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Electronic Cigarettes - An Introduction, FAQs, links and other helpful info.

  • 26-07-2011 8:06pm
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    What are E-Cigarettes?
    E-Cigarettes or PVs (Personal Vaporizers), are gadgets that burn liquid nicotine producing a nicotine vapour which you can then inhale. It is intended to produce a similar sensation to that of smoking a cigarette. The idea is to allow a nicotine addict to inhale it without the over 4000 chemicals, tar & tobacco of a real cigarette. The wiki entry has some outdated pictures but might help to give a clearer impression of what they are. I might put up some more up to date pictures when I get a chance.

    Are They Healthy?
    The big question. If you search you'll find plenty of info. on it. On the one hand you have the FDA in the USA which claimed their tests showed trace amounts of TSNAs (tobacco-specific nitrosamines) and they warned against using them. There was a very big reaction from the e-cigarette community and the tests were criticised for not comparing the results to similar substances found in nicotine inhalers for example.

    Health New Zealand found traces along similar lines to the FDA but compared them to other products and found the levels to be well within safe levels. Health Canada warned against nicotine poisoning which is a bit OTT imo (if there is a danger of nicotine poisoning from e-cigs then there is just as much danger from patches, inhalers and the real thing). Some countries have banned e-cigarettes completely. I personally found this post on the e-cigarette forum very informative but I would also assume that the poster may well be biased -

    Unfortunately it's an area clouded with bias and differing agenda but hopefully more and more studies will be done over time.

    My decision to buy an e-cigarette really came down to this. If I am happy to smoke a cigarette with tar, tobacco and a possible 4000+ harmful substances in it then I am damn well happy to smoke an e-cigarette which contains a substance (PG - Propylene Glycol) found in many food products, an amount of nicotine I control plus a small possiblity of TSNAs which well be very small levels if any.

    There is a wealth of information on the Vapers Network which I highly recommend you read in particular the various reports, studies and analyses that have been done.

    There is one issue worth mentioning as it seems to be well established by now and that is that some people have an allergic reaction to PG, the usual liquid used in e-liquid. In thoses cases the best option is try VG or PEG liquid as in almost all cases people who get a reaction to PG don't suffer the same problem with VG/PEG.

    What do I Buy?
    First of all you can use our list of suppliers to pick where to buy. Be sure to keep an eye out for discount codes.

    Secondly try and let go of that idea in your head that you must have something that looks like a cigarette. The models that do have weak batteries and are not going to be as satisfying as bigger and better versions. If you are determined then fair enough you'll find what you want.

    Thirdly and finally a quick list of the most popular model or models at the moment:-

    Note: New devices show up all the time. Keep an eye on the forum. e.g. the Kanger devices are huge now and highly recommend by most people here but it's too difficult to keep updating this section to keep up with developments in the e-cig world.

    The eGo-T - there is no doubt that this is the market leader at the moment. If I'm being honest it's not perfect but when it works it damn near is. The trick here is a new liquid delivery system using special atomisers and tanks (cartridges) that don't require any filler material. You get a more consistant vape when it's at the top of it's game. I say that because it can mis-perform at times and the lifetime seems less than other types. Regardless it's top dog for now.

    The eGo (standard or mega) - the eGo was the first mainstream device to employ a larger battery and thus longer vaping time between charges. The standard version simply includes 1 or 2 510 atomisers which are fine really when you are starting out but there is no reason not to go for the mega version which is simply a larger version of the 510 atomiser that can accomodate a larger cartridge and thus more liquid. Just be sure that if you get mega attomisers to get mega cartridges. This is the model to go for if you are not too sure about getting the tank just yet. It's a reliable performer and a good vape.

    Dual Coil Cartomisers - these are one of the latest types of cartomisers (atomiser and cartridge all in one essentially) and it's a fantastic performer with a great throat hit and decent vapour. Well worth a look for the price.

    Is this a good method to give up real cigarettes?
    Well in my case time will tell. I have smoked 20 a day for the last 23 years approx. and have never succeeded in stopping for more than a couple of days. My original plan was to buy an e-cigarette and see if I could reduce my real cigarette consumption to 2 or 3 a day. I have so far been successful in not smoking any. 18 months and counting at time of posting. * 3 years as of Jan 2013

    E-cigarettes are not an approved method for giving up smoking. They are at the very least an effective replacement. Since you are only inhaling water vapour (essentially) containing nicotine you will get the benefits you would from giving up real cigarettes, i.e. sense of smell returning, breathing more easily and so on. You are getting a similar sensation to smoking with much less of the harmful effect. There is less of a buzz from e-cigs. I suspect that to be because some chemical in real cigarettes is the real cause of head rush rather than nicotine. It doesn't bother me in any case.

    Someone once asked how long I expected to be using e-cigarettes. It's very hard to know when you have been a smoker for over 20 years. It's simply a positive to be on something far less harmful. Nicotine is addictive but on it's own is not very harmful from what I have read (again you should research this yourself - I am not a doctor or an expert on nicotine). I won't lie it's entirely possible I could end up a long term vaper trying different models and flavours of liquids (edit - since originally writing this I have to admit that this is exactly what happened). I can live with that far more easily than continuing the way I have been.

    As long as you walk into the e-cigarette world with your eyes open I don't see why anyone couldn't get huge benefits from making the switch. I really can't believe these things are not bigger. They have the potential to save many many lives imo and the sooner proper testing is done to ensure they are completely safe the better. Until then I am happy to take a punt on it. It's up to you to decide for yourself.

    Are They Cheaper?
    Assuming you don't become obsessive about it then the answer is yes. It should be far cheaper with topping up on liquid being your most regular expense followed by replacing batteries/atomisers. If you do become obsessive and have to try every new thing on the market then don't despair as at the very least you aren't smoking anymore.

    What Liquid is the closest to xxx brand of Cigarette?
    Simple answer is no liquid will match the taste of burning tobacco. Some liquids have a reputation for getting close to the mark but in general don't seek out that authentic B & H ash tray flavour. Within a short period of time you will prefer what you actually get. Trust me.

    I Smoke X number of Cigarettes a day of X Brand...?
    Stop right there. There is no secret formula that will tell you what strength liquid at what rate in a certain brand of atomiser will equate to 20 Rothmans per day. The easiest approach is to buy a pack and start with a medium to high liquid strength (16mg - 18mg) and go higher if you feel the need or lower if it's too much. Give it a chance though. Don't take 2 puffs of 18mg liquid and say right I need stronger.



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    New user FAQ - I've taken the information on this post from and it was put together by member oldgit so I take no credit for it. I just thought it was very well put together and might be useful to some people here.

    Q: Will electronic cigarettes help me quit smoking?

    A: There is no scientific or medical proof that they do, but from the testimonials of thousands of people who have been using the e-cig in various guises for many years, say that they have either completely replaced using cigarettes with them, or have stopped smoking or vaping completely. So in a sense, yes, they do help to a degree, but ultimately, it’s down to you wanting to quit.

    Q: Are electronic cigarettes safe to use?

    A: So far, there have been no studies that I know of to say that they are ‘not safe’, but those of us who do use them as a replacement for real cigarettes, cigars or pipes, view them as a ‘safer alternative’ to smoking.

    Liquid-nicotine in its pure form is a rapid acting, extremely toxic poison, and to ingest pure Liquid-nicotine will result in death. The mean lethal dose has been estimated to be 30 to 60 mg (0.5-1.0 mg/kg) (Gosselin, 1988). Liquid-nicotine quantities added to e-liquid for use in Electronic Cigarette devices and the quantities ingested from using real cigarettes, is considered by some in the Medical Profession to be no more additive than Caffeine.

    Propylene Glycol (PG) Polyethylene Glycol (PEG400) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are inert ingredients that make up the majority part of the e-liquid used with e-cigs along with nicotine and flavourings. On their own they are safe; there have been plenty of studies conducted in the 1940’s and onwards to verify this.

    No one really knows yet what the effects of inhaling the added flavourings are doing. As always, use at your own risk!

