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  • Hey, TBO.

    You know, recognising you are in a bad place, when your are right in the throes of it all, is a huge step to finding yourself again.

    Keep talking, keep running and keep faith days will get brighter.

    Take care.

  • Mind yourself, TBO.

  • I know you have spoken to your GP & that is an amazing 1st step to helping yourself but can i also suggest Pieta house? Speaking from very recent personal experience they are amazing! Absolutely no stigma once you go through their doors, friendly warm staff & so quick to act! Also there is no financial burden as their services are free & if possible a small donation is greatly appreciated!

    Sometimes it's not so easy to talk to those closest to us so i would 100% percent recommend pieta house for that reason!
    It's not for everyone but may help in your time of need.

  • Mind yourself TBO I hope you have some one to chat with and I hope you feel better soon

  • Hi. Thank you very much for the kind thoughts and messages. I've not been sleeping well for a good while. I'm sure some of you know once that starts the rest can topple like a house of cards quite quickly. I was ill the other week, lost my voice. It came back somewhat wasn't 100%, then I had a meeting 6-9pm...all eyeballs on me for a bunch of it. I was nauseous and tired before hand. Think it was around 10:20 when I finally got home. I was supposed to make my TV debut recently. I cancelled because I was barely holding it together on the bus home, as well as being a bit sick. I felt like someone had parked a forklift on my chest. I felt better when I cancelled. My boss was fine with it. It would have been a fine interview as I was well-prepared, but only if I wasn't up against the wall with stress.

    I've done a few pilates classes and went over to the local AC to ask about joining. They were very easy to talk to. Slept poorly these past few nights. Had a blood test yesterday so we'll see what comes from that. I don't really relate to seasonal mood changes. I go to a psychologist already, thank you for the suggestions. It is generally harder to talk to family. I've been dealing with these things for 16 years and it's a horrible feeling to skirt close to breaking point, ring the Samaritans at 3am and all that. I've been doing the yoga alright, but have backed off a little because I was almost too wrecked the next day.

    I did about 21 miles post-DCM over the past few weeks. I started the base plan yesterday, only 3.98 miles and a bit low compared to previous base starting points. I love running. I wouldn't have been in form for Jingle Bells. I just want some good sleep and to feel less broken. Thank you again.

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  • Only reading this now, TBO, I am sorry to hear of the difficulties. Hope things will improve for you. You have some good advice and suggestions from the other posters, the only extra thing I wonder is do you have any animals you could spend time with ... they can be great companions in times of stress.

  • I'm really sorry to read this TBO, it's got to be really hard going through stuff like that and it sounds like you've a lot on your plate. I hope the sleep improves (unbelievable what a difference that can make to everything) and that you start to feel a bit better from here on. Mind yourself.

  • Hey there, catching up and sorry to hear of the troubles. FWIW I’ve a history of poor sleep myself and I understand that part of your difficulties at least - sleeplessness magnifies the negatives and takes from the positives. It’s a curse for sure. Keep working through!

  • Only reading this now, TBO, I am sorry to hear of the difficulties. Hope things will improve for you. You have some good advice and suggestions from the other posters, the only extra thing I wonder is do you have any animals you could spend time with ... they can be great companions in times of stress.

    Thank you. Yes, there's 4 legged creature who purrs.
    eyrie wrote: »
    I'm really sorry to read this TBO, it's got to be really hard going through stuff like that and it sounds like you've a lot on your plate. I hope the sleep improves (unbelievable what a difference that can make to everything) and that you start to feel a bit better from here on. Mind yourself.
    Murph_D wrote: »
    Hey there, catching up and sorry to hear of the troubles. FWIW I’ve a history of poor sleep myself and I understand that part of your difficulties at least - sleeplessness magnifies the negatives and takes from the positives. It’s a curse for sure. Keep working through!

    Thank you both and again to everyone else and for the messages too.

    Slept a little better the past two nights. Felt very bad last Friday once I got on the train. Psychologist knows how things have been. It's been a bit rough and tumble and this morning's not been great. Still do the odd spot of yoga and attended two pilates classes.

    Here's where I stopped taking notes before my brain went mental.
    Huzzah! wrote: »
    Brilliant! That's going to be so much fun.

    Thanks, Huzzah! I saw a video with someone saying shots of toquilla were being handed out. :pac: I've booked somewhere to stay so that's sorted.

    Nov 23rd

    w/u and Malahide parkrun
    Followed the 25 min pacer, knew fairly quickly that there was a bit of effort required. Kept my own rhythm whilst not losing sight of her completely. Picked it up again near the end.

