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    Still laughing about pretty much walking past you yesterday.....its funny how our brains are locked into the fellow runners wearing running gear and just gets confused when in Civvies!!

    A Pool win on the way later hopefully.

    Yeah I'd probably have been the same if the roles were reversed....many's a time I've got a shout out in a race and not had a clue who it was :pac:

    As for the Reds....unbelievably frustrating to watch these days, hard to believe they won the league just 7 months ago!
    Murph_D wrote: »
    Every time I run in Castleknock I get lost. Those places you mention all sound familiar but in a very vague, unconnected kind of way.

    Not a bad run in Waterstown at all - anything under 25 mins on that course is a decent workout. Good man.

    :pac: You're not the first to get lost out that direction, and you won't be the last. I think especially if you're off the DCM course, a lot of the roads kind of blend into each other, particularly for non-natives/non-residents.

    As for Waterstown, I'm happy with that looking back. I wasn't aiming for a time at all, but I got a couple of nice pickups when not climbing hills or negotiating human/animal traffic.
    Interestingly enough, this (not)parkrun registered on Porterstown for me, as that's my home PR. Faster than anyone in either (not)parkrun last week - the speedy lads and lassies tend not to bother :D
    diego_b wrote: »
    I hadn't clocked you did a double yesterday till reading your log now. Fairplay and thanks for supporting the run!

    No hassle D, glad to help out :) Nice to see you're working your way back to fitness and form. Keep it up.

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    Mon 18/1 - Rest

    Tue 19/1 - 4.64 miles @8:27/mi

    Out before work in spite of it being dark, wet and windy outside. Slight change from the "usual" D15 loops. I went straight up through Coolmine and across in the direction of Ongar, turning down to the Clonsilla Lidl and back through Clonsilla village. Kind of annoyed I didn't take a photo on Dr Troy Bridge - by then the morning sun really did lift the spirits.

    Wed 20/1 - 4.13 miles @8:21/mi

    I had planned a longer run today, but this morning I felt absolutely wretched, due to lack of sleep - as if I'd drank two bottles of wine and "several" bottles of beer, but without any actual alcohol consumption. Plan B was a slight variation on an old route - passing the Woodview shops heading east, and back through Roselawn and Laurel Lodge. Better than nothing.

    Thu 21/1 - 6.93 miles @7:58/mi

    This was supposed to be an attempt at the January one hour challenge. You don't need to be a maths whiz to tell from the above that I wasn't even close.
    Originally I was going to include the D15 "fish loop" in my route, but on the day I changed my mind. I reckoned four times around the Carpenterstown loop (something I've never done before) would be a better fit. What was that about not trying something new in a big race ? :pac: It seemed slowish, but it wasn't - although I had to dodge people every now and then, I wasn't stopped at traffic junctions too often. Also, no hills.
    Hence, I got into a steady enough rhythm, which was kind of nice, but way too quick for this exercise (55:10 ). Sunday morning with the lads pace in fact. Just shows how long it is since I've actually done that. Like I say, and as ReeReeG pointed out on Strava, the mile splits were far more consistent than usual ( 7:58 / 7:57 / 7:51 / 7:57 /8:07 /7:55 /7:57 ) Hardly Scullionesque, but even so :pac: I might give it another crack next week, with my legs tied together :D

    Fri 22/1 - Rest

    Sat 23/1 - 7.66 miles @8:52/mi

    The captain had sent around the details of a hill session in Porterstown, so I decided I'd give it a try. I hadn't done one of these in a very long time - summer/autumn 2019 I think (Furry Glen). Hence, pacing them could turn out to be tricky. The first set was (10 x 200 on/200 off) - on the grass beside the hedges. The grass was slippy enough in parts too, with a kick up at the end. It seems I was roughly in the 50-55s range for these. Happy with that.

    I then took about 2 minutes recovery before the second part of the session. This was six long hills (330-350m approx) with the recovery jogging back down. Nothing like Inishbofin in terms of difficulty, or even West County, (about 20 ft elevation gain) but I was pleased with 80-90s on these. Tired at the end of them, although an easy 1.5 mile cooldown helped afterwards.

    Sun 24/1 - No running

    I was hoping to get an early start for an LSR, but the dusting of snow put paid to that plan. I've provisionally changed that plan to tomorrow AM.


    I'm thinking about giving the virtual Raheny 5 a shot next Sunday. Possibly at 3 PM for added authenticity, on the old course as I don't know where the turnaround point is on the St Anne's Park main avenue. I note that although bobble hats and plaques are available to purchase, the famous goodie bags are not :pac:
    A little bit further ahead in time (March), our own MSB 5k has gone virtual this year. Hence, I'm unable to offer my pacing skills (I was to be 25 min pacer in 2020). Hope a few of you can sign up and give it a go. This year the club has added a charity fundraising element, with Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, being the beneficiaries. Thanks for reading. J.

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    A running week of two halves, you might say....

    Mon 25/1 - Wed 27/1 - Nothing

    Monday was a rest day anyway, but Tuesday and Wednesday I just didn't have the motivation to get out. Bleedin sick of this now, I really am.

