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The 7th Annual Irish Beer Mile Championships. Saturday 21st September 2019

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    Time to start training for this year's beer mile. This year we're moving the event back to a Saturday meaning that we'll be heading into Dublin city centre for celebratory/action-replay drinks afterward.

    Location: The National Beer Mile track, Kilbogget Park, Cabinteely

    Date: Saturday 21st September 2019

    Rules (below) will be the same as before. For more information on beer mile rules and information in general see

    4 laps.
    1 12 oz beer per lap..
    Must be at least 5 % ABV.
    Puking means a penalty lap.
    You must be over 18.
    You must acknowledge that drinking 4 beers and running a mile is an irresponsible thing to do, but it's just a bit of juvenile fun.
    Fancy dress is permitted.
    Competitors must remain clothed during the event
    Competitors are asked not to fill up on beans and eggs before the event.

    12 oz beers are hard to find in Ireland, so make sure to buy some in advance. This is a nonsense American measure, but it’s part of the official rules so make sure to find some.

    Same as last year there will be both the men’s and women’s categories. I haven't bought medals yet but I plan to. And whoever gets the fastest time will win the severely coveted Irish National Beer Mile Trophy!

    If you're interested in coming either PM me or add yourself to the facebook event: