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Kingp35's Horror Viewing Log



  • Kingp35 wrote: »
    The Thing (2011)

    I really didn't know what expect when going in to see this prequel to John Carpenters classic horror film. It turns that it pretty much plays out as an inferior rehash of the original. Honestly there is nothing new to be found here at all bar some nice creature effects and a reasonably well done story tie in to the original. Unfortunately it's lacking the tension and horror moments that John Carpenters film had and instead relies mostly on jump scares to try and scare the audience. Luckily though it does manage to entertain and could have been much worse. It's not near the standard of the original but it's a still a pretty well done prequel.


    Rented this from XtraVision a month ago.

    They could have put in WAY more gore and brought it up to an 18 cert like the first one instead of a 15.

    Average remake, may buy it on BluRay Triple Play when the price is right

  • The Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

    I can think of no better setting for a horror film than Chernobyl, a true place of horror and about as eerie a place as you can imagine. The film starts off well enough as it introduces the characters, some more annoying than others, and takes the action to Chernobyl where the deserted town and makes for interesting and creepy viewing. The second act is quite good too as it becomes apparent that they are not alone in the town and someone is hell bent on keeping them there. It falls apart in the final act though as it all becomes completely predictable and offers nothing new at all. The camera work is so shaky that we never get to see who the perpetrators are and there is minimal gore, scares or tension. It's basically a "Wrong Turn" clone which was itself a clone of many others, with the setting of Chernobyl being the only thing that sets it apart. It's certainly not terrible and is worth a look but what a wasted opportunity to make a horror film set in a real place of horror.


  • Gothika (2003)

    I always wondered why I had never gotten around to giving this a look but after watching it I know understand why. It simply offers nothing new, the story is predictable with a "twist" that you can see coming a mile away. It's almost entirely devoid of scares or tension with the director completely relying on loud noises and poor visuals to try and frighten to viewer but any hardened horror fan will see them all coming a mile away. It is well shot and moves along at a decent pace so that you will never become overly bored but this really is your typical Hollywood horror film that plays everything completely by the book.


    The Echo (2008)

    The Echo is another horror film that completely passed me by but I am glad I managed to see it as despite the fact it is nothing special it still manages to be an entertaining film. The story focuses on an ex-con who has just been released moves into his mothers apartment who died while he was inside. It quickly becomes apparent that there is something not right about his apartment and it all seems to stem from the rowdy couple next door. There is nothing particularly frightening or new to The Echo yet is manages to hold your attention and entertain mostly due to some nice creepy visuals, decent acting and an interesting plot. Perhaps the final act is a bit of a let down, particularly the conclusion, but what comes before that is definitely good enough to be worth a look. Not everyone will enjoy it but for a low budget horror film that most people will have missed it's not bad at all.


  • ATM (2012)

    Despite its simplistic idea, I have been waiting for the release of ATM for a while now but unfortunately it turned out to be a massive disappointment. The plot is very basic, three people become trapped inside am ATM booth in a deserted car park as a mad man tries to get inside and kill them. There are many horror films with a simple premise like this that use it to their advantage but ATM is simply for too implausible for its own good, there were countless times when all three could have easily escaped as well as a couple of scenes that simply did not make sense. Add to that a few minutes at the end of the film that simply shows you what happened previously and a long drawn out ending that is utterly pointless and you can clearly see that the film makers had completely run out of ideas and were simply throwing in some filler. I reckon the actual film itself is only about an hour long! This one is to be avoided.


  • Piranha 3DD (2012)

    I will admit straight away that I tend to enjoy B-Movies so I really enjoyed the remake of Piranha as it had plenty of comedy, gore, boobs and ridiculous scenes to enjoy. Despite looking forward to the sequel I somehow managed to miss it in the cinema and only got around to watching it now and so not having the benefit of the 3D experience.

    Unfortunately it gets no where near the heights of the film but it certainly does have its moments. The plot is even more ridiculous than the first film but surprisingly the gore has been tamed down consideridely despite the fact that Feast director John Gulager was behind the camera. What we do get is copious amounts of nudity, some funny scenes involving the Hoff, a couple of nice cameos but not a whole lot in between. The entire film is only about 70 minues long so there is no time for boredon to set in but there just wasn't the same freshness and over the top feel to this sequel.