    Q: What is a look-a-like?

    A: As its name suggests, it looks like a real cigarette, it is a white tube (battery) with an orange coloured tip (cartridge/atomiser/cartomiser), and the end glows red when you use it. Some look-a-likes have blue or green glowing end too and come in many pretty colours. They usually have Automatic (Auto) batteries – the switch operates by the strength of your inhale (it works when you take a drag). Some, however, are Manual – they work when you push a button.

    Q: I have purchased a look-a-like from the supermarket/internet/stall/chemist/rail station, but cannot get a decent draw out of it, and when I do, I get a throat hit but there’s no smoke when I exhale, also, the battery wears down quickly after an hour or two, what can I do?

    A: Using an e-cig is not like using a real cigarette, you have to take long, slow, controlled draws to get anything out of them, most people usually take between a 2 – 8 second draw before inhale, this allows the atomiser to heat the e-liquid and nicotine and turn it in to vapour, the longer the draw, the longer the atomiser has to heat up the e-liquid and nicotine to create the vapour.

    Most look-a-like e-cigs come with a battery of around 150mah to 240mah (milliAmp/hours) or slightly higher mah, and will not last you all day unless you are a very, very light user. To get round this problem, buy extra batteries and have them fully charged, or buy a kit that has 300mah or higher battery for longer usage (you will still need two or more batteries for a whole day). Some also come with a PCC (Portable Charging Case) which allows a spare battery to charge whilst on the move.

    The majority of most kits contain two batteries of 650mah or higher, these will last an average user the whole day before needing a recharge.

    As for your lack of ‘smoke’ or ‘vapour’ as its more commonly known, can be put down to a couple of things.

    A, you are taking too short or too quick a draw/drag/pull/toke on your e-cig resulting, in little feeling or nothing at all.

    B, the pre-filled cartridges or cartomisers are usually PG only based e-liquids. PG is known to give a decent throat hit but produces very little vapour, to get around this, use a mix of PG – VG e-liquid, you will then have the best of both worlds.

    C, Your battery has run out of charge and needs replacing.

    D, you suck at sucking! Remember, you have to take a long, slow, controlled draw to get any vapour, flavour and throat hit.

    Q: I used to smoke 10 – 15 real cigarettes a day, what nicotine level should I start at?

    A: This is quite a loaded question, and very subjective to yourself. It is recommend you buy some small 3ml or 5ml sample bottles of e-liquid of different nicotine strengths, something like 8mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg and 36mg to experiment with, you will then find out what ‘works for you’.

    Q: I want to buy some e-liquid that tastes exactly like my favourite brand of cigarettes/tobacco, what do you recommend?

    A: Another loaded question and subjective to you personally, what tastes good to me would most likely taste like a cross between a ‘Maltese wrestlers jock-strap and a damp dog-blanket that’s been rolled in fag ash and left to ferment for a month in a cowshed’ to you. I would recommend that you buy some small sample bottles of e-liquid and try for yourself, that way you can try out different flavours.

    Q: I’ve had my look-a-like e-cig for a week/month now, and its not really cutting it so I want to upgrade, what’s the best kit?

    A: Again another loaded question (you're full of 'em ain'tchoo) and again, subjective to you. What works for one doesn’t mean it will work for all! The most commonly suggested upgrade from the e-cig look-a-like is an eGo style based kit. I recommend that you look at all the kits available, and contact the vendor directly to ask for their advice. Most, if not all, will steer you in the right direction, after all, they want your repeat business and won’t flog you any old thing if they want you to buy their liquid and peripherals.

    Q: I keep seeing these numbers on various web sites and forums, 510, 901, 801 and others, what are they and what do they mean?

    A: These are the thread sizes that various PV’s and PV components come in. The 510 is the most common size made, and as such, are the most widely used. The different threads are NOT compatible – a 510 fitting won’t fit on a 901 or 801 but will fit a eGo style battery – plus adapters are available from most vendors websites to get over this, if in doubt, ask the vendor.

    Q: What is a PV?

    A: A PV or Personal Vapouriser is just another name for an Electronic Cigarette.

