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Sets of faahve



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    Had to gym yesterday evening due to gym issues. Have also been looking at PHUL as it is similar to what I am currently doing, albeit with some actual structure. Basically a 4-day U/L split with RPE (everything RPE9), so its progression suits me. Decided to follow an upper day.

    Bench: 3x5 @ 72.5kg. Was tough as I had to rush my warmup, but grand overall.

    DB incline bench: 3x10 @ 17.5kgs. Ran out of room on the very last set.

    Barbell row: 3x5 @ 60kg. Long time since I've done these, but they were grand.

    Lat pulldown: 2x10 and 1x8 @ 53kg. Ran outta steam towards the end.

    OHP: 2x6 @ 35kg. Long time since doing these and yeah, found them tough. No room in the last set. And only managed to smack my forehead off the bar 4 times.

    EZ curl: 2x10 @ 22.5kg. Grand.

    EZ skullcrusher: 2x10 @ 22.5kg. Also grand.

    Followed up by hot cross buns because I was well below my calories and carbs target. Tesco ones have 7g of protein per bun which makes them anabolic. I think.

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    Missed another day this week due to conditions outside of my control. Decided to do the PHUL lower hypertrophy day to see what it was like.

    SSB squat: 3x12 @ 70kg. Was supposed to be front squat but I suck at front squat and my torso remains pretty vertical when doing SSB, so it'll do as a sub. Weight was easy but I was really out of breath.

    Reverse barbell lunge: 3x6 @ 40kg. Wasn't supposed to be reverse; only realised this afterwards. And it was supposed to be 3x8-12 but I completely sucked at them. Didn't feel too strongly about it as I was only sussing the day out.

    Leg extension and lying hamstring curl: Grand

    Seated calf raise: 3x12. no machine in my gym, so just put my foot on a block paddle and a 20kg dumbbell on my knee and did one leg at a time. Did the job and was under RPE 9.

    Standing calf raise: 3x8. Used the same 20kg and started doing these, but realised it was waaay harder. Thought it was leverages or something, then realised my entire feckin bodyweight is being used here, unlike the seated version. Just about managed 8 reps per leg with bodyweight. Thought my calves were stronger. Guess this exercise is important then.

    Biggest struggle these days still is not missing a day. With likely reduced hours on Good Friday and Easter Monday, it'll be another few weeks before I see myself ever starting a regular 4-day week.

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    Actually doing PHUL instead of sussing days out.

    Bench: 3x5 @ 70kg. Down from last week but 6 days since benching made it feel tougher

    DB incline bench: 2x10 and 1x9 @ 20kgs.

    Barbell row: 3x5 @ 60kg.

    Lat pulldown: 2x10 and 1x7 @ 53kg. Ran outta steam towards the end.

    OHP: 1x8 and 1x7 @ 32.5kg. Can't believe how weak I am at these.

    EZ curl: 2x10 @ 22.5kg. Grand.

    EZ skullcrusher: 2x10 @ 22.5kg. Also grand.

    Weight still hovering around the low 77s. Macrofactor insisting on +60 calories/day for this week. If you say so, mister app.

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    Still have quad and calf DOMS from Friday.

    Squat: 3x5 @ 102.5kg. Tweaked a few things, namely widened stance a little and trying to set my torso angle a bit higher. Definitely feel more stable in the bottom position.

    Deadlift: 2x5 @ 125kg and 1x4 @ 125kg. Form felt sloppy in last set so cut it short. I reckon 11/14 good reps. Boo.

    Leg press: 3x15 @ 100kg. Hate leg press, but got it done anyway.

    Hamstring curl: 3x10 @ 25kg. Lower reps and heavier than before, but grand.

    Seated calf raise: 4x10 @ 25kg per leg. Undershot RPE but was running late so just did these continuously.

    Overall, felt a bit all over the place, likely due to only getting 4.5 hours sleep (coughing children). Under the circumstances, I'll take it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Incline bench: 40kg x 12, 11, 10. My incline has historically been awful. 40kg was my limit in the 8-12 rep range

    Dumbbell chest fly: 3x12 @ 7.5kg. Never did these before, so remained conservative.

    Seated cable row: 2x12 and 1x20 @ 71kg. Maxed out the cable machine so will have to come up with some variation to make it harder. I already pause and squeeze, so maybe tempo/reduced rest or something.

    One-arm DB row: 3x12 @ 25kg. This was hard and could have been weight/rep PRs for this. Who knows.

