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    Site Wide Rules and Etiquette

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    Welcome to the Zombie Survival forum.

    Some Useful Info

    This forum was set up to provide help and information to combat the Zombie threat and the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse.

    It is also a place where users can discuss battling other supernatural beings, share info and make the world a little safer.
    Apocalyptic scenarios are our bread and butter. Adding in monsters, mutants and all manner of weirdness is just gravy :p

    The Mods

    The Highest Ranking Monster Hunters are:


    Feel free to PM us if you need anything.

    Send a Zombie Survival mod a private message

    If you have issues with a post or a thread, please use the Report Post function to let the mods know. All you have to do is press this button beside each post - report.gif - and we will look at it.


    Do not come here simply to mock.

    No posting in "TxtSpk"

    There have been a lot of threads about zombie love. One is enough. Any more threads of this nature will be locked.

    Please keep things light and friendly. Anyone starting any E-Drama will be dealt with, probably severely.

    Anyone from either side of the fanboy divide that ruins or drags down threads from the other side will be dealt with severely. Ye all need to learn to co-exist here.
    Anyone ridiculing,slagging off,making light of etc etc another users thread will be infracted and banned for a week and even upwards depending on the situation.
    This also goes for either side moaning about the other on forum.

    Some Useful Info/Links:

    Boneys Guide to Embedding Youtube:

    I've been noticing that a lot of people don't seem to know how to use the embedded youtube link correctly. Here's a quick How To for people.

    We'll take this clip: (Zombie kid likes turtles)

    Now as everyone knows the code we use is
    [*youtube][/*youtube] (remember to take out the *)

    So to get the video working we take the code that comes after the /watch?v= - in this case CMNry4PE93Y, which we place in between the youtube tags.

    The end product of which is [*youtube]CMNry4PE93Yp[/*youtube] again remembering to take away the *


    If you still not are completely sure, then you can test it out here

    Nerins "Codex Z" (An Index)

    When BigZ is knocking at your door, having the info to hand quick is essential :pac:

    so think of this as an ongoing index/contents of the zombie survival forum.
    anyone with suggestions for additional linkage can pm myself or Boney and we'll edit this and add in linkage.

    Stay safe out there people.


    Sites that have useful info.

    Monstropedia- Nice wiki with a good few pages of info


    Our very own what ifs.

    LINK The thread that started it all






    Weaponry Library

    Vehicle Discussion

    Popular/Useful Threads

    So Where Will You Be? [survivor Map]

    Zombie Pics

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