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Kingp35's Horror Viewing Log



  • Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

    The fact that this film is entitles Lesbian Vampire Killers and stars Matthew Horne and James Corden of Gavin and Stacy fame tells you pretty much everything you need know. The basic story follows two mates who travel to the English countryside to escape some problems their having at home. Turns out the place they traveled to is cursed by a troupe of Lesbian Vampires and they must team up with a local vicar and female backpacker in order to save the day.

    Ok so bar some nice gore scenes there is very little horror to be found here, this film is played almost entirely for laughs and whether or not you enjoy this depends on whether you find James Corden and plenty of low brow humour funny. At only 80 minutes bar credits it's a short film and moves along at a good pace, the story is solid enough, the action decent and I found it quite funny with some nice one liners and plenty of hot looking women.

    It's certainly not gonna win any awards but it's a nice turn your brain off film that provides good entertainment.


  • Thanks for Feedback on this movies

    There few movies I be checking out.

    I do you were harsh on Mulberry street,
    I thought it was Great!

    It just me, I do love insects and Animals attack humans movies
    If some really bad ones like Spiders (2000) :eek:

  • The Ghostmaker (2012)

    Supposedly based on true events (this has to be a gimmick, there is no way this can be true), The Ghostmaker is a reasonably low budget horror film about three friends who discover a 15th century coffin that allows someone to experience the world as a ghost by recreating a near death experience. What starts out as being fun quickly becomes dangerous as the coffin begins to bring their bad side as well as them being tracked by a mysterious grim reaper style character.

    The only reason I got my hands on this film was because of the concept, it is very similar to Flatliners but with a paranormal aspect. The back-story behind the coffin and the groups first experiences with it are is excellently done and sets the film up nicely but the second really falls apart and offers very little in the way of scares or interesting plot developments. It becomes a little predictable and the Grim Reaper character doesn't feature heavily enough for my liking. The ending is ok but your left feeling that this was an opportunity lost, a little more focus on creating some nice horror moments and a more interesting second half and this could have been a winner. Unfortunately it's not.


    Rites of Spring (2012)

    First time writer/director Padraig Reynolds must be commended for and trying to create a more intricate slasher film that the usual low budget fare and for trying to and mostly succeeding in creating a plot that holds your attention throughout. The first two acts of the film mainly focus on a group of people who execute a robbery kidnapping of a rich family and hold up inside an abandoned factory. All the while this is happening, we are also shown a blood ritual to a mysterious creature being performed by a farmer using two women he kidnapped. This creature eventually escapes and makes it's way to the factory leading to a well shot and above average slasher film final act.

    There are other intricacies to the plot but that would be giving too much away. Although the acting is not great, it's to be expected with a budget so low and it never becomes too noticeable. The first two acts are very well done, the robbery is interesting enough to keep entertained and easily beats the usual 45 minutes of filler scenes you get in the average slasher film. The final half hour is good slasher fun as the killer hacks his through various victims and looks good doing it. The only real flaw is the manner in which are killer is dispatched, it's hinted throughout that he's a supernatural entity so the final scene is a little underwhelming. Otherwise it's a well made and above average thriller/slasher that I enjoyed a lot more than I expected.


  • 100 Feet (2008)

    100 Feet is yet again another horror film that has a decent concept but almost wholly fails to capitalise on it. The plot tells the story of a woman who is under house arrest for killing her abusive husband and therefore is unable to leave her house as she can't stray more than 100 feet from the sensor mounted in her house for more than 3 minutes. This becomes a problem when it becomes apparent that her husband has decided to come back into her life as a ghost and continue with his abuse.

    So the concept of someone being unable to leave a haunted house is a good one, it adds plenty of menace to the situation and provides good opportunity for scares. The second part of plot though is not so good, an abusive husband coming back as ghost sounds like something that belongs on the Lifetime or Hallmark channel and not in a Hollywood horror film. It just doesn't work as the director had hoped and offers very little in the way of frightening scenes. At one point it's almost as if the woman just accepts that he is back in her life . Bar some interesting enough scenes near the end it's a very bland film and is certainly not for aficionados of supernatural horror films.


  • Beneath The Darkness (2010)

    Beneath the Darkness is a very frustrating film. For much of its running time it's largely mundane and extremely predictable, you know almost from the get go the underlying reason for what is happening to the characters. It's largely tedious, not frightening at all and lacking any real sense of horror or suspense but then the ending comes about and you realise that writer/director Chad Feehan actually had a very interesting and good idea but really failed to execute in a good way.