    Thu 28/1 - 7.04 miles @8:35/mi

    After last week's ridiculously bad attempt at the one hour challenge, today it was time for a rematch. Same course, same distance, although this time I decided I'd get it done before work. This called for what I thought was slow pace. Consistent if nothing else, with 3 and 4 being practically identical. I knew I was a lot closer than last week, and had I not eased down in the last stretch (thinking I was ahead) I'd have been a lot less than 24 seconds out (1:00:24). Mildly amused to discover that my birthday buddy Murph_D had submitted the same time, although he later went back out and improved on it. So much so that doubts were cast on the veracity of both his time and mine!
    Elsewhere, I got home from my first visit to the office in over five months, to discover that I passed my Irish course, just missing out on my third Distinction. Later still, the Reds put Spurs to the sword, to hopefully reignite their title defence (this was written before the West Ham game). A good day's work, with a few beers to finish off :D

    Fri 29/1 - 4.76 miles @8:48/mi

    Back to more run of the mill stuff, on a loop through Laurel Lodge and Roselawn, back via Coolmine and Porterstown bridge. Surprised that nobody spotted the Bottom reference on Strava. Surely I'm not the only one here to have recognised the comic talents of Ade Edmondson and the late Rik Mayall :confused:

    Sat 30/1 - 2.87 miles @9:14/mi

    I skipped the prescribed club session, instead tipping around to Tír na nÓg on a brutal, dark, and extremely wet morning, straight into the gale on the long side of the triangle. Quite a few lakes around the half mile stretch too. This all meant that the only people I encountered in the course of five laps, were two walkers, and the park ranger collecting the rubbish. I still managed another dog encounter, as one of the two I met ran towards and after me. The owner was grand though. I stopped so the dog might settle, but when she wouldn't even go to him, he went off in a different direction. When I saw them again shortly afterwards, he'd managed to get her on the lead :D Five sets of strides to get the legs turning over quicker in advance of the next task.

    Sun 31/1 - Virtual Raheny 5 Mile

    I'd spent a lot of time deliberating about whether to run this in Raheny (for extra authenticity) or just go to the Phoenix Park and run 5 miles there. In the end, I'm pleased to say I went with the former, although I had to abandon my planned 3 PM start time (so not *that* authentic), as the car wasn't available.

    I parked near the start/finish, in conditions which were again dark and wet, but not near as bad as yesterday. A spin around the 1 mile Wade's Avenue loop, with a bit added on before and after, had me feeling better prepared. To be honest, I didn't think too much about targets, although I thought that beating my 37:08 virtual 5 mile from nearly six months ago (in the PP) might be nice.


    I decided to run around the old course, which I ran "live" from 2013-2015 inclusive. It felt strange heading out from at or near the start with nobody around, but here we are. I'd a bit more pace in me than I thought in the early stages, round the first couple of corners with St Anne's Park on the right, and then left towards Raheny village. Couple of little drags up here, and left onto the Howth Road. 6:58.


    I used to dread the long Howth Road section, but running on the paths meant that I had a lot of tree cover to reduce the impact of the breeze on this occasion. Oddly enough, it didn't feel so long this morning, although the respite on turning downhill onto Sybil Hill Road was still warmly welcomed. I had to slow down a few times due to walkers around the main park entrance. 7:00.


    Cards on the table time. I know that this morning I'm running at a pace which I'm not going to be able to sustain for another three miles. It's not that often I recognise these things, let alone do anything about them, but it worked out this time. Certainly the drag back up towards the Clontarf GAA dressing rooms at the bend towards Dollymount felt a lot better as a result. 7:20.


    Past the entrance near the Red Stables and downhill to the seafront. I'd read some accounts on Strava from people who'd really struggled along here yesterday. Thankfully, today the breeze was in my favour, as I headed alongside the southeastern corner of St Anne's, with the sea on my right. Left at the lights and the "Easter Island" sculpture, starting up another hill I used to dread. 7:18.


    Continuing up the hill, I'm still fairly in control, as the hardest thing I've to do along here is negotiate several walkers shortly before the turn back onto All Saints Road. Only a few more minutes. Check the Strava and I'm not doing too bad. Give it a little bit more along here. Back to the little park, right (on the paths this time :D) right and right for the last time, into the start/finish straight. I'm not tempted to try a sprint finish :) About 50 yards ahead of me, a couple cross the "finish line" with someone else recording them. No celebrations from me today - few seconds stop to get my breath, quick well dones and back to the car :pac: 7:15 for the last mile.

    35:52 is actually faster than any of my three efforts on the original? course fadó fadó (best was 36:06 in 2013). Not that I was thinking of that at all as I made my way around. I was more mindful that I'd made a total fubar of my last 5 mile "race", which ended with a last mile of 8:12, so this one was a much more controlled effort. I got home and celebrated with a Raheny esque goodie bag once I'd showered. Nice to be able to do it :pac:

    February should hopefully mean being a bit fitter, with some more interval sessions under my belt, as well as the 10k challenge, which will probably be a lot closer to the end of the month than the beginning. Thanks for reading. J.

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    Well done J, I always found the old course harder with that hill up from the seafront.

    The sculpture is the Tree of Life, by the way. Easter Island is at Vernon Avenue. ;)


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    Ahh, I was having pangs for the Raheny 5 mile this weekend (and not just for the goodie bag, though that definitely played a part :D). Great to see you give this a go, and nicely done too.
    I'm slowing getting caught back up here - looks like you've been running well!

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    Murph_D wrote: »
    Well done J, I always found the old course harder with that hill up from the seafront.

    The sculpture is the Tree of Life, by the way. Easter Island is at Vernon Avenue. ;)


    Thanks D, I'd say generally that's true. My own recollections of racing the old course are that it was harder than the current version.
    Good to know re: the Tree of Life - there's something similar out this direction, in Millennium Park. Love the Easter Island one - I haven't been down that end of Vernon Avenue in a very long time.
    eyrie wrote: »
    Ahh, I was having pangs for the Raheny 5 mile this weekend (and not just for the goodie bag, though that definitely played a part :D). Great to see you give this a go, and nicely done too.
    I'm slowing getting caught back up here - looks like you've been running well!

