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Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads



  • ReeReeG wrote: »
    Sorry to read you've been struggling. It's been a strange time and the news can be overwhelming most days. I turn off the news notifications on my phone as it's not helpful to the brain to have the bad news coming at you all day.
    Hope you pull through it ok, I wish there was something helpful I could say.

    Thanks. :) There can be a strong dose of brain fog and the lack of good/any sleep is not helping. Plus I've been reliving some of the stuff from Christmas and all that. I don't really watch the HSE/DOH briefings, tbh. Could probably cut down on the notifications alright. When the blue line here becomes thinner it can seem like a dark day and there were some very poignant images from the Detective Garda's funeral.
    Murph_D wrote: »
    Testing times indeed, TBO. Hang in there.

    Re your pic - the grass track is impressive. Is it accessible? I like to check these facilities out when possible!

    I can't remember if the markings were there pre-covid19. There's a Lusk 2020 plan (PDF here) and below is what they're aiming for, hopefully. Dunno if they can fit in the tennis courts and other pitches without getting some additional land. But yeah, I'm not sure on the full history of it and maybe funding will be tricky over the next while. It would be great for the club and locality. They've added some additional playground type equipment over the past while on the wider pathway. On access, not aware of any restrictions, it's certainly not locked anyway. When I was down watching the race it did occur to me that in normal times it would be good to invite other clubs for something. And the thought of a track reminded me of the Portland 5000m video. Dunno the lay of the land re insurance and non-parishioners attending if there's another race. When I was training a few weeks ago the chair said insurance was the main barrier to large events at the moment, understandably. That was before the recent easing of restrictions, however. Don't think that's been mentioned in the main forum. Not too up to speed on insurance knowledge. :P


  • Grads 5-10k plan – We’re on

    It took 9-10 weeks, but my flights and all that were refunded, fortunately. Not a voucher, I’m lucky. Got a renewal quote for my car insurance and it’s come down a decent amount from last year too.


    Week 1: June 22nd-28th
    Mon: Rest, with 2am yoga from Sunday sleep deprivation climbing the walls…

    Tues: 20 mins yoga at lunch. 65.01, 6.21 miles very easy at 10:28. Abandoned teddy bear on the bypass. Poor sleep again.

    Weds: Bad sleep here. 10 mins S&C. w/u 13:50, 1.32 miles at 10:28.

    Main 8x1 min hills (2-3 min rec).


    Ah hills. :pac:

    c/d 1.08 miles at 10:05.
    37:08, 4.02 miles at 9:15.
    A warm evening, good for sweating. Followed by DIY haircut #2.

    Thurs: Rest. Watched Athlete A on Netflix which was tough going on a few levels, but a real credit to all those who spoke up.

    Fri: 20 mins yoga. 67:05 very easy, 6.34 miles at 10:35.

    Sat: 25 min tempo. 25:07, 3.29 miles at 7:38 or 7:16, 7:31, 8:04 (and 7:49)

    Bleh, this was pretty bloody terrible. Was it me, my legs, the stuff from Weds, tiredness, the w/u? Couldn't hack the pace and knew I was in trouble soon enough and came away from it rather disappointed. Worst run in a while. I was through 3.1 in about 23.48, iirc. After, I walked back a little from the bus stop before a rather pleasant c/d. Didn't have a great evening as even whilst watching Netflix and so on my heart didn't feel at ease. I was nodding off before 10pm, then brushed my teeth and all that. Felt OK, though it took a while to get off to sleep. I'd compare a bad run like this to trying cook a pot of vegetables with 3 tablespoons of water. My right foot was at me a little after, more so discomfort than anything, tbh.

    Sun: Not smooth sailing for sleep, woke up feeling wrecked. I'm a lark and find it hard to lie in. Did some yoga to try and shake things off. Thought I was in for another bad run, and figured if I did I might stop and take next week off, but was OK once I got going. 1:45:20 easy, 10.20 miles at 10:19.

    Total: 33.47 miles.

    A busy one for Zoom stuff.

    I was watching Mission Impossible 4 recently and it got me thinking about Tom Cruise's running and what people would say to him if he was preparing for a marathon. Don't think ReeReeG will be volunteering for that job. :pac: At the rate they put out the Mission Impossible films, he'll probably make 26.2 some day. On Liverpool, etc, as a non-football fan I know nothing and talk elsewhere of Reds in the 80s makes me think of the USSR. :pac:

    Started a book (GP mentioned it) on sleep by Nick Littlehales who has worked with a lot of sports teams, etc. Seemingly our blood pressure is at its highest early evening (5pm?), so probably not a great time for exercise…

    Been clearing out my work emails, here’s a thing.

