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Its all about Time...



  • Saturday 11/01/20 - St Annes Park run.

    A nice 1.5 mile warm-up with DF, before the off. A strong wind from the South West was blowing across the avenue, and mostly into face for the rest of the course. A big contingent down as per usual. Off at 9:30 and settled into a tempo pace for the first mile - 7:16. The wind was swirling for most of the course, with no real advantage being had. Second mile in 7:08, and passed a few more groups of runners. All out for the last mile in 6:53, and finished in 21:46 for 7:03 and 57 place overall.

    Only really documenting this result to serve as a baseline as to where Im at right now. Going to schedule a few months of faster paced running and see where we get to. Considered returning to Micks sessions on Tuesday, but never enjoyed the uneven grass surface in the dark.

  • General Update.

    The knee pain and general fatigue that has been dogging me for the last 6 - 7 weeks is beginning to let up. Not exactly sure why at this stage, however the very reduced run volume is probably helping. Trying to eat a little better, not that I have a bad diet, rather trying to incorporate a little more fruit / veg and go meat free at least 3 day per week, and finally reduce the sugar to almost zero. Have upped the gym sessions also, finding that I'm hitting 4 sessions per week. Seems to have provided added flexibility and some added core strength.

    Wednesday 22nd Jan - Raheny Winter League Round 4 - 2 miles.

    Spoke to Dave F before the race and said that i would be using the new Nike Vapor-Weve, and was expecting great things. Did the warmup and felt as if the feet were "slapping" into the ground. Similar to the feeling i got from the last pair of Kayanos ever bough back in 2015. Ditched them in favor of the trusty Pegasus 34, and lined up at a few row back.

    First lap in 6:40, and feeling good. Upped the pace for the second lap and reeled in a few others. Was closing in on Dave F, over the last 100m, but the finished line came to soon. Over the line in 12:54 and 17th place.

    Saturday 25th - Park Run Marly Park.

    Opted for something different and ventured over to the South Side for a change. Had to set the sat nav to find Marlay via town, as the M50 would have probably proved a simpler drive.

    Still arrived with plenty of time, but a long 10 minute walk with the Mrs left little time to get any warm-up in. Massive numbers at 781 runners, and the narrow paths, had plenty of bunching for the first mile. Some decent drags, and grass running and Marlay is definitively one of the more challenging courses. Ran it as a tempo effort, rather that a race, with Raheny the next day. Finished in 22:41 for 116 place. Followed the run with a nice coffee in Mount Merrion.

  • Raheny 5 - Sunday 26th January 2020

    Given that I was required to help out with the race goody bags, for 2.5 hours on the race morning put pay to any fast times on the day. Between our small group we moved around 2000 bags to the start line, from storage. Both arms and back were screaming for the morning.

    Over the years I usually do the race numbers, but 90% are posted out now, so no real need for that any more bar the to cater for the day runners.

    Headed up early to watch the kids and teenagers races, and chat to a few of the lads. On with a 1.3 mile warm-up on wade avenue, back to the car to change into club colours, and watch the eventual winner doing an impressive warm-up in the tennis court car park.

    Lined up with the Dave F, and Keith, around 5 rows from the front, knowing that All Saints road is always packed if your to far back. Off with the mass and pushed the pace for the first mile, on the footpath, mostly getting passed by faster runners. Left on to watermill, and the slight drag. Left again and the school fly's past. Mile 1 in 6:42.

    Great support all the way around,especially at this section with calls of "come on Raheny". Club-mate Orla passes me at this stage, and I try to respond. A lurking stitch under the ribs on the right side makes its known. Sharp pain, snaps me out the running vibe. I Slow slightly up to the Howth Road as a result.

    A shout out from Will goes unheeded from me. Left onto Sybil Hill, and gentle decline, for 500m odd with the left on to Mount prospect. Mile 2 in 6:55. I feel that I cant push the pace, as the stitch becomes more acute with the added pace. Just stick it out for another 2.5 miles. Push as much as I dare.

    Mile 3 in 6:52 then into the park, a quick glimpse of the avenue and plenty of runners heading up the avenue, with a few faster runners just viable already exiting the avenue and well into their last 800m. Around the play ground, where we do the summer speed sessions (if i could only run that pace now). on To the avenue and a shout out from Brian.

    Just hold my position, repeat repeat. Is the stitch receding?, push a little more and find out.... Seems to be gone.... push a little harder... I cant... I'm at my limit at this stage. Mile 4 in 6:59. down the avenue offers little respite. Left and out of the park. Mrs D at this point.