    Thanks C, same here, I wasn't going to enter, but FOMO kicked in :D also any excuse to pile into more treats :pac:

    Yes, one of my better "sessions" in recent times. Hard to believe I did it quicker than the three times I raced it, admittedly quite a few years ago. Fitness is coming back, certainly my running feels more comfortable when I do get out.
    Looking forward to you dusting off the cobwebs on your log :)

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    Mon 1/2 - Rest

    Tue 2/2 - 6.41 miles @8:51/mi

    On Groundhog Day, I decided to pick one of the most boring local routes I know, if not the most commonly used - Carpenterstown loops would have been a bit much today. Hence, I ran out through Clonsilla to Ongar, and back along nearly two miles of virtually dead straight road to the Power City roundabout. At least the sun was up by then.

    Wed 3/2 - 4.81 miles @8:32/mi

    Slightly later start today, on a sunnier day than yesterday. A run of the mill spin was brightened up further for a few minutes, as I caught up to a clubmate and we ran together for a bit. It's very seldom I run with anyone these days, even randomly, and I hadn't actually spoken to her in over a year, so it was nice to catch up.

    Thu 4/2 - 4.84 miles @8:33/mi

    A reverse (clockwise) direction run around one of my regular loops. Unusually (at least as far as the last 11 months go) I ran after work. The days are long enough now that there was still some light as I set off. It got dark soon enough though. On Roselawn Road (between Tesco and Castleknock train station) I saw a lad up ahead doing this mad looking power walk, with the widest swinging arms I ever did see. I gave him a very wide berth (actually went onto the road!) just to be sure I didn't catch a stray swinging arm :rolleyes:
    The rest of the run was an uneventful trundle home, through the deepening darkness descending on D15.

    Fri 5/2 - Rest

    Sat 6/2 - 8.52 miles @9:28/mi

    Drinking and playing "Pandemic Poker" till after 1 AM wasn't really textbook preparation for the club session, but you know....YOLO :pac: Nice to do something else!

    After a 2 mile or so warmup followed by stretches and strides, I was "ready" for the first part. This was six of the "long hills" from the session of a couple of weeks ago, with recovery being the jog back down - although I waited a few more seconds on some of these, to reduce the possibility of running into people and/or dogs. As far as I was concerned, the main thing was just to get these done at some kind of consistent pace. Certainly none of the CSH gang running in Porterstown would have been quaking in their boots watching me :D
    The recovery before the second part of the session was stated as 5 minutes - I shuffled around the western half of the parkrun lap for this. Nice to catch up with John Todd along the way. Quick breather back at the parkrun start line, and then it was time for 3 x 1k (400m rec). Bit of dodging around at times, but again, I tried to keep it at some kind of consistent pace overall. There were three clubmates doing the session, who had started after me. As I was coming around to the last hill to finish off, they had about a fifteen second head start on me, on the last of their six hills above. Normally, I'd expect to make up a fair bit of ground on all of them. But although I was catching M, K and J were leaving me for dust, especially on the last drag between the MSB cabins and the parkrun start. Serves me right for drinking wha' :pac: Anyhow, glad I made the effort to get out and do it. It would have been easy enough not to.

    Sun 7/2 - 11.80 miles @8:33/mi

    An alcohol free Saturday night left me in better shape for this morning's run, although sleep wasn't great. Nice to chat to Kenny as I was warming up at Castleknock Gate - another clubmate who I hadn't seen or spoken to in quite some time. I opened up with "Eugene's Lap" - windy and cold two miles plus downhill to Wellington Road, and back towards Áras an Uachtaráin via the Khyber. Wind behind me as I turned back to Castleknock Gate. Turned around at the Slí na Sláinte pole, and off again for an anticlockwise lap of the Park. Passed my predecessor as club captain for the second time, near Knockmaroon Gate - unusual for the wind to be behind me here. The S bends were particularly tough going - uphill into the wind, with a few hailstones tossed into the mix. On the flipside, Military Hill brought about a bit of relief before the last climb of the day, back up Wellington Road. Unless you count the short drag from People's Park to the zoo/Garda HQ (sorry AMK, that's not a hill :D) I upped the pace near the end, taking advantage of a rare instance of the wind being behind me heading up the North Road. Great to see so many runners out, and also the weather seemed to have deterred some of the usual gaggle of famblies and coffee tourists flooding the place in recent months.
    36.3 miles for the week, my highest of 2021. With snow forecast for next week (Tuesday?) it's unlikely that I'll be running much if that comes to pass. The February challenge will probably have to wait so :) Thanks for reading. J.

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    Pandemic poker? explain!?

    Some great running going on in here J, nice work.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,138 ✭✭✭ AuldManKing

    Unless you count the short drag from People's Park to the zoo/Garda HQ (sorry AMK, that's not a hill :D)

    Talk to me after a 15min threshold run, doing 5 of them at a fast pace!! :D

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    Pandemic poker? explain!?

    Some great running going on in here J, nice work.

    Thanks AM, slowly but surely getting the fitness back. Possibly I'm not quite as far off as I think. We shall (eventually) see.