  • I was watching Mission Impossible 4 recently and it got me thinking about Tom Cruise's running and what people would say to him if he was preparing for a marathon. Don't think ReeReeG will be volunteering for that job. :pac: At the rate they put out the Mission Impossible films, he'll probably make 26.2 some day.

    Or maybe I would and suggest a training run in the Dublin mountains and maybe I would accidentally lose him

  • Mission Impossible: Fallout's on Netflix now. :pac:

    June 29th-July 5th

    Essentially a week I had intended to scrap altogether due to the tempo mehness in week 1 and also because of a slight niggle and general brain stuff. Went out with the club on Thurs, a slower group and some other newbies. Grand 4.45 miles at 9:11, 40:48. My first time seeing the coach in action, opted not to go with his speedy group, though. On Friday I went to see my sister, not having seen her since Feb. :) No luck on a recent job interview, alas.

    Sat: 65:16, 6.21 miles at 10:31 easy.
    Sun: In the land of procrastination. 10k easy again? Easy 10-12? Revisit the tempo from the previous week - yes.

    Tempo 25 mins
    Tempo target 7:08-7:19
    3.47 miles at 7:14
    7:18, 7:08, 7:12 (and 7:20)
    [Superintendent Hastings]Now we're sucking diesel.[/Superintendent Hastings]

    This was fun. Not easy, however more doable than before. Probably a little too much 7:05/7:10 in there early on. My watch said 22:22 for fastest 5k afterwards, I formatted it a while ago on account of Garminitis. Still some big questions on breaking 20 minutes as I've a lot of doubt that'll be a case of 'computer says no' on the day. It's a long way off yet, mind. Within this, though, once I passed the 23 min or 23:XX mark the pace started to fade a little and I couldn't seem to push past 7:20 - felt like superglue and slowed down. Week 3 of the plan requires 30 mins tempo so that'll be a challenge...and two more of those in further weeks. I was confident enough ish in the pace here early on. Left the audio device at home.

    Have since been looking at articles on tempo as I've largely forgotten what it's about.

    Brief walk and c/d 1.05 miles at 10:36.

    The usual dose of yoga thrown in there too and bad sleep.

    Must be said the roundabouts here are in full bloom with flowers and are looking very well indeed, particularly in the sun.

    Week 1a/off plan.
    Miles: 14.71 miles.

  • Week 2: Grads 5-10k

    July 6th-12th

    Sadly, we lost Ennio Morricone recently. Was fortunate to see him in Dublin a few years back. One of a kind and blew the roof off the Point Depot. Then another giant, Jack Charlton. If you’re old enough to remember that time it doesn’t need explaining. Recent viewings include Dark on Netflix, plus Athlete A which was sad and maddening, mostly sad.

    Downloaded the Covid app.

    Mon: Rest. 3 hour Zoom call. Zzzzzz.
    Tues: 64:30 very easy, 6.21 miles at 10:23. Another 3 hour Zoom thing, albeit with a break in this one.

    Weds: 10 mins S&C from the Run Experience/Youtube. I've been doing this since they posted it months ago and love it. Sometimes avoiding it is on the agenda. :o

    6x3 min CV w/3 min rec

    Rep|3:03|0.47 miles|6:32

    4.48 miles at 8:17.

    This was less good than I'd hoped after the first few, not too surprising, though. Inevitably a little disappointing. I walked the first 30 seconds of recovery #4.

    20 mins yoga

    Thurs: 60:16. 5.85 miles very easy at 10:17. Went to my psych appt and we discussed the longevity of depression and the stuff that's probably kept it going. I've found the constant jobhunting and rejection pretty soul destroying when I know I'm capable of the jobs. That, and some other disappointments.

    Fri: Slept OK, early bells yoga. Dropped over to the foreign wilds of Ardgillan castle for 35:57, 3.42 miles at 10:31. Car park was quite busy and plenty of people around. Parkrun route was pretty much free of fellow humans. Great view of the sea. Not as warm as I'd envisaged starting out, and turned somewhat grey as I was finishing up. I tried to measure the final hill from the marker up to the gates where you get your token in normal times, took me ~ 90 seconds going slow (10:49), it's about 0.14 miles. Got a newsletter email from Cincinnati/Flying Pig about my deferral, honestly had forgotten that's what I had opted for. :o They're trying to drum up interest for a virtual event. Think they'd be mad to go ahead with the rescheduled one in Oct given all that's going on the US.

    Sat: 10 mins S&C from tRE.

    5x5 min @ Threshold w/ 2 min rec


    4.11 miles at 8:08.

    It was a nice evening. I thought a house had a Christmas wreath on the door, but it was just flowers.

