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Its all about Time...



  • MisterDrak wrote: »
    I have mentioned this to my running group more that once, the response is usually "we must look into this easy running pace thing, you may have something ... " as they set off at 7:10 - 7:20 for 10 miles...

    You should lead from the rear by slowing down and if you are dropped ever run fine someone else to run with. I am sure there are loads of alternate options available in the club.

    My twopence worth is that it is all about structure. Set your goals, figure out what you need to do to achieve them and then make a conscious decision to do it. The structure will dictate the pace ranging that you should be running in and if you stick to those ranges whether managed by time or HR then you will have a far better chance of a successful outcome. If you run by "perceived effort" but are not honest with yourself or let others dictate your training paces then you are just marking time to the next set-back whether that is injury or a bad performance in your goal race.

    80/20 running by Matt Fitzgerald is a great read when it comes to understanding the merits of easy running.

    Hansons Marathon Method also is another well explained and evidence based approach that does things a little bit differently. That allow for slightly faster "easy" running but doesn't have you flogging yourself with a 3hr+ LRs each week.

    When you combine running too fast with running too long it is a receipe for disaster as the recovery from the long run takes too long but if you shorten it you negate any benefits that you might have gotten even if they are not optimal.

    Actually that might be fourpence worth so I will stop now:D

  • Jaysus Murph - you're hanging around with FBOT too much............. ;)

    I'll take that as a compliment. He knows good company when he hears it;)

  • Has it been that long ? In fairness work has been manic for the last month, even to the point where a few of my normal evening runs have had to be shelved, Anyway, highlights only:-

    10/09/2019 - Physio session with Leo for 45 minutes. Felt great after, with much of the fatigue and subtle pain evaporating during the day.

    12/09/2019 - Steady - - 9.1 mile @ 7:40 pace from the house to Howth and back. Grand.

    14/09/2019 - LSR - Felt great for this run, and the morning played ball too. House into town, St Green, Lesson St, Donny Brook, Clonskeagh Road, RoeBuck, Fosters, Nutley, Then Sandymount, East Link and Clontarf. Fetl good and pushed the pace on the 5 miles of the marathon route. Finished in a pacy 2:34 for 20.25 miles in 7:37 avg.

    17/09/2019 - Micks Session - 400,400, 800, 800, 400, 400, 200. 2 odd miles in around 5:50 pace on the grass of St Annes.

    21/09/2019 - Race Half - Less that idea prep for this as i was out with Clients on the Friday night.

    A few stops during the race, to let out the beer, ended in a relatively poor 1:34:20 and 7:10 avg for the race. Jaded for the last few miles.

  • 22/09/2019 - Sunday Recovery - Just 5 easy miles after the half in 8:20 avg pace.

    24/09/2019 - Tempo - Opted for a 3 mile Tempo effort on the St Anne's Avenue. A total of 6.41 miles in 47 mins for 7:20 avg.

    25/09/2019 - Physio with Leo.

    26/09/2019 - MLR 1.3 miles in 1:18 for 7:36 avg, including half of Howth hill, including a savage wind in the face for the last 3 miles.

    28/09/2019 - LSR
    . Same route as last week, this time with Kevin P. He pushed the pace for all of the run including several 7:15s around the back of UCD. Finished with 20:50 in 2:35 for 7:36 avg.

    29/09/2019 - Recovery. Road were closed due to the Dublin bike ride, ran on some closed roads for 5.4miles in 45mins for 8:21avg.

  • September Summary :-

    Less that idea month before the marathon, but cant do anything about that now.

    A few solid LSR (as usual run harder that they needed to be run at), but have given me a good idea of my Marathon Target time...

    180 miles in total
    4 LSR's (19.5, 18.2, 20.2, 20.5)
    1 Race - Half in 1:34:20
    1 Session

    The weight is probably 2 KG heavier (77KG) than it should be at this point in the cycle. Something to look at for the few remaining weeks.

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  • Catchup again !

    01/10/2019 - Tuesday - Session

    Opted for a 2*2 mile on the (St Annes Park) avenue, with 2 easy warmup and 2 easy cool down. Lucky the avenue is 1.96 miles from the top to bottom, with a right hand loop around the playground. Got the Tempo mile in at around 6:45ish.