    The plot follows two people who stop at a motel for the night and strange things start the happen to the man as he meets some odd characters who seem to know information about him as well as seeing things and strange happenings throughout the motel which all lead up the ending I was talking about. Really the majority of "twists" are incredibly predictable but the final 5 minutes when the larger picture is explained are very interesting but will undoubtedly leave you ruing the fact that Feehan couldn't put together a better film to go with his idea.


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  • Livid (2011)

    Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury of Inside fame, I had high hopes for this French horror film given the talent that was behind it. Oh how disappointed I was by the end! The story follows a trainee care giver named Lucy who learns that comatosed woman she looks after has hidden treasure somewhere in here house. Convinced by her boyfriend and his friend, the trio head off on Halloween night to break in a steal the treasure. It quickly becomes apparent that the house is not as it seems and neither is the old woman.

    It starts off very well, the first 45 minutes are excellent and as the characters are introduced and the scene is set but once they break into the house it quickly turns into a confusing and muddled mess that will leave a lot of people scratching their heads. I suppose the most frustrating aspect is that it's very well made, has some nice visuals and does have a creepy atmosphere at times but the script is all over the place, so much so that I almost lost interest in what I was seeing. Despite the excellent visuals etc the final half hour is just too muddled to be worth watching and really kills and otherwise very good set up.


    Donner Pass (2012)

    Run of the mill straight to DVD slasher film, Donner pass is not terrible but it's far from good either. Four friends go on a trip to one of their parents winter cabin only for a number of jock type people to crash the party after being invited behind the hosts back. Cue 50 or so minutes of filler involving the usual drinking etc chock full of incredibly annoying characters. Finally our killer shows up and starts offing the annoying people in uninventive ways which all leads to a couple of reasonably predictable twists at the end.

    There is nothing new or original to be seen here, the characters are very one dimensional and mostly annoying, the kills are poorly done and rather tame and the twist will be predictable to a lot of people. Still it's reasonably well made and is about on a par with the countless other slasher films of the same type. Basically it's a straight to DVD slasher film at it's most derivative.


  • Paranorman (2012)

    Paranorman is an entertaining animated horror film for kids and adults alike that has plenty of nods to genre classics throughout it's running time. Shot using stop motion style similar to the excellent Caroline, the animation is fantastic throughout and you won't be able to take your eyes off it. The plot involving zombies, witches a kid who can see ghosts and various other characters is always entertaining and the jokes are mostly funny too. If you're looking for a fun film that you can't go wrong with Paranorman.


    Sint (Saint) (2010)

    Being as it's getting close to Christmas I decided to finally watch the dutch horror film Sint which is based on Sinterklaas, a figure that is comparable to Santa Claus but visits on Dec 5th. The film distorts into a evil character by portraying him as a ghost who murders people when the night of Dec 5th coincides with a full moon. It's up to a cop who saw his family killed by Sinterklaas when he was a child to try and save as many people as he can.

    The film starts of great with some very well shot and executed action involving Sinterklaas and his minions slashing their way through a family. In fact whenever the Sinterklaas character is on screen you will not be able to take your eyes away as there is plenty of bloody action and a nice helping of black comedy. The problem is though that he is not given enough screen time and large swathes of the film feel quite boring in comparison. There is plenty of black humour but it's not engaging enough. The ending is also quite a let down as it happens very suddenly.

    Sint is very much a mixed film, brilliant at times but forgettable at others, it's still definitely worth a watch especially at this time of year.


  • Silent Night (2012)

    I enjoyed the original Silent Night, Deadly Night and I have also mostly enjoyed Steven C. Miller's previous films so I was looking forward to this remake as I was expecting a fun B-Movie slasher. Unfortunately it turned out to be anything but.

    It starts off promising enough with an entertaining opening scene but once Malcolm McDowell shows up it goes down hill rapidly. His acting is so over the top it's beyond rodiculous and it gets tiring very fast. In fact the acting from everyone bar Jamie King is terrible. The pace is actually quite slow and even when the killer is on screen it seems to drag. The kills are nothing to write home about and there is just a serious lack of fun and comedic moments. It was very disappointing and I recommend giving it a miss.


  • House At The End Of The Street (2012)

    After watching House At The End Of The Street I'm finding it very difficult to actually call it a horror film considering that the vasy majority of it is nothing more than a teenage love story where the girl falls for the troubled guy. Luckily things pick up in the final third but it's not enough to save a largely forgettable film.

