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Bad form and grunting



  • so since wednesday last my knee has been fully cabbaged, then i applied voodoo floss , poured monster on it and screamed recover (in the tone of ct fletcher) at it and now its marginally better. have gone from not being able to kneel / bend it on thur + fri to 150kg pause squats today.
    loads of front + back pauses in 3's all felt good, its gone a bit owie again now but as the say, be grand.
    might go heavy back squats for the next 2-3 sessions then begin my assault on 200kg front squat middle of next week, either that or something completely different. gainz.

  • a month has passed

    trained the olympic today and a couple of sessions last week

    im starting from 93/110. if i can get a run at his for the next couple of weeks then i would like to think i can pull another 10-15kg by the end of the month on each lift.

    hit a 130 powerjurk during the week too my tekkers in the jerk however is about as ****e as brown ****e

    some craic the olympic