    Finished the session with 8 mile in 59:59 for 7:30 avg pace.

    02/10/2019 - Easy - Wednesday

    Just 3.5 easy miles from the house to park and home.

    05/10/2019 - LSR - Saturday

    Unfortunately i had a funeral to attend at 10 am, so I couldn't go to far in terms of miles. Started off at 7:30, and briefly ran with a big group of the club lads, including Darko and Kev, who were looking to do a full 13.5 of the Marathon course, at a easy 8:10 pace. I have to push on to get the mile in before 10ish. Finished with 21.2 in 2:44 for 7:43. A bit fast but needs must.

    06/10/2019 - Recovery - Sunday

    4.7 recovery mile up to the park and on the grass, and back. Lovely to have the last LSR completed and Sunday to relax.

    08/10/2019 - Steady - Tuesday

    A steady run instead of a tempo, for 7.4 miles in 7:38 avg. Just the Howth Road loop.

    09/10/2019 - Easy - Wednesday

    4.7 mile @ easy pace. Nothing special. Generally the fatigue that i was experiencing mid week a few weeks ago, has dissipated. Ill just put that down to being better trained, and possibly better sleep.

    10/10/2019 - Tempo - Thursday

    Love this route as it offers everything, house, seafront, Sutton Cross, Strand Road, Shielmartin Road, and back. Pushed the pace and happy with 8miles in 59:27 for 7:25 avg.

    12/10/2019 - LSR - Saturday

    Taper time. wanted 16 miles, but settled with 14.5. Ran with John C, and Kev. Good chat along the way. 14.5 in 1:50 for 7:42 avg.

    14/10/2019 - Disaster - Gym

    I don't tend to log my gym session on this, but generally Im at the gym twice per week. Just light weights, 1-2 sets and some core, really to keep the body ticking over. At the end of the set I decided on the "Sit Back" core machine. First rep, i got a very sharp needling pain in my lower back, right side. Immediately I got off the machine, and found it almost impossible to walk upright, walking with a stoop was almost possible. Difficult to get off my socks etc... and almost impossible to bend in any way without shooting pain through the lower spine.

    Much the same that evening, and thankfully the Mrs had some pretty strong meds, which i took, and have been on since Monday. Much the same on Tuesday (pain and flexibility wise), a 20% improvement Wednesday, 20% more yesterday, and same today (Friday).

    Had a light physio session on Wednesday, and "lept off the bed" on two occasions", when he hit the nerve.

    I haven't run since last Saturday, 7 days at this stage. The pain is now at a level that i could probably do 2-3 miles tomorrow and hopefully 6-7 on Sunday.

    Still really disappointed that this has hit me now. With the bast part of 9 months of training, and probably 4 specific marathon related work potentially ruined...

    If the weekend goes OK, ill give the Marathon a go, but there is a fair change that this will come back at me in the latter stages of the race, with the pounding that the body does take in marathon. Either way i will need to revise my expectation down a good bit and hope for the best on the day.

    Anyway, fingers crossed for the weekend.

  • Saturday - 19/10/2019 - Parkrun

    No clue as what to expect for this, the back has mostly sorted itself, but trying to touch the toes or anywhere near that offered a slight pain, so not completely healed up as yet.

    Opted to drive up to the park, and go in an easy .5 mile down the avenue to the start. Said the hellos, to the lads, before lining up beside Conor and Damo. Off and settled into what pace suggest was a steady run at 6:50, but felt a bit like threshold pace. Passed a few lads on the second loop (including Jim), and finished in 21:09 for 37th place and 6:53 avg. Grand.

    Sunday - 20/10/2019 - Last 10 miles.

    Iv run the last 10 miles of the route all of the marathon years, and find it great the following week as a confidence builder. "Sure i was here last week and feeling great" type thing...

    Mrs dropped me over the Bushy park at 8ish. Mostly empty roads and great to run off the pavement for more of the way around. Pushed the pace in places probably to hard, however i felt that i had lost fitness over the last week with Zero running. Finished with 9.4 miles at 7:42 avg to Merrion Sq, followed by an easy mile back to my office

    Pretty tired for most of the day, and not helped by a bottle of red with the mrs at dinner :)

  • Marathon Pace ???