    Nov 24th
    2.01 miles recovery
    HR was in zone 3 pretty quickly and even a little 4 too. The usual routine when doing fup all pace, I had a lot on my mind with meetings, work, family and other stuff. Tried something new - started counting the railings and trees. This worked well and knocked things back to zone 2, a nice relief. Who knows, perhaps I'll count the trees in the Phoenix Park in the future.

    Nov 25th
    RHR was 57 when I woke up.

    I was a little pressed for time with the w/u at Malahide. I'll see if I can crack more zone 2 stuff now and that might aid future performances around keeping things on a more even keel before hand. Still debatable re the accuracy the heart rate. I have now at least stopped the chest strap from falling down...

    Sick after that.

    Week of Dec 2nd was 6.8 miles.
    Week of Dec 9th/base plan week 1: 33.01 miles.
    Week of Dec 16th/base plan week 2: 26.87 miles. The Sunday was 90 mins easy and 8.19 miles. I left it pretty late in the evening because of a job application (fed up of them, honestly). Probably took me half of it to feel OK. I felt great afterwards. Weirdly, it's the first time in ages most of the run showed as zone 2...whatever I did differently, I don't know. Work Christmas thing went well, though I found it draining and it was nice to catch up with colleagues. My blood test came back normal. Mood stuff isn't seasonal, just emotional wallop and burn out.

    I ran 22:22 at parkrun last Saturday. I was hoping for sub 21:30. Started a bit fast and couldn't stick with the 21 pacer. Good job there wasn't a 20 one as they'd have made mince meat of me. Doesn't matter, really as I hadn't been training much. I'll keep going with the base plan now. Slightly concerned the mileage will be a little soft heading into the grads intermediate plan. Should hit 1,500 for 2019 this week.

    I'm getting stuck into the seasonal cooking. Hope you all have a happy Christmas.

  • Happy Christmas B, have a good one man!!

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  • Good updates. Definitely good to have the HRM fitting nice and snug to get a good read.

    Happy Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas TBO!

  • Thanks everyone. :) Turkey's still on the go.

    I got a running tour of River Valley, by the People's Front of Swords himself this morning. He won't know I've called him that until he reads this...

  • How are things TBO?

  • eyrie wrote: »
    How are things TBO?

    Generally a bit brighter, thanks. Still hard on a personal level due to recent stuff, it'll take time.

    The rest of December into early January wasn't the best. Sleep was bad and I was awake until after 5am at one stage. Bleh, that was terrible. Tried everything, radio, podcasts, writing things down...running, walking, talking to family. I slept better from New Year's Eve onwards. Brief stretch where I was sleeping about 10 hours and wanting more which is unheard of for me. Unfortunately, things went waywards again around Jan 3rd. I didn't do any of the seasonal parkruns as I wasn't feeling great.

    Highlights from Waterford - Tramore parkrun, third visit. Just slow, but HRM said it was all red (fits with the stress, tbh) and I did some plan stuff before and after. The SAR chopper was out training again. I did 11 miles on the greenway from the railway to McGrath's Cross. Was supposed to do 1 hour 45 mins per the plan, but I underestimated. Thought the greenway was clean and well maintained and nice to see another stretch of it beyond what I saw in the summer. 2-3 other runners out there, a few cyclists. I changed at the car...unfortunately left a longsleeve shirt there. It wasn't an event or race shirt, but it was a favourite. Went back the next day, no sign. Also did an easy run parallel to the Metal Man in Tramore. That was nice, though I didn't quite go to the end of the headland. Next time. Some impressive houses around there. Mostly read as zone 2 which has been hard to replicate consistently on other easy days.

    Right hip was at me sometimes, though it's gone now compared to when I first started gathering these notes. I've a feeling it's the parkrun from a few weeks ago that might have done that. I'm keeping pretty active with yoga (Youtube), pilates (classes), S&C video, etc. I like them and have thrown them into Garmin too. If I can maintain consistency there I'll hopefully be more prepared to support my actual running. No, this isn't a 2020 resolution, it's JFDI.

    Dec 23rd-29th
    Base plan week 3: 37.94 miles.
    Dec 30th-Jan 5th
    Base week 4: 39.73 miles.
    Jan 6th-12th
    Base week 5: 42.11 miles - Sunday was 11.30 miles at 10:40 and 63% in zone 2...which was good as I don't see enough of that. Not sure the chest strap makes all the difference. I was expecting it to zone 4 which I see too much of, usually.

    2019 landed 1519.28 miles, compared to 2018's 1708.73. Positive year for PBs: parkrun, Wexford 10k, Docklands 5k and DCM.

    In podcast-land, in case you're wondering how they sort out New York.

