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Analogue Pocket



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    Looks fantastic, though I'm not sorry I didn't order one now.

    I've the Steamdeck and Playdate both ordered, so that's enough spending for this next while.

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    Got an updated invoice from Fedex and getting a refund for their extortionate fees. Must have been enough complaints about it that they have looked into it.

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    FYI my last three US shipments through FedEx have all resulted in an email asking for an amount of money and then a paper invoice a few weeks later asking for a different sum of money. If you paid the email amount, they don't chase up the paper invoice. This is why I was happy to sit and wait for the physical invoice before doing anything here.

    Definitely worth querying them for a refund if you paid the "Other fees".

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    Oh aye....good advice at all times on imports regardless of courier.

    They weren't too far off on my amount in total, about 40 quid, and had already chased back the disbursement fee (which was about 18-20 quid IIRC, don't have it front of me), so might leave it at that, bar an email, as opposed to more follow up calls.

    On another note, loving this unit (pleasantly surprised with how much time Master System games are getting), but still waiting for word on the Dock, which doesn't appear to have the most reassuring operation when removing the device etc. Analogue slow to followup but given the email mountain they seem to be under with delayed shipments and returns etc, it's probably low priority. Just tending not to use it too much for charging.

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    Same, going to have to put a multi year ban on weird portable devices for myself to justify the price of the steam deck. Do kind of wish I ordered a playdate now though. Its unique enough that it might not feel like a waste.

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    Really want to pre order a Playdate, but 180 dollars & postage & whatever VAT customs decide to add when it lands make it a little bit too pricey IMO.

    Does look fantastic though, I love the overall design look of it. Be interesting to see how durable the crank is.

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    I'm locked into a Q2 delivery for the Playdate, so fingers crossed it will get here by the summer.