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N3 - Virginia Bypass [route options published]



  • It joins back up at Lisgrey onto the N3 abruptly, I wonder how that will merge along with cycle and pedestrian path

  • Looking at the details it seams to have a hard strip with the 2+2 is the right?

  • What is the meaning of the dotted red line shown in the Emerging Preferred Option Corridor? It can't be the actual road as that comes later, the Brochure states;

    The Emerging Preferred Option Corridor displayed in the maps is typically 300m wide and does not represent the actual width of the scheme, nor the lands to be acquired for the scheme. They indicate the lands within which a scheme could be developed.

    The dotted red line makes it look like they are getting ahead of themselves.

  • It wasn't very clear on the n3 site but I presume the latest map is the top one on the Publications page, "Consultation 3 - Interactive Map of EPO Corridor."

    It says the dotted red line is the EPO Centreline, though I agree it looks suspect as it isn't actually in the centre of the route corridor. Looks more like the exact route they expect the road to take.

  • It is up there, you have to go into the virtual consulation room with the grumpy man coming up the stairs.

    Then go to the right to the maps at option 5. Clicking it downloads a PDF of the preferred route.

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  • It is mad to me that they would build a new offline road east of Lisgrey cross where there is over 1km of wide, straight existing N3 with a parallel road serving properties, yet the new road goes back online through Lisgrey Cross which is the dodgiest part of the N3 in the study area. I'd rather they went offline and avoided Lisgrey Cross and used the existing road east of it, even if that meant SC west of Virginia.

    Like I said before, the junctions strategy east of Virginia makes on sense. The only junction east of Virginia is this Burrencarragh Link Road which serves nobody. I can see there being a lot of opposition to this road as it runs close to people but they wont have great access to it. I can see people claiming they are taking all of the negatives but getting none of the benefits of the new road. This junction needs to be 1km further east.

    Virginia being served by only one junction and it connecting with the narrow BB road into town makes no sense. I think the R178 BB road junction and the R194 BJD link road could be combined in a single junction between the two proposed junction with some link roads and another junction could be provided around the R194 Mullagh road to serve Mullagh and Kingscourt.

  • From the AngloCelt today

    Towards the end 1968 the late Peter O’Reilly of Lisgrey hit upon a promising business opportunity. The increase in trade passing the roadside shop run by him and wife Mary encouraged Peter to contact the council about appointing petrol pumps and a suite of high level advertising signs.

    A month to the day after, Peter got word back. His application had been ‘Refused’.

    “They told him the [Virginia] bypass was going to be built there and the development might affect the route,”

  • “The bypass is essential, it has to happen. I’m not opposed to it, I’m in favour of it,” Donal tells the Celt. “It is going to impact us. But to what extent, we don’t know yet.”

    Though Kevin laments the possible loss of “passing trade” in future, as much as others, he sees the need for the bypass, a key component of the Government’s Ireland 2040 plan for the region.


    “People will be afraid [the bypass] will do damage to the town but I don’t think it will. I think, take the traffic out that’s there now, you’ll find it brings more people in, easier parking, all of that.”

    Compare those to some of the crap we see in articles on the N/M20. Good to see people can look at this project objectively.

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