    The plot revolves around a mother and daughter who move into a new house that just so happens to be next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents. The girls brother, who wasn't present that night, now lives in the house and he hits it off with his new neighbour providing us with a mundane hour of teenage love. Luckily though the brother is not quite as innocent as he seems.

    It actually starts off quite well with an intense opening scene but the next hour is largely forgettable despite teh occasional good moment. The final half hour is decent entertainment but again I would be hard pushed to call it horror. The main twist is interesting but most of the minor ones are predictable. Being as it's very much a PG-13 film there is almost no horror and zero gore. The acting is decent enough and production is good but if you're looking for a proper horror film this is definitely not for you.


  • Rec 3 Genesis (2012)

    The latest entry into Spanish horror franchise is a wholly different beast to the two that came before it. In fact I was completely surprised by the way the it was filmed and the tone of the film itself, it brought a freshness to the franchise despite the fact that it is largely a hit and miss film.

    The opening 30 minutes or so are shot using the same camcorder/cinema verite style as the previous two entries and focuses on a young Spanish couple and their wedding day. Unfortunately for them, their uncle is infected with the zombie virus and all hell breaks loose as he starts to infect the wedding guests. After about 30 minutes though the cinema verite style is abandoned and the rest of the film is shot in a straight up way. What surprised me the most though is the tone of the film, it's very much a black comedy and quite a good one at that too. The previous two entries were entirely serious but this one has some great visual jokes and is very entertaining and over the top at times. Yes the jokes do miss at times and there are about ten minutes in the middle that drag but otherwise it's very well made. It doesn't really move the story of the zombie outbreak along very much but it is certainly the entry that provides the most fun.

    Serious fans of the franchise will probably be angry with the approach to this sequel but for me it was a bretah of fresh air and despite it's faults manages to be an entertaining film.


    The Possession (2012)

    The Possession is very much a Hollywood horror film in how it is shot, loud noise scares and CGI abound, but the central story and mythos is strong enough to overcome the Hollywood cliches.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a father who has just split up with his wife and is trying to get his daughters settled into his new home. He buys his youngest daughter a mysterious box at a yard sale that turns out to be a DIbbuk box which, according to the Jewish faith, is a box used to contain an evil spirit. the box begins to take over the girl and slowly poesses the girl leading to him seeking help from a Rabbi to perform an exorcism.

    Yes the main story is similar to countless other films released in recent times in that a girl becomes possessed which all leads up o the final act where an exorcism is performed. What makes The Possession stand out from the others is the use of the Dibbuk box and the mystery surrounding it. As far as I know no other film has focused on a Dibbuk box before. For a PG-13 film it is quite intense at times, some of the loud noise scares work but most don't. It's well acted and it does have an ominous tone at times but ultimately the predictabilty of what the film is building towards lets it down.

    The Possession is your typical Hollywood horror film that manages to create an interesting mythos. It's worth a look for that alone.


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  • The Millennium Bug (2011)

    The Millennium Bug is a horror film produced by No CGI Films who, as their name suggests, make films using only practical effects work. As a result Millennium Bug is a nice little through back to those 80's low budget creature feature horror films that were full of inventive effects and plenty of blood an guts.

    The story is set on Dec 31st 1999 and revolves around a family who decide to go camping in the woods to avoid the millennium bug hysteria. They are taken captive by a group of inbred hillbillies though but unbeknownst to everyone bar a crazy scientist there is a creature sleeping under the forest that only rises once every 1000 years that rises on that particular night and wreaks havoc throughout the forest.

    Ok so the plot isn't exactly great and the acting is poor but this film is all about the old school effects which are a delight to watch. It's clear that a huge effort was put into creating the creature which looks great, this certainly isn't a guy in a rubber suit type film. There is nice gory moments too and this film just screams fun throughout. You will have plenty of laughs and nostalgic moments watching it all unfold.

    Millenium Bug is a fun film that certainly won't be too everyone's tastes but it's great to see a film that relies on practical effects rather than cheap looking CGI.


    The Road (2011)

    The Road is a horror film from the Philippines that was rather painful to sit through. I'll be honest and admit that I turned it off after an hour having realised that there was still another hour to go. It was extremely derivative and uninspiring stuff that was totally devoid of scares or anything interesting happening. This is more of a warning than a review, I advise you all to stay away from this one.