    Lateral raise: 7.5kg x 12, 10, 8. 5kg was too easy but 7.5kg is a big jump, so it was really hard.

    Incline DB curl: 3x12 @ 10kg. First time doing these and just trying to concentrate on keeping elbows pointing down. Biceps sore after them.

    Tricep pushdown: 3x12 @ 47kg. Grand. It should have been tricep extension but only realised afterwards.

    Grand day. New exercises to keep me uncomfortable.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    SSB squat: 3x12 @ 75kg. +5kg on last week and not heavy; cardio still the limiting factor.

    Barbell lunge: 1x12 @ 20kg and 2x12 @ 25kg. Started with an empty bar because screw my ego. This is practise, and I think I did ok with these.

    Leg extension and lying hamstring curl: grand

    Seated calf raise: 3x15 @ 30kg each leg. Was supposed to be 12 reps, but kept going to get desired effect.

    Standing calf raise: 2x12 and 1x11 each leg. Couldn't even finish the sets with bodyweight. Guess this means my calves are weak AF.

    Sweaty day.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Walked into the gym yesterday and did an Abe Simpson about-turn when I saw how absolutely jammed it was. Junior nationals are coming up, so it was filled with people on day passes. Gonna try make this a tue/wed/thu/fri week

    Bench: 3x5 @ 72.5kg and 1x5 @ 70kg. Made the right call by dropping weight for last set as it really was my limit

    Incline DB bench: 2x10 and 1x9 @ 20kg, 1x10 @ 17.5kg. Just failed 3rd set. Dropping 2.5kg for 4th set made it very easy.

    BB row: 4x5 @ 60kg. Shoulda gone heavier because this was easy

    OHP: 1x8, 1x7 and 1x6 @ 32.5kg. Still can't get over how weak my overhead has gotten.

    Lat pulldown: 4x10 @ 53kg. Grand

    EZ skullcrusher: 2x10 and 1x8 @ 23kg. Just discovered the EZ bar is 8kg instead of 10kg, so had been logging this wrong. Also failed last set but managed not to crush my skull.

    EZ curls: 3x10 @ 23kg. Hard.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Squat: 4x5 @ 105kg. Up 2.5kg and a set from last week. These felt really, really heavy, but they moved. Guess I have to suck it up.

    Deadlift: 4x5 @ 125kg. Same weight as last week but with 20/20 good reps.

    Leg press: 15 reps @ 100kg, 110kg, 120kg and 120kg. A PR I think. Not gonna jump over the moon because, well, it's leg press.

    Hamstring curl: 3x10 and 1x9 @ 25kg. This goes from piss easy to failing in no time.

    Seated calf raise: 4x10 @ 35kg each leg. No rest between switching legs; just continuous. Sort of easy, but because I'm so weak, the hardest bit was getting the 35kg dumbbell out of the rack.

    This session was hard. I didn't need to rush anything and took my time and got almost everything done (damn you final leg curl rep!).

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Still have chest doms from Tuesday. It's unusual for me to have chest doms in the first place.

    Incline bench: 40x12, 42.5x12, 40x9 and 40x10. 40kg was my limit last week but first set this week was easy, so threw on an extra 2.5kg. The next set was a 10, so I went back down and had pretty much fatigued myself and ruined the rest.

    Chest fly: 10kg x 12, 12, 12, 15. Up 2.5kg from last week and last set, I just kept going til it was RPE 9

    Seated row: 71kg x 20, 20, 20, 16. Problem last week was it was too easy, so I changed grip and setup to allow more ROM, and added a slow eccentric. Made it much harder.

    Single arm DB row: 22.5kg x 12, 12, 12, 12. Down 2.5kg this week. Was just weaker. Probably because preceding rows were harder than last week.

    Lateral raise: 5kg x 12, 12, 12, 12. Didn't go near the 7.5kg this week and think I got my desired training effect.

    Incline curl: 10kg x 12, 8, 8 and 5kg x 12. Think my form was better this week and this ended up being much harder. Had to drop from 10kg but the 7.5kg dumbbells were being used, so 5kg it was, which was too easy.

    Tricep extension: 17kg x12, 23kg x 8, 17kg x 12, 10. First time doing these and was surprised at how hard they were compared to tricep pushdowns.

    Hard to know if the workouts are getting harder or if I'm just weak from eating too much Easter chocolate

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Legs still domsed from Wednesday. Maybe yesterday's weakness was simply because I had one less day to recover.

