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The main thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing



  • I can empathize with you AMK, use the time to get fitter and stronger.

    You're in good shape and it’ll come good


  • That 15x2min session at 5k effort always blows me away...I've had a lot of 5k (and faster) sessions over the past few months and to he honest they are mentally tough. Fair play. That's 30mins of 5k effort....yikes.

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  • 30 mins @5k effort 🤢🤮 not for me thanks...🤣

  • Bet you didn’t offer to buy the consultant the Vaseline though…🤣


  • Jeepers. Mind yourself. I’ve taken the ‘concoction’ myself. Very, eh, explosive!

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  • Best of luck on the self coaching journey A. I get the desire to step away from running social media (or all social media in general). From a selfish perspective I hope you don't step away from logging. I can hardly talk as I abandoned my log ages ago but personally I get an awful lot out of this log and your training in general. I think me and you are similar style runners, enjoy the same types of sessions, hate the same types of sessions, running at a similar level for the shorter stuff and you'd certainly be my reference point for when I transition to the marathon. I've also stolen several of your sessions lately while I go through my own self coaching journey while things settle with the new baby. So in summary, please don't go but totally understand if you take a break...I've done the same in the past and it did help.

  • What do you mean by 'workout anxieties', A? Just curious.

    It struck me the other day before the HM - I had that unpleasant pre-race nerves feeling, which is part anticipation, part anxiety, part fear, part adrenaline - that a lot of people never put themselves through those 'squeaky bum' moments, preferring (and fair play and good luck to them, we're all still runners) to stay in the comfort zone or just go out and enjoy themselves. But yet many of us put ourselves through that unpleasantness, and out the other side to post-race euphoria (if it went well) or alternatively, but rarely, despair.

    Workouts can feel that way too, although personally with less at stake if it goes wrong - because no one watches my workouts too closely.

  • And if you don't update the log then just PM me your sessions please and thanks 😂

  • As someone who took a break from Strava for a while. I think it is a good thing to do at certain times. Especially if things aren't just right. I also used to get anxious about sessions. Where I'd put myself under pressure to preform a certain way like hitting prescribed paces and if my body didn't respond I'd feel shiťe about it. It doesn't seem to happen anymore probably because I'm running solo and secondly I know I've to be patient to get back to where I once was.

  • Out of interest do you not fancy the fuelcell TC for long tempo sessions (in the wet)

  • Ah here, who doesn't have at least 7 accounts per website lmao

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  • I do indeed - I really like that shoe, its a very versatile shoe - just looking to see if I could talk myself into the tempos but I cant use the B'Day discount on them.

  • Limerick in May? Ye marathon veterans are far too exotic with all these foreign marathons..I must say all this marathon talk lately has really got me buzzing...

  • Talk over here is Rotterdam will revert to its usual April date in 2022.

  • there's a date set for it in April I believe - My 1st preference is an earlier Marathon - training over the winter (I love it).

    Get it done, recover and be a race wh0re for Spring/Summer - then Berlin in Sept all going well.

  • Seville is a great option in my opinion. Lovely city, well organised and fast course. Ryanair is charging top dollar for flights at the moment, but it is easy enough to route via Madrid and catch the train or via Malaga. You won't regret it if you choose Sevilla.

    The Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium is great if you get the chance to go to a game. Although, I just checked, looks like Sevilla are away that weekend. Real Betis are playing Majorca.

  • Happy Birthday!

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  • Happy birthday 🥳