    The road to Cincinnati starts on Jan 20th. Duhallow 10 mile in March as a tune up race?

    I may have said here before about the rest of 2020 and FD10, etc. From giving that some thought I may go for an Autumn 5k instead. It's not a distance I've really trained for in a while and I think some of my past times there have been half head in the game and fluke.

  • Jan 13th-19th
    Base plan week 6: 39.01 miles
    No pilates class as it was fully booked.
    Strengthening x3 i.e. 30 mins total. Did a brief search on frequency of this stuff.

    Total base 218.67 miles

    As usual, the base is a little padded because 60 minutes was coming at 5.45 ish miles most of the time and I went over to make it 6.0 miles.

    Week 1 grads intermediate marathon plan

    Jan 20th-26th

    Mon: 60 mins very easy (actual 61:10). 5.59 miles at 10:56. 10 mins S&C video before.
    Tues: 62:42. 6.64 miles at 9:27 based on 1 mile warm up, followed by 10x2 min @ CV w/ 2 min rec and 1.09 c/d. 7:58, 7:36, 7:44, 7:48, 7:35, 7:44, 7:42, 7:41, 7:40, 7:34 on this occasion. CV range is supposed to be 7:39-7:50.
    Weds: Rest
    Thurs: 60:30 very easy. 5.06 miles at 10:48.
    Fri: 62:15 very easy. 5.68 miles at 10:58. Mad fog? Yoga later.
    Sat: 4.19 miles incl very easy w/u and standard soft/very easy parkrun 32:33 at 10:45, perfect weather for it.
    Sun: 2 hours easy i.e. 2:01:15, with 11.45 miles at 10:37. 10 mins S&C video before. Out the Man O War direction for this. Would put the heart rate up a bit, but no matter. Felt like marathon training is back on. It was a good morning (typical January), though it's when you turn back in before Baldungan and it's a little more exposed with wind and temperatures. Caught some hailstones a little later on too. 10:47, 10:46, 10:40, 10:34, 10:31, 10:26, 10:33, 10:36, 10:37, 10:34, 10:37 (and 10:42).

    38.61 miles

    Looking at the calendar, I’ll finish the 14 week plan on April 26th.

    CV stuff is the quickest in the plan, iirc. Most of the rest is threshold/tempo, etc.

    On Thurs I went up to the strengthening class run by the AC. Easily twice as many kids as adults and of course the young ones have no fear. :pac: It was good craic. Two 25 minute videos (T Focus 25?). Brief c/d after. Felt it a bit at home afterwards. :p I couldn't always follow what was on screen as due to positions and my feckin' glasses...excuses!

    Jan 17th had a pleasant email from Cincinnati -
    We want to know how your training is going... share your progress with us on social media using "#Pigventure2020"


    There's a Facebook and Strava group. I'm not on those yolks, will drop an odd eye on the former.

    Slept quite badly this week.

    Still getting photo emails re DCM.

  • Week 2 grads plan

    Jan 26th-Feb 2nd

    Mon: Job interview. 61:19 very easy. 5.66 miles at 10:51.

    Tues: Pilates class. Different instructor this time. Small class, dunno why as it always seems to book out quickly per the slots on the online booking form.

    Weds: 10 mins S&C video from the Run Experience, usual one. Running 53:30, 5.66 miles at 9:25. 1.01 mi at 11:23 w/u. 3x8 min @ Threshold w/ 3 min rec i.e. 8:00, 8:01, 8:01 and 1 mi c/d at 10:45. Last rec was 3:51 as my mind drifted elsewhere. Multiple blue light vehicles about. During/after the second 3x8 I thought the right leg felt it a little, strained would be the best description.

    Thurs: 61:46, 5.65 miles at 10:56, 97% in zone 2. Right leg a little iffy again. Did 20 mins yoga later.

    Fri: Ordinarily would have gone out for the usual very easy, but decided to take this off out of precaution.

    Sat: Barely a few minutes sleep, that I can recall. Start to do a w/u only to get a ‘run with us’ shout out from one of heads in the regulars. Their pace is not far off my MP and puts the HR up, to say the least. Did the usual plod for parkrun itself. The left hand side of my left foot was a little tender later, thought that might rule out Sun. Endless sneezing was the story of the rest of the afternoon. 6.25 miles for the day.

    Sun: Slept a lot better. Spent most of the day redoing my CV, another job application. Needed a fresh CV is now less cluttered. 70 min progression (30/20/20-very easy/easy/moderate). Actual 6.93 miles, 1:11:39 at 10:20. 30:08 at 10:53, 20:01 at 10:03, 20:04 at 9:23 and dot to the lamppost 1:25 at 10:54. HR solid blocks of zone 2 and 3 in there. Speculation - does listening to devices have a bearing on HR? I didn't have one this time.

