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Eir Fibre Rollout Mapping

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    Guys, can you please keep this thread on topic.
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    This thread exists to manage the boards.ie crowdsource effort behind mapping the current eircom Fibre to the Cabinet Rollout. In a few weeks we have already found about half of all the cabinets.

    The most important thing to remember is that you must be located no more than 1000m from a cabinet in future and ideally ( in order to get to 100mbits or higher) you must be located no more than 500m away.

    1. First of all have a look to see whether we have found your nearest cabinet or not. MAIN MAP HERE and this is updated every 2-3 days

    2. If you have spotted a cabinet that is NOT on the main map and wish to add it to the map then go HERE and simply:

    *Zoom in to where cab is on map

    *Press EDIT button top left (you must be logged into gmail to see edit)

    *Drag and drop marker to where the cab is.

    *Name it , eg "Corner of Avenue and Road Monaghan" or "Beside Pats Chipper"

    *Press save where the edit button was.

    Done and many thanks.

    3. The cabinets are VERY easily spotted. While there are many green cabinets along our roadsides only the eircom VDSL cabinets have a lock, (it looks like a giant hinge), and that is how one recognises them.

    Generally the VDSL cabinets are located right alongside an older cable cabinet and sometimes up to 10m away, perhaps in shrubbery or behind a wall near a cable cabinet.

    The following photo shows a typical cable cabinet ( left) and a VDSL unit (right)


    Many thanks to all those who have contributed since we started this mapping effort only a few weeks ago. Between us we have found around half of all the VDSL cabinets and the target is to find and map the other half in time for service launch ( this is anticipated in late May).



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