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Sets of faahve



  • Gymmed Wednesday night but never clicked Post

    Tempo bench 310:

    Worked up to 72.5kg x 5. Although pressing was fine, I found it hard to lower the bar consistently with the tempo, so called it. Two backdowns @ 60kg were much more smooth but piss easy.

    Belt squats 4x8 @ 100kg

    Skullcrushers 3x12 @ EZ + 10kg (started with 20kg because I forgot what weight I could use)

    Seal rows 4x12 @ 40kg

    Facepulls 4x20 @ 29kg

    Grand. But seal rows left me very lightheaded after every set despite not being too heavy. Must have been the pressure of being on my front.

  • Gymmed tonight

    Paused sumo:

    Worked up to 130kg x 5. The pauses damn near killed me. Moving the weight was fine but i really, really hated the pauses. Backdowns @ 110kg were effortless.

    Lat pulldowns 4x8

    Conv RDLs 3x10 @ 70kg, 80kg and 80kg

    Leg extensions 3x15

    45 degree hypers 3x15

    I predict doms

  • Gymmed tonight


    Worked up to 3 @ 120kg and 3x3 @ 100kg. Angle was bad but depth might not have been good on top set, but sunk the backdowns. The 120s felt like death but moved pretty fast. I must be stronger than i think i am but confidence isn't there.

    Flat DB bench 4x8 @ 25kg

    Seal rows 4x8 @ 50kg

    Split squat 4x10 @ 20/20/30/30

    Planks 4x20 second

    Felt light headed after seal rows again. Also, hamstrings were still brutally domsed from Friday. And i had never done split squats before and they were utterly rubbish. Aside from that, all good.

  • Gymmed last night


    Worked up to 80kg x 3. Plan was RPE 8 and this felt undershot. Nice feeling. And 65kg x 3 for backdowns felt like piss.

    Belt squat 4x8 @ 120kg

    Tricep pushdown 4x8 @ 53kg

    One arm DB rows 3x12 @ 20kg

    Facepulls 4x20 @ 35kg


  • Gymmed last Friday but never wrote it up


    Worked up to 160kg x 3. Was thinking 150kg but that was too easy. 120kg 3x3 for backdowns.

    4x8 lat pulldowns

    3x10 RDLs

    3x12 leg extensions

    3x15 weighted 45 degree back raises


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  • Gymmed tonight. Can't make Wednesday so 2 day split this week


    127.5kg for a single @ 7 and backdowns at 115kg for 3x3. Last rep before 127.5 was 120kg which felt crap. Feedback was i was being lazy with my lats and the 127 moved faster.


    80kg for a triple @ 7 aand backdowns at 67.5kg for 2x5. Grand. Bench feeling great.

    Belt squat 4x8 @ 120kg

    Incline bench 4x8 @ 40/45/45/45kg supersetted with the belt squat because of time.

    Ran out of time for weighted planks

  • Gymmed last night


    Worked up to 90kg single. Target was 7 and I had 85kg in mind but that moved far too smoothly. 3x3 at 80kg for backdowns. Bench flying along.


    Worked up to 155kg for a triple. First rep had bad bar drift and was grindy but rest flew up. Video showed my start position is different on 1st reps; shins more vertical than after i lowered it. Adjusted that for a backdown of 5x130 and way more consistent.

    Got to the gym late so above is all I had time for. Next few weeks are hectic so no idea how much o can train.

  • Gymmed last night


    4 @ 80kg and 3x4 @ 70kg. Was all easy. Lots of room in the tank after the 80kg

    Belt squat: 3x10 @ 125kg

    Facepull: 3x20 @ something

    All above was ad hoc. Coaching on hold until life calms down. Back was tired after a weekend of gardening, painting and other stuff, so opted for back friendly stuff

  • I was always bad for my first rep looking different to subsequent reps on DL so I had to go through a long spell of almost slowing the lowering of the bar so that I was reversing the movement and not just flopping back down. Definitely helped

  • Squat:

    120kg x 1 and 3x3 @ 120kg. Single was to be an 8 and i was delighted with how it moved considering i hadn't anything on my back in 2 weeks.