    SSB squat: 3x12 and 1x9 @ 80kg. Being honest, I had been pushing through the reps with questionable form. Did 9 on last set before I decided I couldn't do any more with correct form, so racked it.

    BB lunge: 4x12 @ 30kg. Legs were jelly by the end of these. Definitely harder than the 25kg last week.

    Leg extension: 4x15 @ 25kg. Ugh, painful and reached my limit by the end.

    Hamstring curl: 3x15 and 1x14 @ 20kg. That final rep again!

    Seated calf raise: 4x15 @ 25kg. Rep range was 8-12, so oops. But these were actually hard.

    Standing calf raise: 1x5. Ran out of time and was just too damn tired too, so bailed on these.

    My legs are absolutely destroyed as I type this. Stairs were difficult. Been a long time since I felt this way.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    My sessions last week took a long time. Gotta change my approach to top sets on the main lifts so I don't take so damn long.

    Bench: 70kg x 5, 72.5kg 3x5. Felt stronger than last week. Also working on foot positioning (moving back and out) as I think my ass could be rising a bit. Gotta lower those knees.

    Incline DB bench: 20kg x 10, 10, 10, 8. Just tiring

    BB row: 4x5 @ 65kg. Little heavier than last week and definitely felt harder.

    BB OHP: 35kg x 8, 6, 6. Actually felt stronger than last week. Good, because my OHP being so weak was starting to get a little demoralising.

    Lat pulldown: 53kg 4x10. Grand.

    EZ skullcrushers/curl. Supersetted these to save time. Skulls were easier and curls harder than last week.

    Macrofactor added yet another 100 calories in the form of fats and carbs. Protein the same. Weighed in at 77kg.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Squat: 1x5 @ 105kg and 3x5 @ 107.5kg. Little bit up from last week. Had awful tightness in my inner thighs (adductors) and glutes that I didn't have yesterday. I do lower body stretches even on upper days, so not sure what it is. Could be really delayed doms. After all, my legs were bollocksed last Friday. Either way, depth wasn't as consistent as normal. But my squat felt strong regardless.

    Deadlift: 130kg x 5, 4, 4, 4. Up in weight from last week. First set was solid, but wrecked me. And I cut the reps at 4 for the rest because I really felt like form breakdown was inevitable.

    Leg press: 3x15 @ 75kg. Spent too long on squat/deadlift so had to rush these. Very little rest between sets so I might have gotten the desired training effect with less weight.

    Seated calf raise: 4x10 @ 40kg per leg. Calfs were actually sore after doing these. They weren't hard; handling the 40kg DB was though because I'm weak.

    Hamstring curl: 1x20 @ 20kg. Ran out of time so this was pretty much an AMRAP. Was supposed to be 4 x 6-10 reps.

    Squats felt easier today; not because I was necessarily stronger or anything, but because I have accepted that they will always feel hard. Last week, they felt like they damn well nearly killed me, but, they moved and moved well. The video made them look far easier than they felt. It might be because my bracing is nailed down and bracing hard feels awful, which makes the squats feel awful. But if the end result is a big squat, it's worth it. Just gotta MTFU.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Incline bench: 40kg x 12 and 3x12 @ 42.5kg. This felt way better than last week and I could have pushed it a bit. However, I realised it wa sbecause I used a different bench to normal in which the incline setting is a lower angle, which made the movement easier. So, hard to compare.

    DB chest fly: 4x12 @ 12.5kg. Up in weight from last week. Just about my limit.

    Seated row: 4x20 @ 71kg. Again, full stack with tempo and squeeze. Grand

    One-arm DB row: 2x12 @ 25kg and 2x12 @ 22.5kg. Had to drop the weight to keep RPE. It worked.

    Lateral raise: 4x12 @ 5kg. Grand

    Incline curl: 10kg x 10, 9, 8, 6. I wanted the 7.5kgs but they were being used. Boo.

    Tricep extension: 4x12 @ 17kg. Yeah, these are really hard, even at this weight. Didn't underestimate them this week and triceps got a workin.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    SSB squat: 4x12 @ 82.5kg. Up in weight this week and no reps missed. Mad the difference a rest day makes.

    BB lunge: 4x12 @ 30kg. Same weight, but I could have gone 2.5kg heavier.

    Leg extension: 4x15 @ 20kg. Reduced weight, but also reduced rest time to save time.

    Hamstring curl: 3x15 and 1x12 @ 20kg. Same weight, reduced rest time. Hard

    Seated calf raise: 4x12 @ 35kg each leg. This was too easy, but I wanted to conserver energy for...