    30.15 miles

    Booked some more stuff for my Cincinnati trip.

    Week 3

    Feb 3rd-9th

    Mon: 62:25 very easy 5.67 miles at 10:58. Pretty cold here. Temporarily lost my other hat only for find it down under the seat in the car. Solid block of zone 2 and a little less in 3, apparently. Ordered a Revolut card.

    Tues: Pilates class. :pac: Full this time...

    Weds: 8x3 min @ CV w/ 2min rec. 7.45 miles at 9:42. 1.03 w/u at 11:30. Had to remember which week I was on. Misread the thing and ran 3 minute recoveries rather than 2. CVs were 8:00, 7:53, 7:45, 7:39, 7:47, 7:38, 7:33, 7:43. 1.23 at 11:23 c/d. Slept like a log after this.

    Thurs: 10 mins S&C before hand. 61:03 very easy. 5.53 miles at 11:02. This one was weird because it said I ran 22% in zone 1, followed by 22% in zone 2. That first bit just doesn't happen. Must be something off as it only has HR data for about half the run. Not sure what Garmin's on these days.

    Fri: 60:23 moderate. 6.41 miles at 9:25.

    Sat: My 50th parkrun, a little dampner on this one as I knew from Fri that my volunteer milestone shirt was nowhere to be found. :( 3.08 miles very easy. Decided from now on I should try out some more tourism. My last new one was in July 2019. Considering Rivervalley for next week since I've never done it. Plus, someone has to keep an eye on the Vice President of Swords. Don't worry, he was promoted before the GE - he'd have more sense than to run for it. :pac:

    Sun: 10 mins S&C before. 2:15:25 easy. 12.67 miles at 10:41. Decent enough weather starting out, then got hit with a good belt of hailstones. Eased off for a while before the deluge. Good fun, plenty of soakage in the shoes and shirts, the path down to the train station gets quite squelchy. I spent a good time think of my US trip and likely trips to Walmart, etc. Felt slower towards the end. 10:35, 10:40, 10:44, 10:38, 10:42, 10:37, 10:45, 10:39, 10:43, 10:39, 10:52, 10:46 (and 10:37).

    40.81 miles
    Plan to date: 109.57 miles
    Year to date: 224.82 miles

    Still a bit phlegmy at the mo, stay clear. Next few weeks in work are going to be very busy.

    No audio devices with the runs during the week. On the bus I listened to the S&C Journal podcast as they had episode on distance runners. Hip strength, yo. 'Results don't always happen in weeks or even months'...where have we heard that before? :)

    Need to get my arse in gear and remember to test fuelling.

    If anyone knows why a LED Lenser T7 won't turn off with new batteries, answers on a postcard, please.

  • Week 4 grads intermediate plan

    Feb 10th-16th

    Mon: This was colllld on the bare legs walking through the car park. 61:28 very easy. 5.51 miles at 11:09.

    Tues: Another nippy one, if I recall. 20:04 at threshold. 2.48 miles at 8:05, plus 10:50 mins at 10:45, 1.01 miles. 3.49 miles total. Pilates class later…neutral pelvis. I know nothing. :pac:

    Weds: Rest

    Thurs: 60:45 very easy. 5.54 miles at 10:58. I think this one said I only need 2 hours of recovery which is weird. Aerobic effect was only 1.2.

    Fri: 60:18 very easy. 5.5 miles at 10:58...only recorded about 22 mins of the HRM. Garmin was hit and miss during the week, to say the least.

    Sat: Plod from the Pavillions 1.61 miles at 10:58 to River Valley parkrun, 3.09 miles at 10:59 and return 1.44 at 11:03. A fairly typical Irish morning, a little sideways wind sometimes. I did get a laugh at the 'no golfing' sign. Friendly bunch and they had hot drinks set up for after. 6.14 miles for the morning. Still no luck with finding my volunteering shirt. Replacing it through Pro Direct or parkrun isn't an option, per emails from both. Weather was muck of the rest of Sat.

    Sun: 10 mins S&C, followed by 90 min progression (30 easy/moderate/tempo). 90:19. 9.58 miles at 9:26. Easy 10:30, moderate at 9:26, tempo at 8:32. Mostly avoided the storm, bar some gusts. Tempo was a little tricky at times and thoughts of sustaining Water with electrolyte and a bar, went down fine.

    Not many notes this week. Another Garda checkpoint out on Thurs or Fri. I've been watching some of Ben Parkes' videos as I enjoy how he puts things across and he seems fairly easy going in general for a 2:25 marathoner. And watching Sage Canaday, of course. It has taken a while to get his surname right...

