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What Did You Wear Today? (Read 1st post!/updated)



  • Vinta81 wrote: »
    We really need a nail polish thread!
    good idea vinta. i made one there :)

  • resize2.jpg

    Boots: Dr Martens

    Kilt: made by yours truly

    Top: generic cashmere

    Mod edit - resized image

  • My mother had to do my make-up for her portfolio for her beauty course. Was really pleased with the result, said I'd fling it up here. Ignore the mortifying expressions.


    Primer: Gosh
    Foundation: Barbra Daly Moisture Foundation at Tesco in porcelain
    Powder: Maybelline Mineral Foundation in 02 Rose Ivory
    Blush: Isa Dora perfect powder rouge
    Eyeshadow: Midnight Romance Trio by Cover Girl
    Silver eyeliner: Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in 05 cest la vie
    Black eyeliner: Essence Black mania gloss eyeliner pencil
    Mascara: Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline in black
    Lip liner over all of lips: Essence (can't find the type, sorry)
    Lip gloss: Natural Collection Tinted Lip Balm at Boots in Lychee Twist

  • :)


    Cardi - Urban outfitters
    Top - Dunnes stores
    Skinnys - New look
    Cons - Schuh

  • Suzie Q, no picture, no post. You should used the Chatwalk to comment on this thread. Post deleted.

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  • Bloomsday:


    Hat: Joke shop on Stephens green
    Blazer: Strativarius
    Top: Dorothy Perkins
    Chain: Pennys
    Shorts: Pennys
    Shoes: Pennys

  • gradress.jpg


    Dress: Dunnes or Awear, I can't actually remember! I thought it was Dunnes but the brand is 'Lucid' and I've never seen that brand in there since. It's my comfy 'feel good' dress! :p

    Cardi: Topshop

    Leggings: Penneys

    Pumps: Penneys

    Bag: Penneys - got this a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!

  • What I wore today!


    Denim shirt - Penneys (purchased last summer, around €11.99)

    Tulle/lace dress (worn as a top) - Penneys (found in the night dress/lingerie section, great for giving skirts volume and I love the detail on the lace :) €10)

    Skirt - Penneys (purchased last summer, €5)

    Leggings - New look, €5

    Shoes - New look, €25.99

    Necklace - Forever 21, a present from a friend :)

  • Two posts in a row...hope this is allowed :p


    Blazer - H&M, 19.99

    Dress - H&M, 19.99

    Lace dress worn underneath - Penneys, 10.00

    Teal belt - Penneys, 4.00 (bought two years ago)

    Multi coloured scarf - H&M , 5.00 (bought a year ago)

    Tan bag - Penneys, 5.00 (I've saw it in the Penneys in Killarney for two euro recently though)

    Shoes - New look, 7.50, winter sale.

    I've been bored lately :pac: I was drinking the night this photo was taken, that's why it's so posey :p We all got pictures with the sign post :pac:

  • Top from Next, skirt from Ms. Selfridge, heels from Barrett's.
    If you think I look a bit strange it's because I'm a crossdresser! :p


    Mod edit - resized pic.

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  • Just a few update notes please!

    Make sure the picture is sized for the forum. Massive pictures stretch the page and are a nightmare for those running on a slow connection.

    As per the first post - pictures must be of YOU, not of pictures of the clothes you wore. In future these posts will be deleted.


  • 5909491009_67acdf1e12_z.jpg

    Wore this for a casual work meeting today, basically to showcase my new shoes :p

    Blazer - Michael Ward's, Co. Galway, €20 (on sale)
    Black Top (Has cute puffy sleeves) - Tesco, €4.50
    White Vest Top - Penneys, €4
    Necklace - Penneys, €3
    Ring - Accessorize, (a gift but I think about €7-9)
    Jeans - Michael Ward's, Co. Galway, €65
    Shoooooooooes - Schuh €60 (were €100)

  • Saw some class stuff in Penneys today, after trawling through yesterday and finding nothing! Got this cardi and I'm wearing it now to lunch with a friend. Goes class with a dress I got in Dunnes yesterday! (the one I'm wearing in this pic!)


    Dress: Dunnes €10
    Belt: H&M
    Leggings: Awear
    Cardi: Penneys: €8

  • Went to Dundrum on Friday on my day off! I thought the background was pretty cool! :) change of scenery!