    Standing calf raise: 4x20 w/ both legs. I hadn't completed a set of these until this week. Calves are usually fried after seated raises and single leg with rep range 8-12 with bodyweight is too hard, so I just did both feet for higher reps and that was hard. Might try switch seated/standing around and see if I can do single leg bodyweight next week.

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    Bench: 4x5 @ 75kg. Bench felt strong this morning. Delighted I didn't have to cut reps or lower weight.

    DB incline bench: 4x10 @ 20kg. First time completing this without a missed rep.

    Lat pulldown: 10 @ 53kg, 59kg, 59kg, 53kg. 53 too easy, up to 59 until too hard, then back to 53

    BB row: 4x5 @ 55kg. Realised I had been doing pendlays instead of standard BB rows. These were possibly a tad light.

    OHP: 8 @ 30kg and 2x8 @ 35kg. Better than last week.

    EZ curls/EZ skulls: 3x10 @ 23kg. Same as last week, just a bit rushed.

    Actually feeling confident my bench is going somewhere. Still nowhere near old numbers but at this bodyweight, I'll take it.

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    Squat: 4x5 @ 110kg. First set was hard and I was considering dropping weight, but persevered. Then I realised my bracing was a little off, so I adjusted, and everything felt easier.

    Deadlift: 4x5 @ 130kg. Same weight as last week, but completed the reps. Not all good though; I reckon about 17/20 good reps. My last reps on some of the sets were dodgy to say the least. Annoying habit of mine I need to address.

    Leg press: 3x15 @ 75kg. Was supposed to be 5x15, but was short on time. These were hard as I rushed them.

    Hamstring curl: 4x10 @ 20kg. Coulda gone heavier, but no time for messing.

    Seated calf raise: 4x10 @ 40kg. Grand.

    The entire back of my leg leg has been sore since last week and I'm not sure why. It feels completely muscular, so I'm not overly concerned. I'd like to think that a bit of volume, combined with some unilateral and isolation work, is just making a weaker leg stronger. If so, great. But I'm still weary of it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Incline bench: 4x12 @ 45kg. Still on that lower incline bench, so this was easier to push.

    DB chest fly: 2x12 @ 12.5kg, 1x7 @ 15kg, 1x12 @ 12.5kg. Grand. The jump from 12.5 to 15 felt too much.

    Seated cable row: 3x20 and 1x18 @ 71kg. Adjusted the angle of pulling so it was less of a horizontal row and it was definitely harder.

    One-arm DB row: 1x10, 1x12, 1x10 @ 25kg and 1x12 @ 22.5kg. Lats just fried from previous rows.

    Lateral raise: 4x12 @ 5kg. Short rest made these harder.

    Incline curl: 1x12, 1x15, 2x12 @ 7.5kg. Finally the 7.5s were free and these were far easier. The set of 15 definitely reached RPE9.

    Tricep extension: 4x12 @ 17kg. These are mad. Such a light weight still has the potential to absolutely exhaust my triceps.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    SSB squat: 4x12 @ 85kg. Up 2.5kg from last week. Yep, sets of 12 are deathly

    BB lunge: 3x12 and 1x10 @ 32.5kg. Form was starting to break down and I was at risk if just falling sideways, so cut the last set short.

    Leg extension: 4x15 @ 25kg. Grand.

    Hamstring curl: 4x15 @ 20kg. No missed reps. Yay!

    Seated calf raise: 4x15 @ 35kg. These were supposed to be 8-12 reps. Oops. Grand otherwise.

    Standing calf raise: 1x10 @ 10kg, 2x10 @ 15kg and 1x12 @ 15kg. Found a way to do these weighted without falling over. 15kg was a bit light, so did some extra reps on last set. Legs shakey since.

    Next week is a bank holiday so will likely have to do 4 days straight again. Oh well. Better than not training at all.

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    Hectic weekend. Lots of travelling, throwing children around, eating rubbish and some alcohol. Hitting the gym a day later than usual. Not expecting much.

    Bench: 4x5 @ 77.5kg. Up 2.5kg from last week. And thats 2.5kg increases two weeks in a row. Aaaand it's a bodyweight bench for reps. Have done bodyweight for reps before at a heavier weight, so this is a small milestone.

    Incline DB bench: 4x10 @ 20kg. Still hard, so didn't increase weight.

    Lat pulldown: 10 @ 53kg, 59kg, 59kg, 59kg. Hard towards the end.

    BB row: 4x5 @ 60kg. Too easy.