    It's certainly worth a watch but I am not too disappointed that I missed it in the cinema.


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  • Lovely Molly (2012)

    Lovely Molly is one of the rare low budget horror films that managed to get a cinema release in Ireland, albeit a limited one, so I expecting at least a solid film that would leave me entertained. Unfortunately it seems as if the only reason it got a release is because its made by Eduardo Sanchez of the Blair With project fame as it certainly isn't because of the films quality. The story focuses on a young couple who move into the house of the wife's deceased parents. It doesn't take long until the she starts to experience some strange goings on and begins to lose her mind.

    Honestly this is such a badly made film i don't know where to begin. It crawls along at a very slow pace, it's poorly acted, the plot makes very little sense and when the entity is revealed it's laughably bad. Also Sanchez has thrown in a number of cinema verite type scenes shot on a camcorder for no reason what so ever. They have no relevance to the plot and seem to be there simply because of the Blair Witch project.

    It's not frightening, makes little sense and is poorly made. Avoid


  • Kidnapped (2010)

    Spanish home invasion film that offers very little new the genre but still manages to entertain throughout. It's your typical plot, a family gets holed up in their house by a group of masked men but things get out of hand when the family tries to escape. What starts off as quite a tame thriller descends into very violent territory come the final act and a brave a ending that a Hollywood film wouldn't go for. It does nothing new but the final act especially makes this worth a watch.


  • The Corridor (2010)

    The Corridor is a low budget Canadian horror film about a group of friends who go to a cabin up the mountains in order to heal their friendship after one of their group had a mental breakdown following the death of his mother. They encounter a strange "corridor" of lights up the mountains to begins to make all of the group lose their minds and become increasingly violent. The premise for The Corridor is certainly unique and a lot of the film is well made but it's not without its faults. It takes too long to get to the meat of the story with the horror aspects not arriving until 50 minutes into the film. Once it does start it manages to be violent and entertaining but never in an over the top way. it's also well written and clever at times but some poor acting, pacing issues and the limitations of a small budget hinder the production. A little less character development at the start, a little more horror at the end and better pacing and this could have been an excellent film. As it stands it's an interesting one and certainly a film that most people will not have heard of.


    Silent House (2011)

    Remake of a Uruguayan horror film from a couple of years previous, Silent House is very much a run of the mill horror film that completely relies on its twist ending and the its "gimmick" of supposed;y being one continuous shot for the entire film. Unfortunately it's obvious that isn't one continuous shot and the twist is not strong enough or unexpected enough to make for the blandness of what came before it. Silent House relies almost entirely on cheap scares instead of building up tension and creating an eerie atmosphere. It's by the numbers horror even if it is shot in a unique way.


  • Rosewood Lane (2012)

    Rosewood Lane is one those films that has an interesting trailer that manages to get your attention. Despite the poor score on IMDB, the trailer was enough to get me to watch the full film but unfortunately it was a major disappointment. The plot follows a woman who moves into her old house after her father dies. She is warned off having anything to do with the local paper boy but it's not long before said boy (who actually looks about 25) starts to terrorise the woman in seemingly ever more impossible ways. Rosewood Lane just plods along without offering anything scary, interesting or noteworthy for the majority of the film bar the very occasional creepy scene involving the paper boy. The story just isn't interesting enough and the final act is a huge letdown. The only redeeming feature is that it stars Rose McGowan who I could look at all day! Avoid.


    388 Arletta Avenue

    388 Arletta Avenue certainly has an interesting concept and is shot in an interesting way but unfortunately the entertainment value doesn't quite live up to the idea. Nick Stahl is an everyday man going about his business but he is being stalked by a man who seemingly wants to do everything in his power to drive Stahl nuts by subtlety invading is life and by kidnapping his wife in a way that makes it look like she simply left him. All of this things are designed to drive Stahl insane. The interesting part of the film is that it is shot entirely using handheld and spy cameras, both held by the stalker himself and through various cameras that the stalker has installed throughout Stahl's house, car and workplace. This certainly gives the film a unique feel and it's good to see various happenings through the perspective of the killer but the pace of the film is a little too slow and ultimately it begins to get boring before the end. It's clear the director was going for realism and the film is brilliantly acted but a little more time needed to spent on making the script more gripping and it could have been a real winner. As it stands it's a decent film that's worth one watch but nothing more.