    Re: Pandemic Poker. Myself and a few workmates would regularly play poker in each other's houses, about five or six times a year. Since lockdown, we haven't been able to play "live", as it were, so what we have now is a workaround of sorts. Basically, we use the PokerStars software and chat online via MS Teams. "Pandemic Poker" is purely a moniker I gave the setup. Like I say, can't beat the real live stuff, but it's the best we can do at this time.
    Talk to me after a 15min threshold run, doing 5 of them at a fast pace!! :D

    Ha yeah to be fair it reads a lot worse when taken out of context (*relevant bit of AMK's log follows*). No doubt I would also find it very "hill-like" at the end of a 15 min threshold run. The fans might be waiting a while for me to actually attempt the session below however :D

    " In line with my "kinda Plan" - today was Short tempo day - so I was doing a 15min TH run - with some hill reps at the end.

    I had figured somewhere from 5.50-5.55 would do for TH pace and also knew that as the time went on - it would become a harder effort than TH as my HR would be close to max - but that was ok as part of this is also to learn how to hurt again on the longer sessions.

    Started off with a 2m run down to the PP - wearing the Endorphin Speeds in the rain - just to re-test them out - not too bad on the warm up.

    6x20sec strides informed me that this TH would be hard as my body was resisting the faster pace.

    Set off on my usual down the North Road route, I had planned on using the hill either in the Peoples park or By Garda HQ for the reps.

    Mile 1 felt tough but I was surprised to be holding 5.50's pace - breathing felt ok too - so kept that going.
    Mile 2 was getting tough as I went around the triangle - plenty of people about to dodge - at one stage pace crept to 6.10 pce - so I fought to bring it back down.
    I noticed that the Endorphins are fine for cornering, but while running in a straight line on a damp road - I can feel the midfoot move slightly.

    Mile 2 beeped at 5.53 and I knew there was the bones of 3 mins left - at this stage, the legs were screaming at me - the pilates yesterday taking its toll and the faster pace at a longer effort was telling.
    But this is why I was doing it - to help find the 'Hurt' again.

    By the end - it did feel like the end of a 5k race - minus the crowds, finish line, handshakes, clock, foot in the center............but you get my meaning.
    The last 2 mins or so were hard - but finished just shy of Garda HQ - averaged 5.53'ish for the 15 mins.

    Took a 2-3 min recovery and started the hill reps - the Gate was closed in the Peoples Park - so set off from the Gate and went upto Garda HQ.
    Never knew that the hill was so steep as I'm normally coming the other way at the end of a Tempo - no wonder the tempos felt so easy "

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    Mon 8/2 - Rest

    Tue 9/2 - 5.54 miles @8:45/mi

    The blizzards didn't land in D15, but there was enough cover to deter me from a morning or afternoon stint. I still had enough light after work to get a lap of Porterstown Park in, before crossing the bridge and coming back through Coolmine, diverting to M50 Park for one lap near the end.

    Wed 10/2 - 4.78 miles @8:37/mi

    Another snowy sprinkle overnight, but thankfully it was short lived. I wasn't really in the humour by the time I'd finished work, but got one of the standard loops done anyway.

    Thu 11/2 - 6.31 miles @8:35/mi

    Out after work for the third night in a row. Started off with a very regular two mile spin to the end of Laurel Lodge, but then I headed for Castleknock to run a rare loop of sorts, via Auburn Avenue, the tennis club, and Beechpark Avenue. Longer than I thought, and very windy. I might also mention how quiet it was on occasion along Castleknock Road - normally quite busy at 6:15, but now sometimes spookily quiet.

    Fri 12/2 - 4.02 miles @8:36/mi

    With clear paths and improved energy levels, I finally got back to running early again. Up to Porterstown for a few easyish laps. As I was approaching the house, I realised I hadn't quite covered 4 miles, so I ran a few yards past and then turned back. I'd passed a neighbour walking her dog just before I did this. She's a runner herself, so she knows about runner's OCD :pac: Most other people would have thought I was nuts :D

    Sat 13/2 - 11.80 miles @8:26/mi

    I decided to bring my LR forward a day, which meant no club session or February challenge attempt this weekend. Wife dropped me to Castleknock Gate, the same place where I started last week's LR, but the route would be a bit different. This time I started with an anticlockwise lap of the park, which I completed over a minute and a half quicker than last week, overall feeling fairly comfortable in doing so. However, last Sunday I had an extra 5 miles in the bag before I started the lap. Very windy again on the hilly side, which meant that coming out of the Furry Glen, the S bends, and Wellington Road were the hard bits. On completing the loop, I turned left down Chesterfield and back into the gale, to run the Tom Brennan triangle (felt like the wind was turned off on the Furze) before leaving PP via Castleknock Gate.
    Once I got through Castleknock village, I eased off the gas, while there were also a few stoppages due to traffic junctions and walkers. Up to Blanchardstown village for a change, and home from there via Roselawn and Coolmine.
    I wasn't sure of the distance, which made it all the more surprising when I found that I'd run the same distance as last Sunday, albeit a little bit quicker. Overall I didn't feel like I was working as hard as I was that day, which might be a positive in relation to fitness.

    Sun 14/2 - Rest

    Onwards to week 3 of February. I have a hill picked out, but not sure yet when I'll get to taking this one on. Thanks for reading. J.

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    Mon 15/2 - Rest

    Tue 16/2 - 4.00 miles @8:25/mi

    Lovely sunny morning for this. Not as energetic as I thought I'd feel after two days off, into the wind through to Clonsilla Lidl, and back via Ongar Road and Porterstown bridge.