  • Sleep Tight (2011)

    I have been waiting for this film to be released over here for some time now as it had a very intriguing concept and is directed by Jaume Balagueró of Rec fame. I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed.

    the film revolves around a concierge working in an upmarket apartment block who has taken a very unhealthy attraction to a woman living there. He sneaks into her apartment every night, drugs here and makes subtle changes to her beauty products etc trying to make her unhappy. Things quickly spiral out of control however which all leads up to a nice conclusion.

    It's a very well acted film, moves along a nice pace and has plenty of uncomfortable moments throughout. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this film is just how easy it would be for someone to do this to you, the mere idea of a man sneaking into your house every night while you sleep is unsettling. The characters are well drawn out and the ending has some nice gore and a brave conclusion.

    This is well worth a watch.


    Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

    This is snot strictly a horror film but rather has horror as it's subject matter. I have read quite a few rave reviews about this film but having seen the trailer I was reluctant to watch it. After seeing it I wish I hadn't.

    The plot focuses on an English sound engineer to goes to Italy to work on a Giallo film. The opening half is interesting as we get an insight into how sound production worked for this films but it quickly descends into a boring mess that is incredibly pretentious and tries to be far too clever for it's own good. The last half an hour is incomprehensible and I was really struggling to make it to the end. It's well acted and well made but unless you like your films with a huge dose of pretension then stay away from this. It's clearly a "Love it or Hate it" type of film.


  • Grabbers (2012)

    Grabbers is an Irish horror/comedy film that is great fun to watch from start to finish. Most of the other attempts at horror/comedy to come from this country have been nothing short of awful so it's great to finally see a film that works.

    The plot is based upon the fictional Island of Erin Isle where a meteor strikes just off the coast unleashing multi-tentacled sea monsters that can also come on land during rain. It seems as if these creatures can be killed if they ingest alcohol leading to the brilliant Irish logic that of you get as drunk as you possibly can then you will be inedible. It's up to the local cop, a replace female cop and the locals to try and save the day while having a pint.

    The first thing I have to mention is how good the CGI looks for such a low budget film, the creatures all look excellent and the design is top notch too. The comedy comes thick and fast, perhaps some of it doesn't quite hit the mark and there is a 15 minute spell in the middle when it kind of dries up but by and large it's a funny film. All of the actors do a good job and there is plenty of action. It's unfortunately very light on the horror but this is to be expected in a film of this type.

    Grabbers has finally given is a good Irish horror/comedy film. It's best enjoyed after a beer of two!


    Rammbock: Berlin Undead

    Rammbock is a surprisingly good German zombie film that clocks in at only 59 minutes long. It tells the tale of a group of people that get trapped inside an apartment complex during a zombie outbreak. What makes this film work isthe acting from t=all involved and surprising minimal amount of zombie action, the majority of film focuses on the decisions the people make to stay alive rather than to escape or kill the zombies. The effects are good, as is the gore and it all amounts to a satisfying ending. I am not usually a fan of Zombie films as they are mostly far too similar but this one is well worth a look. Perhaps the short run time worked in its favour.


  • When The Lights Went Out (2012)

    It seems as if possession films are very much the in thing when it comes to horror films in the last few years, even when it comes to films produced outside of the Hollywood studio scene.

    This applies to When The Lights Went Out too, a British horror film set in Yorkshire in the 1970's where a young family move into a new house only to find out that the house contains a ghostly presence that has taken an unhealthy fascination with the teenage daughter of the family. It becomes clear that an exorcism is needed but things don't exactly go to plan.

    Ok so first things first, there is absolutely nothing new to be found here. The fact that it is supposedly based on real events is the only thing that sets this film apart from the many others of the same genre, otherwise it has all the elements we have come to expect from a possession film. The slow build up, things go bump in the night and eventually a exorcism is performed. I do have to give credit for the brave ending though and despite it's unoriginality it's a well made and well acted film that does exactly what it says on the tin.


    Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

    At this stage anyone who watches a Paranormal Activity film knows exactly what they are going to get, all four films are almost a carbon copy of each other in how they are made and this fourth one is no different. It offers some decent enough scares, a couple of gimmicks but ultimately it has a huge plot hole that lets it down.