    Q: What is an atty?

    A: An atty or Atomiser/Atomizer is a small electronic heating element that connects to the battery by way of a ‘screw thread’; when the battery button is pushed, the heating element will fire up/get hot and heat the e-liquid enough to create vapour, These are generally used with a cartridge or drip tip for direct dripping. Before using, don’t forget to prime it first with a couple of drops of e-liquid. These are considered to be a disposable item with a user life of ‘between’ 1 day to 2 months (this is subjective to you and your usage/abusage of the atty).

    Q: What is a carto/cartomiser?

    A: A Carto or Cartomiser/Cartomizer is an ‘all in one’ steel, tubular combination of an atomiser and cartridge that’s filled with a kind of wadding that your e-liquid soaks in to. They come in different ohms (LR or low resistance, SR or standard resistance and HR or high resistance), lengths (Standard size, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL, XXXXXL), single coil, dual coil (DCC), triple coil, clear, punched (for use in tanks) and un-punched (used directly on to your PV), skirted/flanged and bottom coil. They are generally made out of ‘vegetable graded’ stainless steel. You can refill a cartomiser many times before disposal, making them a very economical alternative to atomisers.

    Q: What is a clearo?

    A: A Clearo or Clearomiser/Clearomizer is made out of vegetable grade plastic or polycarbonate. They do basically the same job as a cartomiser does. These are considered to be a disposable item. You can refill a clearomiser many times before disposal, making them a very economical alternative to atomisers.

    Q: What does direct dripping mean?

    A: Direct dripping is a process where the user drips 3 to 4 drops of e-liquid directly on to the atomiser through a mouthpiece called a ‘drip tip’. There are some that will swear that dripping is the only way to ‘vape’ as you get a good throat hit, flavour and vapour.

    Q: What is a drip tip?

    A: A drip tip is a hollow tube mouthpiece that can be attached to either an atty (see above) or a carto or clearo (see above). They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. They are generally made out of ‘vegetable graded’ materials and are widely used by many vapers.

    Q: What does LR, SR, HR and VHR stand for?

    A: LR or Low Resistance, SR or Standard Resistance, HR or High Resistance and VHR or Very High Resistance refers to the ohm-age range of any given atty or carto/clearo.

    As a very rough guide:

    LR up to about 2.6 Ohms

    SR 2.8 – 3.8 Ohms

    HR 3.8 – 4.8 Ohms

    VHR 4.8 - ?

    LR is generally used at a voltage of between 3.2v to 4.2v. Most people who use LR components usually say the best voltage for them is 3.7v – which is the range most starter kits fall into.

    SR is generally used at a voltage of between 3.7v to 5.0v. It will be subjective to you as to what voltage suits you best, but a lot agree that attys/carto/clearo’s that are in the 2.0ohms - 3.0ohms range work best at 4.2v.

    HR is generally used at a voltage of between 5.0v to 7.4v, although some SR components do also work up to those higher voltages.

    VHR I can not comment on as I’ve no idea what voltages these work at, but I suspect its some silly high voltage of 6.0v plus; use at your own risk!

    Q: What’s a mod?

    A: A mod or modification is a device that uses a bigger battery, they come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a plastic box to a stainless steel telescopic tube, some mod’s, or modified devices, also come with variable voltage which you can change to suit the atty/carto/clearo you are using at the time and or the ‘Hit’ you want.

    Some mods take different sized batteries and some can take two, it all depends on the mod. The most common mod’s only take one battery, these are called ‘mechanical mod’s and are usually set to 3.7volts (actually 4.2v when freshly charged, at 3.7v for the majority of there charge cycle, before dipping again before they’re fully discharged), some are geared up to take two smaller batteries for 6.0v+ vaping.

    Q: What is a variable voltage mod?

    A: A VV or variable voltage mod is as the name suggests, you put a single 3.7v battery in to a tube mod, or box mod, you set the voltage to your liking and away you go, delivering for you a consistent Voltage for the batteries life cycle, or the option to change it depending on the Atomiser/Cartomiser/Clearomiser (-Miser) or the liquids (juices) flavour.