    Wed 17/2 - 7.58 miles @8:22/mi

    Lunchtime outing this time. I decided to run the fish loop again. Eastbound from Power City, over the N3 and uphill past the NSC. Wind was behind me here - it certainly helped on the hill. I knew, however, that the real running would start after I'd completed the Ballycoolin Road "tail" and turned left into the gale. Three miles of that, including a tricky drag from the other N3 bridge up to the Blanchardstown Centre, knocked the stuffing out of me a bit. Just glad to be finished in the end.

    Thu 18/2 - 6.26 miles @8:34/mi

    A post work run, past Castleknock College, and into the Phoenix Park at White's Gate. Fine up to there, and until I left the Park at Castleknock Gate, with just over 3 miles completed. The rest of it was a real slog, a lot of it uphill or into the wind. Also, walkers, walkers everywhere. I remember thinking of my speed sessions in Laurel Lodge in early 2019, while training for the Connemara HM Great Ireland Run. Way more people out walking now. Can't say I blame them, probably bored to tears stuck looking at the same four walls week after week month after month. Don't know how many Sopranos fans are reading this, but there's an episode where Junior goes to five different funerals in roughly two weeks, however tenuous his connection to the deceased, just to get some respite from his house arrest. I'd say a lot of people are going stir crazy like that these days.

    Fri 19/2 - Rest

    Sat 20/2 - 3.65 miles @9:00/mi

    This was an attempt at the club session, with the upcoming MSB Virtual 5k now just 3-4 weeks away. Slow enough 1.75 mile warmup in Porterstown, with some stretches and strides before the first part - 6 x short (200m) hills. I'd no grip at all on the grass, slipping and sliding my way through each rep. No point even looking at my times, let alone putting them on display here. 3 mins off at the end of that, before Part 2. This was either 10 x (400m @5k pace/90s rec) or 10 x [email protected] pace/90s jog recoveries.
    I tried this as 400s on the grass track initially, but I was finding it really difficult to gain any traction, so switched to the paths. First 90s rep not too bad, but the second one a loose dog ran right in front of me near the end. I'd been carrying my right leg a bit, and early in the third rep I could feel my hamstring getting tighter, so I decided to pull the plug. Hopefully no long term damage done, although that's the third or fourth time in the last 6-9 months that I've had issues with the same aul hammer. More time off so.

    Don't know if I'll get to try the February Challenge, with just a week remaining, but we live in hope. Thanks for reading. J.

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    Sun 21/2 - Thu 25/2 - No running

    A combination of giving my leg time to heal, and having little motivation to get out running anyway.
    I hadn't mentioned it here, but towards the end of last year, I was asked back to help out with the hurlers again. Unfortunately, it seems like the return of "Stat Attack" is "several" months away yet. On Monday night, we had a Zoom call which included most of the management and 15-20 players. Nice to catch up for a while, as I hadn't seen most of them in over two years, and in the case of the youngest players, never before! Something else I really miss.

    Fri 26/2 - 3.04 miles @9:02/mi

    Back into it, for a nice easy pace shuffle around Tír na nÓg, with some strides thrown in. I took a slight detour on the way home, to ensure I was just over rather than just under the three miles.

    Sat 27/2 - Porterstown (not)parkrun

    Big dinner and drinks, and a lateish poker night, wasn't great prep for any serious attempt at a fast time. Even so, after a 1.5 mile warmup and stretches, I set off at around 21 min 5k pace. I ran the Porterstown parkrun on my birthday in 2016, in 21:22, a course PB at the time. I felt the hamstring getting tight at the car park, so I scrubbed that one and walked back to the start, for a slower paced attempt. Fairly comfortable at just over 8 min/mi pace for the second attempt, although the number of walkers and dogs had significantly increased - serious amounts of bobbing and weaving going on. Anyway, I reached the car park on the last lap, and just as I turned - POP! B'stard! I felt that!

    The rest of it was a half run half walk around to the parkrun finish (26:01). Painful, but at least I didn't have to go up any hills. For a minute I was thinking of ringing my wife to come and get me. Thankfully that course of action wasn't required :) Few moments to settle down, and then a slow walk back through the estates. Not the perfect way to start my birthday, but there will still be more eating and drinking later to mark the occasion :D

    So no February challenge for me. Hope nobody's too upset over that one. I'm hoping I'll have recovered sufficiently to run the MSB virtual 5k (March 13-21) at faster than what TbL would call NHS pace. Hard to know at this stage. In the meantime, I might put the log into cold storage, as walks aren't really worth reporting on here, to be fair. Right, where's the birthday beers ? :pac: Thanks for reading. J.

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    Ah crap :( Well you were right to take it easier anyway (ignore my strava comment about the February challenge, sorry! :o). Hopefully a bit of rest sorts it out soon enough. Hope you can put it out of your head for the rest of the day and enjoy the festivities anyway (I'm sure a good beer or two could help with that...)

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    You're grand C, no hassle :D I laughed when I saw that, you were of course factually correct in your statement. Great to see you back in Stravaland :)
    Yes, more beer and another Zoom call (parkrun this time) on the menu tonight :pac:

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,598 ✭✭✭ Wubble Wubble

    Happy Easter everyone ! Time to dust the cobwebs off this log, before I tuck into some (more) chocolate :D

    Sad to say, very little running to report since the last update, some 36 days ago, which I think is the longest it's been dormant. I only ran on three days in March, for less than ten miles in total. Even an easy to medium effort run was enough to trigger a recurrence of my hamstring injury (March 19), which meant that my MSB 5k was a walk of six laps around Tír na nÓg. No running since.