    This fourth entry yet again focuses on a single house that seems to be haunted when a family take in a young boy from across the street. The teenage daughter of the house begins suspect it has something to do with the young boy but of course we get a twist that we can see coming a mile off. It's well filmed, provides a decent atmosphere and some nice jump scares but what really lets it down is this: about midway through the film the daughter and her friend install cameras throughout the house to try and film any ghostly activity. Yet when the ghostly happenings really kick off and the parents refuse to believe the house is haunted the girl does not check ANY of the cameras even once! They are completely forgotten about and simply serve a sway to film the action. All she had to do was review the tapes to see what was going on and show her parents. It's a huge plot hole that the film never recovers from.

    Sadly this film doesn't move the central story on much and a huge plot hole lets it down. Otherwise it's actually quite a solid film.


  • Citadel (2012)

    Citadel is an Irish made horror film that has been doing the rounds around various festivals for a while now and has finally been released on DVD. It's a very ambitious film that mostly works but is certainly not without its problems.

    The plot revolves around Tommy who has become a serious agoraphobic after witnessing his pregnant girlfriend attacked and put in a coma. He is now forced to look after his daughter while always being afraid to leave the house. It turns out though that the "kids" who attacked his girlfriend have taken an interest in his daughter so it's up to Tommy and a very unorthodox priest to try and save her before it's too late.

    What makes Citadel stand out from usual Irish horror films is how well it's made. Director Ciaran Foy has created an extremely bleak film with an excellent atmosphere as well as top class production values. The central story is an ambitious one and the theme of fear is well used throughout. The only major down point is the main character of Tommy. He is simply not a person you can root for. He is afraid of his own shadow, makes idiotic decisions and only becomes the hero when is literally forced into it leaving no other choice. His character definitely need some better writing and it would have brought the film on even further.

    As it stands Citadel is a very well made and creepy film with an interesting plot that builds up a satisfying ending. The theme of fear features heavily but the sniveling main character lets it down somewhat. It is still well worth a look though.


  • Sinister (2012)

    Despite the largely very good reviews, I somehow managed to miss Sinister when it was in a cinema so I had to wait for the blu-ray release. Perhaps my expectations were a little too high because of the long wait so although I definitely enjoyed the film I was still somewhat underwhelmed.

    The plot follows a true crime writer who moves his family into a house where a family was hanged. He ends up finding a box of super 8 films in the attic which end up being snuff films dating back to the 1960's leading him to believe that he is researching a serial killer. It soon becomes apparent that the killer had an interest in the occult and may be much more dangerous than first thought.

    First off Sinister is very well made. It has a nice creepy atmosphere throughout and utilises the "loud noise" scare very well, it's extremely rare for me to be caught out but I did get a fright a couple of times throughout sinister. It's well acted by Ethan Hawke and the idea of finding snuff films to do with the occult is an excellent one. Unfortunately though I don't think the story ended up being quite as interesting as I thought it would be. At 1h50m long it's quite a long film for a horror and so you would expect to be little bit more background into the occult elements but it's somewhat lacking. This is all the more frustrating considering there clearly was an excellent story in there. Also the twist was a little too predictable but I'm not sure if it was supposed to be such a bug surprise.

    All in all Sinister is a good horror film and certainly one of the better ones released in the cinema lately but I can't help but feel it could have been a classic.


  • The Collection (2012)

    The Collection is the follow up to The Collector, with both films directed by Marcus Dunstan, a man better known as one of the writers in the saw series. If you have seen The Collector then you will clearly see the influence of the Saw films throughout but although The Collection has many similar elements it also brings a few new things to the table to insure it doesn't just seem like more of the same.

    The Collection pretty much begins where the last film ended with the main protagonist still locked in the box that he was trapped in at the end of the first installment. The Collector entices a group of people to his hideout by putting on a dance party which quickly turns into a massacre but our main man manages to escape from his box. One of the guests is a daughter of a rich man though who hires a team of mercenaries to go back into the house and free the girl. The mercs force our protagonist to go back into the house and try to free the girl. All hell breaks lose as they have to survive The Collectors traps and get back out alive.

    The first film of the series was basically nothing more than a series of traps within a house that had to be avoided and survived. It was very episodic in that it simply went from one trap to the next. This sequel has a bit more plot to it and although the traps are all still very evident, the killer also uses a hands on approach making The Collection feel more like a rounded film. Unfortunately though it's extremely short at about 70 mins long excluding credits. Very few of the characters are developed and we learn almost nothing new about the killer.

    As a turn your brain off bit of entertainment The Collection does it's job well but it would have been nice had we been treated to a bit more backstory.