    Hmm, a little tricky too. Unlike Weds, I eased into this more conservatively rather than taking off like a stabbed rat. I decided in advance to walk all the recoveries following the earlier stuff, so I've not put them in the table as they're all 15:XX+ pace. :pac:

    In some respects, it wasn't too bad, but pace slippage is clear above and the upper half of the body certainly felt it. Presumably throwing 19:47 into the calculator some time ago wasn't the brightest idea and maybe where it's all going wrong. I'm not sure where the line is between comfortably/uncomfortably hard vs frustrating. Lord knows there's some AP stuff around the corner...

    I think coach Morgan over at the Run Experience hit the nail on the head recently around mental strength. Link here, see 6:50 on.

    Sun: 1:45:57. 10.21 miles at 10:23. A little improvement in sleep towards the end of the week. however, it fell down here, 4am and all that. Not a very fresh run in terms of feeling. Muggy. Highlights were someone blasting Born in the USA on their radio/device in their garden, punching the air was tempting.

    The sleep book I've been reading talks about the idea of a 'critical recovery period.' I forget what exactly that is now. Will report back when I've finished. I'm probably being over ambitious with the sub 20k target at the moment. 2019 was a better running year. 2020 started well and I was happy with the marathon training. If there's not much hope success the end of this plan, come early Oct, a TT of 22 mins might be all that's on the cards. Think I need to look at more of a health based to my life and put that more so first, we'll see. Running's part of it. Big of jigsaw to figure out.

    Total: 34.29 miles.

    Until the next time.

    Put ‘em under pressure.

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  • Week 3

    July 13th-19th

    Mon: Yoga. Car service.
    Tues: This would be rain. 62:09, 6.02 at 10:19 very easy. Yoga in the evening after a long Zoom call, to try and switch off.

    Weds: 10 mins S&C

    8x1 min hills (2-3 min rec).

    Rep|1:03|0.15 miles|6:55
    Rep |1.03|0.15|7:06
    Rep |1.01|0.15|6:43
    Recovery |2:26|0.24|10:00
    Rep |1.03|0.17|6:04

    c/d 11:00, 1.06 miles at 10:24.

    4.04 miles at 9:21

    Tried to go by feel rather than watch, picked it at the end. Another glistening evening.

    Thurs: Rest and yoga. Finally watched the Truman Show for the first time, enjoyed it. Zoom again, professional, but some humour and a good catch up from May. Filled in the depression form for my psych. It'll probably come back mild, if this were June it'd be a different story.

    Fri: Early bells yoga. Job application completed. Muggy weather for 65:28, 6.34 miles at 10:20, very easy. A trip to Tesco Rush later...not as much mask usage as I'd thought there'd be.

    Sat: 30 mins tempo.

    This one.

    10 mins S&C. As coach Holly says, if you don't have that second line of defence...

    Wanted to do this first, get home with the reward of a shower, hot chocolate and cake and Youtube. I had some mental doubts during the S&C and out where I started.

    Less of a death march than the 25 mins the other week. Still hard and not quite on pace. I wasn't really feeling that fresh before hand. I hate running at speed through housing estates, hate it for the path hopping, car vigilance, concrete, all that crap. No podcasts or earphones, btw. Final zip around by the old Renault garage and done. Felt great after thinking back on the run. Things were foamward bound* after, though. Maybe 30 mins for Lusk 4 mile in the future, subject to training. It was hard to switch off later that evening, even though I had not been on my phone/computer.

    You'd think at this stage I'd have tried the track, given that I've mentioned it here...

    4.02 miles at 7:28.
    7:24, 7:21, 7:33, 7:36 (and 6:33).

    Sun: Sun cream Sunday with some body fatigue. Right leg iffy starting out, that settled. Sleep was OK, but I was awake quite early and then it's hard to get back for some quality sleep. Somewhere in the later miles my arms started to feel quite tired around the elbows, a new experience. Mostly concrete again.

    10:34 miles easy at 10:11.

    30.76 miles for the week.

    Sleep a little less crappy. The book recommended by my GP talks about is trying to get away from having phone/computer screens as a first thing in the morning, not just before bed. I've opted for yoga instead. Not every time, but it's nicer to start the day with the natural environment and familiarity of the house and not emails, messages, etc. Also tending to leave the phones downstairs.

    Back to WFH tomorrow and some 200 emails to catch up, no doubt.

    *I'll get my coat.

  • Nice week. And yes, why not use the track if a suitable session calls? With you on the arm thing - this is something I’ve experienced after faster sessions, some form of DOMS. It’s a good sogn, I always tell myself. Keep up the good work!

