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Online resources: Videos, Articles and How To's

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    This thread is for information resources found online that you want to share.

    Some guidelines for posting:

    1: Please don't just post links or videos. Provide a short description of content

    2: While discussion of links provided is allowed please try and keep the off topic chit chat to a minimum.

    3: Can't find the information your looking for? Post a request on this thread and hopefully someone will come up with it.

    So lets get the ball rolling:

    Video showing how to create a basic medical kit:

    How to wear a wool blanket as a shawl:

    Note: I love this guys videos, he teaches bushcraft and survival skills and since he is based in the UK he doesn't constantly bang on about guns.

    The LDS Preparedness Manual, the bible of food storage and preparedness, a must read for everyone:

    Surviving in Argentina, a blog from a guy who went through the economic collapse. he discusses everyday living and how society changed during the crisis (I'll give you a hint, it wasn't pretty). A must read for anyone nervous about the current financial mess and what could potentially happen: