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Who Makes You Drool? ****mod note opening post read before posting****

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    29.9.12 We recognise that all of our loungers are not heterosexual, therefore the thread title has been changed so as not to exclude women. HOWEVER as this is the ladies lounge, only women are permitted to post pictures of other women, this will not be a thread for men to post pics. Men wishing to post pictures of women can visit the gentlemen's club where a similar thread is in place. Posts breaking this rule will be deleted and infracted

    First off I would like to point out that I am still at work, with no hopes of getting out any time soon, so I need this to get me through the next (possibly) two hours...

    Has anybody been watching BBC's Robin Hood? No, don't snort - if you haven't checked it out, this is what you're missing:


    I spend every day drooling over this guy. Just thought I'd spread the love!! :p