    The last 600m and put everything out there. I check the watch and a sub 34 is just possible. A short sprint, gain a few places, and over the line in 33:56, and 535 place, 35th M-50. Happy to do the race, great support as always...

  • General Catch-up.

    Finished January with a total of 57 miles. Pretty poor really. probably down to the fact that i don't have any goals this year, and was hoping to migrate over to more mixed TRI for a while.

    February Highlights

    A total of 115 miles for the month. Slightly better but still no plan to speak of. Away in Lanzarote for the first week and managed to run every day, bike a few days also and also swim most days too. The weather was in the low 20c and sunny everyday. The strip had a cycle / run track (not in great repair) running for 10 odd miles out past the airport, which made for an enjoyable route each day. The Mrs has "suggested" that we include a week here in End of Jan / Early Feb from now on. You can live very cheaply also. A total of 44 miles for this holiday week.

    Trim 10 Miler

    With low miles and no specifics in Jan this was just an outing to get some exercise. Finished in 1:12 and ran reasonably well.

    Parkrun St Annes

    15/02 - Ran with Brian K, - 23:08 just a run and a chat.
    29/02 - Park run 100. Taken 8 years to hit 100. Hopefully ill hit 200 a bit faster.


    22/02 - 6 * laps of the rose garden, plus 1.5 WU / CD
    25/02 - 2 WU, 3 @ Hard pace (6:50) 2 CD

  • March 01/03/2020 - Sunday

    Just easy miles from the house to Vernon ave, Coast road and back, 5.5 miles in 44 mins for 8:05 avg.

    03/03/2020 - Tuesday - Micks Session

    Time to return to Micks Session. First Tuesday are hills reps, so we were starting at the deep end immediately. A few miles warm-up on Carribrack road. Then lined up with 12 others for 10*250 hills. Hard up and recovery down, almost no static recovery. Blowing hard from the 3rd rep, concentrated on form and pumping the arms for each rep until the fatigue took over at around 175m. Happy to get it done.
    A Total of 5.5 miles in 47 odd minutes, average pace meaningless.

    04/03/2020 - Wednesday - Easy

    Just easy miles to the park and around. Right Hamstring causing some discomfort after last nights hills. 4.8 miles in 39 for 8:11avg.

    05/03/2020 - S&C at lunch.

    07/03/2020 - Saturday - Session

    2 Days run rest and opted for another session. 8*400 in the park, before Parkrun. Rep miles were 6:10 and 6:02, very happy with that, given its been 7-8 months since the last fast reps set.

    Finished with 5.5 miles in 40:17 for 7:19avg.

    08/03/2020 - Sunday - LSR.

    Snoozed the phone once to many and just missed the Sunday group run as a result. Got to the club house at 8:05am and slowest group about 300m ahead. Pushed on at caught them, exchanged a few words before pushing on again. Bit of a mistake as i was then "marooned" between groups. Anyway held pace for the coast road. Got caught by Will, Sarah and Alan at Watermill, as they were running sub 7's. Jumped in for a few miles but no chattin for me. :mad:

    Finished with 8 miles in 59:55 for 7:29 avg.

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  • Raheny 5 (Virtual) - Sunday 31th January 2021

    No posts for some time on here, no real reason, just nice to have a break...

    Have been running 4-5 days per week during lockdown and in reasonable shape as a result. Also we have built up a good "awl lads" running group, making the longer (socially distanced runs) more bearable, and the shorted type Tempo ones more challenging.

    A few of the lads (above) had decided to run the virtual during the week, as we could log our run at any time from Monday 25 Jan to the Sunday 31st. I decided to keep to the Sunday for tradition sake and run the old R5 route. Both Keith and Dave had the same idea.

    The weather is cold at 3c with a strong east wind blowing off the sea. I decided to use the Zoon next % (a lock down present from the younger son), a little tight but only the second outing from them.

    We headed off at 9:00am (early so we could run the roads) from the usual Raheny 5 start line. Settled into race pace from the off, great to have all of All Saints road to work with, as opposed to the usual crush at this point.

    First left on to Watermill and the slight incline to the village. Keith had passed me at this stage with Dave a few steps behind. Left again on to the Howth road and the first mile in 6:23. Running the bus lane here and pushing hard to keep the gap to K at around 10M. Left again on to Vernon and K is flying down the long descent past the park gates and 30M ahead.

