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Professional Accounting Bodies - Discussion and Comparisons



  • I've decided to pursue ACCA. It provides felxibility for those with more than 2 ongoing obligations i.e work, family, young kids, volunteer work. 4 exams, 1 at a time per year. It's also quite cheap.

    For CPA I unfortunately came to the conclusion that it did not suit me, even though they offered more exemptions. Not one recruiter was comfortable approaching me having put CPA on my CV. It's sad really.

    CAI. Well, I wanted to, but nobody has taken me on and I would rather not pay the hefty fees right now.

    All 3 seem great, but it really depends on your background, aspirations and current setup.

    (The cpa to acca question as asked above. ACCA give very few exemptions for CPA).

  • None of them are. Although you might have difficulty dragging that piece of information out of them. You'll get stuff like "equivalent to" etc, but if you ask the direct question and request a yes or no, they either have to give a no, or...........

    Neither is ITI on the framework. Afaik the only professional qualification on the framework is CTax.

  • Totally agree with posters who says it's about your own situation with regard to which you pick. I am speaking as a Cpa. I have no problem saying that I would hold cai in my head as the number 1 professional body. I have never warmed to acca, based largely on many colleagues who I have worked with who were acca. I always found they were limited in their technical knowledge. I m sure their are those who would stand up to cai/Cpa and be even better so I am not painting all with the one brush here. With regard to Cima, I have never worked alongside a qualified Cima. Management accounting was never really my area anyways