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Random Running Questions



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    Ankle high socks recommendations?

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,864 ✭✭✭ ariana`

    Pros/Cons to doing a weekly club track session in place of a solo session that is geared specifically to the individual?

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    I probably shouldn't really comment as I don't train with my club but i'm an opinionated fecker so here I

    I've changed my mind on this one over the years. I think the pros far outweigh the cons except maybe if you're in a marathon specific block.

    Running with other people sharpens you. You'll probably push yourself that little bit harder.

    It's less of a mental slog suffering with other people.

    As long as you're not racing your training every week and recovering sufficiently then I think it's a good thing.

    The only con is you're not getting specific tailored training for that day but I'm not sure that's as big an issue as you light think. Good club coaches probably will adjust things for you on the fly but I'm not sure how common it is.

    Put it this way, if I had the option I'd certainly train with the club more often, but not every week. But that's just me.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,864 ✭✭✭ ariana`

    Thanks @Sad Professor@Swashbuckler, thank you. It likely wouldn't be every week for me anyhow as underage football and soccer match schedules are far too fluid to allow me to commit to anything with certainty 🙄 I think I will go for it. I need a change anyhow and now seems like a good time I've nothing to lose, the bar is about as low as it's been in a long time.

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    Its especially beneficial when you're on the comeback (like you are post Covid). It might just take the mental slog out of it. Another benefit is you might be able to ignore the watch a bit and just focus on effort and those around you. Takes the pressure off a bit.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,864 ✭✭✭ ariana`

    Thanks, I'm sold. It's only one session per week anyhow and the rest I'd still be in control of. @ReeReeG yeah it is with a coach and I know at times anyhow he tailors it around key races that are on locally and in particular if a lot of people are targeting them and coming up to DCM there is always a marathon group and "another" group, so that's helpful. I don't think I have much to lose.

    I was actually wondering if it would frustrate me not having the session pre-programmed and then not having exact splits but actually you make a good point, right now the watch is a bit disheartening anyhow so focussing on just effort and ignoring the watch could be better mentally.

    Thanks a million folks.

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    Well if you have a Garmin i'd encourage you to use the lap button. By using the lap button at the beginning and end of each rep you'll be able to see your splits afterwards. It's what I did on my session yesterday. It was essentially a session I made up on the fly so I just hit go at the start. When I decided to start the 1 mile rep I hit the lap button at the beginning and end of the mile, then I hit it again after 3 minutes recovery to signal the start of the 800m rep and hit it when finisheed that rep....and so on...Then afterwards all the data is in Garmin - not that I analyse it much but still go to know what pace I managed for each rep.

    All that being said - when things feel like a little bit of a slog its no bad thing to just forget the data for a while and just get a feel for things. But each to their own. I'm very much a run by feel runner. I'd have fit in well in the old days when people just ran. lol

  • Registered Users Posts: 64 ✭✭ Snodge

    Are Nike Vapourflys and Alphasflys permitted for track racing or road only? TIA

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,490 ✭✭✭ DeepBlue

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    Not allowed on track. Specific sole thickness allowed is set out in World Athletics Competition Rules C2.1A, Appendix 3:

    Track Events (including hurdle events) up to but not including 800m => Maximum sole thickness: 20mm

    Track Events from 800m and above (including steeplechase events) => Maximum sole thickness: 25mm

    Vaporfly and Alphafly are both substantially thicker than those limits, but both under (or at) the road race limit, which is 40mm

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    Does anyone know if the canal around Mullingar is paved for grass? Second question is it suitable for a 10 mile run (5 out 5 back)?

  • Registered Users Posts: 22 sav1

    It is not all paved/tarmac but it is a good surface no grass very suitable for a 10mile. Depending on which way you go or where you are starting there is only one road where you may have to cross at the "Dublin road bridge". If you are starting at the greenway carpark in the Clonmore and head west along the canal there is a minor road to cross but it is very quite.

    If you are looking for all paved you could head out the greenway from clonmore.

  • Registered Users Posts: 596 ✭✭✭ Unknownability


    Thank you both for the recommendations.

    Unfortunately even with best of intentions the run didn't happen. The event I was at ran over and it would've seen me start the run after 9pm.

    I wouldn't feel comfortable running that late in an unfamiliar setting.

    I did have a quick look and could see that across from lidl on the way into Mullingar from Athlone that they seem to have built a car park that can access the canal and the greenway.