  • Redd Inc. (2012)

    Redd Inc is a low budget British horror/thriller film about a demented corporate headhunter who has been locked up for the murder of various corporate types. He manages to escape though and captures 6 people, all of which had something to do with him being jailed, and holds them in an office area and forces them to perform a number of tasks, one of which is to try and determine who the real killer of the people the headhunter was accused of murdering. If they don't follow his rules then serious repercussions ensue.

    Ok so there is nothing particularly original about Redd Inc, in fact there are numerous other films focusing on a group of people held captive and forced to perform tasks, but Redd Inc, does manage to provide a slightly deeper story than the usual fare. It is a well acted film with plenty of top quality gore thanks to Tom Savini. Perhaps it slows down a little too much in the mid-section and the big twist is blatantly obvious but there is plenty of entertainment to be found here and it's well worth a look.


  • Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

    The first Grave Encounters film was one of the better found footage films of recent times so it's no surprise that they decided to release a sequel. Luckily for us though it's not simply a rehash of the first film and actually tries to do something new.

    The plot follows a film student who becomes convinced that the events depicted in the first film are true events. He gathers a group of friends and sets to investigate at the asylum where the original was shot. Unfortunately for him and his friends he turns out to be right and the encounter the same malevolent presence that the first group encountered.

    The idea to portray the original film as true events actually works very well as it's different enough for this sequel to feel sufficiently different and new from the original film. It adds a bit more depth to the story while also allowing for much more of a build up before the group gets to the asylum. Once there we are treated to pretty much the same that we got with the original, loud noise scares, creatures jumping from dark places etc but again it's filmed very well. We also find a lot more out about the Asylum itself and the ghostly presence withing. Unfortunately though the films ended disappointed me quite a bit, it just didn't sit right with me and somewhat taints what came before it.

    Grave Encounters 2 is a solid sequel for the type of film it is. The ending could have been better bit the new approach and solid production make this sequel worth a look.


    Silent Hill Revelation (2012)

    I'll just do a quick review for this film. I actually quite enjoyed the original film. As game to film transfers go I thought it was most definitely one of the better ones. Unfortunately this sequel is anything but. It is the definition of all style and no substance. The set design, creature works, effects, sound etc are all top notch. The production team have created a really frightening looking film full of great imagery but a film need a plot to back up the imagery and this film has almost none. If the writers had done their job as well as everyone else then this could have been another surprise hit but bar the opening ten minutes it simply has nothing to offer in the way of story and the final twenty minutes are laughably bad. It might be worth viewing for the visuals but do not expect anything in the way of plot or you will be very disappointed.


  • The Innocents (1961)

    Unfortunately this film had been built up so much in my head over the years that when I finally came to watch it it was bound to be a disappointed but I wasn't expecting to be disappointed this much.

    The plot follows a woman who moves into a huge country estate in order to look after two young children. She slowly becomes convinced that the house and the grounds are haunted and may have something to do with the children.

    There is nothing wrong with the plot and the setting for the film is excellent and full of potential for creepy moments. What really let the film down though was the absolutely awful acting from everyone involved. It's the real fake cheesy pompous British way of portraying small children and upper class people that is so laughably bad that it completely stops you from becoming involved the creepy atmosphere. The scares amount to a face appearing and disappearing at a window and the supposedly great ending didn't do much for me.

    I'm left with the opinion that The Innocents is one of those films that was ahead of it's time and thus people heap praise on it for nostalgia reasons. unfortunately it has suffered very badly from the passage of time and is no longer frightening or all that interesting.


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  • American Mary (2012)

    I'm still not sure whether American Mary can be considered a horror film but it does have horror elements to it and so it's probably worth it's place here. The story follows a surgical student named Mary who is becoming increasingly broke and desperate for money. She decides to take a lapdancing job but while at her "interview" she's asked to perform no questions asked surgery on a gunshot victim for $5k. The allure of the easy money is too much for Mary to turn down so she becomes involved in increasingly strange surgical jobs eventually dropping out of med school to to perform extreme body modification procedures on the underground market.

    See the problem with this film lies with it's plot, there isn't really one. Bar the outline above where Mary becomes involved in the body modification world there isn't much that happens after that fact. The progression of her character from wholesome student to an almost crazed surgeon just isn't believable at all. There are plenty of good elements, particularly the Betty Boop character and the woman who wants to become a doll but these elements don't really do much to move the story along. The ending also feels like just a way to wrap the film up as it wasn't really going anywhere.