  • Nailbiter (2012)

    Nailbiter is another low budget effort with a decent concept that isn't really taken advantage of. A mother and her three daughters or on their way to Kansas city to meet their returning father but a huge storm and a Tornado force them to take cover in the basement of a rural house. They ride out the storm but when they try to leave they realise they have been locked into the basement and there is a strange creature outside stopping their escape. It really is a nice setup for a creature feature and the reason for the creatures being what they are is somewhat original but the problems lie with the execution, it's simply boring and slow paced for the majority of the run time. It's also far too tame and almost plays out as a made for TV movie in that the gore is minimal and you never really feel that the trapped family are in real peril until they try to escape. the creatures themselves are done using practical effects and although they look quite cool we only ever see a close up of their face so there is almost zero on screen action which is criminal for a creature feature.

    With a bigger budget and some more action set pieces this concept could have worked, as it stands it's just another boring low budget effort to avoid.


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  • Truth Or Dare (2012)

    Truth or Dare is a British horror film about five teenagers who are invited to attend the birthday party of a boy they all used to think of as a loser and were less than friendly towards. Why they actually decided to go the party is something I don't understand but once they get there they find out that they were invited by the boys brother who claims they drove his brother to suicide over a game of Truth or Dare at a party and is out for revenge.

    It's a simple setup and a simple story but Truth or Dare still manages to be a cut above the usual direct to DVD fare mainly due to a solid enough script, some nice gore and decent horror action. None of the main characters are particularly likable which is a problem and the twist near the end will divide a lot of people but despite these flaws it manages to entertain throughout, has a couple of nice surprises and is a decent way to spend 90 minutes.


    Apartment 143 (2012)

    Another cinema verite (handheld camera) type film about a team of parapsychologists who are brought into a house to investigate strange goings on that seems to be following a family where ever they go. the team sets up cameras throughout the house and performs various experiments to try and get to the bottom of things. There is really nothing new here at all, Apartment 143 is very similar to many other films of it's type but admittedly it is well made, well acted and has decent effects. The story itself is predictable and most of the scares you will see coming a mile off if you are familiar with these types of films but it still manages to create somewhat of a creepy atmosphere with the occasional surprising scene. it's nothing special but if you like these type of films it's certainly worth checking out.


  • Kingp35 wrote: »
    it's not long before said boy (who actually looks about 25) starts to terrorise the woman in seemingly ever more impossible ways.

    I'd imagine that the paperboy was supposed to be a teenager but considering Salva's past there is no one out there whose going to let a child on one of his sets. When shooting Clownhouse Salva repeatedly sexually abused and made videos with one of the 12 year old stars.

  • Darko wrote: »
    I'd imagine that the paperboy was supposed to be a teenager but considering Salva's past there is no one out there whose going to let a child on one of his sets. When shooting Clownhouse Salva repeatedly sexually abused and made videos with one of the 12 year old stars.

    I didn't know that, makes sense now. Horrible thing to do! I certainly would let a child actor around him.

  • Excision (2012)

    Many people will not view this film as a horror but I feel it's worthy of it's place in this thread. The story is based around a disturbed and delusional teenage girl who has aspirations of becoming a surgeon. She is constantly fantasising about dead people and cutting people up in both a sexual and disturbing manner. Most of story plays out as a drama as the girl focuses on losing her virginity while constantly clashing with her parents but it's interspersed with these bloody and gory dream sequences that you just know are building up to a crescendo and when it comes it's slightly predictable but still works very well at being horrifying.

    The only problem with Excision is that the drama parts are just not all that interesting. Yes it is occasionally funny, weird and very well acted but it's nothing new until we reach the conclusion. If a little more effort was put into making the drama parts as interesting and unique as the ending Excision would have been excellent but as it stands it's an interesting watch that's worth your time but may lose your interest somewhere in the middle.