    With this extended period of inactivity gnawing at me, I dug the yoga mat out of the attic wardrobe, and decided to take on the Yoga With Adriene - Breath 30 day block. A few from here and elsewhere have gone through the YWA practices, so I thought it would be safe enough for my creaky bones. Overall, grand for the most part, and I'm delighted to say I completed the full 30 days without a break or a miss. I'll be starting another fairly soon - probably tomorrow (Easter Monday). That said, I still can't do a crow pose, and I won't be wearing a "Supple" t-shirt any time soon :pac:

    Not sure yet when I'll throw on the runners again, especially with the return of races not really seeming to be any closer. Wifey got her first vaccine dose two weeks ago, so that's a positive as life goes. Otherwise, SFA has changed for me, with "Pandemic Poker" nights still being the nearest thing I have to a social life. Spare me with this "just a few more weeks" guff, after over a year it's worn very thin. Bleedin sick of it. I could go on (and on) but I'm not in the mood to go down that rabbit hole here - as seen elsewhere in A/R, it all seems to end up in circular arguments regardless of how (in)valid the points being made may be. Coincidentally, we're watching a lot more of "A Place In The Sun" these days :) oh to be back in Florida....or Portugal....or even Inishbofin ! Thanks for reading. J.

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Entertainment Moderators, Science, Health & Environment Moderators, Regional East Moderators Posts: 17,801 CMod ✭✭✭✭ The Black Oil

    Know what you mean about the public messages. Got vaccinated this morning there was an ad on the radio when I was driving home. Would be good to be in the West with today's weather. :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,598 ✭✭✭ Wubble Wubble

    All right. After 32 days away from running, I have started along my latest comeback trail. Very tentatively, may I say. Keeping the yoga going has helped greatly in the meantime. I started the YWA "Home" 30 day series on Easter Monday, as flagged above, and have covered all the practices up to and including Day 21 thereof. Getting more comfortable with most of that, but crow poses are still a no-no, as I'd rather not risk going face first into the floor.

    Tue 20/4 - 4.20 miles @8:57/mi

    Back feeling secure enough to drive to PP after work, and run there for the first time in two months. Hard to believe given I run there probably more than anywhere else in summertime when I'm fit. Kept it fairly steady from the Papal Cross up Chesterfield and around the 5k loop used by numerous races (OS Road/Knockmaroon Gate/Furry Glen/Furze Road) and back in. Only problem at the end of it was a nasty looking blood blister. Vaseline on the feet before leaving tomorrow!

    Wed 21/4 - 4.49 miles @8:13/mi

    "...just floatin' around accidental-like on a breeze..."

    I wasn't in the mood for looping around Carpenterstown or Porterstown Park after work, so I shuffled over the canal and railway line and up to Millennium Park instead. Busy enough overall, as I trundled around my lap. Passed two teenagers near the car park, to hear the oh so original "Run Forrest Run". I was so tempted to say something back, but I didn't. It worries me greatly that the next generation is going to be dominated by overweight gamers, rather than young people keeping themselves healthy and active. No other human interaction after that.

    Fri 23/4 - 5.27 miles @8:43/mi

    Family stuff on the cards later, so a very early yoga practice was followed half an hour later by a not quite so early run. Once around the Carpo loop, then into Porterstown for a parkrun lap, and then a return to the Doyle Cup course. Stunning morning for it, bright sunshine and getting warmer after a cold start.

    Sun 25/4 - 8.09 miles @8:55/mi

    Today was just about running longer without having to walk home. Wifey dropped me to the little Castleknock roundabout, and from there I ventured past Ashtown Gate, turning right at the Hole In The Wall. Walking and talking with a GAA clubmate (and fellow marathoner) between there and the Áras. Down the Khyber (no sign of any stones!) before going up Military Road and across to the Furry Glen. Not exactly inconspicuous, mind, with the shades and the big hair :pac:
    Tiring after coming back out of there, so I turned down the power on the trails to Castleknock Gate, and home via Laurel Lodge. No injury recurrence, thankfully. Hopefully a five day week next week, as April turns to May, and I plan to keep the yoga going alongside. Thanks for reading! J.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,670 ✭✭✭ Annie get your Run

    Welcome back!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,070 ✭✭✭ Baby75

    ouch! to the blister I watched a great video on youtube on how to prevent and manage blisters I had been getting one under my toe might help

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,964 ✭✭✭ aquinn

    Baby75 wrote: »
    ouch! to the blister I watched a great video on youtube on how to prevent and manage blisters I had been getting one under my toe might help

    I was getting a blister under big toe last week. Fixed in two nights with Sudocrem. That stuff is magic.

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Entertainment Moderators, Science, Health & Environment Moderators, Regional East Moderators Posts: 17,801 CMod ✭✭✭✭ The Black Oil

    In the scouts we were taught the needle and thread method for blisters...memories.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,964 ✭✭✭ aquinn

    In the scouts we were taught the needle and thread method for blisters...memories.

    Am a big fan of that method but just don't knot the thread. Need a nice, juicy blister for this method.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,598 ✭✭✭ Wubble Wubble

    Thanks for all the (anti)blistering advice guys :) I haven't had anything like that since, thankfully. The one I mentioned, I opened it up two days later, and drained it while slipping some disinfectant in. So now you know :D

    I have two practices left in the Home YWA series. I am intending to start another on Wednesday, but it probably won't be daily once the mileage ramps up. Fingers crossed on that one !

    As for the running, not too bad, improvement this week for sure.