  • Murph_D wrote: »
    Nice week. And yes, why not use the track if a suitable session calls? With you on the arm thing - this is something I’ve experienced after faster sessions, some form of DOMS. It’s a good sogn, I always tell myself. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks. :)

    I went down to have a look on Monday evening, mostly to determine the lumpiness of the grass. :P The track painted on lines are largely gone, bar one. There are GAA/rugby posts now in situ. This ties into the plan per the image I posted earlier, however I'm not sure if the location is final as they now cut into where any running track is supposed to be and one is quite close to the gravel path. Unless that path is supposed part of the track. Not many updates on social media. I'll try to find out when I'm down there training again. The rest of the grass area was being well used on Monday, both soccer and I'm guessing Round Towers, not sure.

  • Week 4

    July 20th-26th

    Mon: Rest.

    Tues: Sleep paralysis sh!te at whatever o'clock. The run was very relaxed and enjoyable. Due to sheer exhaustion, though, I was ready to face plant into my computer at around 8pm and there was another 90 mins of Zoom to go.

    61:07, 5.97 miles at 10:14.

    Weds: To the grass!

    6x2 min AP w/ 3 min rec

    2:06, 0.34 miles at 6:12.
    2:07, 0.34 at 6:14.
    2:03, 0.32 at 6:24.
    2:02, 0.32 at 6:21
    2:03, 0.32 at 6:25
    2:03, 0.32 at 6:25

    AP was supposed to be 6:14-6:22, happy enough with this, tbh.

    40:41, 4 miles at 10:10, incl 1.04 miles c/d

    Taking this from the watch since Garmin overlords are away from their keyboards at the mo and I can’t be arsed with a table.

    Some rain fairly cleared out the place. From the clouds I was expecting about 37 washing machine loads of water, but it wasn't too bad, tbh. Recoveries were walked, btw. :pac:

    Home and a job application rejection email awaits. Honestly, these are more frustrating than anything to do with running.

    Thurs: 65:42, 6.43 miles at 10:12
    Made a quiche.

    Garmin's server fell over.

    Fri: 31:33, 3.10 miles at 10:11 easy

    Sat: Plan 4x6 min @ Threshold w/ 2 min rec

    6:03:96 so probably 6:04, 0.89 miles at 6:49
    6:02, 0.82 miles at 7:06
    4:08, 0.56 miles at 7:23.
    20:33, 2.57 miles at 8:00.

    Was aiming for 6:48-6:58.

    Down to the gravel track. Once again from bad sleep I wasn't feeling very fresh in the morning. I had also gotten word of a family bereavement and was under time pressure to hit the road. Four minutes into the third rep I decided to let this go and headed home. I wasn't feeling it, the Train Right nutrition heavy podcast was a little technical (also Viagra references) and frankly, running seemed irrelevant. I didn't know the man who died very well, immediate family were let in - full PPE and he slipped away. In his 60s, not covid, but at least he's at peace now.

    Rest of the day was with the wider family where a young cousin had to teach me how to fire a Nerf gun because any time I pressed the trigger nothing was happening. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Sun: Quicker than usual for some reason, body just rolled with it. Forgot to put the auto lap back on. 70:02, 7.17 miles at 9:46. Nice run.

    29.24 miles.

  • Hello.

    Week 5

    July 27th-Aug 2nd: 30.54 miles.

    The funeral went as well as can be expected, tbh. I think the priest kinda got it. Weds the hills, good as usual. I had watched Sarah Place's video and that was a reminder about form as tends to come up in A&R. No more 8x1 min hills in the plan, though. Sat was tempo and threshold with the latter being harder to do and didn't quite nail it. Only copped on near the end that it was quite warm out. Everything else for the week was standard easy fare. Job application again. No joy.

    Week 6 Aug 3rd-9th: 28.64 miles.

    Here comes 1,000 miles for 2020...Aug 6th.

    I've been following Global Triathlon Network over the past number of months. The presenters are pretty relatable (imo) and I think they keep the tone fairly relaxed. I don't really look at the swimming or cycling stuff, but enjoy the rest as it’s fun and plants ideas.

    I've been trying to build this into things.

    I stopped taking notes here, really. I decided to do a short week 7 all easy, then revisit it the following week with slower paces, more so around 20:50. It was obvious things were going to go nowhere - I knew I couldn’t hit speed even before leaving the house.

    Aug 10th-30th
    Week 7: 19.82 miles.
    Week 7 reboot: 30.36 miles.

    Week 8: 26.56 miles.

    Weds AP stuff was OK. Sat meh zone, even stopping to walk rather than running the recoveries. Once I got home my body felt it it had been used like a punching bag. That's been the story of most Saturdays, death marches. Sunday runs are relaxed and enjoyable, good for the mind and body. I'm tempted to drop the paces again, or just give up all together and run the rest of the plan easy, maybe keep the Weds stuff. I dunno. 6 weeks easy, then the base plan again and redo? I'd probably barely scrape through 24 minutes at the moment. 4 PBs last year to this, it's not been fun. Think the depression can be worked through, but this unhappy running...less so.

    Most of this recent experience has been the worst stretch I've had with running. I've some idea why, certainly depression and sleep problems aren't helping. When I described the former as on a par with running face first into a brick wall (regardless of being a runner), the psychologist asked me to go back my GP. Things were quite different last year, mind you, so was the universe. Physical and mental walls are a theme at the minute. Other than a family Communion thing and a trip to see my sister I've not been anywhere outside of Dublin.

    I've gotten quite good at not checking my phone first thing in the morning, letting the world and environment be the first thing I encounter, not tech. About a month of doing that now. Just go downstairs and do some stretches.

    Apart from that, I've generally just been busy with work, assignments, meetings, planning, trying to create webinars, etc. Cinema on Friday (Tenet - mixed bag) which was nice for getting away from the covid headspace. We did have The Batman trailer last week too. Watched half of Deep Impact last night, Morgan Freeman's first gig as President, I think. You know a film is old when the scientists are working from floppy disks.

    Was listening to Train Right lately and they spoke to Irish runner Paddy O'Leary, sounded like an easy going bloke.

    2020: 1091.81 miles to date.

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  • More mileage than me for the year B, keep up the fight!!

  • Aug 31st-Sept 6th
    Week 9: 25.64 miles
    Got Diploma assignment #1 out of the way, job application and visited my sister. Sat - went for a run (off plan) with which was 3.14 miles at 7:51 in 24:41? Happy enough with that, wasn’t full blast anyway and on another day it would be a little quicker. Stomach a bit weird at some points, but to be expected. Started meds, as per my GP's advice.

    Sept 7th-13th
    Week 10: 27.59 miles.
    Some great progress on work stuff. Happy with the CV paces on Weds, on target. Saturday good too. I had a fair dose of bad sleep over a number of nights and troubling Covid developments with Dublin. Sunday was suitable sunny.

    Made some mushroom cannelloni.

    Tunes: Laura Marling, David Rawlings

    Sept 14th-20th
    Week 11: 25.56 miles
    Monday morning I was awake before 5am. Diploma assignment #2 and that's the course done. Where did June-Sept go? Shambolic Tuesday for the government. However, RTE Radio 1’s Arena did at least go behind the scenes of Hitchcock’s Psycho...

    Weds went well.

    Bit of a lazy week re mid-week easy stuff, mostly 5ks. Did Saturday 10k easy at lunch and plan stuff in the evening, happy with the paces. At one point a random cyclist was a pacer for maybe 15 seconds, it was nice. Slept poorly Sat night into Sun, left the running until about 6pm. Didn't want to do 80 mins, though an attempted nap earlier helped. Left it at 5k, there was an ambulance and fire appliance nearby as I was heading out.

    I've developed a pain in my face from reading the Covid forum on boards too, so much anti-NPHET sentiment. I've had precisely fup all social contacts. Other than my sister (no hugs), going to the supermarket and my appointments, the odd bookshop visit (collection, not browsing)...I dunno what people are at, tbh.

    General ramblings: Does anyone not relate hugely to the idea of the runner's high? Maybe I've just never noticed it, or else it's bloody elusive...I'd struggle to define it.

    I've kept up the yoga for runners (Adriene). Also checked out her video for hips and lower back, where she started singing at the end. Did a flexibility routine from Youtube last night, let's just say there's a long way to go.

    Another colleague is now leaving, that's the third this year, all great. I know I’m lucky to have a job, this sucks. Happy for and can't blame her for keeping an eye out.

    2020 to date: 1170.6 miles.

  • General ramblings: Does anyone not relate hugely to the idea of the runner's high? Maybe I've just never noticed it, or else it's bloody elusive...I'd struggle to define it.

    They were talking about this recently on The Irish Runner Abroad podcast ep 2 or ep 3 I think. I get a high from sometimes from races or sessions where a PB or some kind of mental/physical breakthrough is involved. In those cases, I'm high as a kite afterward. Otherwise I feel good after I run, not buzzing but just better, it keeps me level.

    Keep truckin' TBO, lots of good stuff going on outside the running, small changes, hopefully make a difference.

  • Sept 21st-27th
    Week 12: 28.12 miles.

    Things got dark again, mentally, on Friday, and into the weekend. Sleep slipped on Thurs and I had a few nights of awake from 1am onwards with no sleep after. I knew at that point not to do the Saturday session (5,4,3,2,1 min @ Thres/CV/AP/Vo2/110% w/ equal recovery) and just kept it easy. I misread the plan and got the Weds stuff mixed up. Attempts to run at speed over this past while has felt like I'm dragging a few concrete blocks behind is just gone.