    The central story of a surgeon performing extreme body modification is a good one but the actual main plot isn't, the writers needed to come up something more than just a synopsis. Bar some interesting and occasionally disturbing scenes, American Mary mostly disappoints despite the praise being heaped upon it by various horror websites.


    Treevenge (Short Film) (2008)

    Treevenge is a short film from the eventual director of Hobo With A Shotgun that tells the story of Christmas trees coming to life and attacking the people who "tortured" them by cutting them down and putting them in their houses for Christmas. It's very entertaining, has plenty of funny moments and the last 5 minutes are great gore soaked fun. At only 15 minutes long it's well worth a watch and is available to watch in full on youtube.


  • The Changeling (1980)

    The Changeling is one of those horror films that I have been meaning to watch for a long time but I've been putting it off for fear that it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I'm happy to saw that now I've watched it I can say that it is indeed a creepy and very effective horror film.

    The plot follows a classical musician who moves into a secluded mansion after the death of his wife and child in a car accident. Unfortunately for him the mansion seems to be haunted by the ghost of a child which is trying to communicate something to the owner by using the mans despair as a tool to unlock the secrets of mansions past.

    There is nothing particularly special about the plot, in fact it sounds almost identical to countless other horror films. What makes The Changeling stand out is how well it's made. Right from the off there is a creepy atmosphere permeating throughout every scene and once the ghostly happenings really get going there are plenty of frightening visuals. The acting is solid as well and the pace of the story works very well as certain details are kept secret while others are revealed reasonably early on. It's the wonderfully effective visuals and atmosphere that really make the film though and gives The Changeling the reputation the film deserves.


  • Midnight Son (2012)

    Midnight Son is a very low budget horror film that on the face of it seems to be jumping on the "vampire" bandwagon that has been rolling along for quite some time now. Luckily though writer/director Scott Leberecht has somehow managed to create a vampire film that seems both fresh and original.

    The story follows a night security man named Jacob who has a rare skin disorder that makes his skin burn very easily when exposed to sunlight. His life changes when he meets a woman but his condition worsens when he seems to crave human blood causing his life to change once more.

    I suppose the real difference between Midnight Son and the countless other vampire films out there is that it aims for a sense of realism and is more of a character study than a true horror film. The film purely focuses on the character of Jacob and what how he struggles to cope with his new cravings and his love for the new woman on his life. Things slowly get out of control for him and it all builds up a nice ending. There are some problems with the film though which are mainly down to its budget, the acting from some of the bit parts is very poor and some of the camera work leaves a little to be desired. There are also some pacing issues on the mid-section where it gets very slow at times and might test the patience of some viewers.

    All in all though Midnight Son is a solid low budget horror film that mostly succeeds in bringing something new to the vampire genre. It's definitely worth a watch.


  • Great reviews as usual - Id personally swap the ratings for the innocents and the changeling and having really enjoyed Grave encounters I have half an hour left to watch
    of GE2 and am hoping not to be too disappointed, ive enjoyed it till now.

  • sweetie wrote: »
    Great reviews as usual - Id personally swap the ratings for the innocents and the changeling


    Ah I'm sure I'm in the minority when it comes to The Innocents, most people seem to think it's an excellent film but it just didn't work for me. Maybe it was the mood I was in but I definitely thought that The Changeling was the better of the two.

  • In The Mouth Of Madness (1994)

    In The Mouth Of Madness is yet another highly regarded horror film that I hadn't gotten around to watching yet which is all the more surprising considering it was directed by a legend of the genre in John Carpenter. Having watched it not I am annoyed with myself that it took me so long to give it a look!

    The plot is quite complex so it's difficult to explain without giving away too much but it focuses on an Insurance fraud investigator that is hired to look into the disappearance of the worlds most famous horror writer named Sutter Kane. He ends up in the small town of Hobbs End which doesn't feature on any maps, the reason being that the town is a figment of Kane's imagination and it turns out that many other horrific things that Kane has written about are slowly beginning to come true.

