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Running away



  • The pace was prescribed at 7:10. I'm not tuned into HR for these faster efforts at all but I know I never go near my max even though I may feel like I can't go any faster. Maybe I just don't have the stomach for pain, it's been so long since I've done a race or been pushed along by any outside factors. I've been working on running them more smoothly - to get away from that fast start, slow middle and fast finish scenario. Other than having lap pace visible on the watch I do an effort check in with myself - but the harder I'm working, the less likely that will happen 😕

    I've used HR for easy runs over the years and lately I'm using it on my long runs and finding it really helpful in those long efforts, I can feel and measure the difference that just adjusting my pace by as little as 5-10 seconds/mile can make and as such am getting a better feel for what i maintain for a sustained period. I think ultimately it will determine my marathon pace.

  • I only ask to try to understand the purpose of those sessions. 10 x 3 mins is a big session - certainly too big IMO to be at typical 'speed' pace. Your LR pace is quite similar to mine (maybe a bit faster, depending on the type of LR) so by that comparison I'd expect 7:10 to be close to your 'tempo' or LT pace.

    Are you being coached or following a plan? What's the M target pace? Just curious.

  • Coached since last October D. 7:10 is definitely 'speed' pace for me, it feels like 5k effort and yes 30mins at 5k effort is a big session but I've been doing one big session like that all year. I haven't raced since 2019 but for reference purposes

    5k Pb - June 2019 @ 7:17min/m

    HM Pb - Sept 2019 @ 8:15min/m

    10mile solo TT March 2021 @ 7:41min/m

    My main marathon goal is just to break 4hrs, having run 4:37, 4:26 & 4:25 previously. Realistically this will be pinned down closer to the time, coach is currently a bit preoccupied so it's not something we've discussed. Going on last week's 19m with 15m @ 8:30, then maybe 8:45 might be achievable. I haven't figured out fuelling yet and I have a history of issues with fuelling & sickness issues etc so it's one I need to figure out or it could all come undone.

    Thanks for the questions D, love getting the fuel for thought.

  • Deadly as also aiming for 8:45 pace. Super, where are we going and when?

  • Wow that would be class Aoife. Fancy a trip to Galway? If that doesn't go ahead I'm willing to travel for another event or even a virtual at this stage.

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  • Yay, we'll do a tour of Dublin on the 24th? 😁

    Looked at Galway but too soon. Plan would have to be chopped.

  • Well as you've spotted yourself, doing 15 mile LRs at 8:30 doesn't track with a four hour marathon, which as you know is something like 9:09 pace. Are you confident you are doing these at the right pace? (One of the reasons I asked about the HR on these runs, and how it tracks with marathon effort).

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  • The old rule of thumb, that you should always finish feeling you could do another one or two, doesn’t seem to apply.

    When you say that @Murph_D, is that specific to marathon training that sessions should feel like you could do another one or two? Or is it a rule of thumb for sessions in general?

    Apologies for the intrusion ariana. If you don't mind me saying - 10 miles @ 7:41 min/m good for you, that's so impressive!

  • That applies to any typical 'speed' session where you are running repeats, HS. The thinking being if you couldn't do another one, it means you've flogged yourself. Speed sessions should be fast, but you should also feel in control and have good form, which tends to go out the window if you're overexerting.

    @ariana` , that 10m TT time is very impressive alright, and suggests that you've come on a lot since those 2019 PBs. Your HM time especially would come down a lot, as most people can run a half at something very close to their 10 mile pace. The marathon is a different beast, though. That same 10-mile time suggests a 3:3x marathon is a reasonable target. While the calculators can be optimistic, you seem to be built for endurance - but that will only remain the case if the training is right, ie you are getting the proper adaptations by running at appropriate effort to build that endurance. The 10m TT suggests, of course, that your M target is quite conservative, and that 15 mile LR at 8:30 - while a tough run - should have felt reasonably 'easy' considering your recent performance history.

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  • Thank you kindly, you are not intruding at all 😊 That 10m TT was one of those rare days when the stars aligned, the weather was good (for running) and I felt strong. I'm proud of it.

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  • Many good points there. It’s good to know that you seem to have the engine for an ambitious one when the time is right. No harm in getting that sub-4 milestone ticked off in the meantime. 😉

  • Yeah, I hear ya on the GB race..due a 20 miler myself this weekend but may end up swerving/reducing it and running a 5k race next week instead for motivation reasons

  • Suddenly there seems to be quite a few 5 &10k events advertised locally. It's been so long since a real race of any description that it's hard not to be tempted.

  • Week 5 of 10

    Away at the weekend so tried to fit in my running Mon-Fri

    Mon: Session, 3 * 10min @ 7:58, 7:51, 7:48 (target was 7:50-8:00)

    Tues: 7.3m @ 9:57

    Wed: 3m @ 10:12

    Thurs: 20m LR

    Fri: 4.25m @ 10:17

    Sat/Sun: lots of hiking

  • Week 7 of 10

    Monday: 5m easy with a 6 * 20second strides

    Tuesday: Very easy 7m @ 10:33

    Wed: Nothing

    Thurs: 10miles with 3 * 15mins @ 8:07, 8:05, 8:02 (target 8:00-8:10)

    Friday: 7m very easy @ 10:09

    Saturday: 15m LR with 12m @ 8:31min/m

    Sunday: Nothing

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  • Jazus I was reading that and thinking, great discipline!

    You're very consistent 👏


  • Well done on the consitency and that run defo sounds like typical taper feelings. You deserve a good race - best of luck.

  • I agree with above, you have been very consistent and put in a good training block, I wish you all the best for your Marathon☺️

  • You have trained fantastically well and wishing you all the very best at the weekend. You have been so consistent and strong, well done.

  • The very best of luck on Saturday E. You have trained so consistently for a long time now and hopefully all goes to plan on the day and you are rewarded with the race your training deserves. Well done and good luck!

  • Good luck on the Marathon, your training looks spot on.

  • Best of luck E.

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  • Best of luck, hope all goes well.