    35.66 miles

    Week 5

    Feb 17-23rd

    Mon: 63:48 very easy. 5.88 miles at 10:51. Another cold one. Over time. Very enjoyable run.

    Tues: Pilates, you know the drill.

    Weds: 40:13 tempo. 4.73 miles at 8:30. c/d 1.18 miles at 10:53. Total - 53:02. 5.91 miles at 8:59.

    Thurs: S&C 10 mins. 61:12 very easy. 5.75 miles at 10:38.

    Fri: 60:08 moderate. 6.59 miles at 9:08.

    Sat: Off tarmac. Study day. 20 mins yoga.

    Sun: S&C 10 mins, followed by 2:30:50 easy. 14:37 at 10:30. Absolutely beautiful morning for it. Came home and my water belt felt rather sticky, like a burst gel, couldn't find the source. Into the washing machine with it. Splits 10:32, 10:39, 10:32, 10:33, 10:26, 10:30, 10:30, 10:27, 10:26, 10:24, 10:31, 10:28, 10:27, 10:32 (and 10:25).

    38.5 miles

    Few notes here as I've been very busy with work, interviews, deadlines and applications, etc. Flat out and more of that to come. HRM data was little wonky during the week...again.

  • Week 6

    Feb 24th-Mar 1st

    Mon: Rest. 20 mins yoga.

    Tues: Job interview. S&C 10 mins. 61:28 very easy. 5.81 miles at 10:35.

    Weds: Rest. Long evening meeting. Very productive, tbf. Next one isn't until April, nice breather on that front.

    Thurs: S&C 10 mins, plus plan session. 3x10 min @ Threshold w/ 4 min rec.

    i) 10:14, 1.29 miles at 7:46. Recovery 4:04, 0.39 miles at 10:29.
    ii) 10:05, 1.26 miles at 7:59. Recovery 4:06. 0.39 miles at 10:25.
    iii) 10:15, 1.28 miles at 8:01.
    c/d 11:05, 1.03 miles at 10:46.
    49:51. 5.65 miles at 8:50.

    Got an email from the Flying Pig people about a one miler for those with disabilities.

    Fri: Didn’t get the job. Work conference, went well. 61:09 very easy. 5.64 miles at 10:51.

    Sat: 62:05 very easy. 5.72 miles at 10:52

    Sun: Marshal at Lusk 4 mile, good craic. Some hailstones a little before 3pm. The sun returned after and the atmosphere was great. Plan - 75:06 moderate. 8:08 miles at 9:18. Run this fairly late and it was dark enough towards Blakes Cross, with the auld high vis. Might wear a light next time.

    HRM a little more co-operative this week.

    30.9 miles.

    Week 7

    Mon: 62:39. 5.91 miles at 10:36.

    Tues: 7x4 min @ CV w/3 min rec. CV range is 7:39-7:50.

    w/u 11:22, 1.04 miles at 10:56.
    i) 4:06, 0:55 miles at 7:26. Recovery 3:06, 0.30 miles at 10:31.
    ii) 4:06, 0:55 miles at 7:26. Recovery 3:12, 0.31 miles at 10:17.
    iii) 4:03, 0.54 miles at 7:33. Recovery 3:07, 0.29 miles at 10:54.
    iv) 4:03, 0.53 miles at 7:43. Recovery 3:06, 0.30 miles at 11:28.
    v) 4:03, 0.53 miles at 7:33. Recovery 3:24, 0.30 miles at 11:28.
    vi) 4:10, 0.52 miles at 7:59. Recovery 3:06. 0.29 miles at 10:45.
    vii) 4:13, 0.54 miles at 7:49.
    c/d 12:01. 1.10 miles at 10:57.

    1:11:18. 7.69 miles at 9:16.

    The tiredness is real. Rep 3 (?) was a slog in parts and my mind wandered elsewhere after. This is last of the CV stuff in the plan. The rest is tempo, threshold, etc.

    Weds: 62:13. 5.78 miles at 10:46.

    Thurs: Rest.

    Fri: 60:29 moderate. 6.44 miles at 9:23. On video watch, I looked at this tempo strength one from the Run Experience I do like running on Youtube, as I never get a sense of superiority from those posting, regardless of who is putting stuff up. Possible summer project for the one above. :pac:

    Sat: A trip over to Porterstown parkrun. Friendly crew. Enjoyed the course. Plenty of nibbles on hand after. 11:31, 1.05 miles at 10:59 for w/u. Plod of 33:13, 3.07 miles at 10:48 for the rest. I saw the HQ of MSB which someone from here frequents. Wonder Who that could be, eh?