    A huge amount of credit has to be given to writer Michael De Luca who has created a complex and original horror script that really stands out from the usual repetitive nature of the genre. Straight from the off the viewer is hooked as we open with our investigator inside a mental institution clearly insinuating that something strange is afoot. Once we get to Hobbs End the film really takes off though with some excellent horror imagery, plenty creepy scenes and real foreboding atmosphere that Carpenter is the master of creating. Things gradually get more and more crazy as the plot is unraveled and it all builds up to an excellent. The entire film is a reminder of what can be achieved when a little imagination and thinking outside of the norm is used to create a unique horror film. The acting from all involved is top notch too, particularly Sam Neill as the investigator.

    In The Mouth Of Madness is a film that offers something different, has plenty of imagination, nice horror moments and plenty of entertainment. I don't how it took me so long to give it a watch.


    Wilderness (2006)

    Many people will argue that Wilderness is not strictly a horror film but it has enough elements of the genre to be considered a horror/thriller.

    It's a reasonably low budget British film about a group of male young offenders that, after one the inmates commits suicide, are brought to an isolated island in order for them to learn to treat each other better. When the arrive they notice that there is also a small group of female young offenders there but that's where their luck ends as there is a crazed man on the loose that seems to be hellbent on picking off every person on the island one by one. The group needs to band together in order to survive.

    Yes this is a plot that we have seen used countless times before in low budget horrors; a group of people head off into the woods only to be tracked down by a crazed killer. Truth be told Wilderness offers absolutely nothing new compared to these films and is a completely by the book film yet it is well filmed, has plenty of gore and provides enough entertainment for it to be a decent entry into the sub-genre. There are two main problems with it though; firstly almost the entire film is shot during the day which takes away a lot of the horror elements it was aiming and secondly some of the characters begin to get very annoying very fast which takes away from the enjoyment somewhat.

    In the end Wilderness is a film we have seen plenty of times before but ends up being a passable and mildly entertaining film.


  • I loved Wilderness (2006) I Got that DVD 50p from Cex :)
    Great movie

  • Stitches (2012)

    Stitches is an Irish made ans set comedy horror film starring comedian Ross Noble as a clown who comes back from the dead in order to enact his revenge on a group of teenagers that treated him badly and were ultimately responsible for his death. The teens are having a house party and Stitches the clown is determined to pick them off one by one is inventive and gory ways.

    I have to be honest that before I sat down to watch Stitches I didn't know it was an Irish film, I assumed that because Ross Noble was the star that it must be a British production. The fact that it was an Irish film certainly increased my enjoyment of it as a lot of the humour is very "Irish", so much so that I would imagine people from other countries swill struggle to understand the humour. The first 45 minutes play out purely as a comedy, it's very hit and miss but manages to elicit enough laughs to avoid it feeling like filler material. It gets going properly though when Stitches shows up. The kills are quite inventive and there is plenty of gore but there is too much reliance on CGI blood which is incredibly annoying. Noble gives a good performance as he is both menacing and funny on occasion. Most of the teens are passable but the over the top gay character who is supposed to be the main source of comic relief is poorly played and gets annoying very quickly.

    All in all Stitches is a decent horror film that, if not taken seriously, provides good entertainment. It has some comedy, gore and a decent antagonist but it's certainly not without its faults. 6/10

  • ^
    That sound like something I Would really enjoy!

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  • Stoker (2013)

    Stoker is yet another film that has elements of a horror film without being an out and out genre film. It's directed by Chan-Wook Park of Oldboy fame and is his first English language film which will know doubt attract a lot of viewers for this reason alone.

    The plot is based around a young girl named India whose father has just died. Her Uncle Charlie, a man she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her mother and it becomes increasingly clear that Charlie may not be quite the man he seems and India becomes increasingly infatuated with him.

    I want to get this point out of the way first, Stoker is definitely not a film for everyone as it has a very slow pace and has quite a strange narrative. In fact I would imagine it has quite a high walk out rate from cinemas despite being very well received by critics. The visuals it what really stand out about Stoker, in fact there are long stretches without any dialogue yet Park manages to convey the plot using purely visual means. In fact the entire film looks beautiful and is without doubt it's strongest point. It's well acted from all involved, particularly Matthew Goode as the uncle as he is both a charming and disturbing man at the same time. It all builds up to a nice little twist ending that is both powerful and interesting. The film does have its problems though. It's a little too slow for me at times, I found my mind wandering through some scenes. Also the plot meanders a bit too much at times and becomes a little muddled which may confuse some viewers.

    Overall Stoker is a visually powerful film that's well made but suffers from some pacing issues and a strange meandering plot thread. That said it's still well worth your time, especially if you like slow burning character driven art-house style horror/thrillers.