    Chained (2012)

    The new film from Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David Lynch) controversially received an NC-17 rating in the states and thus stopping it from receiving a wide release. I personally don't think the rating is warranted as there are far more disturbing films out there that didn't receive the rating but it certainly has it's moments.

    The plot is based around a serial killer and rapist called Bob who abducts a woman and her son and brings them back to his house out in the sticks. He kills the mother but decides to keep the son as his slave and eventually his protege as he tries to force the boy be like him by eventually raping and killing women himself.

    It's an interesting film and Vincent D'Onofrio is incredible as Bob but unfortunately for me the pace is just too slow with many long drawn out shots where nothing really happens. Yes the relationship between the two is well handled and there are a number of disturbing scenes but nothing too over the top. The final act is excellent viewing though and reaches a satisfying conclusion with a couple of twists for good measure. I can't help but feel though if it wasn't for D'Onofrio's performance that this would be just another held captive film. Definitely worth a watch but expect to sit through a slow pace for the first hour or so.


  • The Clinic (2010)

    I watched this because of Darko's thread and I agree with most of what he said. The Clinic is a low budget Aussie thriller/horror about a woman who wakes in an abandoned abattoir to find that her unborn baby has been surgically removed. She comes to realise that she is not alone, other woman have suffered the same fate. They must try to figure out happened but someone is determined on killing them one by one.

    It's certainly not an out and out horror film but there elements of horror and decent entertainment to be found here. The first half hour is full of mystery and grabs your attention, the following 45 minutes is run of the mill cat and mouse stuff but nevertheless always manages to hold your attention and provides some nice moments due some solid acting and a well written script. The final 15 minutes is where it falls apart, as if the initial setup wasn't crazy enough, the final "twist" is just down right ludicrous and illogical that will leave you scratching your head. Despite the ending it's a solid horror thriller and worth your time.


    Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (2012)

    Another Darko recommendation, this is a film that i otherwise would have passed up because I thought it would terrible B-Movie fare. It turns out it's very much B-Movie but made with a great sense of fun throughout. The plot follows a group of werewolf hunters who go a town to hunt down a werewolf rumoured to be stronger than anything they have faced before. Que plenty of silly action, quite a few twists and turns, buckets of blood and guts, poor acting mixed with good acting and a thoroughly entertaining and silly film.

    if you like your B-Movies you will enjoy this, it's well made and has plenty blood and guts and Stephen Rea too.


  • The Pact (2012)

    The Pact is very much an indie horror/mystery film but one that managed to get itself a cinema release despite its low budget. The story is certainly the films strong point; after the death of her mother, a woman moves back into the family home. It seems as if there is a strange presence in the house though as we see her being dragged into a closet where she promptly disappears. Que her sister coming back to the house to try and found what happened and quickly becomes convinced that something sinister is at play. From here on there are some nice twists and an interesting if slightly unbelievable pay off.

    The Pact isn't really a frightening film, bar one or two jump scenes its not full of horror moments. There is a nice creepy atmosphere surrounding events though and the sense of mystery will hold your attention well. It's well acted for the most part, even Casper Van Dien managed to do ok in a supporting role. The big reveal at the end might leave some people disappointed but I think the writers deserve credit for trying something new and it manages to be creepy as well as somewhat original. The Pact deserved its cinema release but I don't think it will be to everyone's tastes.


    Death and Cremation (2010)

    This is a film I stumbled across by accident and decided to check it out as it stars Brad Dourif. The plot follows a teenage goth who doesn't really fit in anywhere. He decides to get a job in a local crematorium which is run by Stan, a lonely and strange man who also happens to be a serial killer who kills local bullies makes good use of his profession. the two strike up an odd friendship which eventually blossoms into a partnership.

    It's a very cheap film that's full of poor actors but Dourif does enough to carry the film and make his relationship with the teenager interesting. It's more of a drama than a horror film, there is very little gore or scares to be found here, it's clear the filmmakers tried to make the central relationship the most disturbing part of the film. While it won't be winning any awards, it's an ok effort and worth a watch to pass the time.


