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What Did You Wear Today? (Read 1st post!/updated)



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    Went to Doneraile park with the boyfriend (and Suki) on a photographic expedition, these were some of the results!




    Vintage Gunne Sax dress: Ebay
    Sandals: Schuh
    Satchel: Charity shop
    Cardi: Charity shop
    Pocketwatch: Ebay
    Hat and flower pin: H&M

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    Simple day time outfit from Berlin!


    Trousers Topshop €30
    Tshirt H&M <€10
    Shoes Toshop €61
    Scarf rolled into a headband TK Maxx, can't remember how much

    Night time look:


    Cardigan around €57
    Top €53
    Shorts borrowed from pal
    All Topshop.

    Also wearing a red bandeau bra thing from American Apparel, you can just see it under the top.

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    Top: river island
    Skirt: A wear
    Headscarf, from a lovely Italian market :)

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    The past couple of days, just for running errands and my Oxfam shift.


    Blouse, vintage. Blazer, Vila (old). Pants, Topshop. Socks, Topshop. Brogues, Office.

    Felt androgynous today!

    Top, Naden. Skirt, Topshop. Shoes, Office.

    Trying a Mad Men pose ;) Got my hair cut as well, so it feels a lot less heavy at the moment.

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    More Alice in Wonderland inspired outfits. I ragged my hair according to the tutorial given by Hannah here:

    It took five minutes and was really really easy and the results are amazing! I did it when my hair was damp and had some curling mousse in it, then when I unwrapped it in the morning I scrunched some more mousse into the dry curls.

    Vintage powder blue Gunne Sax from Etsy
    Pink Cardi: Pennies
    Glass pearls: Pennies
    Socks: H&M
    Shoes: Next

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    Ok I went shopping an had to wear my new dress for the rest of the afternoon!

    Vintage ballerina style sundress from the 60s: vintage shop (24euro)
    Blue cardi: Pennies (9 euro)
    socks: River Island
    Shoes: next
    Glass pearls: Pennies (2 euro maybe)

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    This is the dress from Zara i wear in my graduation party.

    Armani Exchange

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    I wore ...

    kswiss runners - schu
    blue baggy jeans - H&M
    Calvin Klien Boxers - pres from my gf
    Led Zepplin 1997 world tour T-Shirt - E-Bay....


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    Makeup from today.


    I used:
    Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation
    17 Translucent Loose Powder
    MAC Hipness blush
    Bourjois highlighter

    Ruby and Millie Gold Cream e/s
    MAC Time & Space, Nanogold, Orb, Spiced Chocolate & Shore Leave e/s
    UD X e/s
    UD Bourbon 24/7 liner
    MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
    Lacura falsies
    Maybelline The Collossal mascara

    17 Balmy Beige lipstick


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,766 squeakyduck

    Going to meet and old friend of mine in town.
    My dress is from TK Maxx in Newry... it's actually a nightie! :D
    Cardi is from Urban Outfitters

    Was messing about with my hair today. My first time doing a side French plait, like Lauren Conrad. What an accomplishment! What do ye guys think? Criticism welcomed! :)

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    Jumpsuit is vintage from Wild Child and my shoesies are Topshop, and the most painful things I've ever worn in my life!

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 37 ✭✭✭ angusdeaton




    Maxi dress: Topshop

    Cardy: H&M

    Sandals: Flipsters

    G.a.l.a.s.s.e.s: River Island

    Lippy: Bobbi Brown in Scarlet

    Bag: Vintage store in Cali


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    Please see the rules in the first post. It is required to list where each item is from. Thanks.

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    This is my attempt of autumn/summer transitioning. I bought the skirt yesterday and had to find an excuse to wear it!

    Skirt: Charity Shop(originally Tophop) €3 :eek:
    Top: Topshop €6 I think
    Wedges: Tescos €6.50
    Belt: My sisters
    Necklace: Evans €8
    Nailvarnish: Catrice (280 London's Weather Forecast), The modern, Cork €3.50
    Nails Inc.(bruton street), Boots, €15.50 but used boots cards points yay!