    OHP: 3x8 @ 35kg. Not feeling so weak in this.

    EZ skullcrusher: 3x10 @ 25.5kg. Up in weight and it was hard.

    EX curls: 10, 8, 7 @ 25.5kg. Up in weight and also very hard.

    Surprisingly good day under the circumstances.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Squat: 4x5 @ 112.5kg. 2.5kg up from last week and felt like death. But hey, felt tight and moved.

    Deadlift: 5, 4, 4, 4 @ 135kg. Up 5kg from last week. All were RPE9 and I didn't get tempted to go for those dodgy 5th reps.

    Leg press: 1x5 @ 75kg and 4x15 @ 100kg. Death.

    Hamstring curl: 4x10 @ 20kg. Low in weight but rushed them due to being pressed for time.

    Seated calf raise: 4x10 @ 40kg. Grand.

    Fairly sweaty today.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Incline bench: 4x12 @ 45kg. Felt tired today and dared not to increase from last week due to having one less day to recover. Good call as last sets were close to failure.

    DB chest fly: 12.5kg x 12, 15kg x 11, 12.5kg x 12, 15kg x 11. 12.5 was too light and 15 too heavy. Will just stick to 15s next week.

    Cable row: 4x20 @ 71kg. Felt awful, but got them done.

    One-arm DB row: 4x12 @ 25kg. No missed reps, so happy.

    Lateral raise: 5kg x 12, 7.5kg x 12, 7.5kg x 8, 5kg x 12. Had to drop weight at the end, but still happy as the last 5kg felt way worse than the first. Training effect achieved.

    Incline DB curl: 4x12 @ 7.5kg. Grand

    Cable tricep extension: 17kg x 12 and 3x12 @ 23kg. Up in weight and these were haaard.

    Overall, good day. Pulling muscles were stronger and pushing muscles were weaker than last week. I'll take it

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    SSB squat: 4x12 @ 85kg. Didn't increase weight from last week because of less rest. Still got them done.

    BB lunges: 4x12 @ 32.5kg. Same weight. Finished the reps and only one little stumble in the middle of the last set.

    Leg extension: 2x15 @ 25kg and 2x15 @ 30kg. 25kg was just too easy and while I could finish 30kg, it was hard to have that little pause/squeeze at the top. Something to work on.

    Hamstring curl: 4x15 @ 20kg. Supersetted with leg extension above to save time. Grand.

    Seated calf raise: 4x12 @ 37.5kg. Grand

    Standing calf raise: 4x12 @ 15kg. Bit light, but rest time was minimal which I used for training effect.

    Last two days went surprisingly well considering I was down a rest day. Body feels a bit beaten up though.

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    Bench: 5, 5, 4, 4 @ 80kg. My streak of going up 2.5kg per week for 5s came to an end. Not gonna lose sleep over it; 2.5kg weekly progressive overload is a lot, even at my level. Just gonna be happy the previous weeks went as well as they did.

    Incline DB bench: 1x10 @ 22.5kg and 3x10 @ 20kg. Went up in weight for first and it was definitely a 9, so backed down to 20kg for rest.

    Lat pulldown: 4x10 @ 59kg. Grand.

    BB row: 1x5 @ 60kg and 3x5 @ 65kg. Grand.

    OHP: 8, 7, 6 @ 35kg. Dunno what happened here but felt really weak compared to last week.

    EZ skulls and EZ curls superset: 3x10 @ 23.5kg. Went back down in weight because I was feeling weak at this stage

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Squat: 5, 5, 4, 4, @ 115kg. I was just exhausted on 3rd set and felt like a 5th rep would have been dodgy. Had it in my head the following set would be 4 too, but I honestly had another rep. Kicking myself I racked it when I did. Oh well.

    Deadlift: 4x3 @ 140kg. Decided beforehand I'd keep these at the lower end of the 3-5 rep range. Moved easily. Last set was dodgy because there was something up with my grip and I kept having to adjust, which really threw me.

    Leg press: 1x15 @ 75kg and 4x15 @ 100kg. These destroyed me.

    Hamstring curl: 4x10 @ 20kg. Easy, even though I kept rest times short. Was running out of time.

    Seated calf raise: 4x10 @ 40kg. Easy.

    Have a dull lower back ache since the leg press. Gonna assume my glutes need some attention because historically, that's what has always caused any lower back pain I've had.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Yep, regarding glutes above. Used foam roller for the first time in years and between that and plenty of hamstring and calf stretching, back felt 100% again. Magic.