    Struggling to come up with a pace that I'll follow on the day. Usually I can pretty accurately predict within 1-2 minutes of what I'll run. But that is based on the better block of training, and a younger body.

    That coupled with the back problem last week and a general fatigue last month, presents some difficulty. Ill have a think over the next few days and post up something by Friday.

    Just short and easy miles for the rest of the week.

  • Monday - 21/October - Rest

    Tuesday - 22/October - Easy

    Just 5.2 easy mile from the house up to the park and around. Tried to keep on the grass where it was an option. Kind of felt lethargic and slow, but that could be down to the zero running last week and the 10 mile on Sunday.

    Wednesday - 23/October - Physio

    All over massage, with special attention to the back and legs. Feel great after, and hopefully sleep well tonight.

    Marathon Pace - Have been struggling with this for a few days now. My general performance has dropped off significantly over the last year, to the point where i could not dream of holding the pace that i did for the first 21m of the Dublin Marathon in 2017.


    Would love to go under 3:20, but think that i beyond me now, with the back problems and patchy training over the summer.

    Ill go for 3:23:59 which is 7:44 avg for 26.4 ( I always seem to run .2 extra), so need to account for that. That time is with everything going well and the weather paying ball.

    As a B Goal, Anything sub 3:31:20 which is the time i ran back in 2009, still not a bad return for an Awl lad.

  • Dave, best of luck- hope it goes well for you.

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  • Dave, best of luck- hope it goes well for you.

    Cheers Alan, both happy and a little sad that this is the last Marathon... :confused:

  • Enjoy it so - with no time pressure.

    (although I'd say you'll be back for another crack)

  • MisterDrak wrote: »
    Cheers Alan, both happy and a little sad that this is the last Marathon... :confused:

    Move over to Hanson and your marathon career can go on forever;)

    Best of luck but most importantly...ENJOY!!!

  • Have a good one D - and less of this aul man talk! ;)

  • Dublin Marathon 2019.

    I could come up with stupid excuses as to why I didn't perform as well as I expected, but suffice it to say that i had a back problem 2 week out, a head cold 5 days out and then didn't get to sleep until around 3 am on the day. Just getting the excuses out early... The positives were a beautiful day, if a little cold, no wind, clear sky, and a full complement of Raheny Clubmates to run with.

    Into town nice and early, and dropped the bag off at the Fly Fit with plenty of time, walked up to the start line of Wave 1 with John F, Jim K, and met up with Caroline about 30m back from the gantry, and about half way between the 3:20 and 3:30 pacers. Martin, the other running stalwart was setting out at 8:42am with the other 13 runners that had competed each of the 40 previous marathons.

    I had on the club vest, and a long sleeve running top and hat to keep warm. Most other runners ditched these before the start, I figgered that there wold be plenty of cold miles ahead and better to hold on to these until later.

    A few minutes wait and off. Settled into a easy jog then right on to Lesson street, and dodging to usual misplaced walkers / runners. Still easy pace down to the Green, where a bit of space opened up. Easy to steady pace, now that we had some some road to move on. John, Jim and Caroline all had disappeared at this stage. Just kept the head down and moved with the crowds. Cuffe Street, Patrick Street , then Ushers Quay, just keep it steady and see what happens.

    The drag from the liffey up Manor street, and I just reduced the effort and let other runners pass me, the thoughts were always on conservation energy for the latter sages of the race. A welcome left on to North Circular, and entry to the park. At this stage the 3:20 balloons were well ahead. Mile 1,2,3 (7:44, 7:31, 7:52). Passed Christy at this point, and exchanged a few words of encouragement, and the same with Jenny a few minutes later.

    The out of the Park gates and into the wonderful support hot spot that is Castleknock. The crowds were 3-4 deep at Mayos, with an added thumping rendition of YMCA from the resident DJ. Miles 4,5,6,7 (7:33, 7:42, 7:42, 7:46). Down Tower road, and back into the park. A quick internal check and I had to admit that I was not feeling great. At this early stage, there should have been more bounce in the stride, and eagerness to attach the race, and indeed enjoyment given that this is the Dublin Marathon. This was most probably down the the few hours of sleep last night, and creeping fatigue.

