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Today I did something to my car (volume 2)



  • hi all

    I replaced the head unit in my 2002 147 TS a while ago and was missing a little bit of Bass ( not Boy racer Bass) and while surfing the Web I came across this mini Pioneer unit ( TS-WX010A) that is ideally suited to what i needed.

    Installation is straight forward and due to its slim size can easily sit in the passenger footwell. It runs of a standard 10amp fuse so no need to go through the bulk head to the battery. Its adjustable for gain and freq so after a careful bit of a adjusting i got the levels i wanted

    It uses the constant 12v from the fuse box which rather than joining it into the head unit constant power I used one of the piggyback fuse leads .

    So if you are looking for that bass its well worth the money .

    all the Alfa best


  • Sorry if off topic, can anyone please tell me what this part is? About 27cm in diameter, 1cm deep. Left behind in shed by previous owner (who ran a garage here)

  • Open with Chrome.

    Long press on the image above and select "search with Google Lens"