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Classic Cars Charter, Info, FAQ & Pics - please read before posting

  • 13-08-2008 10:52pm
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    The charter of this forum is the same as the charter of the general motors forum. Make sure you read this before posting. The charter changes regularly, so check it regularly!

    The only exception is that private for sale, wanted and swap ads are allowed here but only in this thread.

    Some specific Classic Cars issues that keep coming up here:

    1. Motor Tax

    You can only tax your car as a classic if the car is 30 years old (from the first day of registration). Classic tax is €52 per year. For all motor tax rates for all vehicles check the motor tax web site here.

    Here's a Word document with full motor tax tables

    2. Insurance

    Rules for insuring your car as a classic are not hard and fast. If you have a question about classic car insurance read this thread before posting. And if the answer isn't there yet, feel free to ask the question over there

    Be realistic though. If you're 17 you won't qualify for classic insurance on a classic 5 litre American muscle car.

    3. NCT

    Cars first registered before 1st January 1980 are exempt from NCT.

    Cars over 10 years old first registered from 1st January 1980 require a new NCT every year.

    Here's the NCT Manual (Revised May 2012)

    4. VRT

    On first registration in Ireland, imported cars over 30 years old (from the first day of registration) are required to pay VRT at Category C rate. This is a flat rate of €200

    Imported Vehicles under 30 years old will be charged VRT at Category A rates. These are based on emissions. As there is unlikely to be any proof of emissions to satisfy the Revenue in the case of an older vehicle, this will be charged at the most expensive rate of 36% of OMSP - subject to a minimum of €720.

    However, if you have emissions details for your car from an official source (or even fuel consumption figures from an official source, which can be converted / calculated into emissions figures), you could save yourself some money on VRT when importing your classic car

    you must make an appointment with the NCTS within 7 days of its entry into the State

    5. VAT and Import Duty

    If you import your classic car from outside of the EU, it may attract VAT and Import Duty. Here's a thread with some information

    When you import a car and it is not yet 30 years old, it will get a year / county registration plate, i.e. 89D12345

    If the car is already 30 years or older, you can opt for a ZV plate, i.e. ZV123456

    Once an imported car turns 30, you can change the year / county registration plate for a ZV plate (not the other way around)

    Info & Resources

    Classic Insurance - Companies & Brokers

    Porsche 911 info and resources

    Irish Classic Clubs & Websites

    Classic Specialists & Suppliers

    Useful General and Misc Links For Classics

    Irish Motor Museums

    Irish Scrapyards

    Looking for my old cars - what happened to them?


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    Post a picture of your classic car

    Today I saw a classic and took a pic thread!

    Today I saw an abandoned classic and took a pic thread!

    Any suggestions?

    Please post them here

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