    The box mod’s that take two 3.7v batteries are usually made for the ‘enthusiast vaper’, and I recommend that you get used to what you have first.

    Q: I’ve made up my mind that I want to buy a mod, but don’t know what one … help?

    A: This is a loaded question and you will receive many suggestions on what to buy. My personal advice would be to buy a cheaper mechanical mod, get some LR atomisers, cartomisers or clearomisers and fill with your favourite e-liquid. If you want a Variable Voltage mod, then it is entirely up to you as to how much you want to spend, but if you can afford it, then go for the best.

    Q: What is a condom?

    A: If you don’t know the answer to that by now sunny Jim, then you are not old enough to use e-cigs yet, come back when you’re out of school uniform and short trousers.

    Q: OK smart arse, what’s the condom method then?

    A: The condom method is an easy way of filling a cartomiser. You take the rubber/silicon caps (condoms) off the ends of the cartomiser, remove the little white/black rubber/silicon bung from the non threaded end, fill one of the rubber/silicon caps ¾ full with e-liquid, then slowly immerse the threaded end in to the liquid until all the liquid has been absorbed. You may have to do this more than once to fill a cartomiser, then let it stand for a while to soak in, once soaked in, get some paper towel and blow through the non threaded end to clear the centre tube of liquid, screw the cartomiser on to your battery or mod device and vape (if it gurgles repeat the process of blowing into a paper towel).

    Q: What’s a tank?

    A: A tank is a big metal thing on tracks, usually with a big gun on top that’s used to kill people.

    Q: OK, enough with the smart arse comments … just answer the bloody question!

    A: A tank is used with a punched cartomiser and is basically a reservoir for your e-liquid. The tube comes in plastic/polycarbonate, pyrex glass, delrin or stainless steel. It comes with a top and bottom cap that has holes in them; these holes are for the cartomiser and tip. You put the caps on the top and bottom, you then gently push the cartomiser threaded end through the top until is just reaches the bottom, you turn the tank over, pull on the top end of the cartomiser just enough for you to fill the tank with e-liquid, once filled you ease the threaded end through the bottom so the screw end is showing, give the bottom end a wipe, put your favourite drip tip on and screw to your device and vape.

    Q: How much e-liquid and other stuff do I need to last me a month?

    A: For e-liquid, this is dependant on how heavy you vape, on average 3 - 5mil per day is considered the norm, if you vape more than that per day, you will need to total your daily usage for a months supply. As for 'other stuff', always have spares of everything!

    Q: Why is my battery not working when I press the switch?

    A: Have you switched it on? Three or five clicks for an eGo style battery. Has your battery got a full charge? If not, change for one that has, or charge the one that's depleted. Have you spilled liquid in to the 'switch' area? If so, clean it out as far as you can, if it still doesn't work, then its buggered, time for a new one.

    Q: Which is the best battery for me?

    A: That's dependant on what device you are using or wanting to purchase, refer to the manufactures or retailers recommendations.

    Q: What is the best carto for VV use?

    A: That all depends on what you want to get out of your VV device, the most common used cartomisers are DCC (Dual Coil Cartomisers) or SR (Standard Resistance) with a higher ohm-age.

    Q: When is XXXX going to be back in stock

    A: I have no idea, ask your friendly retailer, they *should* have a rough idea of when new stock will be arriving.

    Q: I've bought an atomiser 9 months ago, and the paint is starting to peel off; can I claim warranty?

    A: That all depends on whether the manufacturer or retailer of said item offers a warranty with the product, if not then get a life and buy a new one you cheapskate.

    Q: Is there a way I can get the flavour from direct dripping without all the faff?

    A: Yes, you can buy a modified device where you can screw in a bottle of e-liquid. These mods usually have a button on the outside or a hole in the side for you to push on, this will force the e-liquid through a tube that’s attached to the bottle up to the atomiser. If I've got this one wrong, someone will put me right.

    Q: I'm looking for an e-liquid that tastes like .....?

