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Review a review Journal.

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    After reading through so many good journal threads, I thought a good idea would be to review the reviews and maybe note which movies to watch next.

    Please feel free to contribute. Together we can decide the good from the bad and the bad from the pure unwatchable :D.

    First up.
    Tindie wrote: »
    Thanks for thanks

    Chasing the Devil (2014)

    I only heard of this movie, seconds before I watched it, I had no idea what the plot of the movie was and I did not see the trailer.

    The end result , I felt a little creeped out at the end of the movie, it's another one of those found footage movies.

    I really enjoyed, it dose really make you want to jump or anything but he dose want to creep the YOU! out, there also some bloody moment in this movie. which I also really enjoyed.

    In some scenes its actually tell you not to watch the rest of the movie, so evil force in the movie won't find YOU!. (Oh no, I just broke the rule of the movie :/)

    The lead actor did seem a bit wooden at the start of the movie but it didn't he really bother me lol and rest of actor was decent and watch able.

    I found the movie flowed really well, it dose not drag at all and I didn't find the movie boring at all.

    7 out of 10 I thought this movie was really good, I had fun watching.

    Watched this movie off the back of the above review.

    It is a very well shoot and scripted movie. Some of the actor is over played, but only in parts and it doesn't affect what is a very clever plot.

    The use of special effects was limited and only used when it would give the best impact, it succeed very well.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Would recommend viewing.

    a 7/10 from me too.



  • Next up.

    The Possession 2012

    Tindie's review. 7/10

    Jay Hunter's Review. 5/10

    Kingp35's Review. 6.5/10

    Some great reviews above.

    Yes, it's a high budget Hollywood movie, the cinematography is good, all the visuals are pretty. It was a very well cast movie imo. Acting is spot on. It doesn't really bring anything new to the table but is so much better than a lot of horror out there.

    If you can get it and have time, watch it.


  • The Abandoned

    Kingp35 6/10
    Otis Driftwood 8/10

    Maybe read Kingp35's review after viewing as it contains minor spoilers.

    The movie is about an adopted Russian lady living in the states and she returns to her homeland to finalize where she is from. The movie is beautifully shot and I had high hopes for it. The more it went on,the edgier I got. More from frustration than fright. There were a lot of holes in the plot and obvious mistakes, as in, no one would do the things the characters were doing. Small things, like not closing doors behind you or running instead of hiding etc or visa versa. These little things tend to ruin the realism of a movie for me.

    Yes, I understand it is fiction, but come on :D.

    Overall the movie had great potential but fel short of it. Probably worth a shot, as above, some loved it. It certainly wasn't the worst movie I have watched but would not make my top 500.


  • The Pact

    See Jaykhunters review for trailer.

    Kingp35 7/10

    I really liked this movie. Was wonderfully cast and drew me in from the off. I think there is probably something for every horror fan. Good atmosphere throughout and the story always lets you know there is something missing. There were a couple of silly plot points but overall it is a very strong movie.

    I would highly recommend it.


  • I know no-one review the following movie, with good reason, but I watched it last night.

    The Invoking.


    The house looks nothing like that, it is neither a must see or chilling.

    It starts with four friends heading out into the Californian countryside. Sam, the lead, played by Trin Miller was adopted many years before. She was left her natural family homestead once they had all died.

    On arrival, the house is up a long lonely private road. They are greeted by a creepy caretaker, which is in and around the same age as the other 20 somethings.He actually played the part well. From here the movie develops.

    The acting is amateur in parts and after 5 seconds you can tell it had a low budget. Saying that, the cinematography is nice in parts with some lovely shots of the coutryside.

    The movie is too slow, doesn't really make a lot of sense and just about makes it into the horror genre.

    Avoid it.


    I googled Trin Millerbut didn't find much but I am sure I have seen her in other things or someone who looks very like her.

  • Shadow (2009)

    Movie starts off with a young GI back from a tour of duty in some war zone. He is taking a biking holiday on some mountain in Europe. He is a nice guy meets a nice girl, they run into a few local hillybillies. Normal run of the mill stuff. They all meet a bad ass.

    I'm not a big fan of torture movies, they don't float my boat but this isn't an out and out one.

    it's well shot and well acted. With a decent ending. Overall I enjoyed it.