  • The Incident (Asylum Blackout) (2012)

    There is a very simple concept for this low budget ($500k) horror film; a group of friends (who also happen to be in a rock band) work as chefs in an asylum for the criminally insane. There is a power blackout one night when they are working and to make matters worse the security doors are all automated and run on electricity. Some genius never installed a backup option which leads to the inmates getting lose and running riot throughout the asylum picking off the guards one by one. It's up to out intrepid cooks to try and survive the night.

    First things first, The Incident is generally entertaining film. The simple concept works in it's favour as it sets up the action and the cat and mouse chase scenes perfectly. Once the second act kicks off then the film moves at a nice pace and provides some decent if somewhat predictable entertainment. The problems are with the first act and the ending. The only problem with the first is that it lasts too long, the action could have started sooner. The problem with the it is yet again another twist ending that simply wasn't needed. The Incident works because of it's simplicity, the ending is anything but and goes a long way to ruin what came before it. It's still manages to entertain but they really should have kept it simple.


    Forget Me Not (2009)

    This is the definition of teen aimed horror, entertaining but in a harmless way. A Group of friends play a game in a graveyard which ultimately leads to them being killed off one by one by mysterious ghosts. Once killed off, that person seems to have never existed in the minds of everyone bar one girl who mus try to get to the bottom of the mystery as well as keeping herself alive.

    We are treated the obligatory filler scenes at the start, there is minimal gore here and many of the characters are unlikable yet it still managed to be an entertaining watch for me. it's not frightening as most of the ghostly action happens during the day but the plot is strong enough to hold your attention and the ending is quite brave considering what came before it. Perhaps it's slightly over long but otherwise it is a nice little time filler. If you hate teen horror films stay well clear though!


  • 247 Degrees Fahrenheit (2012)

    I'm not sure if this one can be counted as a horror film but it features on horror websites so that's good enough for me. Supposedly based upon true events, 247F is one of those very simple films based upon a single situation, in this case three people become trapped inside a sauna with no way to escape and no way to turn the heat off. They have to try and escape or get help before suffering heatstroke.

    To be honest the concept doesn't really lend itself to riveting viewing, there are a very limited amount of things who can with such a simple idea and 247F suffers because of it. The pacing is quite slow, there is a lot of filler at the start and not a whole lot of action but I honestly think the film makers still managed to do very well with the script they had. Despite its limitations it does manage to hold your attention and provide decent entertainment. Perhaps more could have been done to portray just how hot the sauna was but as it stands 247F does the best it can which is to be passable entertainment.


  • Barricade (2012)

    The latest horror genre effort from WWE films which surprisingly doesn't star one of their own but rather Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame is a frustrating film that has many good elements but ultimately fails. A father brings his two children to a remote winter cabin after the death of his wife in order for the family to overcome the loss. it's not long before strange things start happening and the family or forced to barricade themselves in for protection but not all is as it seems.

    The films pacing is both it's strong and weak point, there is very little time to settle in and once the ghostly happenings begin they come at you thick and fast. The problem is that there is too much happening, the director bombards you with loud noise scares, visual scares and lots of others that you can't draw breath. This means that it holds your attention but the film becomes muddled and doesn't allow for much in the way of plot, also it's not frightening in the least. It's the ending though that will divide people. it's one of those cop out endings in many ways but it does give some meaning to what happened before although it's not enough to salvage the film.

    Ultimately Barricade is a film that tries to throw too many scare scenes at you, none of which really hit home, and doesn't focus enough on plot.


    The Barrens (2012)

    The Barrens is the latest film from Darren Lynn Bousmann about a father who plans a camping trip with his family only for him to become convinced that they are being stalked and hunted by the mythical Jersey Devil, a creature that he saw as a kid in the very same woods.

    It's very much a different type of film for Bousmann, there is no gore or supernatural elements to be found here, it's much more character based as it focuses on a father slowly losing his mind and his family becoming convinced that he is a dangerous man. It's well made, moves along a good pace and is quite an interesting a real film right up until the final 5 minutes which I believe takes away from what came before it. personally I would rather if Bousmann had gone the other direction but up until that point it was a well made and well acted film about a man losing his mind and as such it is still well worth a look.