    A: The first thing to remember is that with electronic cigarettes there is no combustion - so there will be no taste of burning paper etc.
    So the 'juice' will be something like or reminiscent of most flavours - rather like crisps - reminiscent of rather than exact copies.
    that being said a lot of vendors juice flavours may vary, depending on their supplier, and yet call the e-liquid by the same name - RY4 is a good example - this is meant to be a sweetish tobacco flavour - some are more tobacco, some more caramel, and some caramel and nutty, yet all call themselves RY4.

    Your best bet is to try samples of the flavours you think you might like, try a little and see for yourself. Some juice may take a few ml to adjust to, some may need steeping (or settling/blending time) and some just won't work for you. If you've only used a little you can always offer them for sale or swap on the for sale thread!

    Q: Where can I purchase e-cigs and accessories etc?

    A: There is a list of Irish and other online shops some with discount codes and special offers here and some links to the ecig community and vendors here

    If anyone want to add anymore information please do, hopefully this thread might help answer some questions that newbies or people thinking of switching to ecigs from tobacco have :)

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    I suppose this does give a bit more information than the current sticky, maybe Mewso might sticky this one instead.

  • Registered Users Posts: 984 newmark
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    Also recommended some good introduction videos here

  • Registered Users Posts: 185 ✭✭ achieve
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    Yeah, read that a few days ago on UKV - it's a very good FAQ. Never thought about posting it here!

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,254 ✭✭✭ tommy2bad
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    Though I'd mention as well in case there's any new users of ecigs or anyone thinking of switching from smoking to ecigs that there is an e-cigarette information/fun day called Vapefest Ireland taking place in Abbbeyleix on 15th September and its free entry. more info here

    It will be a very good opportunity to see or purchase from the vast range of supplies available and to meet some of the supporting shop/vendors firsthand on the day or to get any further questions answered that you may have, not that you can't ask here.

    There will also be plenty of experienced ecig users there too, who I'm sure will be only too glad to help anyone out. :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 984 newmark
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    2 other great resources, the american reviewer Phil Busardo's website and IGETCHA69 Scott's website

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 23,556 ✭✭✭✭ Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    good stuff newmark

    always intended to write up something like this but I just couldn't be bothered :)

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 23,556 ✭✭✭✭ Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    people tend to talk in terms of voltage and resistance when discussing the finer points of ecigs but these are only shorthand/variables for hat is really important, wattage. wattage is the power of the vape or something silly like that, it affects the vapour produced, the heat, the flavour etc etc.. everything basically.

    when you vape a 2ohm coil(atomiser) at 4 volts you (through a piece of magic known as ohms law) are vaping at a wattage(power) of 8 watts/
    when you vape a 3ohm coil at 4.9 volts you are also vaping at 8 watts.

    all other things being equal, in theory, vaping a 2ohm coil at 4 volts and a 3ohm coil at 4.9 volts will be the same in terms of the vape itself and what it feels like to you as a vaper. The main difference between the two is the current supplied by the batteries to achieve this wattage.

    with the 2ohm coil at 4 volts the battery is supplying current at a rate of 2amps
    with a 3ohm coil at 4.9 volts (same wattage remember) the battery is supplying current at a rate of 1.67 amps.

    this basically means that the 3ohm coil at 4.9 volts will drain your battery slower than the 2ohm coil at 4 volts, so you'll get longer out of it before you need to recharge.

    this is why if you have a variable voltage mod it's probably best to use the higher ohm/higher volt option to vape. even though the wattage will be the same with a lower/lower option.. you'll get quite a bit more out of your battery before it needs changing/charging and in theory the vape will be the same either way (in practice this might not neccesarily be the case as no 2ohm cartos are exactly the same, let alone 2ohm and 3ohm cartos)

    maybe throw this in under the LR/SR/HR section?

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    I borrowed it from oldgits post on ukv digby though i did let him know :)
    If it lets me edit in the morning ill add ur bit under the lr sr hr part ive no pc access at the moment just on the phone internet and cant copy @ paste.

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    Thread merged with the introduction sticky. Please stick to useful links and newbie info when posting.