    Before exiting the park, i removed the hat and long sleeve top, Almost immediately i felt cold :mad:, but I was new receiving the Raheny calls of support, as the vest was covered before. The next few miles were pretty non descript, and i cant really remember any specifics, bar the temps started to gently rise. Miles 8,9,10 ( 7:26, 7:28, 7:27). Looking at the splits now, i did seem to have a good few miles around here.

    Around Inchicore i caught Martin K, and jogged with him for a few minutes. Superb support for but of us Awl club lads running together. Martin did mention that he did lead the marathon for about 1 minute down lesson street, until the elites started. By South Circular Martin was bunched and needed to walk (having not being able to train properly since August due to a serious Achilles issue). I briefly contemplated just walk jog with Martin for a while, but he told me to head on, and would see me after...

    Crumlin Road, and Drimnagh Road, are a long drag. Had to stop at AIB on the right for a wee, as I was drinking at every drinks stop and had a bit of a build up... Also the slight wind was into the face here, and again making things a bit more difficult. Miles 11,12,13,14 (7:53, 7:49, 7:33, 8:12 (wee)). The left turn on to Walkinstown Rd, was welcome, as was the next left on to Cromwellfort Rd. At least the sun was now higher and clearing the rooftops, on the face and the slight wind was behind. This is a part of the City that i really don't know well, and as such the part of the rout seemed to last forever.

    By now i was struggling to hold any steady type pace. My only consolidation was that most other runners seems to be struggling also. Privately I knew that the last few miles were going to be very difficult. Miles 15,16,17 (7:39, 7:37, 7:36). By the left turn to Bushy park i was back to the point where i ran the last 10 miles last Sunday. Pushed on down Templeogue Road, to Terenure village. Floating at this point for about a mile, and felt like my old self, and passing runners by the bucket load. Miles 18,19 ( 7:31, 7:31). A quick Hi-five raspberry Jell, and a slug of water around here, may have helped.

    Unfortunately by Milltown, the running buzz this was well spent and so was I. That difficult right turn away from town and on to the drag up Clonskeagh and Roebuck was a killer blow. A first batch of runners that were now walkers were around here struggling like the rest of us. Just kept the head down up heartbreak hill, and on to Fosters Ave. Miles 20,21,22 (7:39, 7:46, 7:59). Privately i settled for the slower pace so as to hold back the inevitable cramp for a few more miles.

    Caught and passed Dave F, on the Dual carriage way, and briefly said hello. Over the flyover and careful to avoid the median step. Down the farside, and onto Nutley Ave. The brain was now calling for a stop to this madness. "Just stop Dave, and sure you will still have a decent time", kept echoing through the mind. Walk for 100m and then run again... F*** off Brain, just F off... Miles 23, 24 (7:55, 7:52).

    The early part of Merrion Road is usually quiet, but by the RDS things are getting noisy. By this point in the race I was running on instinct alone. Just get it done without walking... Repeat, Repeat... Right leg, Left Leg... Mile 25 - 7:59. Last full mile and nothing left, Im an empty vessel. Mile 26 - 8:18. On to Mount street, and the crowds 4-5 deep and the noise levels electric. I looked up to see the finish line 200m ahead, and immediately sharp killer cramp into the right leg. I have to completely stop and hold on to the crash barrier to stop a complete fall.... The crowd goes quiet, actually draws in conscious a breath... 1000's of people all watching me in disbelief, just 200m from the finish, then almost in slow motion "GO ON - YOU CAN DO IT - GO ON", in unison. I slowly walk / stagger to the finish line, breaking into a slow weak jog, just before the gantry, (last mile split 10:03 :mad:) and over the line in 3:24:47.

    That was F***ing hard, Got the customary "Well done Dave" from Pat Hooper, then off to get a well deserved medal and a warm dry marathon shirt... Very slow walk back around the Sq to meet the Mrs.

    As usual the drama that the Marathon brings can never be under estimated. Sometimes it can be easy to run fast. Something hard to run Slow and the wheels come off. But it is Always, Always an experience...

  • Great determination at the end there D. Fair play for keeping going even when the wheels were coming off.

  • Argh! What a finish. Marathons, eh?