    Sun: S&C 10 mins, followed by 2:15:18 easy. 12.86 miles at 10:31. Good mix of sun, rain and hail. A gel and two home made energy balls from the freezer. HRM's a little short on this, 73 mins in zone two, ~31 mins in one and three, but nada for the rest. Splits 10:28, 10:35, 10:30, 10:29, 10:38, 10:25, 10:37, 10:28, 10:32, 10:26, 10:32 10:34 (and 10:32).

    42.8 miles. Highest week, so far.

    Plan to date: 257.43 miles.
    Year to date: 372.68 miles.

    Welcome to March. Half way through the plan now?! :eek:

  • Well done on your highest weekly mileage of 2020. A fair bit ahead of mine, FWIW.

    Glad you enjoyed Porterstown. Pity I couldn't be there on this occasion.

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  • Great training going on here! Hope all is well generally too :)

  • Thank you. :)

    I saw a note on the Flying Pig's website yesterday. Got this by email at 6:40pm Irish time today, same thing. Early days yet. Plenty of other stuff has been postponed or cancelled. We'll see.
    TBO, we wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know we are monitoring closely the developments concerning COVID-19 and following the updates from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our local health officials on how to proceed. As of right now, there are no plans to change any of our Flying Pig Marathon schedule May 1-3. We will continue to monitor the situation with our public health and municipal partners. As we continue working to put on another great event, we hope you continue training so we can see you at the Finish Swine!

  • Hi everyone.

    I completed week 8 of the grads plan. iirc, Thurs is when things were announced by the government and we were already scrambling a little in work on Weds. On the Thurs I went down the club training. It felt much quieter than usual, normally, there's a heap of cars on the bypass, not so. I was a little late and didn't catch the main group even though I was trying at a little more than threshold, but that wasn't quick enough. I did my c/d on the track and heard a coach say 'run within yourself' which I think we've heard around here before. Nice to hear running things reinforced outside of the web, eh? I think I'll finish out the plan for now. I've seen talk of a DIY marathon if yours is cancelled...half appeals, half not.

    I think once Paddy's Day here got the chop my sense was the rest of the world would become tricky to get to. I was accepting of that then and anything running based that's happened since is not much of a surprise. Determination at the moment is not really running based at all and is about health.

    News from Flying Pig just came through today, after some "we're monitoring the situation" x2 last week. They are postponing until the week of October 9-11.

    There is no refund, though you can apply if there are extenuating circumstances. The registration plus the pasta dinner was about $120, iirc. Frankly, if refunds were an option, I'd just throw it over the RNLI or similar.

    I will share one little nugget that was part of my plan. I had booked a stay in a place called Nederland, Colorado for some post-Pig antics. Hi nop. :)

    Anyway. I worked from home today. I'm very lucky to have a job that's not based on sales, bookings, customer turnover, etc, though we've had to cancel stuff. Said to the travel agent I was thinking of her. I've a family member in aviation too. Huge thanks to all the medical teams and all those working in that area at the moment.

  • Social distancers, howyiz. Glad to the forum's ticking over, keep well.

    Finished the Grads intermediate plan: 485.07 miles.

    Were we in normal times I was hoping to link up with the Vice President of Swords for 3 hours easy. Originally, that was the longest LSR before taper. Yes, he's been promoted.

    2020 to date: 600.32 miles.

    US trip. Flights were cancelled, refund should be on its way.

    Running Youtube’s been pretty good, quite active. I do like the S&C stuff from the Run Experience. OK OK, I mean Coach Morgan. :o:P They had a post on Instagram a while ago 'your legs don't care about social media'. Correct. So many videos out there these days. I will stick to the primary one I've been doing, and try to get the hang of a lateral movements one too. Definitely some soreness on one side if I pick up the pace sometimes. I'm not a golfist, but Padraig Harrington's been great on Twitter. Videos with cats and dogs goes have been viewed too, that goes without saying. Also watched Contagion again and Outbreak. Back on listening to podcasts whilst running these days. Garmin had one recently with a blind athlete Patricia Walsh who said bitterness is a choice.

    I picked up Ben Parkes' level 3 marathon plan for £6 from his website. It's 18 weeks. The structure is prep/building/recovery/building/recovery/tuning/taper. Nothing surprising in there that I can see. Easy, strides, intervals, tempo, MP, hills, @ % effort (pyramid session), etc. Two 23 milers before taper, alternating easy/MP. Doesn't go beyond 46 miles overall. Hopefully I can put it into practice for something next year or beyond. It's got both mile and kms versions.

