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Freeman Megamerge



  • He got called out along with Geema and Dee ... so if he truly believes in what he has been saying he will have no problem launching a legal action against RTE and Duffy .. could be a nice pay day for him ... but I'll bet he will just do a video of himself and vin telling us how much Duffy gets paid and sure isn't RTE the virus

  • Italian freeman Antoniio bravely rescued his freeman mate from hospital where he was being treated for covid. 48 hours later and the man was rushed back to hospital where he has since died.

  • From what I can see the reports of death are unconfirmed... however it seems he is in a very poor state at the very least

    the man in question stood in a general election under the banner of Direct Democracy Ireland, the lad 'rescuing' him from hospital is a full on Freeman nut job .. there is a video of him being stopped for speeding and it's a full house of freeman bingo .... guard not wearing a hat, I'm travelling, i am the master your are the servant, no consent, no contract etc

    dangerous people !!

  • Modesty has prevented Jerry Beade from posting up the good news about some of his recent victories. Unfortunately the Courts don't agree with him on this either.

  • News just in from Bray is of three guilty verdicts for Gemma O'Doherty in relation to charges of resisting arrest from 2020. Should have hired The Hub.

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  • very comprehensive article on The Currency regarding a recent judgement by Mr Justice Max Barrett which dismantles the usual arguments highlighted in this thread

  • Is this the same chap? Lord when you start going down this path you make everything in your life difficult.

    From the looks of facebook posts the wife isn't the poor victim of his daftness that is being made out, there are a pair of them in it.

  • He seems have a bit of history with gardai.

    From the Integrity Ireland facebook page back in October 2015

    Wexford Circuit Criminal Court tomorrow 10.30am - I-I supporter Chris Cussen has lodged an appeal from the District Court over a conviction for 'non-use of indicators' - the continuation of over 10 years of allegedly vexatious charges and harassment by certain Gardai - one of whom has been summoned to appear tomorrow. Chris is confident he has a strong case tomorrow.. support appreciated..

    I wonder if he has a religious exemption from car insurance?

  • If you do a search for Cussen under ficticious names you will find him and his wife

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  • I happened to be watching an old episode of Stop, Search, Seize last night.

    Young woman with nice shiny BMW she didn't feel like paying VRT on (about 3k), Customs had been watching the car for some time (and her numerous Facebook posts, in her real name, on how to evade VRT) and pulled her over.

    "You can't seize my car", "you're not seizing my car", "you don't have the right", "VRT is illegal and the government has to pay a fine every year", "human rights", "European Court", etc. etc. going on for what seemed like an hour or more

    Predictably, ended up with her sobbing at the side of the road as the car was towed away. 1800 euro (10% of assessed value of the car) to get it back and then a month to pay the 3k or it'll be seized again.

    Why do people insist on making life hard for themselves? If you can't afford to pay the VRT on an 18k car then buy a 15k car...

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • Argument 10: That the Master made some comments favourable to the defendants.

    Out of kindness to the couple, the Master of the High Court, at an earlier stage of these proceedings, made some comments favourable to them. “The court is not bound by those well-intentioned remarks,” the judge said.

    Ed giving false hopes again I see.

  • Can't the government remove him?

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • well-intentioned remarks

    I love a well written judgement. You know exactly what they meant without them saying it.

  • The removal (and indeed appointment) of the Master is CS matter, not a Government one.

    There are only limited statutory circumstances in which the Master can be removed from office, the President of the High Court has complete discretion in which powers and duties the Master will have (or not have), however, he does not have the power to simply dismiss him either, that can only be done if I remember correctly via a joint resolution of the Chief Justice and the President of the High Court.

  • Well they need to get on it. His actions bring the Courts Service into disrepute, imho.

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • A sovereign citizen  attempted to carry out a citizen's arrest of a court judge after telling him he did not recognise his authority before being wrestled away by security guards. 28 days custody for being an idiot.

  • The escalation, didn't pay a parking ticket, assaulted the clamper, tried to assault the judge... lives on welfare avenue...

  • The Hub are only interested in the long game these days which will ultimately be "Ruled inadmissible at the earliest possible stage" in the ECtHR. It seems every second Supreme Court determination these days laments **** photocopied arguments which all seem to stem from one particular source, which no one can quite own up to.

    The poor Court of Appeal has had to deal with about 6 Jerry Beades judgments in the last month. One strand of actions concerned the former global HQ of The Hub and as ever it was noted in the judgments that these properties have had paying tenants over a decade now and no sign of the cash making its way to the bank. Cha-ching!

    In other business related news, I see that Ben's free speech app is no longer free, costing just €2 per month. A small price to pay, I'm sure we'll all agree.