    Sept 28th-Oct 4th
    Week 13: 20.95 miles.

    I had GP appointment by phone on Monday. Two new meds, including anti-depressants - a first for me. The meds from early Sept did nothing, onto to something new to see if it would sort things. For the Weds stuff things got tricky from 3rd rep onwards, slowing to 7:4X. Thurs was frustrating due to another job application PFO email. I tried the Garmin watch alarm as a test on my wrist, not for sleep, but will see about using it in the future. Just didn’t feel like it at all on Sat and a nap was a better option. Sun had enough rain alright and bad sleep again. This time I remembered the Vaseline. About two minutes in I was glad to be out. Pace was easy, but mentally it was hard. It felt like I was wearing a running belt with 1kg bags of sugar attached. Around 5 miles in my forearms felt sore, but the turn was the beginning of the home stretch. Conditions were similar to the 22 milers I did in the Phoenix Park last year. Previous Sun wasn't the best either, the only good feeling was getting in the shower.

    Started another job application. Put the brakes on a socially distanced meet up with a colleague who was leaving and another who is new, due to the weather and very high number of Covid cases nationally. A pity to say goodbye over Zoom.

    Oct 5th-11th
    Week whatever: 20.44 miles.

    This was a can't be arsed week, and off plan. It was fairly ranty time re job stuff because of another rejection. Frustrating when you've double the experience and more besides...and can't even get shortlisted for an interview. Oh to see the CVs of those they do speak to.

    Oct 12th-18th
    Week 14: 16.22 miles.

    Back on plan. It's daft to even number the weeks because what was originally 14, is probably 17 or so now.

    It was bewildering week too, with Covid cases going up to 1,000 and 1,200. I still don't know anyone personally who has had it. I'm only leaving the house for exercise and the supermarket, and psychology appointments which are less frequent than the other two. Can't say I relate much to Covid or Zoom fatigue, but working from home can bring its own tiredness, delivering training and being 'on'. We've been flat out, tbh.

    Attached to the depression has been a lack of interest in running, life and most things. It's less apathy and just a plain shrug of the shoulders. I'm hoping an upcoming blood test might shed light on a few things. Low testosterone is something I've thought about for quite a while and overtraining has come into mind too.

    To end on a more positive note, I attended the memorial lecture in honour of Prof Aidan Moran who essentially put Ireland on the map for sports psychology. Strange as it may sound, it was a lovely event. Link here. It's big loss to psychology and I'm fortunate to be in project at the moment where athletes do have to be told to back off from giving 150% - not easy in elite sport culture, it has some inflexibilities, like any system. I'm just an advisor, btw, not elite. :pac: They've access to more resources than the likes of us do, but I will say people's outlook seem to be in the right place, thankfully.

    Today's run was an attempt to see what could be done out of the 5-10k Grads plan that didn't go to plan. I wasn't expecting much due to very bad sleep and thought the usual upper body fatigue would kick in, as the fella says, fairly lively. Started on the bypass, took in a few of the estates, looped around past the Round Tower, towards the Garda station and finished past the dental surgery. Legs were tired, yeah, but confidence grew from about 10 mins onwards. My target was to aim for 8:00 min/mile and hold that line for about 2.5 miles. Didn't look at the watch a great deal and the times I did I was between 7:55 and 7:30, or a little 7:10. I don't know why I picked up, it just unfolded that way. The 22:22 in Malahide parkrun last Christmas was a lot harder. No matter the time today I was thinking of redoing it next week to lose a few seconds. We'll see, it doesn't matter. Health still has to come first.

    3.10 miles
    23:10 at 7:28
    7:41, 7:34, 7:16 (6.22)
    Quite content with this, no question.

    Training block mish mash: 442.91 miles.
    2020 to date: 1256.33 miles.

    What's next? Impossible to plan for anything. Let 2021 be when we can load up on runs and bring friends.

    Anyway - as per Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other.

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    Connemarathon 2021 - Full Marathon | 26.2 miles - Full Marathon


  • I started week 1 of the base plan, then took a few days off. For whatever reason my easy pace (or is it very easy?) had slowed to 11:30-11:50 ish. Heart rate not great. Naturally seemed to go that way. Bad sleep too. I took a break from about Oct 24th until Nov 3rd or 4th, then another precautionary break until mid-Nov.

    I was down at Balleally (former landfill) twice, though not for running. First time the weather was rotten, soaked through the trousers, second time it was a lovely. I thought it would make a fun parkrun course. Couple of drawbacks, though. The site only opens at 9:30 on Saturdays at the moment, parking is OK, but not huge and there's nowhere to really socialise after. The top loop is 1.25km per the sign, dunno about the others. It's not fully opened yet. You could possibly stitch a few loops together rather than having to do x4, with a few marshalls. Definitely some sting in the tail potential depending on how you'd set it up. The top loop is pretty exposed, a windy day would be good test. Anyway, nice place to visit out here in the north county.