    Worth a watch.


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  • The Innocents (1961)

    Tindie wrote: »

    The Innocents (1961)
    I loved how this movie tries to creepy out even before the movie as started as the start of the movie, you get the Really Creepy Kids voice.

    That is one hell of the way to the start a movie like this, I creepy factor dose not stop there at all.

    As the movie keeps going you may thing that Kids how doing something as do act a little stange in some scenes.

    I love this very dark settling movie, there are some very creepy scenes in this movie, the laughing near end of the movie was very creepy.

    I loved the ending of this movie, I clad that is one reason this might never see a remake, I can't see that do that ending now-er days

    The acting was outstanding from the whole cast 10 out of 10

    Conflicting reviews above.

    I loved it, really set up a mood from the off and had some really creepy moments. I thought the child actors did a great job particularly Martin Stephens who played Miles. Would recommend any and all horror fans to watch it. A lot of horrors came from this very movie. I read that Nicole Kidmans character in "The Others" referred to her children as the innocents as a tribute to the movies. Nice touch from the writers.

    Watch it. 8/10

  • Sticking with the retro buzz. Caught this while surfing youtube.

    City of the dead/Horror hotel. (1961)

    It received a high rating on IMDb of 6.9.

    It was only alright, if you are in the mood for some retro mood setting horror, fog and deep voices, then you will enjoy it.

    It's better than most of the modern horror out there.Not a very long movie. Catch it if you have time to kill. Otherwise, let it rest.


  • The Borderlands (2013)

    A Vatican investigation team head to a small village in Britain to check out a "miracle" at the local church. With them is the non believer tech guy who adds the comic relief.

    If I were to make a horror movie, this setting would be it.

    I enjoy British horror, it seems a bit realer than most. I enjoyed the movie but it could have been a lot better.

    6.5/10 worth a whirl.

  • Open Grave

    Knew very little about this movie before I watched it and that probably is the best way to approach it.Don't watch any trailers.

    A man awakes to find himself in a grave full of dead bodies. He gets out and confronts a few people in a nearby house. None can remember why they are there. So starts a journey to put the jigsaw back together. I don't want to say any more.

    I enjoyed it. Watch it, let me know what you think.

    Well acted. Good script and well shot. Sharlto Copley does a good job as the lead.


  • MudSkippers Log

    Brilliant selection of films in the log, some I have seen and want to re-watch. Below was meant to be a small selection :o of films I want to watch.
    Will do similar with other journals. Good to keep a list as I am forever forgetting films that I think at the time "oh that looks good" :D

    Feel free to comment on any of the films. Good to get different opinions.

    The Black Cat
    Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
    The Ruins
    Suspiria (tired to track this movie down before with no success)
    The Brood
    dellamorte delamore
    Buried (not strictly horror but worth a look by the sounds of it)
    The Grapes of Death
    Don't Torture a Duckling
    Deep Red
    I Saw the Devil
    Session 9
    The Beyond
    The Poughkeepsie Tapes
    The Girl Who Knew Too Much
    Quatermass and the Pit

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  • The Poughkeepsie Tapes


    Otis Driftwood

    I was eager to watch this film as I read about it here.

    I read it had a budget of $500k so not whole of cash to splash around but not too shabby either. The movie is based on a serial killer and the police investigation surrounding him. They find hundreds of hours of tape shot by the killer as he went about his crime spree.

    The movie is made up of interviews and snippets of these films. If you like cold case or other investigation shows you will like this.There is a lot of references to real life serial killers. As said already, there isn't anything overly graphic but some scenes made me feel uncomfortable. So extra points for that.

    I'm not a big fan of slasher/killer horror but this didn't quite go as far as that. I wasn't crazy on some of the killer cams quality to begin with but it seemed to improve as the movie went on.

    It's a good solid movie.


  • Session 9 (2001)
    MudSkipper wrote: »
    Session 9
    Hard pressed for cash an asbestos cleaning crew take on a job clearing out an old mental hospital. The eeriness of the place and the disturbing files some of the crew find make for a psychological disturbing ride. The 'twist' is bit too obvious, but doesnt take away from the atmosphere of the movie as whole :-)

    I found it was cast well and acted well. A lot of the actors will be instantly recognisable from tv shows over the recent past.