    Blazer: Stradivarius
    White top: Dorothy Perkins
    Jeans: Pennys best!
    Checkered Vans: office
    Bag: Pennys best!

  • Top: Littlewoods a few years ago
    Jeggings,flip flops: Penneys
    Braclets/necklace: Asos

    Off to get changed-too friggin warm!!

  • I'm new on this thread so don't be too harsh :P


    Top - Topshop
    Leather Jacket - Zara
    Chinos - Zara
    Flats - Primark
    Bag - River Island
    Glasses - Urban Outfitters

  • gaurav467 Please read the first post in this thread - no picture, no post
    Well, what did you wear today?

    This thread is for users to post pictures of outfits they've worn. We require a picture of the outfit and then a list of where you got the items. Prices are optional. The photograph(s) should be of you or taken by you.

    This thread is a picture only thread. So, no picture, no posting. That means no chat. Use the thanks button if you want to show apprication. Use the Chatwalk thread if you need to discuss anything.
    Non picture posts will be deleated and repeat offenders will required to wear ankle warmers in public - or banned for a period of time.


    The goal is just to see how everyone puts together their outfits, and may act as inspiration for other users. I really encourage the lads to take part in this! A lot of the male threads around are looking for tips on everyday dressing.

    We also welcome those cosmetics obsessives! Along with a photo, please list all products and a bit of detail on how to apply.

    This isn't going to be a "know your F&A" thread, we really want it to be a helpful Fashion and Appearance thread, and to show the many sides of fashion and personal style.

    So, F&A, show us what you got!

  • 003.JPG

    Gap Top
    Urban Outfitters sunglasses
    American apparel skirt
    Debenhams watch

  • Friday August 5th. Dinner with my family my new sister in laws family and wedding party:


    Dress: Pennys (got a few strange looks!)
    Blazer: Stradivarius
    Shoes: Forever 21

  • I hope it's ok for a crossdresser to post here too! I wore this outfit for a few hours yesterday. The dress is an old one I have from New Look, the fishnet tights (you can't really see the pattern here) are from Dunnes, and the shoes were on sale in Penneys (only €12!).
    What do you think!? I'd love to know your opinions. :D

    [Embedded Image Removed]

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  • AnnaGram85 no pic, no post. If you want to comment on a picture use The Chatwalk. Thanks. :)

  • Not sure if i posted up on this thread before but attachment is me on the last night out!

    Dress is river island, €25 so i thought it was a bargain, and shoes are from penneys, €15. First time putting on tan in ages, must remember to colour face darker with more bronzer!

  • Blouse from New Look
    Skirt from DKNYC
    Shoes from Louboutin


  • Shirt - Banana Republic
    Shorts - Zara
    Shoes - Office
    Necklace - Topshop

    Outfit for a special occasion, I wouldn't go out dressed like that.

  • Lookin' well, eh lads? Ah, I'm home sick so I put on my comfiest clothes!


    Pat the Baker hoodie - present from friend, no idea where to get it
    Some random band top, think it's My Chem which means - €12 from a stall in the Algarve
    Grey Everlast joggers with BONUS! strip of black paint - €6 from
    And you can't see them but huge fluffy socks - €1 from some outdoor supply shop (they are welly socks!)

    Excuse really dark webcam picture :P Also my wardrobe looks really empty :o

  • No guys posting in this thread?

    Had a family party today, here's what I wore. Sperry Topsiders, BDG chinos from Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren button down, tie is borrowed. (The belt and boat shoes match in colour, it's just the lighting :))


  • PARANA, no picture, no post.

  • 275599_576793592_2899200_n.jpg

    Wore this last week at my cousins wedding! I made the hat myself - first of many :)

  • ThomasandBarbaras21st003.jpg

    Wore this to a friends 21st last night.

    Dress: Republic; €32 I think. Such a comfy dress :)
    Cropped Blazer: H&M when I was about 16 :pac:
    Shoes: Barratts

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  • What I wore to college yesterday:


    T-shirt - Placebo gig
    Hoody - American Apparel
    Army Jacket - Urban Outfitters
    Jeans - "Jamie" Topshop


    Bag - Marc Jacobs at Bookmarc
    Shoes - Doc Marten