
    we go from DC online Grundy to Gotham Grundy

  • good finale but they got rid of alot of interesting villains. Seems they are okay with kids killing adults.

  • Hey, Yolanda was remorseful for about minute. That was depth.
    No problem with Mike doing it though.
    And of all the tells for it not really being Henry Jr, that was a crap one. He barely knew them. And why would Brainwave ask anyway. I'm sure he knew.
    Chuck's screams were probably the most horrifying death.

    I was wondering if they turned on the signal jammers that stopped communication before, how were they still able to communicate?

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  • i almost expected the villains to utter in their last breaths " Now who's the villain!" but yeah the creator seems unperturbed at the good guys killing bad guys. Very Wild west.
    I liked the way they put in a in memoriam to the creators sister at the end.

  • There was another scene after that then, in case you missed it

  • Finished! Overall: Enjoyable season. Closest DC reminder to the Shazam! / Aquaman feel from recently.

    12 & 13: That a was a decent 2 part season finale!

    Pretty much thought
    the big fight ended when Yolanda got brainwave. Really clever way of her catching him too! Also liked how each of the characters got development.

    I'd say they were really maxing their budget this season. Some computer effects were noticeable but they didn't detract too much.

    Don't miss the credits scene! Kinda.. just as the credits start.

  • by putting spoilers on [** Spoilers **] threads I don't know if the person is speculating forward based on something thats in the comics or not until I read it... which makes me hesitate to read anything behind the spoilers tags which makes it very hard to enjoy using the Television forum threads. It also makes reading these threads a lot more work.

  • I thought the finale was the weakest episode of what had been a decent season. I enjoyed most of the ISA characters and would have preferred to have seen a more gradual switch from the adult villains to their children. Instead over the finale 2-parter we had principal Bowen's son just shoe-horned in for her to tell him to violently stand up for himself before she is killed. Brainwave and Icicle are just killed. Icicle in a particularly ignominious way. And as much as I like Yolanda, her getting to kill Brainwave didn't feel like a natural part of her character arc. It was way, way too soon for that. And there was no established reason for him to approach her as Henry Jr, instead of just ripping the knowledge out of her brain and killing her. It wasn't as if he was still focussed on brainwashing millions of people as The Gambler was apparently playing his telepathic signal on a loop! I assume Tigress and Sportsmaster were just knocked out? But what happened in the 6 weeks to Christmas? Did they just go into hiding and leave Artemis alone? Because I get the feeling that next season will be about Cindy restarting the ISA and Bowen's son and Artemis joining her to avenge her parents while Cameron's grandparents push him in the same direction.

    Most of all I kind of hated Beth for indulging in her grief about Chuck while Icicle had captured Barbara. Instead of pulling herself together to immediately tell Courtney that Icicle had her mother, she just wanted comfort about Chuck. She's entitled to grieve but not if her grief continues someone else's danger.

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  • Casting news

    Nick Tarabay (The Expanse) will play the series regular role of Eclipso and Jonathan Cake (The Affair) will recur as The Shade. Additionally Ysa Penarejo (Project Mc2) will recur as an undisclosed DC character.

    Tarabay also played Captain Boomerang in Arrow

  • Ashur as Eclipso? Sounds good to me

  • Jim Gaffigan to voice Thunderbolt ( the pink pen)

    He will voice the CGI character of Thunderbolt, a magical, electrical, fun-loving, wish-granting pink imp from the mysterious land of Bahdnesia.

  • John Wesley Shipp to guest-star as Golden Age Flash

  • First look at Eclipso


  • Wow he looks great!

  • Here's another picture


  • I am really enjoying this show so no spoilers please but my question relates to character abilities only.

    How does Chuck know that Solomon Grundy killed Rex Tyler and his wife?

    It explained how he was able deduce that the police report was not telling the truth not how he was able figure out it was Grundy specifically.

  • Just watched an episode of Loki with Owen Wilson and then seeing this trailer with Luke Wilson. Damn they're so alike!

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  • First episode back. Not too much action happening in it, much to Courtney's annoyance.

    Don't know what's stranger, the fact Pat and co took so long to come down or that they didn't really react to a strange girl in their house holding the Green Lantern and instead just focused on Courtney

  • I'm hoping with Jade now there, Courtney finally gets a reality check. One annoyance I had was that last season she did things without thinking of the consequences and always thinking she knew what was best. As Wildcat mentioned she looks for trouble. I'm guessing Cindy is going to try and infect Mike with Eclipso and I've a feeling that also is not the real Starman

  • Probably mirror what happened at the start with Mike. Say we will get more of that flashback. Interesting what Starman wants

  • 2.1: What an opening!

    That scene at the start really creeped me out! Felt a little bit in the realm as Raven/Trigon from Titans

    The like nothing about it until the really last scene.. talk about establishing something and then letting it simmer!

    The intro of

    Green Laterns daughter was done well enough too. Looks like they had to keep under budget but figured out how to do it with decent special effects.

  • 2.2: Damn!

    This presence with Cynthia is dark! I don't know the dark magic side of DC enough but anytime I've seen it.. it's been like.. next level power.

    It was cool seeing

    Jennie get with the Green Lantern powers.. the more it went on through the episode, the more I was remembering that everything I've seen before said it's the ring that decides.. so I'm guessing she's a full on Green Lantern.. just maybe untrained and in the wild. Wonder where she disappeared to. Guessing it's to go look for her brother.

    Then this

    new baddie, The Shade.. ok.. let's see what he's got.. doesn't seem too ominous for the group so far

    As for Rick

    I'm assuming that's gotta be Solomon Grundy he's feeding

  • Seeing the team on the street talking to Pat with the all in their costumes just reminded me how young and small they all look and the costumes just looks so bulky

  • 2.3: That was a fun introduction to

    Thunderbolt. The shade looks way higher level than I thought now.. although.. maybe he'll join forces with the kinds.

    I'm assuming

    Eclippso must the diamond creature and the presence hanging out with / controlling Cynthia at the moment.

    I think they're gonna need

    the Green Lantern and Thunderbolt to make a reappearance at some point for the fights to come

  • Stargirl WB DC [** Spoilers **]

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  • 2.4: I liked that one! Like

    where the Crocks turned up for their daughter. I guess Cindy might bring that all down though.

    Not sure where they are going with Rick

    and the maths tests.. like maybe he's going to get all techey or mastermindey at some point

    For the baddies, everything just kinda feels

    mixed up .. with maybe the Shade/McNider being up to something.. maybe Eclipso being more complicated.. it's a bit confusing.