    You did well after the wee break, a lot of the time for most runners it's difficult to get back to their pre-toilet pace.

    What's the deal with the "inevitable" cramp? It sounds like you've suffered from this before?

  • Singer wrote: »
    pre-toilet pace.

    What's the deal with the "inevitable" cramp? It sounds like you've suffered from this before?

    That's a new "Pace Term" Im going to use again :D

    The night before I got almost no sleep, so I knew the last few mile were going to be hard. Down fosters i was getting twinges, but nothing to stop me dead. As the race went on I knew it was only going to get worse....

    Funnily that evening I was talk to a veteran of hundreds of marathons, and I mentioned about looking up with 200m to go and immediately getting a cramp. He suggested that it is mostly physiological, and if you imagine that you have another mile to run the cramp will be correspondingly delayed.

    Might try that next time.... NOT :D

  • Thats a super run Dave - fair play.

    All things considered, not too far off the A goal and well under the B goal.
    Cramp & Wee Stop aside you'd have been close to the 3.20.

    Great report.

    I know you've thinking of No more marathons........................really??

  • Thats a super run Dave - fair play.

    All things considered, not too far off the A goal and well under the B goal.
    Cramp & Wee Stop aside you'd have been close to the 3.20.

    Great report.

    I know you've thinking of No more marathons........................really??

    Cheers Alan... Yep, Last Marathon done and dusted ! Ill go out on a high medium :D

    Actually, I bought a bike and a wet-suit back in August :eek: Going to give that gig a go for a few years and see where it takes me...

    Still will be doing a bit of running, and in fact just signed up yesterday for the Clontarf Half in November, but full marathons are done...

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  • Catch Up Time.

    30/11/2019 - Easy

    Just a really easy 2.5 miles from the house to the park and coast road, and back. Had to stop a few times. But great to get the legs moving and blood flowing again.

    October - Summary.

    Difficult month, with the lower back injury only 2 weeks out from DCM and a complete layoff from running as a result. Then only 2 hours sleep the night before both contributed to a poor race by my standards. Still great to have ran it...

    123 miles run.
    1 park run - 21:09
    Marathon 3:24
    1 LSR 21:15 m
    2 Gym sessions.

  • 02/11/2019 - Parkrun St Annes.

    Down for the catchup with the lads. Brought my new DCM shirt, to wear with all the others. Brief group photo, and ditched the shirt with DF. Fatigued and no real pace for the Parkrun, finished in 22:30... Grand...

    03/11/2019 - Easy Sunday

    Just 6.3 easy miles with Dave G. in 52 minutes for 8:21 avg. Dave seemed to be tired also :)

    04/11/2019 - Gym at lunch Nice change.

    05/11/2019 - Easy - 4.5 miles at easy pace.

    08/11/2019 - Steady.

    Taxi down to the PP for a steady run. Opted for the clockwise edge of the park. and back out to the Ashling hotel. 6.65 miles in 50:46 for 7:38 avg. Nice to run fast again (relatively speaking)...

    - Brought my boys up to Belfast for a days shopping and lunch, bloody miserable weather to drive there and back. So no park run.

    Instead opted for the Gym in the village when I got back.

    10/11/2019 - Steady.

    Down to the Clubhouse for 8am. Was met with the last lads and Mary W. Got dropped almost immediately. Just finished it out 7.33 miles in 57 minutes for 7:53 avg.

  • Up Coming Races:-

    Signed up for the Clontarf Half on 30 November. Far from a favorite race, but it is on my doorstop and I have run most of the route 1000's of times.

    Fat Turkey 10K - Billed as a fun run, but wheres the fun in running a 5K up Howth and back down, 3 days after Christmas day ?

    Raheny 5 - 26/January/20 - Where is this is my favorite race of the year. I have done numbers and goody bags for the last few years so, just going to enjoy the atmosphere and just run hard this year. Going to pencil in a few sessions with Mick before and see where I can get to.

    Trim 10 - 2/February/20 - Ran it last year, and enjoyed it, if a little cold.

  • Clontarf Half

    Have run at least part of this route 1000's of times over the years, so while this race is not one of my favourites, it is very much a home one.