  • V/H/S (2012)

    V/H/S is a found footage film consisting of five main segments and a wraparound story, each of which are directed by a different director. The wraparound segment is based around a group of guys who are tasked with breaking into a house and retrieving a VHS tape, the only problem is they don't know which one they are supposed to get, they are told they will know it when they see it, and so they are forced to watch a number of the tapes to determine which one to take.

    The first segment starts the film off great, it's a gore soaked tale about three guys who bring a girl to their room with the intention of filming themselves having sex with her with a nice a ending and some great make up and practical effects.

    The second segment is disappointing as it sorely lacks any horror except for the final scene which isn't all that interesting.

    The third segment is a strange one about a group of friends who go on a trip into the woods who start to get killed one by one which seems to be based around a spirit that the camera can't pick up properly. It's vaguely interesting but mostly by the numbers.

    The fourth segment is shot using Skype on a laptop is based around a woman who seems to think her apartment is haunted and we get glimpses of strange children hiding in corners etc. Her boyfriend sees all this through their Skype chat and tries to help her and it all leads to a twist ending that is well done and interesting.

    The final segment for me was the best, a group of friends show up at a house they think is hosting a Halloween party only to find some strange ritual being carried out upstairs. This leads to all sorts of supernatural and gore soaked happenings withing the house. The visuals in this segment are top notch and it;s by the far the most horror worthy segment as it has a suitable creepy atmosphere and some nice scares.

    All in all V/H/S is a mixed bag but the film makers deserve credit for trying to be unique and original with both how they shot their segments as well as the stories themselves. It's definitely worth your time.


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  • Munger Road (2011)

    Munger Road is a straight to DVD film that most people have overlooked, and those that have seen it have given it less than glowing reviews. Personally I found it an entertaining film if a little frustrated at the end.

    The plot is handled very well as it focuses on two different groups of people over the course of a night; the first group are a group of teenagers who travel out to Munger Road, a road that is supposedly haunted, to test out the supernatural myths. The focus is on two cops who are pursuing an escaped serial killer who is more than likely on his way back to the local area. These two groups eventually cross paths.

    It's not the plot that I found so interesting, it's the way that the film was made. Having two separate focus points worked very well, there is some great camera work, a nice score, solid enough acting and it all just seems to hold your attention very well despite offering nothing really new. It isn't steeped in gore and isn't scary either but there is something inherently watchable about it all. Unfortunately the ending is a little predictable and certainly frustrating given how they end it but all in all it was an enjoyable little film.


    Inbred (2012)

    Reviewed by darko already, i definitely had a different view to him on Inbred. the film is about a group of teens and their two social workers who travel to a remote town in Yorkshire only to be attacked and forced to perform in this strange sideshow by the local inbred population.

    It starts off as a reasonably straight laced film as the scene and characters are set but once the locals begin to attack it just goes mental. I understand that they intentionally made an over the top and blood soaked film almost as a parody on the countless inbred horror films out there but bar a couple of funny scenes and plenty of gore (which contained too much CGI unfortunately)
    it was a little too try hard at trying to be both funny and strange at the same time. It deserves credit for trying something new and is mostly well made and acted but I found myself becoming bored in parts which is never a good sign. Many will enjoy Inbred but it just wasn't for me.


  • Storage 24 (2012)

    Storage 24 is an English horror film that's a completely by-the-numbers Alien knock off that managed to garner itself a cinema release both here and in the UK. The plot follows a group of people that get trapped inside a storage warehouse where a blood thirsty Alien creature is loose and intend on chomping its way through everyone that crosses its path.

    The only explanation we get for the Alien showing up is that a military airplane crashed in the vicinity but it's not really important. What is important is the action and the atmosphere, both of which are extremely rare. There is almost zero alien action bar possibly two scenes for the first 60 minutes which is pretty unforgivable for a creature feature. To make matters worse, the Storage warehouse is brightly lit for the most part meaning there is no creepy atmosphere at all and thus no tension. When the Alien does show up the film picks up considerably as we get some nice death and scenes and decent action but it's still all by-the-numbers. The action is solid and the production is decent but it takes too long to get going and offers nothing new.

    Not a bad film but a bland one.


  • Hypothermia (2010)

    Hypothermia is an extremely low budget creature feature starring Michael Rooker that was filmed in 2010 but only released this year. The plot follows two groups of people who go ice fishing only to encounter a much deadlier creature living below the ice.