    Sleep's been iffy, mental health too. My psychologist is still around, fortunately. Working from home’s been OK on the productivity side. Not without some cabin fever. Still doing a little yoga.

    Strange time to be a runner, yes, runner/athlete. Not 'jogger'. Haven't read that stuff from the clickbait media. :rolleyes:

    I was out last Sunday only for a hearse to go by, with a coffin and undertakers wearing masks. Made my own concerns seem very small. I’ve not had any negative interactions at all re social distancing.

    I'll take a week or two off to leave the body be. Then base country. Don't expect to race anything this year, giving a parkrun a lash in the Autumn would be nice, if things are less locked down then, but it’s hard to know. With that in mind, what's next?

    Project Sub 20 5k – Pain Factor On

    But first, lemon drizzle cake.

  • Well, was originally due to fly out on Thurs. Marathon would have been today*.

    Did a video call with my sister on Friday which was good. Zoom didn't work, Google Duo was plan B.

    *1.30 w/u at 10:29.
    3.10 miles at 8:01.
    7:36, 8:15, 8:14 and 7:53

    Left the audio gadget at home. Figured I'd be 26 minutes or so. Started a little fast and felt the fade after about 9 and half minutes. I've felt worse and more sloggy. It was worth a solo bash and a bit of craic anyway.

    Route - Starting at Clonrath, passing by the soccer club and AC track, through the Raheny roundabout, Rush roundabout, Dublin road roundabout. Chapel Farm and Dun Emer, parallel to the Round Tower, back of the old Renault dealer, Garda check point and back in towards the lights. End.

    Glorious morning out there. If we can have more of that over the next while it'll be great. Two blue tits in the garden, must get them some food.

    We may be seeing a glimmer of hope.

  • May 8th: 6.06 miles easy. Nice evening for it, saw a kid's head pop up from a trampoline, thought it was a cat at first.

    May 10th: Yoga, plus balance and stability from the Run Experience, as per what I posted here. Enjoyed that. Run - repeat of the previous week. Same w/u and route. Kept the start more sensible and came in at 24:10. Garda checkpoint was at a different location. Was hoping to squeeze under 24, but it’s not important. Fairly sweaty effort. In normal times this would have been my day at a parkrun in the US.

    Doodling (mostly easy) after the intermediate marathon plan: 14.9 miles.

    One thing about the restrictions is I’ve found I’m less inclined to sugary things. Still take biscuits, hot chocolate and bake the odd cake…buying stuff has gone down. There is the odd temptation, of course, but I don't miss it and don't think I've had a bar of chocolate since March. Whether that sustains after all of this, who knows. Peanuts still on the go. The WFH is fine re routine and productivity, but craic has been minimal, if any.

    I've signed up for a short Diploma with UCD, delivered online. It'll keep me sane for the next while.

    I’ve kept up the yoga (for runners mostly, plus and occasional core), balance and stability, etc.

    Base Biscuits
    May 11th-present: 77.61 miles.

    May 28th
    My first time with the club since joining at the start of the year. :o This was fun, weather was fantastic. A few of us headed up to Baldungan castle and came back. I didn't look at the watch much, but saw early on we were under 8 min/mi on the bypass and near the school, I wondered if I'd be able for it. Conscious that I had done a progression run the day before... A push or two and who knows I might have broken my 10k PB (46:01). Couple of caveats, however, we did stop at the castle for about 60 seconds, that was around 23:07 and 2.88 miles, iirc. Also, the return is mostly downhill and flat, with a little up near the end, followed by down and flat. Also had to stop once or twice due to cars and people. Still, normally I come at this route from another angle and it'll be good for a possible 10k TT if that's needed, or just training. Not sure earphones will be advisable as it's backroads and a bit hairy with cars.

    My body is pretty wrecked today, however my sleep's been the usual 3am here and there. My right hand side did feel it a little at points too. I like the S&C odds and ends I'm doing...whether it's enough, I don't know. Not going to do 50 - 9 easy and 1 hard tomorrow, will kept it all easy and the usual easy on Sun.

    Garmin: 44:40, 5.75 miles at 7:46 min/mi.
    8:18, 7:47, 7:59, 7:44, 7:38 (and 7:01). Felt strong at the end...could be the downhill. :pac: There was slagging after that I'd barely broken a sweat, hah! If only that were true.

    2020 - current: 692.83 miles.


