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    Are you a member of the NARGC, if so i would give them a call

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    dunner515 wrote: »
    It's not a renewal, it's a first time application. Would that make a difference?

    Sorry, didn't mean to type renewal there. It's supposed to be three months from when you submit it but speaking from experience, the forms can often be sitting in your local station for months before the FO puts them up on the Pulse. Some stations are quite quick and others are disasterous.

    Officially it appears that the gardai record the date of submission as being the date it is entered onto the Pulse system and in reality, the date it is handed in and the date it is entered onto the Pulse can be very far apart.
    Max H wrote: »
    Section 3 of the Firearms Act 1925 as amended, provides that a decision on an
    application for a firearms certificate or its renewal shall be given within 3 months from
    the date on which the applicant submitted a completed application. However, every effort
    shall be made by issuing persons to ensure that all new applications and applications to
    renew are processed as soon as is practicable. If a decision on an application is not
    made within 3 months, then under section 15A of the Firearms Act 1925, as inserted by
    section 43 of the Criminal Justice Act 2006 this is deemed to be a refusal.

    With respect, that paragraph above doesn't mean much as many districts don't adhere to it. Many firearms owners have had their licences granted when the timeframe from start to finish was much longer than that listed above. I've had applications that took over 6 months from start to finish.
    dunner515 wrote: »
    Can an F.O deliberately just stall an application without handing it to the Super in that 3 month time period?

    It could be that they are too busy and don't get a chance to do it as speedily as they you would like. Others mayb be lazy and not bother their hole. I doubt it is done deliberately in many cases. You'll never prove a FO did it deliberately eitherways.