    Work's been crazy busy and I've been writing a lot for many PDFs and things to read. Did a job interview mid-Nov. Applied to something else the week after, then spotted two more things to go for. Have also been heavily involved in planning things for 2021. Zooms here, there and everywhere. Unfortunately, I had to deliver sad news over video and that was a pretty crappy thing to have to do, people covered their mouths in shock. A lovely person taken far too soon.

    Due to an ongoing left leg niggle, I went to see a physio on Nov 23rd. My left leg been stiff starting out running, for the first few hundred metres or so. It needed a few drops of WD40. Anyway, all checked out and grand, bar tight hamstrings. A few exercises to take home and by the end of that week it was feeling OK. Generally it was more discomfort and not painful, but no sense in making it worse and best to get these things checked. I was into week 2 of the base plan at this point and easy pace had gotten back to my normal 10:30-10:50. Outside temperature been's fine.

    My sense is going out with the club on Oct 20th was the culprit. I dunno. Not too much else to say, really. Or lack of S&C. Working from home has continued and I've been over to the local farm to get some veg. Left it too late for a pumpkin, unfortunately.

    That's pretty much where I stopped taking notes. Even though I was only doing the base plan there were some great runs in there, physically and mentally. Sleep is still quite and hit miss. I've to contact my GP in a few weeks. I don't think I'm going to get an answer until the referral comes through and that's probably low on the agenda for Beaumont with everything going on. I saw my sister and her husband for a few hours on Christmas Day, other than that, I'm following the public health advice. In recent months I watched Michael Portillo's railway series on Canada and Alaska. It's very easy and relaxing viewing, though I'm not sure about some of his wardrobe choices...

    Base plan: Nov 16th-Dec 27th: 211.56 miles.
    2020: 1508.7 miles - only 11 or so less than 2019.

    Today, easy out to Balbungan and back.

    At this rate, I think the axe is likely to fall on Conn, or postponement until Sept. I'm about to start on my third pair of Brooks GTS 19s. Do have a set of 20s on the go too, and I see 21s are about as well. If there’s an Irish store selling old stock of the 19s online I'll have another in the back of the wardrobe. I've finally started to tackle the P&D book, btw. Only about 50 pages in. It's very science driven, but imo, very accessible and a bit nerdy too. I can see why it gets mentioned here a lot. One thing that's jumped out already was a few pages on iron issues and that was one of the things that came out of my blood test a while ago. This is something the book says GPs wouldn't particularly pick up on re the link with athletes.

    It feels like I've left something out. On Christmas Day I only met one other runner.

    Alright. As per Rachel Southard – until next time, take care of yourselves, continue to work hard and all that good stuff. OK, bye.

  • Thanks for the update B.

    FWIW I deferred my Conn entry to 2022 - haven't the motivation to train for it, and IMO it's highly likely to be postponed/deferred again.

    Happy New Year. Here's to a brighter 2021.

  • Thanks. :) Happy New Year.

    If Conn does go ahead I will at least use Vaseline this time. I don't however remember how long the bus journey is to the start and sitting on one unvaccinated doesn't really appeal.

    Hope I can dust off the passport for 2022, but will make no predictions. We're in for a bumpy few months yet.

  • Connemara got the chop, inevitably. That seems like ages ago now. I'm aiming for 2,000 miles in 2021 instead. 433.44, so far. I think. There's a good 200 miles on each of the GTS 19s and 20s, first time logging it in Garmin Connect. I’ve kept up the grads intermediate plan anyway.

    Work’s been pretty full on again, back-to-back webinars and the like. Same with volunteering, being on a committee, so many feckin' draft versions. Go for a shower and come back to 27 WhatsApp messages that have to be digested. Zooms. Flat out. I’ve had very little time to read logs lately, or much of the site, in general. I had an MRI scan a while ago (first time), results were clear. I didn't mind the procedure, or enclosed space, but trying to breathe in a mask when you're in the scanner isn’t much fun at all. I did trek out Man O War/Loughshinny for 13 miler recently and got suitably soaked, drowned rat syndrome. Enjoyed it. Went out that way again two weeks later, glorious sunshine and kids in swimming (parents supervising), full tide. A good few others about and nice to have a sense of normality with everything going on. I tried some Clif Bloks on those runs and they were fine. Also bought some Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos...long bloody name. Fine too. I've curtailed my hot chocolate intake a fair bit as well. Once or twice a month, rather than 3-4 a week.

