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Stargirl WB DC [** Spoilers **]



  • epiosde 8 was very good- a lot of suspense in the episode. These DC shows have a look that is totally different to the cW shows so not sure it is a good fit but I guess they had no choice.

  • 8: Thought they did well with this. Wasn't sure how they'd handle
    the identity reveal.
    Feels like it can hardly be long before all is revealed. Thing about it though, it doesn't seem like the ISA care much.

  • I think what will happen is
    Henry Jr will help by making Cindi forgot Courtney is Stargir

  • CastorTroy wrote: »
    I think what will happen is
    Henry Jr will help by making Cindi forgot Courtney is Stargir

    It did look like
    he was not set to either side there. They've done his character well. I didn't anticipate much for his development but there again he just did some kind of mind

  • 9: Oh,
    it's all up in the air. What side will he pick. Will he turned against his Dad. Will his Dad switch sides for him.

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  • Wow, that was a great episode.

  • 10: I
    .. I wasn't expecting that. I just...

    Yeah good episode.

  • Yeah not pulling any punches
    now she'll definitely have trouble convincing her mum. Something tells me "Mom they killed 2 of my classmates" won't help her think Courtney won't get hurt

  • Yeah they definitely shouldnt have kids fighting adults. Defimitely have Buffy season 1 vibes - getting better with every episode.

  • They do seem to be going the 100 route of
    woah they're killing a lot of the young ones. But then they only have the main cast left and the danger eases.

    Oh and some familiar sounding films at the cinema

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  • This week's episode
    The scene towards the end when she was dramatically lifting the staff, I was just waiting for someone to just stop and ask who left the window open. Then Courtney asking why the janitor was in their house.

  • Two part finale (over the next 2 weeks).

    Has the potential to be quite dark....

  • Killing school kids isn't dark enough? Are they going to use the opening scenes from the first episode of the new Perry Mason?

  • Good episode 11. Deadbeat/abusive dads seem to be a staple of these shows. Hope Luke Wilson stays on when they move to CW.

  • Mike will probably find out by the end of the season.

  • CastorTroy wrote: »
    Killing school kids isn't dark enough?

    No I mean some more central characters could die - Pat, Barbara, Beth, Yolanda. They've shown a few times that nobody is safe.

  • The fact this episode had Icicle
    be sure to name Mike probably doesn't bode well.

  • 11: Phew! Some real heart in that episode. Then a proper line-up for the season finale... which I just googled and looks to be a a 2 parter.

  • Stargirl will be on Prime Video on August 29th

  • That ending this week is a good set up for next weeks season finale.

    I love a good Signature.

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  • Yeah looking forward to the season finale. This and Perry Mason both ending next week.

    For this week's episode
    Mike is Drill-Kid!
    I expect he followed them into the tunnels.

    "My dad was Hourman so I tried 60 seconds"
    Well glad he's got the job of figuring out the code to save everyone.

    Random death of the principal.

  • Great episode to setup the final episode. I have to say I love it when the baddies have a valid reason for doing what they're doing rather than just being baddies.

  • I think when the fight is over they need to have a talk.
    They seemed to have no problem with the brain washing when they heard the plan. It was only the deaths they had a problem with.

  • The whole, are we on the right side was interesting until they heard about the possible deaths, very well done I thought

  • Stargirl WB DC [** Spoilers **]

  • For the first day at least, I find it's good practice to use tags for anyone that clicks in not realising the new episode is out

  • I'm also not sure if it's released on the website first or on TV, if in doubt spoiler it, especially on the lead up to the season finale.

  • It releases on DC streaming site on Sunday night/Monday morning. I know it's available when I look Monday morning.
    CW airs it on Tuesday

  • Interesting cliffhanger final scene.

    I love a good Signature.

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  • terrible fake beard