    Incline bench 50kg 4x8

    Cable row 4x8

    Step ups 4x10

    Weighted planks 4x20secs

    My incline bench sucks as usual but first time doing weighted planks. They nearly killed me.

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  • Gymmed last night


    Worked up to 85kg for a single, then 3x3 @ 67.5kg. 85kg was faster than I thought it would be, considering I hadn't benched in two weeks. Can't complain. And the 67.5s were piss easy.

    4x10 belt squat @ 125kg

    3x10 pushups

    3x15 lat pulldowns @ something

    4x20 facepulls @ something

    Just glad to be back at it after some crazy busy weeks

  • Deadlift:

    Worked up to 160kg x 1 and 3x3 @ 130kg. Single moved slowly and hips went up slightly before bar, but back stayed neutral at least.

    Barbell rows 4x8 @ 60kg

    RDL 3x10 @ 80kg

    Single leg RDL 3x15 @ 10kg

    KB swings 3x15 @ 10kg

    First time doing single leg RDLs and i was crap at them. Really hot the sides of my hips though

  • 4 sessions in a week? What?

    DB shoulder press: 5x5 @ 20kg

    Pushups: 4x8

    DB curls: 4 sets with 7.5kg @ 20/20/18

    Leg extensions: 3x8 @ something

    RDL slides: 3x15 but this didn't happen

    Chest supported rear flyes: 3x15 @ 7.5kg

    Gave up on the RDL slides because they just felt like absolute crap. Rest was grand. All done in less than an hour

  • Gym was insane on Monday so skipped and came back last night instead

    Pause squat:

    Worked up to a single @ 135kg and then 3x3 @ 110kg. The 135 might be a PR. I have an old video of myself tripling 137.5kg on uncalibrated plates, which could be closer to 130kg. But I'm delighted as my pause squat has traditionally been weak compared to comp squat, so it's a bigger form PR

    Floor press 4x8 @ 50kg

    One arm row 4x8 @ 25kg

    Step ups 4x6 @ 16kg

    Cable crunches 4x20 @ something


  • Gymmed last night

    Board press:

    Worked up to 100kg x 1 @ 8, then 3x3 @ 80kg. It moved slowly, but I possibly expended too much energy unracking it. Should have asked for a handout.

    SSB 4x8 @ 85kg

    Neutral grip DB press 3x10 @ 22.5kg

    Lat pulldown 3x15 @ something

    Upright row 4x20 @ something

    Grand session

  • Gymmed today

    Boris deadlift:

    Worked up to 160kg x 1. Tried 170kg, but it was a grinder and I knew if i dropped at the knees, it wasn't coming back up, so just locked it out. Annoying but what can you do.

    Barbell row 4x8 @ 50kg

    RDL 3x10 @ 80kg

    Single leg RDLs 3x15 @ 16kg

    Kettle bell swings 3x15 @ 16kg

    Mixed bag. Overdid on main lifts but took it too easy on accessories

  • Gymmed tonight


    Worked up to a triple @ 130kg and 3x3 @ 110kg. Think I nailed the RPE of the top set. Squat moving in the right direction.

    Neutral grip DB press 4x8 @ 25kg

    Meadows row 4x8 @ 20kg

    Lunges 3x10 @ 20kg

    Mountain climbers 3x20

    Two new exercises in meadows rows and mountain climbers. Happy.

  • Gymmed tonight


    Worked up to 90kg x 3. Was supposed to be an 8 but was 9.5. Not sure what happened. Using a dodgy bench probably didn't help. 3x3 at 75kg to finish.

    Pause squat 4x6 @ 85kg

    Incline bench 3x10 @ 40kg

    Tricep pushdown 3x12 @ something

    Upright row 4x20 @ something

    Annoyed with the bench overshoot, but happy otherwise.

  • Gymmed today. It's cold and i had too much wine last night


    Worked up to 162.5kg x 3. Was supposed to be an 8 but this was a massive undershoot. Flew up, but I started to get headaches and light headedness after every set, so called it. 3x3 @ 140kg for backdowns

    4x8 chest supported rows with 15kg DBs

    3x10 RDLs with 80kg

    Skipped the single leg RDLs and hyperextension because I just felt unwell and didn't want to faint.

    Happy with main lift but bit of a wasted opportunity

  • Bench is returning to old form fairly quick!

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