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The main thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing



  • All the best with your recovery, listen to the body & take it easy as long as you have to!

  • Sorry to hear this, seriously unfortunate timing. All the best with the recovery A; plenty of time left to Manchester.

    • Pace a friend for x distance in Manchester

  • If said Friend paid for my flights and accommodation for the privilege of me pacing, then its a consideration :p

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  • Missed the drama - sorry to hear of those difficulties, Alan. You seem to be recovering well. Interesting that it happened following the diet changes - any connection? I'm sure the coach can get you back on track, I wouldn't think all is lost by any means considering the shape you've been in.

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  • Glad to hear the recovery is going well. Hard to resist the temptation to quickly return to previous training paces no doubt. Best of luck with it !

  • It's hard to withdraw from a race at any time but especially after the year+ we've had with no races! I'd probably do it, assuming you are ok now to pick up training again? How lofty is the goal, or how devastated would you feel if you had to adjust it? What are the other race options down the road? These would be the things I'd be thinking about... but ultimately if it isn't going against medical advice then I'd probably just rely on all the good training done prior to the bad luck of recent times.

    Wishing you a continued speedy recovery & quick return to normal fitness A.

  • Sorry to read this Alan but glad to hear you are on the mend. Think it makes sense to give yourself a few weeks before making a decision.

  • Maybe not Jesus but Lazarus (I think he was 4 days) would be proud of that quick recovery all the same. Great to read you're on the mend.

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  • Glad to see you recovered.

    I haven’t been on here much the new format is shockingly sh1t!!!


  • Nicely done AMK 👍 7x1.2ish miles @6min pace is nothing to be sniffed at. Fitness is still there right below the surface anyway.

    New format isn't fantastic...but is it so bad as to finish off most of the A&R posters? Forum on it's last legs by the looks of things 😔

  • Maybe I'll keep it going - with less people around, I might win log of the year eventually or even race report of the year :)

  • Shunt lactate? How does that work? 🧐

  • 'Shunt' is probably the wrong term - Shuttle is a more appropriate term. The workout is trying to train the body to be more efficient at:

    Faster Rep: Body increases lactate

    Slower Rep: Shuttles lactate and reuses it as energy.

    We've a lady in our training group who has a PHD in all things lactate (no, not a Doctor of Lactate........) who gave an interesting presentation on this recently. (Shunt is a different term for a different workout)

  • You guys are pretty funny. LOL.

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  • Share a bath with me in San Seb or Valencia? 🤣


  • DD is going to San Seb!! You wont ditch him like you ditched me.

    I was thinking of Valencia or a Spring Marathon - but the idea of not running a spring Marathon and just racing a bunch is also appealing

  • Im in the same boat with regards to Manchester, but my decision was probably a lot more straightforward to yours. If you're anything like me, I bet you have checked out every possible race available to you from October to December - that's exciting at least. Not often that you'll get the chance to race these Autumn races without a marathon looming over

  • That’s tough luck, Alan. 😟

  • That was sh!t luck Alan but there'll be more races for you, main thing is get the foot better!

    Aw thanks for the mention, Da inspired PB, love it🤗

  • Well done to your daughter on her results, 1st choice & job...proud dad😊

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