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Vigil (BBC)



  • It's been quite dissapointing really, I'd hoped for better and on paper it could have made a good series but gosh, it's woeful, I actually nodded off briefly during last nights episode. Antiques Roadshow, broadcast before it was more gripping 😁

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

  • My wife also fell asleep during the episode. 😴

  • Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

  • In the scene in the canteen, the cook told the other female crew member "I found out this morning, he's getting out ...". I thought it was established in the first episode that while on patrol the crew don't have any personal correspondences.

    I think they said they can't send any messages because it gives away their position, but they can receive them, as Silva has been doing.

  • It's leading us to believe Shaun is the baddie,so it's probably someone else?

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  • Anyone notice the previously unhinged, gun brandishing, crew man enjoying his breakfast in the canteen 🤔

    Surely I'd have expected this chap to be confined to quarters, discipline very poor on this particular Nuclear submarine 🙄

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

  • Suranne and Rose kissing

    **sighs unzips**

  • Aside from the fact that personal messages would be a waste of the limited bandwidth for transmissions with the submarine. I think it was in the second episode that one of the crew remarked to Silva that she was privileged because she had received two personal messages in two days. All communications go through a secure room as seen towards the end of the episode. I don't think that the two lads spend their day relaying messages from home to petty officers.

    The equipment on the British submarines uses VLF (very low frequency) radio signals which can only penetrate the sea to a depth of 40 metres. The submarine tows an antenna through the water to receive the radio signal, that's the piece of equipment that failed/was sabotaged.

    Only China, India, Russia and USA have the facility to communicate with their submarine fleets without the boats needing to be near the surface. The reason being that have invested in ELF (extremely low frequency) technology which can penetrate to much deeper depths of water.

    The news that the cook's son was getting out of prison in Indonesia after less than a year of a 10 year sentence for a drugs offence was a plot device to cast her into the spotlight for Silva's investigation.

    It's a testament to how poor the series has become that I await the next ridiculous plot device. I think there are only two candidates remaining from the characters that have had speaking roles and coincidentally there are two episodes remaining.

  • Caught up with first two episodes last weekend and thought the setup and premise looked promising.

    Part 3 I began to have doubts, last nights confirmed it.

  • Very disappointing .... and if I see that grey toy sub passing along underwater again ......😩 Yes guilty of fast forwarding last night..... Not much else to be watching these days on regular telly?

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  • Lol, I was raging I didn't just watch the new Drama Kin on RTE, seems to be getting excellent reviews. Not sure if it's available on the RTE player, will check later 😏

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

  • the opening credits and music are better than the actual show. Show's not that bad, leave your logic hat outside the door for it.

    I read somewhere that if the navy can't contact a nuclear sub they have to sink it or something in case it goes rogue. seems a bit extreme.

  • I do take your points but honestly some of the story lines are bordering on absurdity. Good Drama should in some respects be believable, this show is just all over the place.

    The premise and concept could have been good, but something went a stray with the actual script.

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

  • I wouldn't worry too much in that respect ! Watched Kin on RTE + 1 and it was, lets say, underwhelming.

  • 😒 hmm, disappointing, I'd heard good reports but sure I'll give it a gander later

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

  • It’s completely lost me anyways. Such a pity as loved the first two episodes

  • I'm still gonna watch it's kind of dragging and I just want to know how it will end. It's all becoming a bit too OTT and unbelievable but hopefully it all comes together

  • I'm still enjoying it anyway. Despite a bit of silliness it's pretty good.

  • Really enjoyed the first two episodes but it has been downhill ever since. Such a pity as I think the core idea of a police officer isolated on a sub trying to investigate a murder is pretty good. But so much silliness, getting worse every week.

    I'll still watch the last two episodes though!

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  • I too will watch to see how they end it but it's difficult to see how they can recover the series. It appears to have gone the way of Bodyguard and Line of Duty and then some. I had been looking forward to the next offering from the same production company but now not so much.

    Showtrial is a timely look at how wealth, politics and prejudice conspire to distort the quest for justice.

  • VLF and ELF comms are mostly for beckoning a sub to comms depth to receive a larger message... there are some set coded commands sent by them where they don't have to surface at all, but personal comms wouldn't be a use case ..

    There are technologies in place where a tether is sent to the surface from cruise depth to allow access via satcom spot beams, albeit these are traceable to a certain extent.. it's becomes harder with laser comms, but as you can imagine there are inevitable issues when to establish comms in a swell

    TLDR: this ****'s made up and wouldn't happen in real life

    anyone else think that new submarines are quite roomy /s

  • I’m still enjoying it. Each episode throws up a new potential “killer”. There will be a twist in the last episode no doubt that wasn’t signposted.

  • Last episode wasn't as bad as it seemed it would be going by some posts here but definitely lost the edge of the first two episodes

    If anyone is interested in real life submarine stories Channel 5 has a new documentary just started called "Submarine: Life under the waves"

    Don't think this has ever been allowed before and it is a bit like a recruitment show but still worth a watch

  • Yes recorded this, must watch. Channel 5 did a good doc a couple years back on HMS Duncan, Warship Life At Sea.

  • Whoever wrote the program clearly has an anti-nuclear bias as that's evident throughout the series. As others have pointed out the set design is poor. They probably had little advice from the Royal Navy as this series seems to have it in for them by making them look dangerous and incompetent.

    Seriously in the last episode, how did the sonar operators manage to miss that cargo ship, I'm pretty sure you could detect cargo ships quite easily all the way back in the U-boat era and I understand sub design has come a long way since World War II, but there is no way a submarine is as roomy as depicted they are after all tools designed to do a job first and foremost, while at the same time squeezing in the crew.

    Maybe it's just me. Not that I'm complaining, but there does seem to be more lesbian relationships being depicted in TV shows or maybe that is just the shows I'm watching?

  • Did the police watch all of Burke's recording on the memory key? Surely as he knew what the cover-up was about and that he was in danger of being discredited or silenced, he'd have named a few names or hinted strongly at who on board was involved.

  • The production company never approached the Royal Navy for input into the creation of the submarine so there was a lot of artistic license in their creation. They did consult with the police about the storyline and were told that the premise for the series would never occur in real life. Even if a crime were to take place within the confines of the Faslane naval base it would be investigated by the Royal Navy. Anyone who enters the base has to be vetted for top level security clearance and has to have signed the Official Secrets Act. Characters like Craig Burke and his girlfriend would never have been let near the base, never mind the investigating police officers. 🤔

    Channel 5 aired a programme in 2019 in which a presenter and cameraman spent 4 days on HMS Vengeance. It's a Trident class submarine on which Vigil is set. To say that the Vigil set looks nothing like the real thing in terms of scale would be an understatement. There's more standing room in a bath tub than is available on the bridge of the real submarine. Every nook and cranny on the actual submarine serves a purpose.


    Canteen/The Mess: It also serves as the meeting room for the crew.

    Missile Room: This is where the Trident nuclear warheads hangout.

    As can be seen in the photos, it's not quite as spacious and roomy as Vigil. 😀

  • Another cliff hanger crisis contained in the first 2 minutes.

    And apparently a nerve gas attack on half the ship still won't stop some of the background crew sitting in the galley having a nice leisurely chat over breakfast 5 minutes later.

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  • Pure shite altogether...