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PB or not PB...that is the question



  • Was managing my never ending injury reasonably ok I think – still mixing in the odd gentle run with cycling and other bits and bobs….hard to tell if it was getting better or not tbh but felt it wasn’t getting worse.

    I had committed to the County 4 Mile Championships a few weeks ago – we had a bare minimum of 4 on the team so didn’t want to back out. Had expected a bit of pressure on the injury but unfortunately it has exploded in a spectacularly bad way since the end of the race. Hobbling around now – can’t put any weight at all on my left heel. I expect a long layoff on the horizon….will know more after physio on Wednesday afternoon I guess.

    Anyway….will sign off with a race report :-)


    This race broke a few golden rules for me (the injury one being the obvious one) but also my general rule of thumb of not driving for a longer length of time than it takes to run the race :-)

    The drive took the guts of an hour with Dromcollogher being the only town/village that I hadn’t run in before.

    The weather was classic Irish summer weather – strong threat of rain/thunder, baking hot at times and lots of wasps.

    Anyway, got there and parked up grand, got my number no bother and had a solid warm up. Chatted to a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while from other clubs – like the race I did in Dundrum last month, there was a strong sense of relief that we were all back out racing and a hope that this is the beginning of the end of lockdowns etc. And in defence of my decision to race injured – maybe this was spurring me on as well to be there. Would I have gone to this in a ‘normal’ year?? With DCM on the horizon – probably not.

    The route was basically a triangle with long straight sections with no real hills and a couple of longish mild drags.

    The field was around 70 runners – West Limerick and Limerick AC had pretty big numbers, with a smattering of smaller numbers from a handful of other clubs.

    Hit out at what felt like a comfortable pace on a long straight section into the breeze. Through the first KM in 3:40.

    Passed a few fellas out and was passed by a couple who probably positioned themselves too far back at the start. The next couple of KM flew by fairly uneventfully (3:44 and 3:49). I did have a missed step/stumble which jarred my ankle a bit and seemed to set off the pain.

    From there on in it descended into a bit of a slog – the heat seemed to ramp up and the group of 6 I was trying to reel in seemed to be pulling away so I was pretty much on my own. Passed another 2 or 3 I think and just ground it out (4:04, 4:02 & 4:07).

    Tried to dig out a sprint finish but the barrel was well and truly empty at that stage – crossed the line in a hot sweaty mess in 25:12.

    Decent enough time considering I suppose and we did win a couple of bronze team medals.

    Anyway – will be off my feet for a while; hopefully back stronger in the autumn