    Wed 28/4- 3.61 miles @8:23/mi

    Out at 6:30 AM for my first run of the week, with the DCM 2016 finisher top on display. Down to M50 Park for a few loops. In total, each lap is a little over 550 metres, so three of them covers over a mile. Little bit of progression in there, with a 15 second differential between my fastest and slowest 0.22 mile segments. One other runner at this hour - a girl running with her dog. Six laps in the early morning sunshine before heading back to base.

    Thu 29/4 - 4.89 miles @8:21/mi

    After work this time - one of my standard winter loops (Laurel Lodge - Roselawn - Coolmine - Clonsilla roundabout - home). Fairly warm by the time I finished. The joys of having a full head of hair :pac:

    Fri 30/4 - 4.70 miles @8:40/mi

    I'd planned to take on a new venue this morning, just over 2 miles from the house. However, on arriving there just after 7:30 AM, the gates were locked. Plan B involved a short diversion from the Lidl to Ongar Road, and home from there.

    Sat 1/5 - 3.90 miles @7:48/mi

    An afternoon return to the scene of yesterday's "crime". Beech Park will be a venue for junior parkrun, whenever those events recommence. It's a fast and flat circuit of 0.55 miles, shaped like a pram with only six turns in the lap. Although the stats on Strava might suggest otherwise, this wasn't meant as a progression run at all. Still, I knocked four to five seconds off each lap time, apart from the last, where I clocked 3:55 from the previous 4:10. Plenty of activity here, but nothing that impacted on my run.

    Sun 2/5 - Virtual ARC Cancer Support Centre 10k, Phoenix Park

    I thought I was finished with virtual events, but this one popped up in the emails, so I decided just one more. To this day, ARC are the only ones who've ever phoned me to ask if I'd be taking part in their races. I've ran their 10k six times - the last being a Skyblue paced HMP effort two years ago - and also got a very rare top ten finish (6th) in the 5k in 2018.

    Normally, these races take place on the May bank holiday, but tomorrow doesn't suit. At least I tried to follow the real course as much as possible. Bit of a breeze up Chesterfield and past OSI over to Knockmaroon Gate. Not any kind of a racing effort, but it was nice to get a few shouts from among the many runners I passed along the way. Second loop was tougher going, particularly from the Glen Pond back up to the Furze Road. Not to worry - I kept a fairly close eye on the pace, just making sure I didn't blow up. 48:22 won't have anyone here worrying about me when the races come back, but today it was just about getting it done. Warmup and cooldown brought today's running to about 7.5 miles.


    The club are resuming group training in Porterstown on the 12th. Having run in a group just once in the last 14 months, this is something that should give me a nice morale boost. Hair may or may not be cut by then :D Thanks for reading! J.

  • Registered Users Posts: 946 ✭✭✭ Lambay island

    I have"ran" that Arc race a couple of times before I took up running. They provide a excellent service and good seeing money going to them. I have also been personally rang to take part :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,964 ✭✭✭ aquinn

    Thanks very much for supporting ARC. I found them a tremendous help after all treatment. I hadn't known about their event at all. They also did a lovely Yogalates on a Friday that I was starting to enjoy before the world went into shutdown.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,598 ✭✭✭ Wubble Wubble

    I have"ran" that Arc race a couple of times before I took up running. They provide a excellent service and good seeing money going to them. I have also been personally rang to take part :)

    Thanks D ! There I was thinking I was the only one they rang :pac: Very nice of them to do it.
    aquinn wrote: »
    Thanks very much for supporting ARC. I found them a tremendous help after all treatment. I hadn't known about their event at all. They also did a lovely Yogalates on a Friday that I was starting to enjoy before the world went into shutdown.

    Thanks A, and well done on your run ! Delighted that you found them helpful. I first heard of ARC when a GAA teammate was running what was the (inaugural?) ARC Men's Mini Marathon, in 2009 I think, on a different Phoenix Park course. I first ran the 10k in 2013. Yogalates....might be something to try down the line....

    Not as good a running week as last week, although at least I'm keeping the yoga going without a break - now up to Day 5 of YWA "30 Days of Yoga".

    Tue 4/5 - 4.19 miles @8:45/mi

    That 10k took more out of me than I thought, so this was a very slow trundle around D15. I missed the showers, but I did happen to pass a rude OAP as I crossed the railway line into Blanchardstown. As I approached, she put her mask on, having been happy to go without otherwise. How insulting is that ?!! :mad: I was going to say something as I passed, but she seemed like the sort who'd probably ring the guards if I did. Not the first person I've seen do that either. Do you think I'm going to cough in your face or something ? Toxic sweat is clearly still a thing according to some people out there. I was burning with anger throughout the rest of an otherwise boring plod.

    Wed 5/5 - 4.25 miles @8:55/mi

    Slowing down even more, as I made the short trip to St Catherine's Park for a midweek visit. It gets very crowded at weekends if the weather's any way nice, but this was fine in that regard. I left the woodland trail out this time, but still plenty of uphill and downhill to work through. Feeling it a bit at the finish, even at that slow pace.

    Fri 7/5 - 4.03 miles @8:37/mi

    I swapped rest days for an after work run to Porterstown Park. Nice sunny evening this time, as I shuffled around the Doyle Cup course twice. Plenty of activity, with the young MSB athletes training, as well as soccer and GAA. Good to see a few more I haven't spotted in a while.