    It has a shining vibe going on and the type of horror I enjoy.The location alone is enough to give anyone shivers.
    I felt some parts of the story could have been developed more. Overall I enjoyed it.


  • Suspiria (1977)

    MudSkipper 8/10

    Tindie 7/10

    A beautifully shot movie, very easy on the eye with bright inviting colours at every turn. It is a film that looks fresh and new even after all this time. The soundtrack is brilliant and really sets the mood up nicely. For the visuals and sound alone, it is worth watching the movie.

    Yeah, the movie has faults, it's not particularly scary but it oozes charm and class. There are a few good death scenes too.

    It is a must see.


  • This is a really cool idea with your movie blog, great stuff Caveat_!

  • Thanks, There is so much good horror hidden and not so hidden among the genre. It's nice to have a place where we can try and discover the gems :D

  • The Changeling (1980)



    Watched this again recently. It made the forums top 100 horror movies.

    George C. Scott stars as a composer who witnessed his Wife and Daughter being killed in a tragic accident. The movie starts a year later as he is trying to get his life back on track.

    He has a friend in a historic society who mistakenly rents a mansion to him. It pretty much sticks to the haunted house formula and does so to great effect. Like all movies it has it's faults but the pros more than out weigh them.

    Scott plays a blinder as the lead and has a great character to work with. Kind of guy that is no messing about and has a logical mind.

    I love this movie and it would make my top ten easily.


    Watch it and let me know.

  • Hunger

    First review.

    I'm a big fan of good psychological horror.

    The story begins with 5 people trapped down a dark room at the bottom of a well, they have no idea how they got there or why they are there. There is a clock on the wall, it only has one hand and appears to be counting down. They also have 4 barrels of drinking water and a surgical knife. Yeah, you can guess how this is going to play out.

    When I said above I was a big fan of good psychological horror, I meant it. This isn't one of them. It is pants. Terrible from start to finish. The worst part is, this movie cost a lot of money to make. How they thought this would be a good idea is beyond me.

    I see the good in most movies so I don't give 1's lightly but this movie just took the biscuit. Lived up to all the tired clichés and didn't dare try something new. Money could have been better spent.

    1/10. Waste of time.

  • Mirrors. (2008)

    I haven't seen Into the Mirror and probably won't now. It was a 2003 Korean movie that this is based on. Although,
    "INTO THE MIRROR" is a must see



    I watched `Mirrors` there last week and liked it. Kinda reminded me of one of them survival horror console games like Resi or condemed. I kept looking for my joypad and not my popcorn when i was in the cinema.
    azezil wrote: »
    Mirror was rubbish!!

    It's a big budget flick with actors you will recognise in some shape or form.

    The lead is played by Kiefer Sutherland (Ben Carson), a suspended ex detective who is working security at a burnt out shell of the oldest superstore in New York.

    The movie starts out Carson's predecessor running through the subway in panic, eventually coming to an abrupt halt with a little help from the mirrors.

    It's all a bit blah. Yes, it is well made and yes it's not terrible. It is, middle of the road at best. I've been spoilt with good horror recently so my bar is still set high, for now.

    This movie won't set your world on fire but it would cause it to smash to pieces either. Heh, mirror humour.

    On reflection, I give it a generous 5/10

  • Buried (2008)

    I didn't think it fitted the genre but after watching it, I believe it does.

    MudSkipper wrote: »

    A ballsy movie, set in a coffin only. American trucker gets kidnapped in Iraq and finds himself in a coffin with a flask, a lighter and a mobile phone... this is not McGuyver folks...:D Hats off to Ryan Reynolds for making this one work, the inital sense of panic, the realisation of abandonment..... he carries it all.. The action scene (inside the coffin) is a bonus :D

    This is well worth a watch, I watched it late last night and it keep me gripped and interested. I have a new found respect for that Actor. He plays the lead part very well.

    Good movie 7/10

  • V/H/S 2 (2013)

    TerrorFirmer's review

    JayKHunter's review

    Like the above reviews, I liked it. I think they were shot well and the stories were strong.

