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February Intake 2017



  • hi guys
     first time poster here, long story short I am going in for induction very soon, I have read through this thread and realised that I have either misplaced or returned the induction info sheet.

    I don't recall seeing it at all, I have called recruitment and they are emailing me the induction info sheet today but the email is taking a while to send for security issues on their end as far as I know. I didn't realise there was even an induction info sheet- I had assumed that recruitment told me everything over the phone, it only occurred to me on reading this thread and someone mentioning the passport photos and guests.

    I would really appreciate if someone could post the list of items from the info sheet that  we need to bring with us for induction- so I can go and get them asap, all other details I can wait for the email.

  • Not the news you want to hear but if they're having issues with security to send it straight away then I doubt you'll get the information from a public forum. Best getting on the phone and asking them for it again.