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 136 ✭✭ Lolnouska

    taken in central park, god new york is just so amazing!

    Dress: Topshop
    Belt: Urban Outfitters
    Bag: Aldo
    Shoes: Office
    Necklace: from a lovely little market in NYC.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 136 ✭✭ Lolnouska


    Shirt: American Apparel
    Shorts: H&M
    Shoes: Office
    Headband: A-wear
    Bag: Urban Outfitters

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    Not exactly "Festival Chic"... :p

    Top - H&M
    Shorts - Topshop
    Doc Martens - China Blue

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    Mod Note: The first post in this thread has been amended to include the following:
    This thread is for users to post pictures of outfits they've worn. We require a picture of the outfit and then a list of where you got the items. Prices are optional. The photograph(s) should be of you or taken by you.

    I'm older than Minecraft goats.

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    Twee. wrote: »
    Not exactly "Festival Chic"... :p
    We may have to DeMod you for this. :p

    I'm older than Minecraft goats.

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    Hi guys!!!! Here's two of my what I wore's this week. I went to Antrim with work and got to wear my new Asos cape! I love it, it's so super handy to throw over everything and even if you're just wearing an old tee under it it still looks kinda glam.

    Cape: Asos
    Shoes: Topshop
    Dress: Sabotage
    Shirt: Asos
    Bag: Mulberry


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 136 ✭✭ Lolnouska


    Wholly Dress: Topshop
    Bag: Aldo
    Lipstick: mac -morange.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,104 ✭✭✭ moonflower

    Apologies for the fairly crappy photos, my camera got wet at EP and it doesn't seem to be working right since.




    Topshop Leather Jacket
    Topshop Zip-up Hooded Cardi
    Dr Denim Jeans
    ‘Graffiti’ Converse
    Primark Dress (€3!)
    Thrifted Leather Belt
    Ainé Wade Necklace

    Essence Clear and Matt foundation (it's rubbish!), 17 Translucent Powder, MAC Hipness Blush, MAC MSFN, Bourjois Highlight
    UDPP, UD X, MAC Spiced Chocolate, MAC Evening Aura, UD Zero 24/7 liner, E.L.F black Gel liner, Maybelline The Collossal Mascara
    I had been wearing a really nice dark plum lipstick (Revlon Black Cherry) but it had come off by this stage. Here I'm wearing a Benefit lipstick.

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    No picture no post. Please use The Chatwalk for off-topic chat. Thanks.

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    cloths for my interview in forever 21 on friday

    blazer tailored - burton
    slim fit jeans- topman
    brown leather lace ups - burton
    grey v-neck - zara
    belt - h&m

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    heres the shoes you can see them better in this pic

    Mod Edit: Fixered that right up for ya.
    /Whispers: P.S. Nice shoe

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    I got this new hoodie and I don't know why but I fugging LOVE it and, as such, have been living in it for the last week and a half. I need to wash it now and I feel like I'm gonna be lost until it's dry!


    Sunglasses - Topman €20
    Hoodie - Jack&Jones €20
    Jacket - Topman but I dunno how much it cost...

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,766 squeakyduck

    Black dress - Bershka
    Leather Jacket -River Island
    Boots (DM's) - TK Maxx



    Excuse the pics. They were taken about about 5am this morning before I had to get the bus home! :rolleyes:

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,766 squeakyduck

    Arthurs day celebrations at the Guinness hopstore.

    Dress: Dunnes
    DM's: TK Maxx
    Bag: Avon
    Drink: from the bar....soon to be mixed with smuggled in rum! :cool:


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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 136 ✭✭ Lolnouska

    Love love love my new tights :)
    they are from River Island
    Coat: Topshop
    Bag: Aldo