    13 Minutes to the Moon, season 2.

    Garmin's Life on the Outside had an episode with sports psychologist Andrew Jacobs who talked about burn out and stress in young children, not enjoying sports at 9, having started at 4-5. I found it very sad. As he said, it's crazy that there are organised leagues for very young kids, where they travel and are being pushed. I remember someone at parkrun saying they do things differently in Norway. This article very much points to that. On a more positive note, Jacobs seems to be a big advocate of visualisation which I've to confess I've never tried. He's also a fan of FOE – focus on effort, not splits. It's a Garmin podcast, so expect some gadget promotion.

    Recent discovery, TrainRight which goes back and forth between cycling and running, I think. One of the hosts is Hillary Allen who had a very bad fall herself a few years ago. First episode I listened to was with a bloke had ran 50 marathons, in 50 states, over 50 days. He also had a stat that 109 countries have marathons.

    Enough on those for now or I'll be here forever.

    I'm looking at late Sept for a sub 20 5k - parkrun ideally, however I'm mentally preparing to do it where I live, because who knows. In which case, I shall run the inaugural:

    Home Grown/Bypass 5k/They Don’t Even Pay Path Tax, Joe

  • Base nattering continued

    June 4th - Baldungan as before, this time as a party of 4.

    6.23 miles
    48:23 @ 7:48
    8:08, 7:41, 7:41, 7:47, 7:48, 7:53 (and 7:13)

    These runs are a bit tricky. The positives first - not too shabby, didn't feel at my limit, good chats and with a push getting under 46 probably would have been feasible. Again, that's factoring the brief stop and downhill aspect with gravity.* Running with others certainly pulls you along, my stomach and chest felt a bit weird, as per the previous week. Not for long, though. The less good – going from a standing start to running sub 8 minute miles for would be not my easy pace at all. :pac: Even though, wait for it, you know this was coming, we were still able to hold a conversation. My right leg tends to complain a little during and sometimes after too.

    Me: I hope to break 20 mins in 5k
    Club person: What are you up to at the moment?
    Me: 24 ish
    Her: Ah, you’re at lot faster than that.
    Me: Ah here. :P

    The club are setting a few targets for fun. One’s to find the fastest mile (miler/mile person?) in the village. I’ll pass on that and the other bits too, I think. Will go down to watch it, June 20th.

    Fri was rest and I took Sat off (50 easy with last 5 at threshold) as a precaution because of the leg, kept the Sun long easy as normal. Right calf said hello about 2 miles into that and same with the right knee returning from the train station. Went away after a while. Felt a little stiff on Mon morning, I suspect crap sleep was a factor here. Did some core yoga. Rang 10k easy yesterday which was OK ish, but I'd essentially been on the computer all day. Spoke to my GP about sleep and other stuff, btw.

    Going to buy a skipping rope for fun.

    *A CIA plot.

  • End of base stuff
    June 1st-21st
    Week 4: 28.81 miles
    Week 5: 38.93 miles
    Week 6: 36.4 miles

    The end of the 50 min easy + 4x200m @ 5k effort (full recovery -2/3 min rec) on the Sat of week 5 was a good reminder of how a fast 5k is a little daunting. Sunday was a little sunny, but not overly so. Sweated a fair bit and should have applied Vaseline, really - unusual for training runs, there ya go. Could have been heat rash, I think. No leg issues during week 5.

    There’s been a bit of a clean-up at the stream/strip of water down by the track/soccer club. Inevitably, a shopping trolley and some non-motorised kids scooter things were removed.

    And seagulls are approaching the supermarket these days, or at least one did.

    Base total: 198.2 miles - normally, it's a little more when parkrun is on.
    2020 to current: 813.42 miles.

    Absolutely drenched on this morning's run and forgot the Vaseline, the sequel. One those heavy showers where the t-shirt ends up stuck on to you like glue.

    Depression has come back to kick my arse somewhat. I know you can run with it, but I don't know about through it. Have been finding it hard to listen to the news lately, be it from the States or more so here. Anyone with a Guard in the family will know what I mean.

    Went down to look at the fastest mile in the village. Missed the start of the women's race. Fastest was 5:36. Men, pack of three leading this at first, then about the third lap the leader started to pull away. Probably about a 5 metre gap at first growing to maybe 25 metres as he pushed and came in with an impressive 4:59. Last man was 5:51. iirc, there's a sub 4 mile in Alaska that's really difficult.

    This is a great shot of the course. Lucky to have a club that's this enthusiastic.

  • Sorry to read you've been struggling. It's been a strange time and the news can be overwhelming most days. I turn off the news notifications on my phone as it's not helpful to the brain to have the bad news coming at you all day.
    Hope you pull through it ok, I wish there was something helpful I could say.

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  • Testing times indeed, TBO. Hang in there.

    Re your pic - the grass track is impressive. Is it accessible? I like to check these facilities out when possible!