    Started off with a half mile, easy jog before the off. The announcer suggested that the wind was from the east and as such would be difficult to contend with given that it was going to be blowing mostly across us, for the majority of the distance. In such an exposed race the wind factor is far more important.

    Started off with a steady pace, and into what seemed to be a strong head wind for the first 2 miles until the wooden bridge. Turned into a continued strong head wind for the next mile out the north wall. Left turn and down onto the beach, still strong head wind. The Sand was pretty compact and the sand at the high tide mark free of ridges. Mile 1,2,3,4 (7:23, 7:27, 7:33, 7:36). Causeway road and easy street, but we seemed to be robbed of the expected tail wind due to the sand dunes behind offering some shelter.
    Right on to the cycle lane, and more (but reduced head wind). 5 minutes on here and I was passed by the leading bunch returning from the half way mark.

    Turned at half mile mark and home ward bound. At last some benefit from the tail (what seemed like a breeze now). Pushed the paces for the second half and great to see other runners still heading for the half way mark. Small but consistent groups of support along the route. Back on to the beach and more of the same, compact sand and easy tail wind. Miles 5,6,7,8 (7:13, 7:28, 7:16, 7:13)

    By mile 11 runners were coming back to me. Fatigue was mile enough given the marathon mile were still in the legs. Pushed on for the last 2 miles (7:09, 6:55) and finished in 1:36:30 for 148 place and 7:21 avg pace. Grand race that meant nothing much but glad that I did it...

  • Winter League - Round 1 (of 11)

    Going to try to document all of these races (or as many as i can do) to gauge a bit of progression. The races started last night (December 04), and due to finished on April 15th. Around 50 down for the race, and started up with an easy 2 mile job with GB. The evening was mostly mild with a gently wind from the city direction, which was in our faces for the first 600m.

    Lined up in the 3rd row, and off at around 8:10. Immediately passed by 6-8 runners or a similar standard. Decided to let them go and work on my own race.

    By the first left and the "downhill" section 800m I have passed the first group, and put enough distance that i reasoned i would not be seeing them again.

    Pretty much in mo-mans land now, with DF and GB in a group already well into the dark ahead. First mile in 6:47. Second lap just concentrated in keeping form, and trying to reel in the small group of 3 ahead with arm bands blinking. Second mile in 6:52.

    At this stage i was gaining on the now splintered group of 3. Pushed on again with 800m to go, and got past 2 of the 3. Last left turn and pushed on again. Finished in 20:04 for 13th position and 6:43 avg, with the last mile at 6:31.

    Nothing more that a benchmark at this stage. Will be interesting to see some progression over the next 6 months, with reduced mileage (from the marathon cycle) and some specific track or Micks sessions added in.

  • Saturday 7th - Parkrun St Annes

    This was my 92nd park run, finished in 21:23 after a pile of Xmas drink the night before with the Mrs and her cycling club, not much else to report :mad:

    Sunday 8th - Easy

    Pi$$ poor weather, with west winds and lashing rain, just got in 4 miles, from the house to St Annes and around via the coast road. A distant throbbing pain in both knees, has been causing some concern for the last few weeks.

    Wednesday 11th Winter league #2

    A 2 mile easy warm-up with Dave before the off. This round was a 2 miler, so the effort levels would need to be slightly higher to account for the faster tempo. Lined up with about 50 others, on the 3 row. Off at 8:05ish and into a light but freezing wind for the first 500m. Pushed the pace on the "downhill" after the left turn and caught and passed small group of 4. Left again and maintained my position.

    First mile in 6:40, grand if a little slow. Pushed on and had CC in my sights. Was slowly gaining for most of the second lap, but she out sprinted me over the last 50 meters. Finished in 18th, in 13:07 for 6:36 avg.

    Thursday 12/12 - PP - Easy

    Lunch run in the PP. Cold, but not freezing, windy but not stormy. Just easy paced but tired miles and finished in 47 minutes with 6 miles. Happy to get it done. A resulting relaxing afternoon in the office :)

  • Race Catch up.

    December 22 - Sunday - Joe Noonan

    A local Raheny Race, which is nice as its always scheduled the last Sunday before Christmas. The race comprises of a 1 or 2 lap affair from the village, left on Watermill road, left again on the Coast Road, then left again at the Howth Road. Around 60 turned up for the race, with a large showing of hands for the single lap, meaning that it would be a lonely race for the 2 lappers, including me...

