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"And why do we fall Bruce?"



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    Nice work going on for sure.

    But wait, what, you can't watch TV for fear of spoiling the game? Something's wrong with today's media. 😉

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    Feb 6th- An easy 8 miles with some 20 second strides after the halfway point.

    Feb 8th- Session day- 20 mins followed by 4 by 5 mins.

    Similar conditions to last week but wind wasn't quite as strong. Said I'd aim for same paces as last week but run more on effort. So that called for 20 mins at 6:10 pace to start with after a 20 minute warm up. Effort levels went straight out the window and i continued my martyrdom to paces instead! Slightly on the pacy side but got in with splits of 6:06, 6:08, 6:08 and 6:05 for the quarter mile at the end. Mix of running with a head and a tail wind.

    5 minute recovery and then into the 5 minute efforts at 6:00/mile pace with 3 minute recoveries. Only a 10 second pace differential but still a noticeable increase in effort. One of those where 300 seconds never felt so long and the recovery 180 seconds is over before you know it! First couple of reps were fine but definitely feeling it in the last 2. The reps came in at 5:58, 5:59, 5:59 and 6:01. Slow 20 minute shuffle home to finish up.

    A toughie but glad i pushed it back 24 hours after clocking up 27k steps in wellingtons the previous day, that would have been a massacre!

    Feb 9th- Easy 8 miles after work, legs not too bad.

    Feb 10th- Long run incl. 60 mins at 6:45/mile pace.

    Bit apprehensive about this one with the short window between it and speed session on Wednesday but my wife was on long days over the weekend so it was now or never. Had meant to charge my watch when i got up but it totally slipped my mind so stepped out the back door and straight away its at 10% battery life. I'm one of those people that don't fill the car until the trip computer is telling me the range left is now 0 miles so said I'd chance it.

    Usual 30 minute warm up with late strides brought me just short of 4 miles and then into the faster stuff. I knew the pace would have me just short of 9 miles for the 60 minute effort so just mentally split it into 3 mile sections. First 3 miles were mainly into the wind so wasn't too enjoyable. For whatever reason i always find the early miles the toughest of these runs, not sure why as the warm up and strides should be sufficient. The second 3 miles brought me up the old N5 which i had all to myself with a mix of a sideways and a tailwind. All going fine heading into the last 3 miles, watch holding on bravely! At the start of the 8th mile it beeped at me alright and while i was hoping it was maybe a 5% battery life warning it was telling me it was going into battery saver mode. Just over a mile later it gave up the ghost telling me it was saving the activity before dying. Just about 5 minutes left of the 60 minutes so just kept running but no idea if i kept the pace in line at 6:45/mile pace. The splits ranged from 6:39 to 6:46.

    No easy runs over the weekend as was too awkward to arrange with my wife working and kids activities. Ya would miss it though!

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    Always good to make someone smile☺️ Great session, well done!!

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