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What Did You Wear Today? (Read 1st post!/updated)



  • melook-1.jpg

    wore this today!

    Dress: Topshop
    Belt: American Apparel
    Shoes: River Island
    Socks: Urban Outfitters

  • For my after-show party tonight. Almost this entire outfit was bought in Topman, ha....


    Bottom to Top:

    Shoes (not pictured but they're awesome and very slick) - Topman €50
    Trousers - Topman, borrowed from my bro so I don't know the price...
    Shirt - Topman €30
    Waistcoat - River Island €18 on Sale
    Tie - River Island €12ish if I recall...
    Hat - Topman €20

    Can't wait for tonight....!

    Edit: Please excuse the awful facial expression.....

  • what.jpg

    Jeans - BDG @ Urban Outfitters €24 I think...
    Shoes Topshop £75
    Blouse Peter O'Brien @ A|Wear €22, or thereabouts
    Blazer Luella @ TK Maxx.... wait for it... €20 reduced from €300 :D

  • melookbook2-1.jpg

    so happy it's sunny today! (or at least it was for about an hour)

    Shoes: Urban outfitters
    Skirt: American Apparel
    T-shirt: American Apparel
    Headscarf (used as a belt) : got it in an Italian market this summer, got them in nearly every colour, theyre so good i use them for my hair and a scarf :)
    Sunglasses: Gucci

  • So, from a masculine afternoon to a lady like night! Wore this to a 21st last night.


    Dress - Reiss - €30 down from about €130 :D Bargain!
    Shoes - Feud @ Stripe Boutique in Naas - €140 I think

    AND a little bit of something something with the tights.


    Tights - Topshop €12

    EDIT: I straightened up the lines after this picture was taken ;)

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  • Hmmm, I look grouchy for some reason! A budget outing from me...


    Dress - Florence & Fred @ Tesco - €16.50
    Bolero - Debenhams - €20
    Pumps - €6 - Penneys
    Hairband/ Pearls - €5 for both, Penneys

  • Dol you look beautiful in that pic, the red lippy suits you so well!
    I actually wore this a few days ago but never got round to posting it.




    Dress: Monsoon
    Tights: Ebay
    Shoes: Ebay (New look)
    Locket: ebay
    Cardi: Charity shop
    Cinch belt: Charity shop
    Satchel: Charity shop
    Sunglasses: swapped with a friend
    Red lipstick: Revlon colourstay (I love it!)

  • ronanlookbok1.jpg

    Shades and tie from Topman, rest from American Apparel apart from the shoes which I got in TK Maxx.

  • Shinyboots75, no pic no post at all. Please read the first post of this thread.

  • melookbook-1.jpg

    I've gotten well into lookbook :)
    Leotard: American Apparel
    Shorts: American Apparel
    Shoes: Urban Outfitters
    Blazer: Topshop

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  • My glasses from Jeepers Peepers arrived! I couldn't recommend them enough, the seller requested pics of me wearing them for her website as I am only 1 of 3 people who own these particular frames :) My optician absolutely loved them too!


  • Took my younger brother for ice-cream for his birthday, couldn't find any nude tights anywhere so had to settle for these white ones, I don't think they go, but it was wet out, so eh!

    Dress, Uniqlo. Shoes, Rocket Dog via Oxfam. Tights, H&M. Rosette, Topshop.

    I don't look too happy because the room lighting was bad and I'm tired.

  • Dol you look amazing in that last pic, like a pre-raphelite princess! :)

    Me in Killarney national park the day before yesterday..





    Editd post to include the photos that disappeared the first time I posted them very strange..

    Coat: Charity shop
    Dress: Vintage gunne sax prairie dress from Etsy
    Boots: can't remember, brand is Caprice??
    Pocketwatch necklace: Ebay

  • And yesterday outside my parents house, the backdrop's not as pretty this time unfortunately...



    Coat: Charity shop
    Dress: Awear I think??
    Boots: Caprice
    Belt: Charity shop
    Pocketwatch necklace: Ebay

  • Dotcomdolly, no picture no post. Please read the first post in the thread. If you wish to discuss any of the looks, pop over to the Chatwalk.

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  • 4799018311_413ba06d97.jpg

    Top and skirt both from Pennys
    Shoes -Schuh

  • 4804282547_bfb8961cf3.jpg4804286851_5f86e86020.jpg

    Wore this to a wedding
    Dress-Criminal Damage
    Shoes-Irregular Choice

  • Wore this, this day last week for my shift in Oxfam.


    Top, Orion London. Shorts, Warehouse. Hair-band, Topshop. Plimsols, Topshop.

  • ronylookbook-1.jpg

    Shirt H&M
    Shorts Quiksilver
    Shoes TK MAXX
    Blazer Topman
    Dickie bow - my dads :)

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  • Oh nearly forgot, only got a chance to get one crappy picture because it started to rain so ignore my stuck up expression :p I loves my new dress sooooo much though :)


    Vintage prairie dress: Etsy
    Shoes: charity shop
    Satchel: Charity shop
    Socks: River Island
    Locket: ebay

  • (I can't see your picture SapSorrow!)

    What I wore for lunch with a friend visiting from Denmark, my shift in Oxfam and a traipse around all the charity shops in town, which proved unfruitful except for a couple of books and two leather belts.


    I'm a square, I just love cardigans too much, I wear them with everything. I guess I'll never dress fashionably!


    Shorts, Oasis. Lace blouse, Topshop. Moccasins, Office. Cardigan, Nougat.

    Oh this is significant because I bared my legs today! I'm never seen without tights under my shorts! I hate the camisole under this, but can't find a nice neutral coloured one anywhere that is a reasonable price.
    Oh and I smiled in these photos because I looked awful grim in my previous posts! Thats why my face is blurry in these, didn't know what to do with my expression, lol.

    PS. My blog.

  • Try again...






    Vintage prairie dress: Etsy
    Locket: Ebay
    Socks: River Island
    Shoes: Ebay (New look)
    Coat: Pennies

  • anouskalookbook4-1.jpg
    Top: Topshop
    Shorts Topshop(which are two sizes too big! damn american sizes, why can't it be universal!)
    Tighs: New look

  • 4843898561_b36564c11a.jpg

    Wore this today :)

  • 4849056381_ee0d4acd52.jpg
    Wore this today :)
    Cardigan-Penneys(glued some love hate patches on)

  • 23629_1249402439401_1359687974_561081_8094826_n.jpg

    Jeans : Pepe €100 approx.
    Vest top: Zara London £20
    Scarf: Red Herring @ Debenhams, a gift
    Denim jacket: Zara kids many years ago!!
    Converse: Schuh €45
    Necklace: Penneys

    Double denim right there..

  • LB111-1.jpg
    Top: topshop
    Skirt: Pennys
    Tights: Topshop

  • Another one here now.. Can't stay away from the place!


    Jacket: Zara
    T-shirt: Topshop
    Shorts: H&M
    Scarf: Paris
    Shoes: Next
    Bag: Topshop

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  • Today I looked disgusting, I wore


    Tonight I am wearing
    215x0-7-75-1-a0.jpg in coral, not pink.