    At barely over an hour long, Hypothermia is an extremely short film which helps its cause as it doesn't out stay its welcome and manages to get quite a few things right and many others very wrong. It's well filmed for the most part, has a great setting and is almost art house in some of the things it does. It's very much a slow burner despite the short running time but always holds your attention but the very low budget is its undoing in the end. The acting from everyone bar Rooker ranges from bad to downright terrible but it's the creature itself that is the real downfall, it's basically a man in a rubber costume that would have looked cheap and fake in a 1950's B-Movie. It's simply awful which means there are almost no action scenes and those that exist are laughable. Perhaps if Hypothermia didn't play itself so seriously it might not have been so bad but unfortunately it ends up being the worst creature design in a long time.

    Hypothermia is a film that blew all it's budget on location and cinematography and forgot to get decent actors and creature design. It's not terrible but the low budget kills it.


    Bait (2012)

    Ever since I heard the premise of Bait, after a Tsunami hits coastal Australia a group of people become trapped in a super market with two Great White sharks , I have been looking forward to seeing it as it has a suitable silly concept and sounds like good fun. Unfortunately though it turned out to be nowhere near as fun as I thought it would be.

    For whatever reason the decision was made to for Bait to be quite a serious film, there is very little comedy here, dark or otherwise, which doesn't really work for a film with such a silly concept. This doesn't mean it's a bad film because it's still entertaining, has some good shark effects and some ok kills but the bad acting and straight laced nature takes away from the B-Movie enjoyment I was expecting. Through in some 3D gimmicks that were wasted on me as I saw it in 2D and what i was left with was an underwhelming experience.

    i expected good gory fun from bait but instead I got a semi decent serious shark film.


  • Cockneys Vs Zombies (2012)

    You could be forgiven for thinking that this British Zombie film is a simple Shaun of the Dead clone given that it's a horror/comedy based upon a zombie outbreak, and yes there are similarities but CvZ is very much it's own film as well. The plot sees a group of people trying to save a number of older people from an old folks home amid a zombie outbreak in East End London.

    The first difference between this and Shaun of the Dead is that CvZ is much more crass with plenty of swearing and Cockney slang as well as plenty of gore. The characters are all entertaining, especially mental Micky and the script provides plenty of visual laughs and as well as jokes and never fails to put a smile on your face. The pace is fast throughout and the action is well done. The only real complaints I would have is that the jokes dry up a small bit in the second half and there is an overuse of CGI blood when practical effects would have been much better. Other than that, Cockneys Vs Zombies is an entertaining film and well worth your time.


  • Below Zero (2012)

    Supposedly based on true events, Below Zero is a low budget horror film starring Edward Furlong about a screenwriter who is suffering from writers block who comes up with the genius idea of travelling across the country to lock himself up inside a meat a freezer for a week in order to write his script. How could anything go wrong? Well it does as the script he is writing begins to take over his mind and the distinction between reality and make believe becomes blurred.

    In fairness despite the idiotic reasoning behind it, Below Zero has a somewhat interesting concept but that's all it has going for it as it's almost entirely a mess from start to finish. It plays out almost like two films as inhabit both the world of the script and the the real world, neither of which are particularly interesting. There are some nice scenes involving Michael Berryman in the script sequences which contain some gore and creepy atmosphere but ultimately the story is all over the place and too hard to follow. The ending is also very predictable and there is not a single decent scare to be found in the whole film.

    This is one to avoid!


  • Wrong Turn 5 (2012)

    After the truly horrible fourth entry into the Wrong Turn franchise it seemed as if the series was dead. Surprisingly they decided to make a fifth film and perhaps even more surprisingly was the decision to keep in director Dennis O'Brien to helm this latest entry. Luckily it's nowhere near as bad as the fourth film and does it's best to get the series back on track but at the end of the day it's all too familiar and offers nothing new.

    The plot has a group of mostly annoying people going to a Mountain man music festival in a small town in rural America. Little do they know that are fun loving pack of Cannibals are living the forest near buy and take an unhealthy attraction to eating their way through our group of protagonists.

