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Stargirl WB DC [** Spoilers **]



  • With Rick I think he was good with all that stuff last season, deciphering the journal but likely just never applied himself at school until now.

  • 2.5: These spooky bits at the start are so well done! Eclipso seems

    so powerful. It's like Cindy doesn't really need to form up another group at all. Although.. maybe there's some easy weakness to be revealed yet. As it stands, it almost feels like they will need to team up with the shade for the fight.

    Cool to see Cameron

    and his family in general with the ice powers. Feels like he could turn Hero or Villian at this stage.

    Not sure about Mike.

    He wants so much to be in the JSA.. to turn to the ISA would be wierd. Maybe under Eclipsos influence.

  • I thought the season was pretty slow (and almost boring) up to this point, but I think things are ramping up now.

    The battle in the cardboard cafeteria was excellent. 😂

  • That meant for the What If thread?

    As for Stargirl, I wonder if the lack of STRIPE usage is to save money. Maybe the move from DCU online tp CW is coming into effect.

  • Nope? It was for Stargirl. Why?

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  • Was replying to a comment that has now been deleted, which I didn't think was possible though maybe a mod did it.

  • 2.6: Well.. that sure escalated!

    and got .. murderey. Looked like Isaac definitely got killed. Not sure about Cindy.. like she might have been dragged off to some kind of prison.

    Shade looked busted up but I reckon he's off somewhere he has in reserve to heal up.

    Definitely think they are going to

    need to bring the green lantern back to help in the fight. They might even need some kind of Magician.. could be a character intro time.. or maybe the Shade will do.

    For budget, I think

    the biggest drop was Eclipso costume/prosthetics (is prosthetics the right word?). They felt off for the show.

    Yeah maybe the whole show is cutting back.. preferably not and maybe they are saving up for a big season finale.

    Depend on how wisely they use what they got though. Story and angle could make it all work either way.

    Sounds like they're leaning to have 2 Robots they'll need to spend money to computer generate special effects for.

  • 2.7: I'll say one thing

    little boy Eclipso is waaaay creepier than prosthetics Eclipso!

    I'm guessing that maybe Brainwave did do something to Yolanda but maybe something small but that Eclipso has come along and amplified it.

    The show is handling this well though

    It's giving the time to go through the Trauma and be open about it

    It also seems to be getting the idea across to Courtney and I assume family and later team about communications and trust and all that. Feels like maybe it could strengthen team formation down the road.

  • 2.8: Well that sure got creepy!

    That dead girl and Rick trying to figure stuff out but hurting his brother! That was harsh!

    Looks like

    Eclipso is all about splitting the team up. He's taken out Yolanda and Rick but I'm thinking Beth might have just figured him out.

    Looks like maybe he's low on power himself and that he feeds on fear and doubt. When Beth held her own, he didn't seem to have anything to use against her.

    Could be a turnaround moment. Also maybe Grundy might.. become part of the team or something.. not sure.

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  • I've spent the last few weeks catching up with this show, it's been in my backlog for a while but I'm up to date now.

    Pleasantly surprised so far, it really hooked me after about 5 or 6 episodes as being a bit darker and grittier than the Arrowverse shows.

    The townsfolk seem to be fairly oblivious to everything though, has no-one seen Courtney flying in and out of her front facing bedroom window at any stage 😂

    Also curious about the school principal who was murdered at the end of season 1, didn't that happen in Courtney's house? Was it ever mentioned how that was explained away? I recall a line recently about it being a hunting accident but presumably someone had to move the body out of the house to avoid any awkward questions for the family about why the local principal's body was there.

  • The funny thing is she has a habit of going all power rangers with her normal clothes. The way they always wore clothes in their Power Rangers colours, Courtney seems to wear stars. Or maybe I'm imagining it

  • I've definitely noticed her Superhero-ing it up in most scenes she's in like that. Might be a thing the Directors are trying to do.

  • Is that the first Arrowverse crossover for the this show? in this weeks episode.

  • Well this Jay Garrick is not the same one that has shown up in The Flash so I dunno if I'd call it one

  • kinda dark, as dark as these kind of shows can go

  • Great to see John Wesley Shipp playing The Flash again! Liked that he

    voted no

    2.9: Awe no! No no no.. They can't

    kill the host, this kid is so young.. no

    Show honestly had me believing that

    Icicle had somehow survived and how some turning conversation with Cameron .. season really leaning into the consequences of lies/holding back information

    Jeez Mike..

    He's going through a lot in his head!

  • One thing I learned from the last ep. Is that starman was a bit of a dick towards stripsey!

  • 2.10: Well..

    I'm not sure about this shadow realm.. I'm not up to date with _ALL_ other DC shows at the moment. Titans went to a Black and White shadowey place and were able to return from it.. so I'm not sure if this is the same or different or part of a gigantic crossover being setup.

    So, that leaves

    Just Stripsey, an untrained Green Lantern, Beth and maybe Mike and Rick, plus a maybe maybe Yolanda, Thunderbolt, The Shadow to take on Eclipso.. I dunno.. all very in the air and subject to change

    So, back to my last post.. I'm guessing the kid isn't the Eclipso host then.. just an illusion.. it's confusing.

    There was a scene where Pat passed a newspaper to Court (do we say Court now?) and I paused it.. and all the non relevant news articles looked to be StarGirl Headline with Copy/Paste of a European Union/European Central Bank news story underneath 😂

  • See below

    In Stargirl, it's called the Shadowlands, I think. The world in Titan's I'd say was some sort of Purgatory. I can't see them ever doing crossover with Titans and Stargirl. Did anybody else catch the Doctor at the school mentions Bones, could it be Mr Bones and a tease for Stargirl's version of the DEO who have captured Jennie's brother (Obsidian) who also has connection to the Shadowlands? Regarding the kid, he's not a host since the last time Eclipso was released the diamond was intact, he just possessed somebody. When the diamond was shattered, he was set free. It's probably the form of a previous host he is taking. (it could also be an excuse to not show Eclipso actor all the time, I'd imagine it takes a bit of work to put on all that makeup)

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  • DC Fandom sneek peek at the last 3 episodes of season 2.

    Heavy on the Spoiler for the latest episode.

    Ah fair enough about

    the kid.. you know.. they mighta been better just using the kid for most of the show and saving up a bunch of money to do a more special effectey version of Eclipso. It felt like they've always struggled with budget but managed to keep it consistent until Eclipso.

  • 2.11: That! was a pretty decent episode.. in a kinda artistic get-ya-thinking way.

    I'm not even sure what kind of sacrifice the shadow made.. doesn't it have to be a hero for a noble sacrifice? does this make the shadow kinda heroic? .. He gave his life to save but had also caused harm.. it's a bit confusing. There's gotta be a word/phrase for his sacrifice.. maybe noble.. i dunno.

    Then a bit of empathy towards Cindy and her background..

    Finally.. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Kid Eclipso is waaaayyy creepier than prosthetics Eclipso. I'm half guessing they only have the prosthetics version so that can be the one that gets wiped out later in the show