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How excruciatingly annoying is Brian Kerr's commentary?



  • Thanks for the warning dude.

  • Big Brian Kerr was commentating the Everton - Spurs match today. Had a little giggle when he called Mason Holgate, Mason Colgate. 😁

  • When you hear stuff like that you start to think he might be a bit long in the tooth for the auld commentary lark...

    funny as the gaffes are is it’s one of the things that pisses me off about him... mispronunciations of players names, he does that in most matches, and for 90 plus minutes, he’s absolutely fûcked when the likes of Romania or Czech Republic are playing....basic punditry is knowing the players and being able to say their names ...a basic level of professionalism...not being able or caring enough to do it is just unprofessional and lazy... from time to time he gets flustered and says some shít like... ‘their number 7’

    for the good he’s done Irish football on the sidelines , and that’s been plenty... he’s not a good pundit or co-commentator, gets players names wrong, mispronounces them,

    also he told one time an anecdote about I think an Estonian or Latvian player as in during a PL game and critiqued him negatively from when Ireland played against him... the FA from that country wrote in to RTE saying...” sorry, that player wasn’t selected against Ireland “.

    so, not great. I honestly think he’s probably a decent fella, but he’s a dreadful pundit/analyst....

  • Agreed…. Nothing personal but he shouldn’t be let near a mic, especially co commentary..

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  • Threw an eye over the Man U - Young Boys game (gay-am) larst nite...match commentators were quite good as was the anchor host...but the annalists Kerr and ..I think Richard Dunne....

    Where do they get them ?

    Can't take Kerr and his mangling of the Queens English and Dunne ..if it were just not up to engaging the viewer.

    VM Media would have a decent product if they had better annalists way behind RTE in that area.

  • Nevin, I think the boy Kerr has shaped up a bit, more annoying when on co-com. than as a pundit.

    If I hear that it’s ….Bang! …off with the device.

    This narrowing of the eyes and tightening of the lips bit like squinting into the camera does irk me biggo.

    A kind of look that for me anyway seems to precede a “Lookit, you wouldn’t really know this not being a real grass roots football man” kind of statement.

    If you get me drift. An offshoot of the ‘nod & wink’ kind of look.

    Check it out…

  • Dunne seems like a nice fella and I knew someone who played in a couple of Ireland’s underage sides with him who confirmed that but he seems too quiet and laid back for the whole co-commentary lark.... he’s new to it and might find a niche with experience..

  • Richard Dunne always looks like he has just been told some terrible life-changing news.

  • 😯

    Like he got a brown envelope from Ashton Gate?

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  • Don't mention the War Benny...A lether from the boy Howley with the big job over in the 'Gate would give even the hardest men a dose of the runnin skitters.

    Knew a lad who was prone to a bit of "guntherin"...doin "this an that" if you catches my drift...anyways got the lether from the 'Gate an that was the end of him.

    Big kick ass Jeep..Gone.....Golf Club membership..Gone .....Three "Sun Holiday's" a year....Gone....Premium Seats in Croker...gone !

    Larst I heard of the chap he was flogging time shares in Portugal...

    Ypu don't mess with the boys from the 'Gate.......

  • Yeah Dunne looks like he's trying to hold in a piss during a job interview.

    I don't understand how he's gotten a punditry role. He does be on Premier Sports too. A week ago he was saying Utd have real problems in defence and midfield, but their attack is good. And last night he was saying he wouldn't rule them out of winning the Champions League.

  • Now we have to be fair to the boy, he did say that but they are still in it and so can win it.

    He certainly gave me the impression that he thought they hadn’t a hope in hell of winning it .

    But once one is still in, in one off games it’s possible.

  • One would have to “fear” for attendances at League of Ireland games, Bohs and Rovers in particular, if United were to go on to win the Champions League.

    The fickle ex-United “fans” would flock back to shouting at tv screens and pulling on the old, long neglected, jerseys if that happened.

    Wouldn’t be putting any money on it, B but, like you said, if they’re in it they have a chance. Slim as that may be.


    “When you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression”.


  • The great man is on now, this is fantastic.

  • He really should start a podcast. Interviews with former players, LoI personalities (thinking Roddy Collins, Pat Dolan, Damien Richardson etc), and the odd episode where he just rambles on about life in general. I'd listen to it.

  • United's second half was 'Broooo-il' according to Kerr. Like a team of teenagers was going to set the Champions League alight.

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  • The auld Duuuuube can’t handle the letter ‘t’ lad.

    Several different versions of mashing that poor letter.

  • I accept Kerr may be a sound guy an all that....but I still have to make sure the Cider Flagon is out of reach if he shows up on the box.

    Melts me he does.....

  • Yeah, you’ve mentioned that a couple of times in your last few posts.

  • I'm sure your Ma used to say that young Niall fella is fierce observant ?

    But...fair point Dude..

  • Hes gotten a gig in Pakistan for a few weeks, I hear.