    Runs have been grand, no niggles. Sleep's still pretty disrupted. If the Beaumont appointment comes through that might lead to an answer. I registered for the vaccine through work today, no idea on timeframes, and I'm not overthinking it, lightly following bits of the news. This year is already going by very quickly.

    I finished the P&D book, happy to recommend. I didn’t realise at the time I had picked up the older version. 55 mile plan, dunno...meno covers that sort of mileage, so maybe 55-70 would be worth a bash next year. I was in Dublin city centre in January and Hodges Figgis was unfortunately closed, wanted to pick up some more things as I'm trying not to get books from a certain online place.

    As per Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond.

  • I try to buy from Kenny’s in Galway whenever I can. They have a pretty good online operation going.

    No interest in Hanson? Good alternative to P&D.

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  • Murph_D wrote: »
    I try to buy from Kenny’s in Galway whenever I can. They have a pretty good online operation going.

    No interest in Hanson? Good alternative to P&D.

    Know the name of that bookshop alright.

    Hanson, again, know the name, but I now realise I was mixing it up with Hal Higdon... :o

    Good news on the job front lately, I know I'm very lucky.

  • Yo…

    Some not so good stuff first. I had a close ish call with a car out the Man O War a number of weeks ago. I was running against traffic, one person was going rather fast. Cars before and after that had more sense. I've not been out that way since. I don’t recall if that was that same morning, but it was a Sunday where I saw one dog attack another. It came out from someone’s house and just went for it, a dog with a family. Hearing a dog in pain is awful.

    On the positive side, I got the AstraZeneca vaccine in early April because of my job, I’m fortunate. It was very strange being in the Aviva with no crowd, it felt small, unlike when it’s full. There's a great photo of Packie Bonner on the wall. I had mild side effects that didn’t kick in until late into the evening. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so warm, then I reached for the thermometer some time in the small hours and I was running 38C, along with nausea and shivers earlier on. I'm expecting to get dose 2 in late June.

    Sleep largely remains elusive in quality and quantity.

    Jan 1st-April 11th grads intermmediate grads plan: 615.67 miles.
    I didn't bother to taper properly as, well, there was nothing to taper for. I did 15 weeks rather than 14 in the end, as one week was just endless webinars for work. Kept that all easy.
    Base plan April 12th-May 23rd: 255.14 miles
    Yesterday 9.05 easy
    Should hit 1,000 miles in the next few weeks.

    Retired shoes - Brooks GTS 20s. Not long behind will be some 19s with similar mileage. About to move to 21s and a new brand I've not previously tried, Saucony Guide 14s - thanks to Amphibian King.

    Not sure what to do next.

  • Nice running, well done!

  • Thank you. I think I may have run it a bit soft, tbh. After the downhill and first turn I felt like I was largely gliding along, before the first hill. Certainly, I could have picked up things some more (getting under 8 min/mile would have been fairly doable), particularly on the home stretch too. Was told I looked serene in the photo. Doesn't matter anyway, first race in 22 months and it's good to be back. And the success of this event means there's a fair chance it'll be on next year. Week prior was highest mileage of 2021: 50.4 miles, btw.

    Someone in the club owns this great VW Beetle.

  • Before August was out, I went Tipperary for a holiday and have duly dubbed it Ireland's Tuscany. I was based in the middle of nowhere, it was peaceful and lovely. It was great to switch off from work too. Took in some other parts of Tipp as a tourist. Like an eejit I didn't particularly look at the forecast and thanks to the heat ended up having to buy some non-technical/wicking shortsleeve t-shirts for being in the car and walking around. I went on a few morning easy runs and didn't meet anyone, bar light traffic and some mist. I passed Ballybacon GAA club (sorry, veggies) each morning and headed over to Newcastle and returned. Nice easy spin after some porridge.

    Running's been grand otherwise. I've been down the club most weeks and some weekends. With some speed after some encouragement on the home stretch I was told I had my breathing under control...hmm. Trying to do some foam rolling where I can. Interestingly, the Train Right podcast put some doubt around this lately, though it's more due to the quality of science that's out there than if rolling is actually good/bad.

    Today concludes the mish mash plan (704.35 miles) I mentioned before, passing 1,600 miles for the year. I think I'm on track for 2,000, whilst still having a cushion if there's a full week where I can't do. Next on the agenda, after two weeks of no real plan, is a first for me in that I'll be following the club's 8 week 5k training. I think it'll kick my arse a bit, rather than the other way around! At least we've parkrun to look forward to as well. I did watch briefly some of the women's marathon at the Olympics, and the whole 10,000 metres race - holy moly.

    7:21 am in Tipp. This looks huge on desktop, so apologies if it's massive. Easier to upload pics a bit on the new site. The rest of that particle debacle, well...