    Sat 8/5 & Sun 9/5 - No running

    I had planned to run on both of these days, but I was feeling very sniffy for the majority of Saturday. Even though that minor issue seems to have passed, I can leave the running till tomorrow. No dramas on the mat in the meantime.

    Back to the club training on Wednesday. I haven't completed a session since early February, so whatever is in store might come as a shock to the system. Plenty of time to work my way back into it though, unless I fancy some track, or cross border, racing this summer. Thanks for reading ! J.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,598 ✭✭✭ Wubble Wubble

    Back running with people again. Hooray ! Also I'm still keeping the daily yoga going, now up to Day 12 of the current block.

    Wed 12/5 - Club session, Porterstown Park

    I'd planned a run on Tuesday, but after an extended stint in the office (very busy this week, and will be for at least another two) hunger took precedence. Hence, I was fairly fresh trotting up to the track, to meet up with numerous old faces, as well as a few new ones. After the warmup, 4 x 200m hills started the session proper. Not too bad at the end of that, but the main part sorted me out. This was 1/2/3/2/1/2/3/2/1, with matching jog recoveries. First set was reasonable enough, but I burned myself in the second 1 min pace stint, and the remainder was a battle of wills as a result. Had I not had the company on the way around, chances are I would have pulled the plug and headed home. It was my first time to complete a session since early February, so that probably had to be factored in too.

    Fri 14/5 - 4.03 miles @8:50/mi

    Life stuff had come into the equation on top of work, which meant no run on Thursday. My brain was fried by the time this evening shuffle came around. I even plotted a course without any hills - from the house through Carpenterstown, to the far end of Laurel Lodge, and back.

    Sat 15/5
    - Club session, Porterstown Park

    Back to base on a wet and windy morning. Good numbers again, in spite of the conditions and the early (8 AM) start. After warmups, time for the session (4 x 1k). I've done similar here before on my own, so I thought I'd be well able for it. First half of each rep seemed ridiculously slow, but each time on the hill to the finish I faded badly. Average time roughly 4:40 (400m jog recs). In other words, slower than my peak HMP. It could take a while yet before I'm back feeling any way competitive.

    Sun 16/5
    - 7.03 miles @8:29/mi

    Solo running again today. We drove to the Acres Road this morning, as a heavy shower came down. Dry again by the time we parked up. My wife went for a walk, while I tried to concoct a route that would take me roughly an hour to complete. Up to Castleknock Gate, trails to Knockmaroon Gate, then through the Furry Glen and around by the Wellington Monument. Instead of going up the North Road, I turned up Chesterfield and onto Lords Walk, up the side of the Polos and following the trails to the Phoenix. Clocking in at 59:45, I have to say I was pleased with my effort. Even happier when it transpired that we'd got our timings better than we thought. No sooner was I back in the car that it started to lash again. More to come next week, hopefully. Thanks for reading. J.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,598 ✭✭✭ Wubble Wubble

    Over a month injury free. Woop woop. Now at 80 yoga days in a row.

    Tue 18/5 - 4.03 miles @8:30/mi

    Back to my old more aerodynamic self, I got out for a post work spin. Turned off Ongar Road down to the Lidl in Clonsilla, and back in from there.

    Wed 19/5 - Club session, Porterstown Park

    Bit different to last week. One of the coaches had marked out a 150m strip alongside the bushes, and we sprinted up this four times after the warmups. I led my group out through these ones. Next up was 2 x (800/600/400, 200m jog rec). For these I generally paced myself off one or both of the new lads in the group, before turning up the power in the last 2 or 300. Struggled through the second 600, but I had a good burst to finish the last 400. Still a long way off racefit, but a big improvement on last week.

    Thu 20/5 - 3.34 miles @8:08/mi

    Another relatively long day in work. I didn't fancy going back to Porterstown this evening, or running e.g. Carpenterstown loops. Thankfully I had some spare time to drive up to Beech Park and get a few nifty laps in. Straight out of the car, no messing. I had planned seven laps, and might have just got them all in timewise before the ranger closed the park, but six was probably enough given I'd the session the day before. Quick enough either way.

    Sat 22/5 - Club session, Porterstown Park

    I'd a crap night's sleep, feeling like I'd drank about ten pints (zero alcohol this time) as I made the half mile or so shuffle to training. That said, once we got going it turned out a lot better than I'd feared. I made a much better job of four of the long hills (c. 350m) this time, followed by (3 x 1200/400 jog rec) around the parkrun course - the parkrun start line being the end point of the 1200s. I'd two others with me for the long reps, which certainly helped.

    Sun 23/5 - 6.85 miles @8:42/mi

    Barring one or two minor deviations, this was the reverse route of last Sunday's one hour run. Conditions were a lot less favourable today however. I didn't feel them so much heading down the trails from the Áras, past the azoo and turning right down Wellington Road. The fun began once I passed the turn for Islandbridge Gate and headed up Military Hill. Very wet, very windy, right in my face. Nice to see quick feet from these parts as I took a bit of a breather through the S bends. More hard work to be done from Chapelizod Gate up to the Furry Glen. The last climb of the day was from the Glen Pond up to Mount Sackville, where I finally got some relief on the trails to Castleknock Gate, and downhill back to base. Thankfully I had a fresh dry top for the drive home. More like bleedin November out there. I can't remember a May that's been this cold and wet. How's your outdoor summer looking ?! Thanks for reading. J.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,201 ✭✭✭ coogy

    Nice going J. Am trying desperately to catch up with your logging but I've missed out on a hell of an amount!

    Very impressed with your dedication to the daily yoga routine. Are you seeing any benefits from a running perspective?