    Headed off toward the back of the field (as the single lappers were running at a higher tempo that us). Tried to keep eyes on Dave F, and the lad in black, for the first mile, left on the coast road, and at least the weather had played ball. Left again on the Howth Road, and about a mile of a drag back up to the start line. Not much in the way of race excitement, with the small numbers. Rather a tough "Time Trial". Through the first lap finish line and a few cheers from the 1 lappers, who had now finished and were recovering.

    Luckily the traffic lights had played ball and I was on a green with the traffic, rather that a red and you need to dodge the traffic from left and right.

    Repeat the course, watermill (holding steady pace), coast road (starting to up the pace to Tempo), then Howth Road again, and Pushing harder...

    Beginning to catch Dave F, at this point, but he has a too large a gap. Pushing on again for the last 400m, mostly empty of effort, run out of course, but finish 5m behind Dave in 7th and 38:06 for 6:57 for the 5.5 miles.

    Grand, and a nice coffee and toast after. :D

  • December 25th - Xmas - Goal Mile

    Not really a race, more of a "get out and run a bit to make room for the Turkey and Wine" type thing. Jogged up to the start line, at the top of the avenue in St Annes. Wished all of the guys a happy Xmas. around 500 squeezed into the few meters between the Granite gates and the Start of the Tar. Off in a mad sprint at 11. Finished in around 5:20 for the avenue, which is under 1500m. A bit of support for the other runners and joggers.

    Headed back to the house with the Mrs (on her bike). On the empty coast road, tried a mad idea to run at Kipchoge's marathon pace for a bit, as the Mrs has a speedo on the bike, and Id usually never get the opportunity do do this mad stuff. Managed 30 odd seconds at 22kph, twice, wasn't right after it :eek:

    December 26th - Stephens Day - Dollymount Beach Charity Run.

    Conor (the font of all running knowledge), put me on to this one on Xmas day. A small 7K race (run), starting at the Sea Scouts club house at the wooden bridge, then along the north wall, onto the beach, up about half way, and back again.

    A small turnout with about 50 turning up, including a few lads from the club. The weather was abysmal, with the open course offering zero protection. Also there was an extremely high tide, and almost no beach to run on. Rather Soft banked sand only. Enjoyable run with only single file available for most of the run, Finished in 7th behind Dave F, and Martin. 4.11 miles in 40:30 for 7:25 avg.

  • 1420 metres for the St. Anne's Goal 'Mile'.

    Not looking forward to your Dublin Masters report. ;)

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  • A week late - Dublin Masters XC - St Annes Park

    Got the text in from Coach on the Friday before, so decided on a brief warmup on the course on the Saturday evening. The going was soft to good, with no lying water rather just a few small muddy spots to contend with. An easy 2 miles at 8:10ish pace, and home to rest up.

    The Mens race was scheduled for 1:30pm, and duly met up with the lads, at 12:45 for an easy 2 mile warm-up on the course. Weather was playing ball, with a gentle wind from the west and sunny sky's with temps around 12c. Opted to run in Nike Pegasus as opposed to spikes, and 50% of the other runners seems to have done the same.

    Lined up towards the back of the course, with the other awl lads. Some brief words from Pat and we were off. Settled into a steady pace, with the first left into the trees, offering little room to run more that 3 abreast. Slight right onto the pitches and the only muddy spot on the course, which i avoided by going wide. Then Sharp left and into the avenue of trees and a solid surface to run on and make up a few places on the lads with spikes.

    Over the log jump and the bunching for a few years before more trees and the another sharp left to the side of the park path. Just holding steady on this lap until pacing sorts its self out. Pushed on a bit on the second lap, and caught a few more guys that had gone off to hard, probably new to XC and thinking that it like any other road race :eek:

    Super Support from Raheny all the way around. There was absolutely no position on the course where you could take it easy lessed you were seen by somebody from the club.

    In the latter stages got past a few of the other club M50 lads, with the exception of Dave F, who has a super run. Finished in 27:22 for 7:16 avg for the 3.77m race. Happy that I left absolutely nothing out there, and probably ran as well as my training would have allowed on the day.