    Incline bench: 4x12 @ 47.5kg. Absolutely grand.

    DB chest fly: 1x15 @ 12.5kg and 4x12 @ 15kg. Grand.

    Cable row: 4x20 @ 71kg. Grand.

    One-arm DB row: 4x12 @ 25kg. This was hard and required a lot of controlled aggression.

    Lateral raises: 1x15 @ 5kg, 11@ 7.5kg, 9 @ 7.5kg and 12 @ 5kg. Still not strong enough on these to do them all with 7.5s.

    Incline curls: 4x12 @ 7.5kg. Easy. Supersetted with tricep extensions below.

    TRicep extensions: 4x12 @ 23kg. These were haaard, but got them done.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    SSB squat: 4x12 @ 87.5kg. Sets of 12 never feel easy. Legs grand, but cardio awful.

    BB lunge: 4x12 @ 35kg. Up in weight but feel down in life expectancy. Jaysus, me lungs.

    Leg extension: 3x12 @ 30kg and 1x12 @ 35kg. Grand. Supersetted with hamstring curls to save time.

    Hamstring curls: 3x12 @ 20kg and 1x12 @ 25kg. Grand.

    Seated calf raise: 4x12 @ 40kg. Fine.

    Standing calf raise: 4x12 @ 20kg. Fine, but legs got wobbly towards the end.

    Grand day.

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,740 ✭✭✭✭Dtp1979

    Havent read this in a good few weeks. Numbers are flying up well done

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,517 ✭✭✭✭Mr. CooL ICE

    Thank you thank you. I'm still doing the slowest possible progressive overload because I want to avoid doing anything stupid. The temptation is always there to YOLO a new 1RM but I'm behaving myself... for now. Just yearn for the strength levels I had before I had children.

    Bench: 82.5kg x5, 4, 4, 4. Warmups felt great so decided to go up. Delighted.

    Incline DB bench: 4x10 @ 22.5kg. These were a tad sloppy so have to clean them up.

    BB row: 4x5 @ 70kg. Jumped up in weight because last week was too easy. Also realised I meant to do lat pulldowns before these, but forgot. Decided to YOLO a few pullups to see where they were at as I hadn't done one on possibly a few years. Did three that felt like air. Delighted.

    OHP: 3x8 @ 35kg. Felt way better than last week.

    Pullup: 8, 7, 6. Because I forgot lat pulldowns, I did a set of these between OHP sets. Very happy. I guess a combination of lots of heavyish lat pulldowns and being 8-10kg lighter since my last pullup helped.

    EZ skulls and EZ curls superset: 1x10 @ 25.5kg/23kg and 2x10 @ 23kg. These still hard at this weight.

    Very satisfied with today.

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    Squat: 117kg x 5, 3, 3, 3. Last rep of first set was a grind and a half, so was more reserved for the rest.

    Deadlift: 3x3 @ 145kg. Recorded my first set only and although it felt ok, it looked terrible. Was hinging in the lower back. Tried correcting it for subsequent sets and then just skipped the 4th set. Have to drop back and pay more attention to my warmups to address this properly next week.

    Leg press: 4x15 @ 100kg. Skipped 5th set because of time.

    Hamstring curl: 4x10 @ 25kg. Up in weight and just about finished all reps.

    Seated calf raise: 4x10 @ 42.5kg. Think this is a PR for heaviest dumbbell I've ever picked up for any reason.

    Frustrating day. Must learn from it before moving on.

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    Incline bench: 4x12 @ 50kg. Happy.

    DB chest fly: 3x15 @ 12.5kg and 1x12 @ 15kg. The 15s were busy when I started, so dropped the weight and upped the reps a bit.

    Seated cable row: 4x15 @ 71kg. Have had to revaluate how I do rows so for these, I'm using a wider grip and flaring elbows, so bringing bar to where I would when I bench

    One-arm DB rows: 4x12 @ 22.5kg. Also revaluating these because I was flaring elbows and using biceps. Now have them tucked and no biceps being used.

    Lateral raises: 1x12 @ 5kg and 7.5kg x 12, 12, 10. Slightly better than last week.

    Incline curl: 1x12 @ 7.5kg and 10kg x 12, 12, 10. Better than last week.

    Tricep extension: 3x12 @ 23kg and 1x12 @ 17kg. Rope attachment went AWOL so used some sort of canvas handle thingy, which seemed to feel harder. Had to drop weight for last set.

    Overall, not too bad.