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    i bought one of those e cigarette kits today, will have to charge it, now a question, i smoke menthol cigarettes, and i am anything from 15 to 20 per day, i would like to cut down on the ciggies say cut out ten in the day for starters with help from this thingy, and up the number when i am ready,
    what strength nocotine should i be looking at

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,026 ✭✭✭ grindle
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    I'd say 18mg.
    Enough of a hit to notice, not so much that you end up dizzy.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,939 ✭✭✭ goat2
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    as i say, i bought the kit, and i have not yet opened the box never mind use it,

    but today i bought one of those disposable e cigarettes, and am pleasently surprised at how alike it all is,
    i have so far taken it out and used three times today, i am going at a slow steady pace, i need to get used to the feel of the thing,
    also i went and started smoking on it as if it were real, and learned it was too sharp a pull, so i have found that long slow and it really surprises me
    so heres hoping that i start saving money from here on, and save my body from the addatives in the stuff i am trying to leave behind,

  • Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ jerryfromkerry
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    hi there, I am probably posting in the wrong section but here goes. I have been using E-Cigs since July and I am well pleased with it. I use Joye ego-T 1000mah with cartomizer. The question that I have is as follows, I have two batteries on the go at the moment. I have three batteries that I have not used since purchase, will they be ok or should I use them in rotation?

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,674 ✭✭✭ DirtyBollox
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    Should be fine. at the very most you might have to charge them before use.

    One of the more experienced guys here can confirm or deny this though.

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    hi there, I am probably posting in the wrong section but here goes. I have been using E-Cigs since July and I am well pleased with it. I use Joye ego-T 1000mah with cartomizer. The question that I have is as follows, I have two batteries on the go at the moment. I have three batteries that I have not used since purchase, will they be ok or should I use them in rotation?

    You should keep them charged ideally, 80% charge is the recommended storage lavel for li batteries and that's kind of hard to do without specialist equipment.
    Storing them discharged is bad so if fully charged is the best you can do it would be better, most li batts are good for 1000 cycles so putting them in your rotation would be the best use of them.
    Just my 2cents

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    *Mod Edit *Rather than delete post as spam I have edited out the link since grindle has replied with a valid question. This thread is for posters to add helpful links to those who are new to e-cigs not for posting links to online shops.*Mod Edit *

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    Are you this vendor? Vendors aren't allowed to...vend...on boards. We'd love if ye could, but there're fees involved, so.

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    I'm not a vendor, I was under the impression this thread was for linking to things for new e-cig users. I thought starter kits would be nice for new users. Didn't know it wasn't allowed.

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    VapeTime wrote: »
    I'm not a vendor, I was under the impression this thread was for linking to things for new e-cig users. I thought starter kits would be nice for new users. Didn't know it wasn't allowed.

    Fair enough VapeTime. There is a "Where to Buy" thread for vendor links. This thread is more geared towards info. than where to buy or alternatively you can give feedback on specific vendors in the vendor discussion thread.

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    Yeah, I found the where to buy thread. Thanks.

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    I want to start using e cig. What you think is good for starter?
    Thanks a mill

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    We need a sticky with starter options and advice! Oh... I'm posting on it!

    metaxaaa, that's one option, most people here recommend this one.

    good luck!

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    For people (like me) who have a sensitivity to PG or VG, this is a good video to watch. Or just wondering whats in the juice we vape for that matter.

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    metaxaaa wrote: »
    I want to start using e cig. What you think is good for starter?
    Thanks a mill

    I can highly recommend Smokex, started using in January and haven't smoked a cigarette since -

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    Arias wrote: »
    I can highly recommend Smokex, started using in January and haven't smoked a cigarette since -

    They look similar to Gamucci. Do you know if the cartomisers are interchangeable?

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    from looking at the smokex site it looks like it's not a 510 connection

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    from looking at the smokex site it looks like it's not a 510 connection

    it is the same thread, but on the Gamucci the battery has the female thread, so the opposite to the normal 510.

    I haven't tried the smokex yet, but I have bought a greensmoke intro kit from my local Centra and although expensive, I am enjoying it.