    I had to turn off the first V/H/S as it was a pain to watch the camera work but they really hit the nail on the head with the sequel.

    Would recommend it.


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  • Triangle

    Darko's review

    niallon's review

    Mudskipper's review

    JayKHunter's review

    Firstly, I would recommend reading this review the first 3 above. Wait till after you have seen it to read JayKHunter's one. I do enjoy his review a lot but it is more insightful after you have seen the movie :D.

    I'd echo a lot of what the other posters say but would add that I thought Melissa George did a great job and in context who knows what her character was capable of. Ok, the movie has a couple of plot holes but I just jumped aboard and went along for the ride.

    I agree that the less you know about it the better. Just watch it.

    I'd recommend it, 7/10

  • Heartless

    Darko's Review

    Kingp35's Review

    I agree that it is a very well shot movie. It starts off well, and I expected it would turn into a similar tale as Odd Thomas, it didn't. After enjoying the first 1/3 the second really slowed down and was quite dull. I understand it was to build character relationships but it did drag and lost me a bit.

    It did pick up again but a part of me had lost interest. The movie does raise a lot of questions of what actually has going on and does make you think about that. A second viewing would probably have you watch it in a slightly different way.

    Overall, it isn't bad but it could have been great but falls a long way short of that.

    If you come across it, pick it up and judge for yourself. It certainly won't be a waste of time or money.


  • The Chaser
    MudSkipper wrote: »

    The Chaser Also not strictly a horror, this very enjoyable south korean movie about an ex-cop who runs a call-girl operation is losing his girls and suspects they're running away.... except there is a crazed serial killer on the loose. Most memorable scene is the
    claw-hammer murder
    towards the end. 7.5/10

    Darko wrote: »
    The Chaser: While I don't count it as a horror many do so I best include it. Superior thriller, a great concept, superb acting and a real sense of foreboding. One of the best films of the past few years and one which really improves the less you know going in.

    Yeah, it isn't a horror. It reminded me of Se7en, for no obvious reason. The violence is probably on a par.

    It is a cracking movie, some parts just left me feel plain uncomfortable. It's tempo is spot on, characters are believable and have just the right amount of development. Good acting, strong script, shot well.

    Watch it.


  • The woman in black.

    Daniel Radcliffe stars in this sleek well shot movie. The cinematography, sets and acting can't be faulted but it does fall flat. The story is a classic haunting tale. Vengeful spirit wreaking havoc once disturbed. My biggest problem with it was the main character kept doing things that no sane person would ever do and he never seemed overly scared no matter how bizarre things got.

    It's an ok film, it won't light your world up or give you anything new but there are worse things to be doing.

    Kingp35 wrote: »

    The Woman In Black (2012)

    I having been meaning to watch the original TV movie for a long time now but somehow I ended up watching this remake first and I am very annoyed that I did! I really don't understand the positive reviews the film is getting as bar the excellent sets and costumes there is nothing much else to recommend here for horror fans. There is very little suspense or creepy atmosphere and the vast majority of the scares rely on predictable loud noises, not once did I jump out of my seat. The story is interesting enough and I can't fault the acting but for a straight up horror film it simply isn't scary. Even my girlfriend who usually jumps out of her seat at anything remotely scary didn't flicnh once. Hugely disappointing.

    Woman In Black
    Went to see this last week and really enjoyed it.
    A return of the Hammer house of Horror, I hope we see many more to come.
    Possiable classic here, back to the old way of making a horror, just bumps in the night and not seeing a whole lot, just made it scarier.
    Kieran Hinds was good as was harry potter, sorry Still cant get hogwarts out of mind when I see Dan Radcliff. Still he wasent bad in it either....

    Also helped to have a packed cimema fully of peeps who kept screaming at every jump, added a laugh for me anyways. 75% full and the movie was in its 3rd week, good showing for a Hammer film.

    Not a lot of gore but a movie like this did not need it...
    7 outa 10 ....

    jaykhunter wrote: »
    The Woman In Black (2012)

    Pre-amble :
    From one Potter kid to the next...This is Daniel Radcliffe's first film since finishing the Harry Potter series. Good God, is this the best film he could land a feature part in? Small trivia note, the 1989 TV film version of The Woman in Black featured Adrian Rawlins in Radcliffe's part, who played his father in the Harry Potter movies! How about that.