    The first thing I noticed was how badly the inbred make up was, the cannibals looked terrible which was very annoying. Other than that and the occasional overuse of CGI blood, the effects were bloody with plenty of gore with a few inventive kills scenes. The action itself wasn't particularly good and the explanation for the town to be completely empty with no deputies was incredibly far fetched but to be honest you only real watch the Wrong Turn films for the kill scenes which were done pretty well.

    You know what to expect from the series at this stage, gone are any attempts to frighten but it does have some nice inbred cannibal killings. A step up from the fourth entry which probably means a sixth film is in the making.


  • May (2002)

    Perhaps not strictly horror, Lucky McKee's May is a film that is bound to divide viewers. The plot follows a strange and socially awkward girl who forms an unhealthy obsession with a man she sees working in a garage. When eventually he rejects her advances it's enough to push her sanity over the edge.

    The first hour of May is incredibly slow and strange and unfortunately passes over into boring territory at stages. This isn't to say it's not completely without merit, it's cringeworthy and creepy at times, but it's not enough to hold your attention throughout. It's clear that McKee has taken inspiration from films such as Carrie but the overt strangeness of the main character and situations will divide too many people. The last half hour when May loses her sanity are very well done and pushes the film into the horror genre but it's not enouh to totally redeem the previous hour.

    It's worth a look but prepared for a tough slog through the first hour.


  • The Day (2012)

    The Day is a very simple post-apocalyptic film about a group of people trying to survive this new world that stumble upon a farmhouse and decide to spend the night. Unfortunately for them they are set upon by a group of cannibals who are determined to make them their next meal and must defend themselves by all means possible.

    At its essence the Day is a very simple film, no explanation is given as to why the world is in the state it's in and no explanation is really given as to where the group is heading and what they are trying to achieve. It's all simply a setup for the climactic siege at the end of the film. It's acted and shot well enough to hold your attention and the siege and action scenes are reasonably entertaining but that's about it. Some scenes are too dark to see and a slight bit more depth would have been good but The Day is an average horror/action time filler.


  • The Apparition (2012)

    The Apparition is a film that got slated by critics on release and has a meager 4.2 rating on IMDB but although it's far from a great film I think it has been a little harshly treated on both these points.

    The plot is about a couple who have just moved into a new house that are haunted by a malevolent present following a college experiment that went wrong unleashing the spirit into our world.

    Originality is not the films strong point and it does take a little while to get going but once the main plot start it manages to old your attention quite well. This is quite surprising considering the acting is pretty poor, it's not frightening and there is an overuse of cheap scares yet despite it's many flaws the somewhat interesting plot and some decent production values never allow boredom to set it.

    It's far from a classic but The Apparition is no worse than many other main stream horror films. It's inoffensive but passes the time ok.


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  • The Amityville Horror (2005)

    In many ways The Amityville horror remake is the typical Hollywood studio horror film. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George, it tells the same supposedly true story as the original about the Lutz family and their ordeal after the move into a haunted house.

    The actual is an interesting one, irrespective of whether you are a believer or not but in this film the Hollywood execs have gone for the easiest possible way to try and frighten the audience by bombarding them with predictable "loud noise" scares that just don't work. I don't understand why they continually produce films that are almost entirely devoid of tension and real scares but instead go for the lowest common denominator. Reynolds is excellent as the father who slowly loses his mind and does his best to elevate the film above average but in the end it's simply too derivative.


    When A Stranger Calls (2006)

    I knew all about how bad a reputation this has but seeing as it was on Netflix I decided to give it a go. It's a remake of the 1979 film of the same name and tells to story of a Babysitter who is terrorised by threatening phone calls only to learn that they are originating
    from inside the house
    as per the urban legend.

    I can understand some of the hate for this film, not an awful lot happens for the vast majority of the film and it is not even remotely frightening at any stage. The lead actress is also very poor and becomes frightened incredibly easily when nothing threatening had really happened. The final 20 minutes sees the killer show up and we are treated to some rather tame slasher action. There is no gore to be found and very little else to keep hardcore horror fans happy. The film does look well though and despite its many flaws manages to provide a modicum of entertainment. It's far from a good film but far from a terrible one too. It's just another to add to the long list of inferior remakes.