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Minor schemes & realignments



  • Any word on the n73 schemes , travelled the road today for the first time in a while and forgot how bad it is . Still don't know how my mirrors weren't hit

  • Is there any proposal to improve the N17 north of Tuam, specifically the section north of Milltown, towards Ballindine?

    If so, would that be in this thread, as a minor scheme?

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  • Roscommon have tendered for ground investigation for a N61 Tulsk to Gortnacrannagh which is to the north of Tulsk. There's already a scheme advancing south of Tulsk. This new?

  • That's the first time I've ever seen this scheme mentioned, including in internal TII docs I got under FOI. Gortnacrannagh is where the new N5 will cross the N61, so it's possible traffic on this stretch of the N61 is expected to increase as a result.

  • Very interesting and welcome. It's a 6km stretch so a nice chunk of the N61 up for renewal. I've never driven but it looks shockingly narrow on Street View.

    These residual network schemes going hand in hand with the big ones are most welcome also (same line of thinking as the N63 Abbeyknockmoy-Annagh Hill scheme).

  • In July letters sent to all affected parties indicating that they intended to apply to An Boar Pleanala for CPO as well as the submission of the NIS in Sept 2021. They asked for comments before Aug 12th. Here we are in November and no plans lodged yet!

  • I think this is being built alongside the N5 but only from Shankill to Gortnacrannagh. The N61 will be upgraded from Shankill to Gortnacrannagh as part of the N5 project and is clearly fenced off for this. I've heard nor seen nothing about this continuing onwards to Tulsk. It's not located anywhere on Roscommon Co Co's website. You're correct, the road is extremely narrow from Tulsk to Killina, with no hard shoulder at all. To make it worse, 2 new drainage bridges were rebuilt just north of Tulsk about 9 years ago, leaving 2 bad humps in the road. It was closed for months only to be left with these death traps.

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  • It's a rare day when the people of Mayo don't want a new road!

  • They're deluded if they think there will be a new N26 & N58. Regardless of who is in government, they're not going to happen.

  • It seems that the Rosslare Harbour Relief road (N25??) planning process is chugging along nicely and from the newsletter a few weeks back "it is anticipated that a planning application may be submitted to An Bord Pleanála before the end of the year or early next year".

    CPOs also to be done in the immediate future.

  • Never heard of that one. Passed me by!

    I'm having a hard time reconciling the route this will take with the route of the N11/N25 Oilgate-Rosslare road.

    Here is the map of the Access road:

    Here is the map of the N11/N25 scheme:

    The Oilgate/Rosslare road will completely overlap the Europort access road. Only thing I can think of it that if approaching Rosslare on the N11/N25 scheme, you reach the new Ballygillane roundabout, then immediately do a U-turn to get onto Europort access road.

    By the way, the new Ballygillane roundabout indicated on the Access road map will be very tight for trucks. Should be a flyover.

  • If you superimpose this map onto the Rosslare-Oilgate one, things make more sense.

    Yellow is the preferred corridor for Oilgate-Rosslare; Blue is Rosslare relief road. You can see why one part has been drawn as a dotted line - it may be repurposed later as part of N25. I expect a Rosslare Harbour junction immediately north of that car yard, with the dotted blue routing eventually becoming the tail end of N25 into Rosslare village (most likely a single-carriageway at this point).

    Incidentally, the Ballygillane roundabout drawn here has a slightly wider diameter than the existing port entrance roundabout - it should not be a problem for trucks.

  • I'd assume the N11/N25 Oilgate-Rosslare road will end on a roundabout on the curve of the blue line Port Access Road.

    You can see in Google Maps there is a wide strip of undeveloped land about 200m west of the existing N25, I wonder was that originally reserved for a new port access road? Could make a nice linear park for the town if no longer needed.

    OPW recently built a new Border Control Post beside the existing N25, presumably a new one will have to be built further east with the new N11/N25 scheme as traffic would no longer past the existing one.

  • • N84 North of Shrule at Gorteens - Road widening.

    Glad to see this happening. I drive that road most mornings and the road surface from Ballinrobe all the way to Shrule is pretty good after the last upgrade. Couldn't understand why the last stretch at Gorteens wasn't done during the last works. Its only about 200 metres and is quiet tight and a poor surface. If you didn't know the road, you would come on it fairly quickly after the bends and meet oncoming traffic.

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