    Plot :
    Early 1900s Britain, Harry's a failing lawyer who's tasked to sort out papers for a large manor. When he gets to the remote area, he finds it's haunted, death surrounds the town and the villagers know something but aren't telling. One kindly old man drip-feeds him the plot, Ciarán Hinds (Caesar from ROME). So far so good.

    The Horror :
    It all falls apart when you get the sinking realisation that this film has nothing to offer. All this film can muster is the same monotonous startling/shock!-horror that is truly the lowest of scares. Over and over again for 90 minutes. Oh it's crow, how startling, oh a music box starts playing, how startling. Specifically-placed mirrors in the shot, something moves! Oh no!

    Anything Else?
    Tell you what though, Potter in this film has balls. He has no problem checking out an obviously malevolently-haunted house with absolutely no concern for his own safety. The film tries to add gravity as the targets of said Woman in Black are always children, and Potter's kid is on his way to the haunted town and such a fate could await him. Horrible film. So little positives to say about it. It had the customary washed-out look, it never looked cheap, so that's something positive.

    Overall :
    The script and the 'scares' were bankrupt. Hugely disappointing, fell short of average. Avoid.

  • Shutter

    A Thai ghost story.

    The film is centred around a young photographer and his girlfriend.After an accident, He starts to notice odd face shapes and blurs in his photo's. Then weird things began to happy to them both as they try and figure out what the story is.

    I enjoyed it, a few jump up moments and some of it was pretty creepy.

    Well worth a watch


  • Going through a non English film fest at the moment.

    Cold Prey

    A group of 20-somethings head out for a day of snow boarding. One gets injured and they must seek refuge in an abandoned mountain hotel. You can guess what's going to happen next. Sleek, clever movie with a strong lead, but we've seen it a million times before. Overall I liked it, but it won't rock your horror world.

    The reason, I watched it as I saw the sequel was listed on a top 10 list.


    Norwegian slasher film from the mid-to-late 2000s. A really, really great example of how a slasher film can be done intelligently, and with an emphasis on logic and character development.

    The story concerns five friends who are travelling up into the mountains to do some off-piste skiing during the Winter. One of them fractures his leg in an accident, and the five are forced to seek shelter in a seemingly abandoned ski lodge until the morning. As they soon discover, though, they are not alone...

    This may sound like the plot to at least half a dozen different films, but where 'Cold Prey' excels is in creating a very strong, well-written core group of characters, and devising a plot whereby these characters make rational decisions based on common sense, as opposed to the general "wandering off alone into the dark" crap that most films lazily adhere to.

    The atmosphere is fantastic, utilising the cold, icy Norwegian landscape perfectly, and there's bucketloads of suspense. The killer has a great 'look' as well-- quite creepy. It's not an especially gory film, but it doesn't need to be. It's a character-driven piece, and the film is all the better for it.

    Definitely recommended. (Most places have it tagged together with its sequel 'Cold Prey: Resurrection', which is also decent enough, but it doesn't better the original.)

    Drag Me To Hell is astounding. A modern day Evil Dead.

    Finally got around to watching Splinter, thought it was pretty decent. Last night I watched Norweigen slasher Cold Prey which I thought was impressive.

    Cold Prey 2

    The movie starts pretty much exactly where the prequel ended. An enjoyable watch but again, it won't rock your world. I really like the leading lady, she has the right amount of sanity and bravery to make her believable.


    Cold prey 3 is going back a couple of decades and may be worth a watch. I'm all cold preyed out for now though :p

  • Here comes the Devil.

    The version I saw of this was dubbed into English and this may have taken some of the edge off the movie for me.

    It tells the tale of 2 kids getting lost overnight on the side of a mountain. when they reappear next day, they are distant and withdrawn.

    It's an ok movie, a fair bit of nudity so don't watch it with your mother :p.

    I didn't feel like I wasted 90 minutes of my life but I will have forgotten this movie by tomorrow.

    jaykhunter wrote: »
    Here Comes The Devil (2012)

    Plot: A Mexican film where two children are lost overnight in a rocky hill, and return different, with a blunted affect. The film is told from the parent's POV, as they uncover and deal with the event.