    A few shouts of "Come on Raheny" from dog walkers ( as we were wearing our signets ). Mile 2 in 6:36. Left again onto Mount Prospect and immediately a strong and freezing wind into the face. Passing other runners every 3-4 minutes. I find this part of the rout difficult 2.5M done and 2.5M to go.

    The sharp right at the rose garden still on Mount Prospect and mile 3 in 6:37. A few more meters and the 5K would have been hit are just under 20mins (a target that I missed for the last few years). Strong wind (getting stronger ) as we approach the sea, but thankfully a slight downhill to compensate.

    Coast road and the wind is now hitting from the side, running the road and trying to keep K in sight. Left again onto Watermill and the biggest drag of the course. Mile 4 in 6:28. Some Fatigue creeping in at this stage and difficult to hold the pace. 400m to go and I get a "Come on Dad" from the Son, a big help.. I push on and across the line in 32:34 for 6:30 average and 5.01 miles.

    Very happy with the result... A warm coffee and sausage rolls from Butlers and a good chat with both Dave and K.

    A nice way to round off a feezing January...

  • Nice work, D. Great time.

  • General Catch up

    Been a long time and with Covid, the lack of races and the new site shanagins, I've just been logging my runs to excel with a 1 liner, Anyway...

    For the last year been part of a "Awl Lads running group", we meet up and train most evenings, with the LSR on a Saturday morning from StAnnes, usually taking in a half to the summit of Howth and back, or the beach run to the harbor. Also been regularly doing MickC's sessions in the park and feeling the benefits of faster running, across all distances.

    The first race back was the Kilbeggan 10 Miler, back on Aug 08th, Solid run in tough conditions, but very satisfying to get out for a blast and run hard in race conditions. Delighted with the 66:45 finish, and felt like the years had indeed rolled back to a younger Dave :)

    Followed this up with a few Raheny Summer series 2 miler on the Wade Loop, and again happy with the performances. Last proper race was the Termonfekin 10 miler another solid (if fatigued performance) on the closed roads of Louth, again happy with a 67m finish time.

  • Great to see you back running well Dave!

    Great times in both those races and some nice runs on Strava. Great to see.

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  • Nice one, D! Well done, excellent result


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  • Dave, your flying at the moment - long may it continue!

    Whats been the difference in recent months??

  • Hi Alan,

    High praise indeed from a man of your running stature :)

    Combination of a few thing that probably lead to this reasonably rich vein of form (at my age):-

    1. Consistency - Running normally 5 days pre week and with some quality session packed in there (Reps and Tempo). Mileage up around 45-50 miles per week, while probably only average distance for some posters on here, that would be at the upper end of volume for me.
    2. Sessions - Doing the Claws week day session (all run on grass ) since the spring, and find them both tough and rewarding.
    3. Long on Saturday, almost never miss this one, and usually run up to Howth Summit which gives a Half Marathon distance.
    4. Run in a group with most of us pushing each other.
    5. Small amount of cross training. Converted part of the back garden into a small Gym area, and have found that 2-3 light session per week have kept me injury free.
    6. Rest the other days. I wish I could say that i had given up the Alcohol, but its still there :(

    What i haven't done is train to a prescribed program, just not me really, tend to take each days as it comes.

    Anyway, must drop over to the PP Again at some point and see what's what. Maybe a few race pace miles for me and just can jog beside :)

  • Wednesday Sept 15

    Just easy miles on the coast road with the lads. Pretty tired after the 2 miler the night before.

    Saturday Sept 18

    Good group down for this one, Dave, Keith, Mark, Niall, Martin and Gary. Decided on Howth Summit for a change... Easy with Dave and Gary until St Fintins, then pushed on as the hill started. Pushed on the uphill section and steady on the downhill. While the weather at sea level was cloudy / foggy the summit was easily 19c and completely sunny. Turn and back down into the soup... Finished with 1:44 for just over the half and 7:50 avg.

    Monday Sept 20

    Busy in work so out at 7:50am for 6.7 miles out to Burrow beach at easy pace. Lovely run, and great to find a deserted beach half way around...

  • Let him know you’re available. As I’ve discovered myself, ‘qualifying’ via this event doesn’t always lead to making the team!

    Super run.

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  • Brilliant. Congrats! Well deserved, run well.

  • Good man Dave - some amount of racing being done. Top man.

  • Cheers Alan, I mistakenly though with my half decent run of form at the moment, there was something to be had on the day... Obviously plenty of other Awl lads are in great shape also...

    Anyway the road relays are always a great day out. 👍️