    Thoughts on the film:
    • Within the first ten minutes, we see lesbians having sex, a daughter's first period, and a husband successfully cajoling his wife into having sex in the car. The sexually-orientated tone is present throughout the film. However, it's completely different than the joyless nudity found in most horrors - it's generally within a loving relationship. Combined with some subject matters broached/described (paedophilia, incest) it may be uncomfortable viewing. There is full female nudity in both sexual and non-sexual situations.
    • The characters aren't particularly memorable or unique. Just a regular family with problems are subjected to this terror.
    • The idea is cool but the story is a bit dodgy: The police detective scenes go nowhere. The mother has some serve-the-plot irrational decisions (eg let's keep this huge discovery to myself!) but I didn't mind.
    • Lots of visual references to blood with the daughter (eg deep red blankets and jacket/hat)
    • Exposition: Sadly we are given very little information of the evil residing in the hills, just a vague campfire recollection of why you shouldn't go near that area.
    • Low budget but it's more of a dark drama spent with the family, so it's not really noticed. When we do get effects they feel a little out of place
    We get brief shots of blood, ghoul makeup and levitating effects (which is a bit hilarious)
    • Best bit:
    One instance of a ghost breast-groping, done with stop motion! Amazing...

    Overall it was an interesting watch. It's tone/approach is very different than other horrors but will be more remembered for it's sexuality/frequent nudity, which doesn't mask the characters and some story elements. Give it a go, see what you think.

  • Mutants

    Described as a Zombie movie, it really isn't. Infected people turn into blood crazed mutants over the course of a few days. The story starts with a husband and wife as they are caught up in the infected zone. Well shot movie, the acting is decent. I do enjoy characters that do things that you would expect normal people to do.

    As Darko says below, it could have been great but falls short, they had the right ingredients but the cake falls flat.

    I still enjoyed it though.


    Darko wrote: »

    Mutants: An interesting French horror film with great creature effects and gore but a sadly clichéd plot sinks the film into mediocrity. Had they spent a little more time on the plot and crafting an original story it could have been something truly special but as it stands it's entertaining enough but fails to stand out from the crowd.

  • Over the last few days, I have watched the good, the bad and the terrible.

    Where to start.....

    I saw the Devil

    This movie has got some great reviews and I expected something far more gorier than I got. Maybe I have watched too much horror to be shocked anymore :p.

    It's a good movie, very good. It's run time is over 2 and a half hours but the pace zips along nicely. There are a couple of glaring plot holes which I think let it down.

    For example:
    The secret service guy was allowed to assault police and drive like a lunatic without anyone stopping him. When he knew the murderer was on his way to his father in laws house, he didn't try and contact his sister in law to warn her too. This is something that would have happened as soon as the father in law didn't pick up the phone.

    Strong acting and good bits of black comedy. Both lead characters were strong.

    Well worth a watch

    MudSkipper wrote: »
    I Saw the Devil
    Korean horror starring mr. Old Boy himself as a demented serial killer. He meets his match in a determined detective when he kidnaps and tortures the cops pegnant fiancee. The detective takes revenge in kind and then some... Excellent actng, a dark dark plot and plenty of gore
    Darko wrote: »
    I Saw the Devil: One of the best revenge films ever, truly gut wrenching at times and that it manages to sustain its self for over 2 hours is a testament to the quality of the writing. Like the Chaser it's best experienced cold.

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  • Surveillance

    Small town where two serial killer manics go on a rampage. We enter the story after the fact while the FBI and local police are trying to put the pieces together. Loads of flash back story telling.

    I thought it was poor, very poor.

    Decuc500 wrote: »
    I was disappointed with Surveillance. It started off well and I enjoyed it's quirkiness but it descended into the usual sadistic, pointless horror movie that get released all the time now. In particular
    the last 'kill' left me feeling depressed and angry that
    I had sat through 90 minutes to have the film bludgeon the audience like that.

    Sanjuro wrote: »

    The surprise film was Surveillance. And it was dross.

    Cactus Col wrote: »

    I thought Surveillance was alright, better than shrooms. I don't think anybody would've expected that film, and there were some good performances.

    columok wrote: »
    Surveillance was just bizarre.